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Maria Pia Gardini

Former scientologist, reached OT8 level (highest level attainable in Scientology).

«I became involved in Scientology through the Narconon program.» — Maria Pia Gardini

Maria Pia Gardini: OT VIII, Class 9 Auditor Exposes Scientology

«In January of 2001, Maria Pia Gardini contacted the LMT to ask them to help her recover 1.5 million dollars from Scientology. The story she told of fraud and abuse was so terrible that they asked her to come to Clearwater to tell her story on video.

«Maria's daughter got into Scientology via the Narconon program in Italy. Maria was very close to her daughter and extremely concerned about her daughter's drug use. Her daughter told her Scientology had helped her. At the same time, Maria was very sad about the death of her father, and her daughter begged her to get some auditing to help relieve her grief, so Maria did it. As luck would have it, Maria had a very sympathetic auditor to talk to about her father's death. This auditor helped Maria tremendously during a difficult time in her life. That was the beginning for Maria Pia.»

Affidavit of Maria Pia Gardini (19 January 2001, part 1)

«3. My name is Maria Pia Gardini. I am an Italian citizen. The Flag Service Organization defrauded me of $1,000,000 while I was working on their staff as a highly trained Class IX auditor.»

Image source: Xenu TV

Affidavit of Maria Pia Gardini (19 January 2001, part 2)

«9. At 6:00 p.m. Charmaign woke up. She was yelling and screaming, "Why did you let me sleep!" We told her she was so drunk she couldn't stand up from the chair. She then started right in telling me she wanted $35,000 from me for a Cornerstone donation to the project. She told me she would not leave the house until I paid. This went on until 8:00 p.m. as I tried to resist her in every way, even locking myself in the bathroom for half an hour with her banging on the outside saying she would never leave.»

Affidavit of Maria Pia Gardini (14 February 2001)

«78. The night I attested to OT VIII, I went ashore with some friends to see the casino in Nassau. Guess who was gambling there? David Miscavige, Guillame Leserve and Ray Mithoff. Isn't gambling an overt in Scientology? When I saw this, I was ready to leave Scientology. Between the gambling and the OT VIII, it was like garbage. I wanted to leave, but this was very difficult.»

Maria Pia Gardini Interview

«Maria: It's not a religion. It's a money making group. It's not a religion at all. And I feel that Scientology doesn't help anybody. It helps only the pockets of the INT management. That I know.»

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