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Notable Scientology Victims

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Casey Hill Prosecutor with the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney-General, now a judge
Francis G. Diamond
Gabe Cazares Former Clearwater mayor
Jennifer Stewart Victim of rape by a former chief supervisor at the Church of Scientology
Jeremy Perkins Scientologist, schizophrenic, left untreated
Lawrence Wollersheim Former scientologist
Lisa McPherson Died under the care of the Church of Scientology
Maria Pia Gardini Former scientologist, lost millions to Scientology
Mary Florence (Flo) Barnett David Miscavige's mother in law, committed suicide with four bullets from a rifle, three to the chest, one to the head
Quentin Hubbard Son of L. Ron Hubbard, committed suicide
Patrick Vic Committed suicide because he couldn't find enough money for the Purification Rundown
Paulette Cooper Writer, author of Scandal of Scientology
Raul Lopez Mentally impaired Raul Lopez was $1.7 million richer before Scientology
Roxanne Friend Former scientologist, drugged, kidnapped, imprisoned by Scientologists when she attempted to leave
Susan Meister Former scientologist, died from a bullet in her forehead aboard Hubbard's ship
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