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Jennifer Stewart

Scientologist Gabriel Williams: child rapist

When you read above the despicable behaviour of Scientologists Jeff Quiros, Mark Warlick and Dennis Feeney, in blaming the victim, then remember they are carrying out Scientology policy stating that scientologists who are "upstat" - those doing very well, and/or making a lot of money for Scientology - should never be punished, while those who are "downstat" should be investigated.

Gabriel Scott Williams reportedly was such an "upstat" person who was making lots of money for Scientology and so victim Jennifer was to be stopped filing a complaint about the gruesome sexual and psychological abuse of Gabe Wiliams.

«Therefore if a staff member is getting production up by having his own statistic excellent, Ethics sure isn't interested. But if a staff member isn't producing, shown by his bad statistic for his post, Ethics is fascinated with his smallest misdemeanor.» — L. Ron Hubbard in HCOPL 1 September 1965: "Ethics Protection"

New York Post: "Scientology sex assault nightmare" by Philip Recchia

While Williams was waiting for his criminal case to be heard, Stewart, who married Gorman in 2002 and now lives with his family in San Francisco, filed a civil suit against him and the church.

That was when the threats began, they say. On one occasion, a man phoned Gorman's father and said, "SPs don't live long. Your son and his wife, Jennifer, will be dead soon," according to a police report.

"Who else would use the term 'SP'?" said the younger Gorman. Such incidents continued up until three months ago, he says.

Ex-Scientologist Tommy Gorman's Story

I asked if she was wearing her turtleneck because she was trying to hide something. I finally got her to let me look under the neck area of the turtleneck. Jennifer had some mark on her neck. When I looked at it closely later on, I saw that she had a right hand mark on her neck when I was looking at her on my left side. She had a thumbprint on her neck on my right side and a couple of finger marks.

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