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Patrick Vic

Why are they dead, Scientology?: "The suicide of Patrice Vic"

«Patrice was badgered to come up with more money for Scientology and saw suicide as his only escape»

Members of the Scientology cult on trial for the first time in spectacular case, but the soul-robbers are protected by the Constitution

«In what was to be his last night on earth, Patrice Vic, 31, tossed and turned in his bed, recalls his wife Nelly. About five in the morning he rose from his slumber and, with the words "the only solution", he jumped from his twelfth-story balcony to the abyss below. The reason the once happy man from Lyon was in a state of depression was that this father of two could not scrape together the 30,000 franks he needed for an inner "purification." The purification company that lost a customer was France's Scientology cult.»

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