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Ida Camburn

Long time critic, her scientologist son disconnected from her.

I would like to wish Ida Camburn a wonderful Mother's day.

Ida's son went into "The Church of Scientology" years ago, when there was no Internet, and really very little written about Scientology.

Ida basically lost her son, who "Disconnected" from her as she was "Antagonistic" to C of S, or so they say. Ida is merely someone who disagrees with their group and it's way of isolating people, such as her son. She wasn't "Antagonistic" to start, but after years of they doing things to her — when I left, I told them that "you CREATE your own enemies!" and they do! — she's learned a lot from them.

Many people... especially back then... left but said very little, or if they lost their family members, not knowing what to do, they just suffered in silence. I've spoken with people as such.

However, there was one Mom I speak of today who said, "Not on MY watch!" and that Mom was Ida. (Let me clarify that: I'm SURE there are more, and please let me say Happy Mother's Day to each Mom who also helped in this!)

Ida started writing to Senators, Congressmen, and basically has spent years getting the word out on this destructive Cult.

Ida is smart, fun, and very loving. She is a wonderful Mom. She cares greatly, and the only person who has lost here in this picture is really her son. Ida has stood up for what she believes, and has told many people about it. As a result, Scientology (C of S) has run a consistent "hate campaign" against her, practicing their "Fair Game" by trying to get her to "Shut up". Ida has persisted, when most would have given up.

Ida has been a great friend/Mom to me and many others. I know I do not stand alone in thanking Ida for her love, care and courage to speak out, when few would.

We'll never know just how many people Ida has helped, but I know personally it's WAY more than many Mothers.

On this Mother's Day, may you smile knowing this, Mom: I love you, and I know tons others who say the same.

I'm proud of you. I thank you. I wish you the Happiest of Mother's Days!!

Lovingly, Tory Christman

27th Anniversary of Disconnection

I doubt if we will ever cross paths again. He has me as a Suppressive person and there are no changes to see that will change. I will continue to do what I can to expose this group and their gains in our government.

My friendship goes to all the other disconnected parents who I know have broken hearts such as mine. I know of those who are recently "disconnected" and it is truly painful however, they as I have, will survive. Keep busy and be surrounded with true friends and other sps.

Ida Camburn's Promise

«When I first met Ida Camburn I realized that here was someone who could teach me how to do a better job exposing Scientology. After she got onto the net, I spent considerable time chatting with her, mostly listening and encouraging her, as she would relate, story after story from her 25 year effort to keep her promise to Congressman Leo J. Ryan.» —Arnie Lerma.

Dear Son by Ida Camburn

What "could" have been is over and now in these last years of my life I keep as active as possible and I know in my heart that these past events have occurred for a reason. Could it be because I would not let my pride stand in the way of exposing this pain to the public? Could it be because my father taught me "when you know in your heart that something is dead wrong and you do not make any effort to make it right --that is sin."

Happy Mothers Day to Disconnected Mothers

I wish always the best for my son — five times a week three hours a treatment on the dialysis chair is not an easy life. He doesn't criticize his "church" for telling him they could treat his cancer as he is the "True Believer" that Eric Hoeffer wrote about many years ago. I am ever thankful for the legitimate doctors who later saved his life with surgery. Maybe someday he will open his eyes to the truth and then we will make up for many days we have lost.

Scientology versus Ida J. Camburn

Congress of the United States
House of Representatives
December 10, 1976

Dear Ida Camburn,

Thank you for your very detailed letter regarding Scientology. We haven't yet found a way to attack these jackals who feed on children and young adults who are too emotionally weak to stand by themselves when they reach the age of consent.

It's too bad there isn't a 20th Century Charles Dickens to write about the terrible destruction of these 20th Century fagins who make themselves rich while they destroy the psyche of so many. At the present time, I can only encourage you to do more of what you have been doing.

Sincerely yours
Leo J Ryan
Member of Congress

Keep off Mom’s Front Porch

The picket, although short, did go off without incident. So what was accomplished? At best, an elderly lady was harassed, and the Hemet sheriffs dept was unwittingly used by Scientology to harass her in hopes of quashing a few American Citizen’s constitutionally guaranteed civil rights to demonstrate their outrage in front of a criminally convicted cult of madmen that a french prosecutor asked, just last week, be thrown out of Paris.

Scientology Clears - The Clear List Project

The Clear List project is dedicated to Ida Camburn. Ida has been a tenacious Scientology watcher ever since her once-loving son became involved in Scientology and disconnected from her. For years, Ida collected Scientology publications and scanned the lists of names, searching for news of her son and making notes on Scientology movers and shakers along the way. In accordance with Scientology's vengeful policies, Ida's actions - including attending support groups, writing to her elected officials, and sharing information with other disconnected families - have been met with stalking and harassment by Scientology operatives.

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