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Scientologists Joel Phillips tries to get critic fired

Church of Scientology lackey Joel Phillips is sending letters and calling the top management and senior directors (including the board) of the international company Andreas is employed by.

From: Andreas Heldal-Lund - <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: The cult is trying to get me fired
Organization: Operation Clambake
Message-ID: <>
Date: 31 Aug 2005 23:03:23 +0200
The Church of Scientology, through their lackey Joel Phillips,
are sending letters and calling the top management and senior
directors (including the board) of the international company I
am employed by. 
This is the letter they are sending:
Religious Freedom Watch
Defending Religious Rights
August 18, 2005
Religious Freedom Watch investigates and exposes individuals who
breed intolerance of religion an incite acts of hatred against
Churches and their parishioners. For that purpose, we bring to
your attention Andreas Heldal-Lund who claims to be employed by
your company as the Operations and IT Director [...].
Mr. Heldal-Lund is one of Europe's leading anti-religious
extremists. He is a core member of Norway's Heathen Society, a
radical organization dedicated to the destruction of all
religion. In 1995 he was arrested for conducting a hate march
against the Lutheran Church at their anniversary celebration. 
Heldal-Lund's activities quickly spread from attacking the
Christian Church to attacking the Church of Scientology. As part
of this ideological hate agenda, he wilfully violate the
copyright law and may have conspired with others to do so.
In late 1966 he joined with a group of copyright anarchists in
posting on the Internet copies of Church of Scientology
intellectual properties that had been stolen from the Church in
the past. When some of these copyright infringers were sued
successfully by the copyright holders, Heldal-Lund and his
associates embarked on an anti-religious hate campaign utilizing
Internet newsgroups, websites and the press, that continues to
this day.
One result of this campaign has been an increase in acts of
harassment and violence perpetrated against Scientologists.
Scientology churches have been vandalized and individual
Scientologists have been harassed, physically attacked and
threatened with death.
Heldal-Lund maintains a website that encourages violent actions
against the Church, hosts death threats against its members and
even recommendations of specific means by which they should be
killed. Among the extremists he associates with daily are Dutch
copyright anarchist Zenon Panoussis, and Arnaldo Lerma of
Arlington, Virginia, who has close ties to both the Utopian
Anarchist Party (UAP), an American anti-government militia
group, and an anti-Semic movement led by American Willis Carto.
this collection of hatemongers and copyright infringers present
themselves as noble crusaders for "free speech" - until you
scratch the surface and discover that their true "cause" is
wiping out all religions and their primary method is harassing
and intimidating parishioners and ministers until they fear for
their safety.
As a particular example, Andreas Heldal-Lund is a close
associate and defender of Keith Henson, an explosive expert who
was convicted in California of a hate crime for making terrorist
threat against the Church of Scientology and its members, in
addition to being found liable for copyright infringement in an
earlier suit. In a vain effort to avoid sentencing, Henson fled
to Canada and applied for asylum. In response to his
application, Canada's Department of Justice found that Henson's
crime in the U.S.A. falls under that country's Anti-Terrorist
Act, stating: "...The threat to blow up the Church of
Scientology and to kill the organization may be seen as a
serious threat to cause death, bodily harm, and a risk to health
or safety. property damage and/or a serious interference with an
essential service so as to constitute terrorist activity."
Heldal-Lund, though, is a stanch supporter of this hate
criminal. In fact, he recently wrote to the Canadian authorities
introducing himself as an employee of your company and
recommending Henson as a "responsible, public minded and
productive citizen."
[W]e have no doubt that you understand and appreciate the
importance of copyright protection. We know you would not
knowingly place the security of your client's intellectual
properties in the hands of a copyright anarchist. Therefore, we
present you with this information so that you may be aware of
this situation and take whatever you feel is appropriate action
to protect your clients and shareholders.
Further information and documentation of the activities of
Andreas Heldal-Lund is available on our website at You are
also welcome to contact me at the enclosed address or by email
Joel Phillips
P.O. Box 50744 Pasadena, California 91105 U.S.A.
The letter is of course filled with lies, but what's new?
Best wishes,
Andreas Heldal-Lund  #  #
Ph: +47 8800 6666 # Addr: Postboks 131, N-4098 Tananger, Norway
Each of us does what we can do.  Our obligation is  to do it as
well as we can,  with as much  grace,  dignity,  integrity  and
honor our egos can tolerate.
-------------------------------------[Robert Vaughn Young]-----

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