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Legal and Disclaimer


STOP-WISE.BIZ is a non-commerical, non-profit, news-oriented web site, and does not, in any way or fashion, offer Scientology related services or products. This website is not owned, operated, sponsored or endorsed by any Scientology organization, including but not limited to World Institute of Scientology Enterprises International. The views and opinions stated within this web site are those of the author or authors which wrote them and may not reflect the views and opinions of the ISP. STOP-WISE.BiZ is © Mike Gormez. STOP-WISE.BIZ is not a law firm and does not provide legal services. When you are in need of a lawyer look on this page.

Use of Trademarks

All trademarks and service marks remain the properties of their respective owners. The use of trademarked names and imagery on this site is covered in Title 15, section 1125, subsection (c), which can be reviewed at:

Copyright and Fair Use

The use of Scientology / WISE / Licensed WISE consultants material on this web site is covered under United States Code, Title 17 Copyrights, Chapter 1 Subject Matter and Scope of Copyright, Section 107 Limitations on Exclusive Rights: Fair Use, which can be reviewed here:

Copyright protection on directories

See U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Feist Publications, Inc v. Rural Telephone Service Co., 499 U.S. 340 (1991)

A good example is Miller v. Universal City Studios, Inc., 650 F. 2d, at 1369-1370: “A copyright in a directory . . . is properly viewed as resting on the originality of the selection and arrangement of the factual material, rather than on the industriousness of the efforts to develop the information. Copyright protection does not extend to the facts themselves, and the mere use of information contained in a directory without a substantial copying of the format does not constitute infringement”

Public interest in WISE affilates

See Oberlandesgericht München Aktenzeichen: 21 U 4619/94

(translated) There is an elementary interest of the public, too experience, which circle of acquaintances belongs to this registered association.


This website would not have been possible if it had not been for many other people who directly or indirectly helped with collecting the material on this website.

World Institute of Scientology Enterprises = Recruitment Vehicle for Scientology

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