Short Update on Konrad Aigner's death - Family still suffers today

From: (Buk) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: Short Update on Konrad Aigner's death - Family still suffers today Date: Wed, 11 Mar 1998 20:36:41 GMT Today was a 20-minute radio feature with Bernhard Aigner being interviewed, the brother of Konrad Aigner. It was titled "Deadly career - in the Claws of Scientology" A couple of points which were not mentioned here yet: (an earlier, detailed account of Konrad's career can be found on ) - While the family has received not much cooperation from the "official Church", they still are bothered by letters from individual Scientologists, all adressed to his brother. Letter like congratulations, notices, offers of Hubbard-books and alike. As if nothing had happened, those letter still arrive on an almost daily basis. Apparently his death is not known everywhere yet. - The family still suffers great financially. They did manage to satisfy most of the old financial depts by having sold now all of their old family property (farm-land and forest mostly) in order to satisfy all the demands (except for the family-house itself) But the hospital bill for Konrad's final stay of 40,000 DM (~23.000 US$) is *still* unpaid. (Konrad did not want health-insurance, as he believed Scientology's claims that he would be protected from illnesses.) - Bernard said that his brother apparently took very high dosis of vitamin pills not only in the end, but over a period of several years. Hint for OSA: Wouldn't it be a nice gesture by the Scientology-Cult to pay at least these 40,000 DM hospital bills in the name the family? After all, the Cult sucked at least 600,000 DM (more than 300.000US$) out of Konrad Aigner. So even paying his hospital bill would still leave the huge profit of 560,000 DM for the Cult from this one victim alone! Buk

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