Scientology's Harassment of UK Citizens

Date: Wed, 11 Oct 1995 18:37:17 GMT
From: Richard Price

This morning I discovered that the contents of our dustbin, two or three sacks 
of household rubbish, had been stolen overnight. I know because I went to put 
another bag in this morning and all my rubbish had gone, but the dustman had
not yet been, I later watched them arrive.

I received another envelope through the post this morning containing a 
clipping about the following:


Cult man wins $5m from 'rescuers'

A man taken from his home by "deprogrammers" who tried to persuade him to
leave the United Pentecostal Church has been awarded nearly $5m by a court in
Seattle. Jurors found that Jason Scott was deprived of his freedom of religion
by the Cult Awareness Network, which monitors cults. "I feel great", Scott,
23, said after the verdict. "It had torn apart my family."

There was nothing else in the letter.

It had the same Gatwick postmark as a letter we received previously, also
anonymously. This letter was signed 'A concerned parent' and detailed how
grateful the person was that their child was in Scientology and how much
good it had done them.