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According to the records, Heribert P. died august 28, 1988, during the night from a heavy epileptic attack. He hit his head on the night table.

He had been treated by doctor Klause Ballin until early 1988, who was as a scientologist coincidentally at the same time in the Fort Harrison Hotel.

The hotel has a swimming pool available behind it, where one can relax between the expensive courses. Heribert P., son of a wealthy building contractor, apparently enjoyed his life in this scientology refuge until his death.

Back in Germany. In Friedrichshafen on the Bodensee. This is where the German lived. We want to look into the case, because the police records have made us curious.

The scientology doctor reports that he prescribed vitamins for his patient -dispite regular attacks- in stead of treating him with proper medication. Such medication was indeed not detected in his blood during the post-mortem examination.

The scientologists had promised her son a cure for his disease without medication, says his mother, with expensive courses in Florida.

Heribert was treated by the then scientology doctor, directly after his honeymoon, on recommendation of his wife. The mother is angry, even today.

Mother of Heribert P.: For this organization, a human life doesn't mean a thing. One can't promise someone lightheartedly something that can't be realized.

Does she believe the death of her son Heribert could have been prevented if he would have kept taking his regular medication?

Without a doubt.

His mother believes Heribert wanted to spend large amounds on scientology.

Only after his death, we learned that he called a bank from Florida and asked for a credit of one half million, giving as reason that he wanted to buy real-estate.

In Florida?

In Florida.

What do you believe the money was really meant for?

It would only have benefitted scientology.

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