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Munchen. We would like to speak with doctor Klause Ballin. How could he explain witholding medication from his epilepsy patient?

Ballin doesn't want to be filmed. He prefers to react in writing. He considered vitamins and scientology concentration training as an alternative cure, in those days.

Allthough he has left the organisation in the mean time, he denies any responsibility for the death of the epilepsy patient.

We show the documents about this case to professor Günther Schwendemann. He leads the neurology ward in the Hospital Bremen-Ost. Vitamins, says Schwendemann, are completely without benefit for epilepsy patients.

Günther Schwendemann: It is contrary to the practice of the therapy to withold medication from a patient who has attacks every night, instead of looking what medication is the most effective for him. And once more: Vitamins and minerals have no effect on epilepsy.

I can tell you with the utmost probability, that with adequate treatment the patient would still be alive today.

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