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27 January 1992

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Declaration of a former RTC-Member (edited to protect the source)

I, ...... do herewith depose and swear:

1. ... The Religious Technology Center, INC, (RTC) is now the senior governing entity of the International Church of Scientology, the Church of Scientology of California, and all affiliated organizations within the U.S., as well as senior governing entity for all foreign Scientology organizations and the civil associations of Scientology.

2. That despite efforts to cloak the fact, the true role of the Religious Technology Center, Inc. is that role explained above, and it holds this managerial position within the matrix of all of the interrelated organizations of Scientology: The Church of Scientology International, Inc., The Church of Scientology of California, Inc., The Church of Spiritual Technology, Inc., Authors Services, Inc., Missions International de Scientology, Inc., Religious Technology Center, Inc., Authors Family Trust, Asociacion Civil de Dianetica, Asociacion Civil de Narconon.

3. That these various organizations exist in this manner to provide an "arm's length" appearance in order to protect the current board of directors from actual legal culpability for any illegal acts committed by or through the churches of Scientology or any of their other affiliated organizations, as well as to confuse any issues, investigations or litigation which might expose the illicit actions of any individual Scientology organization or member thereof.

4. I have observed and have certain knowledge of the activities of RTC and of its finances as well as its manner of incorporation and related documents.

5. That during the period of my employment by the RTC I reported to David Miscavige, who was at that time Trustee of the corporation. Miscavige maintains absolute control over all officers and board members of this corporation, controlling these other members of the board of directors by fact of his possessing undated, signed resignations of each member, the holding of which gave and gives him complete control over each member of the board.

6. That also, to my certain knowledge, David Miscavige conceived, planned and ordered the implementation of the basic strategic and tactical actions of the church against those whom he considered to be causing legal or public relations conflicts against any church or against his personal and absolute control of Scientology. He also ordered the allocation of and made available funding for the financing of these actions, which included the declaring of those whom he considered to be his "enemies" as Suppressive Persons, the implementation of the policies known as "Fair Game" against these persons once so declared, the infiltration of private and governmental environments which he deemed hostile to his absolute control over Scientology, the organization of vigilante groups within the organizations of Scientology to be used against those individuals whom he deemed to be his enemies.

7. That following Miscaviges' orders, I transferred monies to Spain, and witnessed briefings by Miscavige to Heber Jentszch, who was in fact the "puppet" president of the church, but who actually is a camouflage for Miscavige, concerning covert operations taking place in Spain against former Scientologists and concerning false testimony and concerning the attempt to offset a rumored investigation by the spanish authorities into the activities of Scientology in Spain, the very investigation which resulted in the surprise arrest of Jentszch himself in November of 1988. These operations included orders for investigations by the private detectives employed by the Scientology organizations to obtain information by any means possible to incarcerate the leaders of a reform movement ((Reform Movement = Independent Field)) who had not been silenced previously by Miscavige's policies and declarations, with the express intent of obtaining their incarceration.

8. That during this same period and as part of these same operations, a plan was formulated to destroy the reform movement in europe by completely eliminating the leaders of this reform movement, William Robertson and others, by any means possible. ((William Robertson = Captain Bill Robertson, died 1992)) This included the infiltration of the reform group in Spain by covert agents of RTC, Kurt Weiland and William Knight, continued investigation and harassment by detectives employed by the scientology organizations in Spain and by recruiting others who would help to splinter the reform movement and to render it ineffective.

9. That additional orders were given to institute any action necessary including false denunciations, assaults by covert agents apparently in bad standing with the church, to infiltrate, offset and attack those leaders of the reform movement who were thought to be responsible for reporting Scientology activities to the spanish authorities and undermining Miscavige's intentions.

10. That the policies known as "Fair Game" are, as described in the writings of L. Ron Hubbard, ethics policies, and other organizational policies are in fact continued as originally written by Hubbard, and that it is the purpose of the RTC to see that all of his policies are followed exactly as intended. It was common knowledge that the "Cancellation of Fair Game" referred only to the use of the term, since it had obtained bad public relations for Scientology, and that the same tactics and actions which referred to those so-called Suppressive Persons were and are continued in effect.

11. That the organization known as the Guardian's Office, while apparently abandoned, in fact was moved from the position as a separate organization or network, and incorporated within the organizational structure of Scientology, and all of the purposes and most of the Guardian personnel have remained the same. Again, the purpose of these changes were to obtain complete control by Miscavige over all Scientology organizations, and to obtain a more favorable image after Hubbard's wife was found guilty of crimes as head of the Guardian's Office.

12. Since my departure from the church I have been repeatedly threatened and harassed by members of Scientology, and we are now in fear for our safety.

Many of the statements made above contain information which has been testified to by others and/or are matters of public record within other areas of litigation within the United States.

I swear under penalty of perjury under the laws of the state of Texas that the contents of this affidavit are true to the best of my knowledge and recollection.

Date 1-27-92

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