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By former RTC member
Declaration of 27 Jan 1992 (mirror)

James Andrus
Part of the "dead-agenting" against Wollersheim
Declaration of 24 Oct 1995

Gerry Armstrong
  • Filed in the case of Lavenda van Schaick (see below). Gerry Armstrong is currently prohibited from voluntarily speaking out against Scientology. So much for the American version of "Freedom of Speech".
    Declaration of 22 Jul 1982
  • Filed in three cases, all of which deal with alleged copyright violation by illegal publication of Scientology "secret scriptures"
    Declaration of 26 Jan 1997
  • Declaration about a scheme which highly likely was meant as yet a new entrap attempt on Gerry Armstrong by scientologists.
    Declaration of 05 September 2005

Jon Atack
Statement of Jon Atack. Possibly from December 1994

Vicki Aznaran
  • First filed 18 Jul 1990 and again filed 24 Jun 1993 in HTML or PDF PDF file
  • Another one of 27 Jan 1992 (Netherlands mirror)
  • Affidavit 29 Jun 1993 -. In HTML or PDF PDF file
  • This declaration was filed in the "Church of Scientology vs. Fishman & Geertz" case. In an affidavit dated 19 May 1994 Vicki Aznaran claimed that this affidavit had been altered after she had signed it (see below) 7 Mar 1994 (mirror and French version)
  • In May 1994, the Aznarans settled with the Church of Scientology. The settlement agreement involved the execution of five declarations of Vicki Aznaran on 19 May 1994 which were subsequently filed in many cases by the Church of Scientology as a response to earlier affidavits.

Kim Baker
  • Declaration of 25 Oct 1995 - Filed by the Church of Scientology in the FACTnet case. It later emerged that Kim Baker was forced by OSA to sign the prewritten affidavit
  • Declaration of 1 Dec 1995. Filed in the FACTnet case, it retracts the other two affidavits (the second of which is not available yet).

Graham Berry
  • Filed in support of Berry being FACTnet's counsel, it deals at length with the affidavits provided in the "Church of Scientology vs. Fishman & Geertz" case. 3 Jun 1996
  • Affidavit of late 1996. Filed in support of Berry being FACTnet's counsel.
  • Affidavit of August 1997.

Tonja Burden
Declaration of 25 Jan 1980.
"On or about March 3, 1973, when I was 13 years old, my father and mother were recruited to join Scientology. I joined Scientology after being recruited by Billy Kahn, and signed my Sea Organization contract for one billion years on or about March 3, 1973."

Robert J. Cipriano
  • Affidavit of 5 May 1994. Used to smear Graham Berry, prominent attorney in cases against Scientology.
  • Affidavit of 5 Aug 1999. Explains the history of the 1994 declaration.

Paulette Cooper

Ronald DeWolfe
Affidavit, possibly early 1982. It was filed in the case "Lavenda Van Schaick vs. Church of Scientology".

Margaret Dellerson
Declaration of 5 Jan 1995. Margaret Dellerson is a private investigator working for the Church of Spiritual Technology, one of many frontgroups of the Church of Scientology. She has also been busy harassing Steven Fishman. In the meantime, Scientology has settled with David Mayo apparently in exchange for a gagging order.

Robert Dondero
Declaration of 5 Oct 1989, the public prosecutor in Steven Fishman's last conflict with the law.
From this site.

Dennis Erlich
Declaration of 16 Nov 1995. Dennis Erlich's home was raided ( video of raid) by the Church of Scientology because he posted critical material to alt.religion.scientology, including quotes from Hubbard's works.

Steven Fishman

Roxanne Friend
Declaration of 6 Dec 1991. Roxanne Friend sued the Church of Scientology (case number BC 018003 in Superior Court of the state of California for the county of Los Angeles). The Church settled out of court "for nuisance value." Roxanne not much later died of cancer, which may have been cured had she gotten medical attention sooner. Roxanne did not because she felt that Scientology auditing could cure any ill.

Roger Gonnet
Affidavit of posted to alt.religion.scientology on 2 May 1997. It shows that access to the "secret upper level material" was not as difficult as claimed by the Church of Scientology.

Yolanda Howell
Declaration? of 30 Aug 1989

Hon. Judge James Ideman
Declaration of 17 Jun 1983 (French version). Ideman gave this declaration in answer to a petition of the Church asking for removal from a case.

William E. Kemp
Affidavit of 26 Jan 1989. William Kemp was a special FBI agent involved in the conviction of Steven Fishman because of fraud.

Mathilde Krim
Declaration of 7 Feb 1997. Used to attack Graham Berry, prominent attorney in cases against Scientology.

Andrew Lee
Settlement agreement between Andrew Lee and the Church of Scientology, Los Angeles, 26 Oct 1991 (mirror). The lawsuit alleged breach of contract, breach of covenant of good faith and fair dealing, fraud, conspiracy, and breach of fiduciary duty. The agreement became public because the Church of Scientology failed to fulfill its financial duties. This led to a new lawsuit in which the settlement was filed. The new lawsuit, alleging fraud and breach of contract, was also settled.

Bernard LeGeros
Affidavit of 2 Jun 1994. Used to smear Graham Berry, prominent attorney in cases against Scientology.

Arnaldo P. Lerma
Affidavit of 6 Sep 1995. Arnie Lerma's home was raided because he had posted the Fishman affidavit to alt.religion.scientology. He was sentenced to a fine of $2500.

Kenneth D. Long
Affidavit of 10 Apr 1991, supposed to demonstrate that Steven Fishman was never involved deeply with the Church of Scientology, contrary to his own claims.

Greg Marlowe
Affidavit of 12 Sep 1989.

Scott Mayer
Declaration of March 1994 (mirror). Filed in the "Church of Scientology vs. Fishman & Geertz" case.

David Mayo
  • Undated affidavit.
  • Affidavit of 1 May 1987. David Mayo is mainly responsible for the NOTs and Solo NOTs. Later, he tried to set up his own Church and was consequently fair gamed. After a legal struggle lasting several decades, Scientology managed to settle the case in 1996. The settlement apparently involves a gagging order, prohibiting David Mayo to speak out against the Church of Scientology.

David Miscavige
Declaration of 17 Feb 1994. The affidavit was filed in the "Church of Scientology vs. Fishman & Geertz" case. Miscavige is currently Chairman of RTC and the effective successor of L. Ron Hubbard.

Brendan Moore
Affidavit of 1991.

Martin Ottmann
  • Affidavit of 19 Apr 1996 . It was ment for the "Uwe Geertz and Steven Fishman vs. Church of Scientology International et. al." lawsuit but got never filed. From this site.
  • Affidavit of 20 May 1996. Deals with RTC.
  • Martin Ottman filed on 25 February 2002 a citizen complaint against various entities and officials of the Church of Scientology, alleging several violations of U. S. Title 18. On 22 July 2002 he expanded the complaint by including other Scientology entities and the individual Robert S. Minton for allegedly laundering of money into the United States.
    In HTML from this site. In PDF from this site.

Bob Penny
Affidavit of end of 1995. Filed in response to the second Kim Baker affidavit.

  • Affidavit of 12 May 1985 . Vaugh was still a member was still in Scientology when he wrote this declaration on their behalf. He denounces Gerry Armstrong and criticizes Gerry's abilities as Hubbard's official archivis. After Hubbard's death he left Scientology in 1989.
    From the US or Netherlands
  • Declaration dated 8 Septembe 1993 . Vaughn details his career in Scientology and details his knowledge of Scientology's use of WISE as a recruiting tool. This was - I believe - filed in support of the Old Cult Awarness Network.
    From the US or Netherlands
  • Declaration dated 23 November 1993 . Vaughn details his career in Scientology as a trained Public Relations representative for the group. He writes about his experiences and his knowledge of Fair Game and front groups within Scientology.
    Filed in the "Church of Scientology vs. Fishman & Geertz" case.
    From the US or Netherlands
  • Affidavit of 25 Oct 1993 . Filed in the "Church of Scientology vs. Fishman & Geertz" case. Vaughn covers in great detail Scientology's Fair Game policy and shares experiences from his time as a PR person for the organization.
    From this site (French version) .
  • Declaration of 29 December 1993 . Vaughn discusses a video deposition of Heber Jentzsch taken by Graham Berry.
    From the US or Netherlands . Video depostion is here.
  • Affidavit of 9 Mar 1994. Filed in the same trial.
  • Affidavit of February 1997. Filed in the "RTC and Bridge publications vs. Factnet" case
  • Declaration of December 1999. Filed in the "Wollersheim vs. Church of Scientology of California" case. Vaughn covers the role of the Sea Organization (sometimes called SEA ORG or SO) and how David Miscavige has controlled it since 1982.

Mr. Young passed away on 15 June 2003 after a few years of battling his prostate cancer. He will be missed by many

Jamie Peterson
Affidavit of 25 May 1982. Filed in the LaVenda van Schaick case (see below). Concerns the confidence of PC folder contents.

Monica Pignotti
Affidavit of 26 Sep 1989.

Jesse Prince
  • Affidavit of 27 Jul 1998. From this site in HTML or PDF PDF file. HTML mirrors in Switzerland (German translation) or the U.S.
  • Declaration of Jesse Prince in support of Dennis Erlich's motion for reconsideration 17.03.99
    From this site or the Netherlands
  • Declaration of Jesse Prince for the Raul Lopez case 21.06.99
    From this site or the Netherlands
  • Couple of Declaration of Jesse Prince in Lawrence Wollersheim v. Church of Scientology of California
    • Jesse describes his career inside Scientology and why he has now come forward to tell the truth even though he'd be opening himself up for attacks from Scientology. 27.07.98 - From this site or the Netherlands
    • Jesse Prince on the actions Scientology took to derail the Wollersheim lawsuit including destruction of evidence and shifting assets to other corporate entities in order to foil collection of judgements. June 1999 - From this site or the Netherlands
    • Supplemental declaration of Jesse Prince, dated December 1999. Jesse describes the heirerachy of Scientology's Sea Org and the explains the events of the San Francisco Mission Holder's Confereren - From this site or the Netherlands

Theodore Heisig, Jr
Affidavit of 1 November 1991. Heisig was a PI hired by Scientology to Discredit competitor Werner Erhard & EST

Maria Pia Gardini
Maria was defrauded out of $2 million before she finally left Scientology. She issued a few declarations (Italian and German translations) and had a few video interviews ( US or Dutch mirror) describing her life as a scientologist and the loss of her daughter.
  • Declaration of February 14, 2001. Maria tells how she joined Scientology after her daughter entered Scientology's drug rehab program, Narconon, and wound up in Scientology's Sea Organization. (note that Scientology uses the same 'method' in its "Second Chance" program. It is believed that Scientology uses this fairly recent name to escape all the bad truthful information on Narconon which is on the Internet)
  • Declaration of January 19, 2001. Maria explains how Scientology used high pressure tactics to defraud her out of $2 million.
  • Declaration of January 19, 2001. Shortly after the death of her daughter and her mother, Maria found herself being pressured to donate a large sum of money to Scientology by Senior Supervisors who refused to leave her home until she gave them money.

Woodcraft family
Ex-Scientologist Woodcraft family shares colorful and at times shocking details of life in the Sea Org as adult, teenager, and very young child. On 24 January 2001 they executed a few declarations
  • Declaration of Astra Woodcraft covers her formative childhood and teenage years
    From this site or mirror
  • Declaration of Zoe Woodcraft on how life realy is for children raised in the Sea Org
    From this site or mirror
  • Declaration one of Lawrence Woodcraft regarding "blue" asbestos aboard the Freewinds
    From this site or mirror (german translation)
  • Declaration two of Lawrence Woodcraft about his experiences in Scientology
    From this site or mirror

Sarah Heller
Affidavit of 4 February 2001 . Sarah is a Scientologist who knew Zoe Woodcraft. She was enlisted by Scientology to write an affidavit to counter the charges Zoe raised. From this site or Dutch mirror

Charlotte L. K.
Declaration of 11 October 1998 in support of Keith Henson's appeal of RTC v. Henson. This Declaration describes Charlotte's experience with fraudulent medical claims in Scientology, and helps to illustrate why it is so necessary that people inform and warn the public about the dangers of such practices. From this site

Susan Simmel
Affidavit of August 1989. I have spent countless hours analyzing the effects of Scientology and the stories of LRH. My experience with the Church shows the malevolent side of the group. My benevolence was exploited. I am concerned with the repercussions of exposing myself, because I know the Church is a powerful and wealthy organization, but the truth must be made known.

Craig Stein
Affidavit of April 1997, filed in "Wollersheim IV".

Joyce Stephenson
Declaration of 2 Apr 1986. It deals with the suicide of Flo Barnett (David Miscavige's mother-in-law) and with the likelihood that NOTs had leaked from the Scientology organization already quite early.

Andre and Mary Tabayoyon

Lavenda van Schaick
Affidavit of probably early 1982. The affidavit was filed in a case where Mrs. Schaick tried to get compensation from the Church of Scientology. She finally settled for US$ 150000.

Margaret Wakefield

Hana Whitfield
  • Statment of 08 August 1989.
    "I was in Scientology for 19 years from March 1965 to August 1984. The majority of those years, particularly the last 10 were filled with great emotional, mental and physical trauma."
  • Revised Declaration of Hana Whitfield Re Motion for Costs, 4 April 1994
    This is the longest ever of all declarations. Has some very good facts and analysis and it's a frightening read.
  • Hana Whitfield also testified in 2002 in the Lisa McPherson case on 16 July 2002. Morning Session and Afternoon Session

Lawrence Wollersheim
  • A very moving and from-the-heart affidavit fom Lawrence Wollersheim, 4 February 1980 revised for a general audience, April-May, 1993.
  • Second affidavit of Wollersheim in RTC vs. Lerma. Late 1995.
  • Affidavit of February 1997.
  • Affidavit of April 1997. Filed in "Wollersheim IV". Gives an overview over the various "Scientology vs. Wollersheim" lawsuits.

Tom Wrigh
Affidavit of 29 Aug 1989.

Sandra K. Wyninger
Affidavit of 10 Aug 1989.

Joseph A. Yanny
From 13 July 1988.

Stacy Brooks (Young)
  • Declaration of 23 November 1993. Stacy gives background on her positions in Scientology's Sea Organization including her post as editor of Scientology's Freedom Magazine. Stacy describes in great detail Scientology's Office of Special Affairs (formerly the Guardian's Office) and their use of Fair Game to attack critics. HTML or PDF PDF file
  • Declaration of 10 December 1993 . Stacy tells how David Miscavige controles Scientology.
    From this site in PDF PDF file
  • First declaration of Stacy Young , from 1993 or 1994. It was filed in the "Church of Scientology vs. Fishman & Geertz" case.
    From this site or a French translation.
  • Second declaration of Stacy Young , 4 Apr 1994 . Filed in the same trial.
    From this site or a French translatoin
  • Declaration by Stacy of 14 December 1994 countering the Rinder declaration.of 27 October 1994
  • Declaration of 13 March of 1997 (PDF PDF file) .Stacy describes how Scientology moves it's assets from one division to another to avoid paying fines after losing cases in court.
    From this site or a French translatoin
  • After Stacy Brooks (Young) and Bob Minton had settlement meetings with Scientology, she issued recanting affidavits in the Dandar Disqualification Hearing.
    From this site her affidavits of April 17, 2002 and April 29, 2002

Tory Christman
Affidavit of January, 2001 (Revised: February, 2003). Tory was "in" for 30 years but got out a couple of years ago.
"Scientology now has numerous signs all over their "Churches" stating "Scientology does not cure people and IF you have a medical problem, to go see a Doctor". However, in truth they were still implying that all I needed was "The next level" to finally "handle" (their word for get rid of) Epilepsy."

William Franks
Declaration of 03 April 1985 (mirror). William Wagner Franks, alias Bill Franks, was the former "Executive Director International" of Scientology. More recently in 2002 he testified in the Dandar disqualification hearing before Judge Schaeffer that had to do with the Lisa McPherson case.

Sam Moskowitz
Affidavit of 14 April 1993 (PDF PDF file). Sam remembers how L. Ron Hubbard said: "You don't get rich writing science fiction. If you want to get rich, you start a religion."

Alexander Turbyne III
Dentist Turbyne explains how a Scientology front group, Sterling Management Systems, lured him into Scientology.
"To cut to the chase, Sterling's staff did, indeed, succeed in recruiting me for Scientology programs at the Church of Scientology of Orange County. And while I was there, I was required to do an Ups And Downs course: it was exactly the same as the course at Sterling!"

Tera and Ed Hattaway
  • In her declaration of 12 April 2001, Tera discusses how, as a staff member, she was pressured to have an abortion and she shares what she observed in regard to the importance Scientology gives to families. Perhaps the most disheartenting part of Tera's declaration, however, is where Tera discusses how Sea Org children are actually raised.
  • Declaration of Ed Hattaway, 26 February 2001. Chiropractor Ed was sucked into Scientology via World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE) company David Singer Enterprises and lost his home, office and all of the equipment. Just like many other young chiropractors and dentists who are preyed upon by Scientology , he too felt his education didn't give him enough business training and went out looking for that.

Robert Geary
After dentist Robert Geary and his wife were lured into Scientology by Sterling Management Systems, they spent between May and October of 1988 approximately $180,000 for Sientology services.
"The next day after having returned home from the introductory seminar, I received a telephone call from a Sterling representative who inquired as to whether any "suppressive persons" were trying to talk me out of attending the seminar. The Sterling representative kept up a regular contact with me in order to assure that I stayed on course to attend their seminar in Glendale, California. A personality profile and field questionaire were sent for my wife, staff to fill out prior to the course."

Kathy Raine
29 August 1989 affidavit of Kathy who was in Scientology for about four years. She tells how things were at the Elmira Mission. Pressured out of $60,000 - working several jobs at once to pay for the debt. Threats to to split up couples and being discouraged from having children, which would take time and money away from Scientology.
"Paradoxically, the deeper I got into Scientology, the happier I told myself I was (especially after all I had invested), but the truth was that I was living in pure hell, and I could have admitted it then and there if I thought it was safe enough to do so."

See also the FACTnet collection and the former LMT collection for more affidavits.

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A new section on this page. I have added it not to encourage you to walk into any Scientology building, but rather disabuse you perhaps of the illusion that you as a new potential recruit get to meet swivel-eyed crazed cultists. I've read how people visited the cult for a "little fun" and then came out and reported to have met "real" people. At which point someone can decide their earlier suspicions must have been wrong and drop their guard.

Yes, it is true; you will be lied to when asking whether your current religion is compatible with Scientology, they will deny the silly space-alien stuff even if you bring along a printout from a web site the cult is suing over for alleged copyrights/trademark violations, and generally they avoid giving any answer that might put you off. That is per the policy of their deceased founder L. Ron Hubbard, who told "truth is a touchy business".

Michael Voytinsky

Brendan Thompson


Personal accounts of life in Scientology

My personal"wake up call" new
Dr. Donna Shannon was was a public Scientologist from 1995 until 2005, when she finally got beaten down enough to join the Sea Organization at FLAG. Donna was auditing on OT VII at the time and realize now that it was the best thing she could have done, because what she saw there caused her to leave.

I was a teenage Scientologist
Chris spended about 6 months in Scientology and writes: "I was approached by several members who wanted me to drop out of high school, move downtown into a 1 bedroom apartment shared by 4-5 people, and become a full-time member of the church."

Brian Canup
Brian was for 4 years a staff member at the Brand Blvd Mission in Glendale, California, USA.

Shiona Fox-Ness
Resignation letter of former LRH Public Relations Officer Shiona Fox-Ness. "I now feel that it is a matter of public concern that the effects of this frightening monstrosity within our midst, the Church of Scientology, be seen and known for what it is; hence the public nature of this resignatory document."

Former scientologist explains How to believe in Scientology. How is it that scientologist get to accept Scientology, find subjective confirmation within, and how such can get them to accept even the weirdest alien stories.

Rich Dunnin
Rich joined Scientology staff in 2001 and his wife Anne-Marie Dunnin joined him later to serve six months as the "ethics officer" of Buffalo Org. They left on Mother's Day 2003 to save themselves and their daughter. Here's Rich's web site



Anonymous testimony:

Anonymous testimony

Anonymous testimony

Gerry Armstrong
Gerry Armstrong about his life after he left Scientology

Bob Brooks

Bob Minton
Bob Minton about the harassment he has experienced as a wealthy Scientology critic

Bob Penny
The life of Bob Penny

Capt. Bill Robertson
Captain Bill Debrief. From this site or (mirror). Bill Robertson was once the right hand of L. Ron Hubbard. When David Miscavige took over the Church, Robertson got declared suppressive. He moved to Spain and founded the Iglesia Universal de Cienciologia. Robertson died in 1991 from brain cancer. More about and by Captain Bill can be found on the pages of the "Freie Zone".

Ginger Ross Breggin Testimony
3 February 1994. Mrs. Breggin was recruited into Scientology in May of 1970 and remained a member of the group until 1982. She was in the Guardian's Office from 1971 until 1981 at which time sheI departed staff without authorization.

Paulette Cooper
Testimony before the Clearwater Commission , sometime during 1981. Excerpt from this site or the Netherlands. . Full report from Germany .

Dennis Erlich

Dennis Erlich & Curtis Kruger

Peter Forde

Peter Greene debrief
Peter Greene was a mission holder until about 1982, when he was declared suppressive. From this site.

Paul Grosswald
About his own exit counceling. From Germany.

Paul Horne
Well, I can't believe it--my exploration of Scientology was a nightmare and
I'm glad it's over. From Germany.

Yolanda Howell

L. Ron Hubbard jr.
A rather weird tape by L. Ron Hubbard jr.

Moira Hutchison

Isabel Hsin-Yu Chang
I have a word to say about my experience in scientology. I think scientology creates a fake world, and everything in it is fake. I have been in it for a week, and luckily i got out. From Germany

Patrick Jost
This is my "insider's account" of the time I spent in Scientology.

Stephen Keller
The story of Stephen Keller : A father loses his children to Scientology.

Glen McClelland

Sara Northup
The second wife of L. Ron Hubbard was still being harassed after her divorce.

Monica Pignott

Otto Roos
Otto J. Roos Story, 7 September 1984.

Anne Rosenblum

Robin Scott
Robin Scott on how Scientology wanted to implicate David Mayo in the theft of NOTs from Copenhagen

Steve Solomon

Dave Tops debrief
Dave Tops debrief. From this site or mirror.

Margaret Wakefield
The Road To Xenu - A narrative account of life in Scientology

Hana Whitfield
Still Fair Game. My husband, Jerry Whitfield, and I have been being subjected to one of scientology's "noisy investigations" for the past three weeks.

Stacy Young
Stacy Young describes an exit counceling. Coincidentally, Lara was the "Estates Project Force In Charge" of Charlotte K..

Ariane Jackson
Published on 11 Sep 1996: Diary of a dying OT 7 (Albert Jaquier)

Jon Zegel
The Zegel tapes. These tapes were made by Jon Zegel in the 80's. The first three describe the structure of the Scientology management; the fourth, which was made shortly after Zegel settled with the Church, retracts the others. Tape 1 , tape 2 , tape 3 , tape 4. Here are Audio files of the tapes.

Lisa Gibson story
"Cat Dancing in D.C." by Lisa Gibson: "I was only on staff in Scientology for a short time, not long enough to feel the full effects of mind control but long enough to witness things that scared the hell out of me."

Kathryn's Story
It was later revealed by a friend of hers that "Kathryn" was the pseudonym of Nancy Many.
Scientologist discovers the truth on the Internet then gets a "handling" by Scientology's Office of Special Affairs that results in a psychotic breakdown

Karen Schless Pressley
Personal Testimony: "For 9 of my 16 years in Scientology, my husband Peter and I lived in a remote southern California desert valley with 800 other dedicated staffers at the International Management headquarters."

Molly Hutchinson
Molly Hutchlnson wrote at the age of eleven this 12-page book when she was in fourth grade after her family had left Scientology.

My Story in Scientology. A six part recount of her life in Scientology and how she came out.

Edwina Ristano
An anonymously posted interview with Edwina Ristano on 22nd March, 1988.

Kerry Fouché
Former long-term Scientologist recounts his experience becoming involved with Scientology, Part one and Part two.

Ishmael is the pseudonym of a former member who recounts his Scientology time.

Catarina Pamnell
Another day in Scientology-land. "In 1981, when I was 18 years old, I first encountered Scientology. It was to be a major influence on my life for several years to come - unfortunately, more negative than positive."

Birgitta Harrington
My story about Scientology. "It all started in the autumn of 1970 when I was out for a walk with my baby girl. A man came by and asked me to take a personality test in order to find out more about myself. Later the same day I went into the Church of Scientology facility in Örebro, Sweden to do the test. I had never heard of this church before."

Ken Rose
Demons of Freedom (mirror). An ex-member paints a grim picture of how a scientology world would look like.

Peter Mousiol
Peter wrote a "Knowledge Report" about "Things that shouldn't be". In 1992 he had lost several millions to Scientology and to scientologists.

Wayne Whitney
Wayne was a brave guy who picketed the organizaion in San Francisco many times alone. He was once recruited into Scientology by his scientologist sister.

Dan Garvin

Dave Sweetland
The Story of Dave Sweetland. "My name is Dave Sweetland. I was a member of the COS from October 1969 until August 2000 when I resigned. I was declared a Suppressive Person in Sept 5, 2000."

Michael Tilse
Michael Tilse's Doubt Formula and demand for refund of 19 April 2003.

Creed Pearson
Creed Pearsons Doubt Formula And Suppressive Person Declare - 25 May 2005.

Cerridwen & Kristi
Cerri was a long time Scientology member and left the cult about four years ago. She's busy finding her own way in life, which isn't always easy. Kristi is a Scientology critic, dabbled in Scientology very briefly mid 80s - never considered herself a scientologist - and maintains a few websites. They are Different and yet the Same


Affidavits and Personal accounts of life in Scientology's Narconon

Jerry Whitfield
Statment of 27 February 1998.
Jerry recalls how Narconon is controlled from Scientology and they had to lie about the conenction, also how he had to report how many people were made into scientologists that wee

Lt Col Mark Jones, USMC (Rtd)
Declaration of 10 February 1995.
An extraordinary description, by Narconon's first Director, of how the Church of Scientology allegedly exercised near-complete control of the supposedly independent group during his ten years in office.

Maria Pia Gardini
Declaration of February 14, 2001. Maria tells how she joined Scientology after her daughter entered Scientology's drug rehab program, Narconon, and wound up in Scientology's Sea Organization. (note that Scientology uses the same 'method' in its "Second Chance" program. It is believed that Scientology uses this fairly recent name to escape all the bad truthful information on Narconon which is on the Internet)

Tara J.
"Tara J" describes her hellish experience at Narconon of Southern California (Newport Beach) and Narconon Warner Springs.

Jeff X
"My name is 'Jeff X' and I was a student at several Narconon centers in 2003 and 2004. Let me give you a little taste of my experience.

Michael G
Narconon Nightmare: Michael's Story. "That day I finally broke down and was ready to give up my fight. I could not get out of WD/Lockdown, unless I ran away again. I was too tired and weak to walk the 6 to 8 miles to the nearest phone only to be followed and harassed by the cult members every inch of the way. Mentally I was exhausted."

Greg Hamilton
Another victim of Narconon Arrowhead has stepped forward to tell his story. Greg Hamilton, a Florida attorney, became addicted to painkillers after an injury. His father sent him to Narconon, not knowing that he was delivering his son into the hands of the Scientology cult.

Joe Keldani
Joe Keldani, who ran Canada's Narconon from 1972 to 1978, wants access to his 3 daughters and wife and some of his money back. He alleges in his 10 April 2004 letter that Scientology upper management on purpose ruined his marriage.

If you are fresh out of Scientology and want to tell your story or read stories of people who where members as well then you really should pay a visit to Through the Door. There you'll also find stories of former Int staffers. Another place is the Operation Clambake Message Board with its Your story from inside Scientology catagory.

See for other collections of first person accounts also Tilman Hausherr's , David Gerard's, Atlanta, Georgia and Martin Poulter's pages.

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