Attestations of Lisa McPherson

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1) Attesting to the CCRD

[The following is a typewritten transcript of the handwritten attest to 
Clear Certainty Rundown (CCRD) written by Lisa McPherson.]


Lisa McPherson


[There appear to be several sets of initials on the page at this point.]

There are no words adequate! I am so full of life I am overwhelmed at the 
joy of it all!

It has been a long tough haul and worth every single thing I've had to go 
through. I could not have made it without all my friends and of course LRH.

I have never been happier in my life and for now that will have to suffice 
for my lack of words.

Now, I understand!["understand" is underlined five times.] WOW! [emphasis 
in original]

Lisa McPherson

[Label: "FSO 00008"]

2) Lisa attests to the Sunshine Rundown

[The following is a typewritten transcript of Lisa McPherson's handwritten 
attestation to the Sunshine Rundown.]


Lisa McPherson

Sunshine R/D

I attested to Clear a couple of hours ago. I went into my office to begin 
working and wasn't very comfortable. I was looking at what had changed 
since I attested but could spot nothing. Then Becky called to have me do my 
Sunshine R/D. I came right over and after completing, I must say

MAN - WAS THIS THE CORRECT ACTION!! [emphasis in original]

It really put my feet on the ground strong[?].

I am now ready to move forward!

[There appear to be a number of initials at this point on the page.] Lisa 

8 Sept 95

[Label: "FSO 00007"]

3) "My Name is Lisa McPherson, I'm from Texas and I'm Clear! 

[This is a copy of a typewritten document which appears to be incomplete.]


My name is Lisa McPherson, I'm from Texas and I'm Clear!

Being Clear is more exciting than anything I've ever experienced. I am so 
thrilled about life and living I can hardly stand it!

It was a pretty interesting trip though, I now have comlete reality on what 
a gopher would feel like going through a garden hose! I have always had 
what I considered a fairly easy time going up the Bridge, I never 
experienced any trouble particularly case wise until just recently, before 
I attested. In fact, the biggest problem I encountered just this year was 
after attesting to L-12 I honestly did not believe a case existed for me, I 
had no reality on what it was at all. I thought to myself, now what am I 
going to do about this? I am supposed to move up the grade chart but I have 
no case, how will I ever explain this to my C/S? This should give you some 
clue of my training level. I was soon disabused of this notion.

Many of you in this room were with me and know what I went through the 
first half of this year. NOt only did I learn that I had a case but I also 
learned how extremely DANGEROUS it is to NOT BE TRAINED. I have been around 
Scientology for 13 years. I was on staff for 5 years. I thought I was doing 
pretty good. My stats have been decent for the majority of my Scientology 
history. I've never seen much burning necessity to get trained. I've never 
seen a live sabertooth tiger either, until this year. Not only did I see 
him, I was in the cage with him for 6 months. He had not been fed for quite 
sometime and he chewed away at me until I htought I was in for it. This I 
discovered was my case. Now you'd think with all my "experience" in 
Scientology that I would know what to do when I got in trouble, right? 
Wrong. I did fly into the HGC hollering at how I'd somehow landed in a 
tiger's cage and I couldn'g get out of the cage and he was going to eat me 
alive and I needed someone to help me FAST but short of that I was clueless 
as to what was really happening and what I needed to do. My D of P did a 
standard interview and assured me that it would be handled and I was 
scheduled for a session. I had a session and was not completely handled. 
"What's wrong" I thought, I had a session now I still have this tiger 
eating on me. So I went to my best friend and said, "I'm in trouble, what 
do I do?" and she told me to go back in session, so I did. Still, after the 
SECOND session the tiger was still with me. So I went to my back up FSM and 
told him I'm in trouble what do I do and he told me to go in session. And 
this went on FOR MONTHS!! I did not know the thing to do was to go back in 
session UNTIL IT WAS HANDLED. I read the policy on handle with auditing at 
least 5 times and I still asked, so what do I do?

[Label: "FSO 00520"]

4) Lisa McPherson letter to Debra Cook, Captain FSO, dated 10-21-95
This letter is apparently one she "owed" to FLAG after she attested to 
Clear. Perhaps I'm reading too much into it, but it appears this letter was 
written to cover all her bases at least as far as the "thank yous" are 
concerned. Only a few days later, Lisa would be frantically working on 

[Typewritten letter written by Lisa McPherson to Debra Jean Cook, Captain 
in Charge, Flag Service Org]


October 21, 1995

[Mr.?] Debi Cook

Church of Scientology
210 S Fort Harrison
Clearwater, Fl 34616

Dear Mr. Cook,

This letter is late! The truth of the matter is that I have a stack of 
"thank you" letters that have been growing on my desk to people (your 
staff) who I have wanted to acknowledge for their help over this past year 
during my journey through the "black hole". I'm sure you have seen many 
people struggle as they move up the bridge. What I experienced was the 
worst struggle I have ever encountered this lifteime (and I grew up in a 
pretty rambunctious neighborhood). THANK GOODNESS i WAS NOT ALONE IN THIS 
STRUGGLE AT FLAG. I was surrounded by your incredible staff. There are not 
adequate modifiers to describe the love, care, competence and encouragement 
I received while I was there. There were some who were closer to me than 
others, providing me with constant service and relentless care. I tried to 
name thin in order to send "thank you" notes but I feared I would 
unintentionally leave someone out and I did not want to take that chance. 
There were people who were propping me up all over the base, day after day, 
some whom I'd never personally spoken to but whenI would see them I would 
feel their care and attention for me. It is because of the group that 
exists at Flag, and how very close you work together as a team that helped 
to pull me through. This letter is extended to each and every staff member 
THANK YOU ALL FOR HELPING TO SAVE MY LIFE! I want you all to know that I am 
in [my?]self. I know one thing from all this that will protect me and keep 
me from the black hole again: If we only [DO?] JUST EXACTLY what LRH has 
written and NOTHING ELSE it will all come out all right. Being a 
professional Scientologist carries a huge responsibility as all staff posts 
do. I intend to do all I an to help clear this planet. Thank you for 
contributing to me and for pushing me through to a done. I will do this 
with others now I promise you!


Love, - [handwritten: Lisa McPherson] - Lisa McPherson

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