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Fort Harrison Hotel - Room 174

Death of scientologist Lisa McPherson

  Today, 5 December 2006 is the 11th anniversary of Lisa McPherson's death at the hands of Scientology
Date of Birth 2/10/59 -- Scientology Isolation 11/18/95 -- Dead on Arrival 5/12/95

Lisa McPherson memorial brick defaced
When the brick after mysterious protestation finally was approved for inclusion in a beautifying attempt of a Clearwater alley mainly used by scientologists, it looked like this. As of December 2004 it is defaced. In my mind it is very clear who wouldn't like to be reminded to the needless death of Lisa. After this was discovered a small online collection was held by Jeff Jacobsen and a new brick is placed. Pictures one and two.

Lisa McPherson memorial brick 2001
Lisa McPherson memorial brick 2001
Lisa McPherson memorial brick 2004
Lisa McPherson memorial brick 2004
© Steven Buehler
Lisa's family say 'Thank you' to some
Dell Liebreich, 20 September 2004: The court forced us to go to the fifth and final mediation as demanded by Scientology. I decided to settle the case. It was time to move on. There is plenty of information on the Internet and in magazines and newspapers that will forever tell the story of how our niece died while in the "care" of Scientology.

Scientology settlement
SP Times editorial 15 June 2004: The McPherson lawsuit created numerous side issues that had to be handled by the court. As the years rolled by, the costs mounted and both sides grew weary of the bitter battle. Yet it is unclear whether an out-of-court settlement would have been reached without pressure from retired Senior Circuit Judge Robert Beach, who was assigned to the case last year.

Scientologists settle death suit
SP Times 29 May 2004: Terms of the unexpected settlement are confidential in the wrongful death suit brought by the estate of Lisa McPherson. A 7-year-old wrongful death lawsuit filed by the estate of Lisa McPherson against the Church of Scientology reached a surprise settlement this week, ending one of the most fiercely contested and enduring legal battles in Pinellas County history.

Scientology still claims it can cure mental illness
In a promotional piece copyrighted in 2003, they write: "A Flag Ship Class XII [auditor] could turn a severe mental case from raving lunacy to not only sane but bright and normal in about 8 or 9 hours..."

Strange then Scientology didn't do the same with a psychotic Lisa McPherson, who had conversations with people who were not there, claimed to be people she was not, sang and danced around the room as if giving a performance, crawled around on the floor, stood on the toilet, got in the shower fully clothed, tried to walk out of the room in a state of undress and on at least one occasion drank her own urine. (NY Times, November 14, 1998)


No Settlement!

As it turns out the case is being stalled by Scientology and the family hasn't received a dime. More on the legal page.


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Attorney Ken Dandar in the Tampa Tribune

They claim to have cures for medical and mental illnesses ... Lisa McPherson is the prime example that they don't know what they're doing.

[link to ZDF - Documentary of 18 Sept 1997]

Short overview of Lisa's tragic death

After spending half her life as a member of the Church of Scientology, Lisa McPherson told friends she was ready to get out. At 36, she yearned to reunite with her mom and old friends and start a new life in Dallas. She hoped to visit them at Thanksgiving and vowed to be home for good by last Christmas. (Tampa Tribune, December 15, 1996)

A woman involved in a minor traffic accident sheds her clothes and walks nude down the street. Police take her to the hospital to see a psychiatric nurse, and against medical advice she leaves with friends. Those friends take her to their church. Seventeen days later, they drive her to a hospital more than 20 miles away in another county. The woman is dead on arrival. . . (SP Times, December 18, 1996)

A lawsuit filed Wednesday alleges that the Church of Scientology is responsible for the death of Lisa McPherson, who died in 1995 while in the care of church members... The lawsuit was filed in Hillsborough Circuit Court by Tampa lawyer Ken Dandar, an attorney representing McPherson's estate. It promises to seek "substantial" punitive and compensatory damages against the church. (SP Times February 20, 1997)

Police say McPherson, 36, entered the Fort Harrison Hotel, Scientology's Clearwater headquarters, in November 1995. They say she was physically healthy but psychologically disturbed. Seventeen days later she died. An autopsy determined her death was due to a blood clot brought on by ``severe dehydration'' and ``bed rest.'' Pinellas-Pasco Medical Examiner Joan Wood has said the medical evidence indicates McPherson went without fluids for five to 10 days, possibly longer, and was comatose for at least 24 hours before she died. Bites on her hands were most likely made by cockroaches, Wood has said. (Tampa Tribune, June 1, 1997)

McPherson began suffering psychotic episodes. (Or maybe she just wasn't "clear.") She soiled herself, broke a glass in the bathroom, punched and scratched people, and jumped off the bed and hit her head, according to staff notes . Her weight, which a paramedic estimated at 155 pounds before she checked in, slipped to 108 at her death. (SP Times August, 16, 1997)

One minute Lisa McPherson was a healthy 36-year-old woman whose love of country dancing was eclipsed only by her love for her church. But the next minute she was dead. (NBC Extra, December 29, 1997)

Lisa McPherson spent her final days in isolation in Room 174 at the rear of the Fort Harrison Hotel. A church lawyer initially described her stay to a local reporter as restful, and he said she had received no medical treatment. But 33 pages of handwritten logs tell a far bleaker tale. The logs were released this summer on orders from the judge hearing the McPherson estate's lawsuit . (NY Times, December 1, 1997)

Police have recommended criminal charges in the case of a Scientologist who died in 1995 after spending 17 days at a church retreat. A prosecution summary delivered Monday to Pinellas-Pasco State Attorney Bernie McCabe recommends charges in the death of Lisa McPherson, said Clearwater Deputy Police Chief Paul Maser, who would not discuss specifics of the case. (Associated Press, December 16, 1997)

After the first week, she routinely urinated and defecated on herself and rarely slept, Strope said . She had conversations with people who were not there, claimed to be people she was not, sang and danced around the room as if giving a performance, crawled around on the floor, stood on the toilet, got in the shower fully clothed, tried to walk out of the room in a state of undress and on at least one occasion drank her own urine. (NY Times, November 14, 1998)

McPherson, 36, died in 1995 while in the care of fellow Scientologists, who isolated her in a room at the church's Fort Harrison Hotel, forced medications on her and waited too long to take her to a hospital when she became ill, according to an affidavit that accompanied the charging documents Friday in Pinellas-Pasco Circuit Court. (SP Times, November 15, 1998)

Attorneys for the group filed a written plea of not guilty to the charges in the 1995 death of Lisa McPherson with Pinellas County Circuit Court Judge Timothy Peters, his clerk said. The felony charges of abuse or neglect of a disabled adult and practicing medicine without a license in connection with McPherson's death had been filed Nov. 13 by State Attorney Bernie McCabe. (Reuters, November 30, 1998)

Medical examiner Joan Wood now is calling the 1995 death of Scientologist Lisa McPherson an " accident ," a change that is causing prosecutors to rethink their case against the Church of Scientology. Wood's original ruling called the manner of death " undetermined ." (SP Times, February 23, 2000)

Wood agreed to review her report after the church submitted tests and other material challenging her findings. Prosecutors said they were reviewing the new report to determine its impact on the case. (Reuters, February, 23, 2000)

A Florida prosecutor dropped criminal charges on Monday against the Church of Scientology's Clearwater headquarters in the 1995 death of a woman member. (Reuters, 12 June, 2000)

Prosecutors say they still believe McPherson died as the result of neglect at the hands of fellow church members. But the credibility of Pasco-Pinellas Medical Examiner Joan Wood is so poor following her decision to change McPherson's autopsy report that charges of abusing a disabled person and practicing medicine without a license cannot be sustained, State Attorney Bernie McCabe said Monday. (Tampa Tribune, 13 June, 2000)

Drop the charges, David Miscavige told State Attorney Bernie McCabe in November 1998, and the church would make a $500,000 donation to the county's EMS system. (SP Times, 14 June, 2000)

The Scientologists still are embroiled involved in a civil suit brought against them by McPherson family members in Texas. (UPI, 13 June, 2000)

``It's horrible,'' McPherson's aunt, Dell Liebriech, said Wednesday. ``Not even an animal should be treated like that.'' (Tampa Tribune 23 January 1997)


Report of Autopsy

Dr. Joan Wood has amended her autopsy report after years in a highly unusual move. In her original report she listed Lisa's death as "Undetermined" - her amended report of 16 February 2000, as "Accident". Wood also removed one cause of death ("bed rest and severe dehydration") and added a new significant condition ("psychosis and history of auto accident").

Scientology Press Statement re: amended report of 23 Feb 2000

Wood retired on 30 Sept. 2000 after she was harshly criticized for her role in the collapse of this high-profile criminal case against the Church of Scientology,


Scientology FLAG vs. ME Joan Wood
Partial Wood depostion 11-12 February 1997


Criminal case

Scientology indicted on 13 November 1998!
Witness Affidavit in State of Florida vs. Scientology FSO

Statement of David Minkoff
He addmits that Lisa should have gotten medical care
19 May 1998 questioned by Mark McGarry

Letter from David Miscavige to Bernie McCabe
Offer to settle, 22 January 1999

Bernie McCabe's response to Miscavige
McCabe declines, 4 February 1999

Motion to dismiss information based upon "RFRA" and the first amendment
Scientology, May '99

Florida State Attorney's response to Scientology's motion
State Attorney Bernie McCabe, 6 December '99
In PDF format -- Click to view or right click and choose "save link as" to download

State of Florida v. Church of Scientology Flag Service Organzation

Case: CRC98-20377-CFANO-S

Judge Brandt C. Downey III takes over from Schaeffer

Schaeffer, the circuit's chief judge, assigned the case in February 2000 to Judge Brandt C. Downey III, citing health reasons that she did not disclose. Around 15 March 2000 she took over again.


Scientology FLAG's Motion to Disqualify Presiding Judge
State of Florida vs. Scientology FLAG's - 02 March 2000

Scientologist Mary Story Affidavit in support of FLAG's motion
Date unknown: Mary Story

Scientology's Certificate of Good Faith in Support of Motion to Disqualify
State of Florida vs. Scientology FLAG's - 02 March 2000

Memorandum in response to defendants's motion to disqualify presiding judge
State of Florida vs. Scientology FLAG's: Motion filed 03 March 2000

Scientology FLAG's Motion for Stay Pending Filing of Petition for Writ of Prohibitation Reviewing Denial of Motion to Disqualify Presiding Judge
State of Florida vs. Scientology FLAG's - 03 March 2000

Scientology FLAG's Motion to Disqualify Denied
Judge Brandt C. Downey III 07 March 2000 (PDF)

Although brief, Downey's time on the Scientology case was eventful. In February 2000, Medical Examiner Joan Wood changed the manner of McPherson's death from "undetermined" to "accident," a decision that changed the complexion of the case. The SP Times reported a couple of times during this time on Downey's involvement and Scientology's oppostion.

Church wants judge removed in McPherson case -- 3 March 2000 // Scientologists fail to budge judge -- 4 March 2000 // Chief judge returns to Scientology case -- 15 March 2000

Scientology Amicus curiae Brief in McPherson criminal case
State of Florida vs. Scientology FLAG's: filed March 29, 2000

Prosecutors drop charges against Scientology Organization
State State Attorney Bernie McCabe drops, 12 June 2000
Crow memo to McCabe, recommending to drop the case

Media coverage concerning this devolpment

One of the reasons to drop was the 2 hour deposition of ME Joan Wood on 1 June 2000
in which she could not make herself clear.

Scientology Press Statement re: dropped criminal charges
Scientology - 14 June 2000

The dismissal of the criminal case against the Scientology Organization in the death of Lisa McPherson has caused the Clearwater Police Department's investigative file to become public record. The scans of several thousands of pages are here and some of the OCR'd text files are here. Many more are on a new site made by Kristi Wachter:

Some of the more compelling documents is Lisa's last " Overt and Withhold " (transgressions) write up. And if you want to know more of the person behind the autopsy pictures, read her report to scientology about her inner thoughts and feelings. This very personal " knowledge report " is also part of the public record. Another document which gives us a glimpse in Lisa's thinking is her "Clear" speech.

Criminal case prosecutors:
Florida State Attorneys Office-
Doug Crow 727 464-6034 or Bernie McCabe



Civil wrongful-death suit

Overview legal cases civil suit 1997 - 2003

First complaint
McPherson estate, 19 February 1997

Dandar requests Scientology to return items that belonged to Lisa McPherson
Dandar letter to Scientology 9 September 1997

First amended complaint
McPherson estate, 4 December 1997

Confidential Agreement
Agreement not to add other Scientology parties to the suit and for Scientology's FLAG not to 'Wollersheim' its assets out of reach for the Estate
Estate and Scientlogy's FLAG, December 1997

Robert D. Davis, M.D., 15 May 1997
Robert Vaughn Young, Dec '99 - Feb 2000

Jesse Prince, 20 August '99
Robert Vaughn Young, 6 October '99
Stephen A. Kent, 6 January 2000

Werner Spitz, M.D., 20 August 1999
Calvin Bandt, M.D., 23 April 2001


Declarations by scientologists
Please note that scientologists are known to write 'spontaneous' affidavits and lettes to the editors
on the behest of higher scientologists. Scientology denies being a cult, they just behave like one.
Bennetta Slaughter, 18 November 2002
Mary DeMoss, 21 December 2002
Gary Smith, 16 July 2002

Scientology's Oct '99 defenses to fourth amended complaint
Scientology, 15 Oct 1999

Opposition to add new parties in proposed fifth amended complaint
Scientology Memorandum

Fifth Amended Complaint
McPherson estate, 21 December 1999

Response to Scientology's motion that scientology is a religion and
isolation is a religious practice

Response to Scientology's motion that scientology is a religion and isolation is a religious practice - McPherson estate, 18 January 2000 McPherson estate, 18 January 2000

Slaughter et al v. Estate of Lisa McPherson -2D99-1608
District court of appeal of Florida - May 19, 2000


Hillsborough Circuit Judge James S. Moody Jr. effectivly on Fri 4 August 2000 on the request
of FLAG transfers the case to Pinellas, after three years of being litigated in Tampa.
SP Times 5 August 2000

Countersuit by Scientology against the Estate of Lisa McPherson 6 Feb 2001
Posting by Rod Keller

A few scans of the ridiculous suit have been downloaded from a scientologist hate-site
image1 -- image2 -- image3 -- image4 -- image5


Memorandum of Law in Response to Defendants' Frye Hearing
This submission of Lisa's attorny gives a summary of the case.
28 November 2001

McPherson Estate's Memorandum on Cockroach Feeding Sites
26 March 2002

Notice of Filing Excerpts of Robert Minton Depositions
Estate of Lisa McPherson - 9 May 2002

Scientology granted discovery orders quashed
Petition for Writ of Certiorari to prevent Disclosure of Funding
Second District Court of Appeal of Florida

Trial court's order granting the church's forty-seventh request for production is quashed
Judges Parker, Whatley and Casanueva: Opinion filed 3 April 2002 - PDF

Quashed the trial court's order of 5 June 2001, compelling discovery
Judges Parker, Salcines and Stringer: Opinion filed 10 May 2002 - PDF

Trial court's order granting the church's forty-first request for production is quashed
Judges Parker, Whatley and Casanueva: Opinion filed 12 Apri 2002 - PDF

This latest opinion by the 2DCA on the 41st Scientology request, was commented upon in Florida Law Weekly, 19 April 2002. Scroll to the last page.

acrobat PDF logo You need a free Acrobat reader for the PDF files to work.




DELL LIEBREICH, as Personal Representative of the ESTATE OF LISA McPHERSON

Case: 6:00 CV503

This case is known as the Breach of contract case #2.

US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, Tyler Division


Final Judgement
Judge John Hannah Jr. - 4 March 2002

RTC's Motion for an Award of Attorney's Fees and Memorandum of Law in Support
RTC (456 pages) - April 2002

  • Defendant's Motion for Rehearing and Reconsideration denied
  • Final judgment on attorneys' fees
  • Final judgment on § 1927 motion
Judge John Hannah Jr. - 28 June 2002

Victory for McPherson Estate, Liebreich and Dandar & Dandar in Texas Breach Case
United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit (5DCA)-- 22 July 2003

This ruling was quickly appealed by Religious Technology Center (Scientology), which petitioned for an en banc rehearing by the entire Fifth Circuit (the 22 July 2003 ruling having been decided by a panel of three judges).

RTC (Scientology) Petitions for Rehearing and Rehearing En Banc, denied
United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit (5DCA)-- 19 Aug 2003

As one can read in the Docket Sheet, Scientology's RTC filed three motions for sactions but those were denied as well with a "final ruling" by the Fifty District Court of Appeal on a later date.

Motion for release of cash bonds
Thomas and Kennan Dandar -- 28 August 2003

Defendant's motion for attorneys' fees, costs, sanctions, with memorandum of law
Thomas and Kennan Dandar -- (1971kb PDF) 12 September 2003

Plaintiff's renewed motion for sactions and attorney fees, pursuant to 28 U.S.C. §1972, upon remand
Religious Technology Center (Scientology) -- 3 September 2003

Case Dismissed for want of Jurisdiction
Judge John Hannan, Jr. -- 18 September 2003

Notice of Appeal to the 5th District court of Appeals
RTC -- 14 October 2003

District court's ruling reversed and appeals court render a smaller award to RTC
United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit (5DCA)-- 10 May 2004

Order Granting Minton's Oral Motion to Abate Counterclaim
Judge Schaeffer 19 September 2002 - not yet made public

ADVERSARY PROCEEDING #4 - Petitioner/Plaintiff;


DELL LIEBREICH, Individually and as Personal Representative, Respondents/Defendant.

Case: 97-0589-ES-003

Ad Litem
Sixth Judicial Circuit, Pinellas County, Probate Division

Petition for Appointment of Administrator Ad Litem &
Amended counterclaim to the fifth amended complaint

Scientology Flag Service Organization -- August 2002

Petition for Appointment of Administrator Ad Litem
Bob Minton and RTC vs. Estate Representative -- September 2002

Hearing for Appointment of
Administrator Ad Litem

Bob Minton and RTC -- 13 November 2002

Religious Technology Center memorandum
RTC 05 December 2002

Scientology's Religious Technology Center
and Robert 'Bob' Minton motions denied

Judge George W. Greer 06 December 2002


Lost in all the legal documents? Use the Overview legal cases of the civil suit.


DELL LIEBREICH, as personal Representative, of the ESTATE OF LISA McPHERSON, Plaintiff;



Case: 00-5682-CI-11

Scientology's requests for Summary Judgement
Sixth judicial circuit, Pinellas county, Florida

Summary Judgement on Plaintiff's False Imprisonment Claim (Count III)
Judge Frank Quesada 20 June 2001

Order Denying Scientology's request for Summary Judgement on count V
Judge Susan F. Schaeffer 20 August 2002

Response to Scientology's request for a summary judgment
5 September 2001

Order denying defendant's motion to rehear or reconsiderorder denying
defendant's motion
for summary judgment of negligence survival claim
Judge Susan F. Schaeffer 30 September 2002

Order denying defendants' motion for summary judgement on wrongful death claim (count I)
Judge Susan F. Schaeffer 30 September 2002

Amended order denying defendants' motion for summary judgement on wrongful death claim (count V)
Judge Susan F. Schaeffer 30 September 2002

Order denying defendants' motion for summary judgement dismissing plaintiff's battery claim (count IV)
Judge Susan F. Schaeffer 3 March 2003

Defendant Church of Scientology FLAG Service organization's Notice of Filing
of List of Non-Party Defendants

Sixth Judicial Circuit, Pinellas county, General Civil Division
Scientology 14 Oct. 2002

Church of Scientology FLAG Service Organization's Motion to Disqualify
Plaintiff's Counsel on the Basis of the RentClub Doctrine

Circuit court for Pinellas county, Florida
Plaintiff's Motion to Strike Defendant's Witnesses 18 December 2002
(Scientology withdrew this motion on 30 Dec 02)

Hearing re Scientology's Motion to Strike Punitive Damages &
Scientology's motion for summary judgment on Negligence

Sixth Judicial Circuit, Pinellas county, Florida
St. Petersburg Judicial Building 30 December 2002

Plaintiff's response to defendants' motion to continue trial pending resolution
of its motion to remove the personal representative in probate court

McPherson Estate 9 January 2003

ESTATE OF LISA MCPHERSON, by and through the Personal Representative, DELL LIEBREICH



Case No. 00-5682-11 -- Part of the wrongful death suit

Omnibus Motion for Terminating Sanctions and Other Relief
Circuit Court for Pinellas County, Florida

Scientology filed a motion to disqualify the Estate's attorney Dandar on 26 April 2002.

What followed were 35 days of hearings with numerous witnesses and interesting affidavits. Bob Minton - who gave $2-million to fund the litigation of the McPherson estate - is accusing Tampa attorney Ken Dandar, who represents the estate, of serious misconduct in the case. Dandar has said Minton is lying and being extorted by the Church of Scientology in an attempt to derail the lawsuit.

Order Denying Defendants Ominbus Motion for Terminating Sanctions and Other Relief
Susan F.Schaeffer, Circuit Judge Ordered and Adjudged on 12 January 2003

Scientology FLAG's write of certiorari on this court's denial of it Omnibus Motion for Terminating Sanctions and Other Relief, Denied
Second District Court of Appeal 03 February 2003 - not yet made public


Church of Scientology Flag Service Organizaion Inc.



Dell Liebreich, Individually and as Personal Representative of the Estate of Lisa McPherson and Kennan G. Dandar

Case: 00-002750-CI-20

This case is known as the breach of contract case #1

Hearing regarding an order to show cause why Robert Minton should not be held in contempt
23 August 2001

Final judgement against Minton
W. Douglas Baird, Judge 7 March 2002

Defendant Robert Minton's motion for protective order against
disclosure of documents relating to payments

Robert S. Minton 3 April 2002

Continuation of the Minton contempt proceedings
Robert S. Minton depo 9 April 2002 hearing, pp. 1-36

Affidavit Recanting Testimony of Stacy Brooks
Stacy Brooks Affidavit 17 Apri 2002

Beginning of Motion to Disqualify
Robert S. Minton depo 19 Apr 2002 hearing, Vols 1-2, pp. 1-352

Continuation of the hearing
Dell Liebreich/Dandar depo 30 Apri 2002 hearing, Vols 1-2, pp. 1-212

Continuation of the hearing
Michael Garko/Samuel D. Rosen/Jesse Prince
29 - 30 August 2002 hearing

Plaintiffs' Post-trial memorandum of law in support of its motion
FLAG 30 August 2002

Defendants' counsel's closing argument
Dandar 07 Sept. 2002

Plaintiff's reply memorandum of law re disqualification
FLAG 13 Sept. 2002

Plaintiff's objections to evidence offered post trial in dandar's closing brief
FLAG 13 Sept. 2002

Order Denying Plantiff Scientology's Motion to Disqualify
Circuit Court for Pinellas County, Civil Devision
W. Douglas Baird, Judge, 10 January 2003

Order Denying Defendant Dell Liebreich's Motion to Disqualify
Circuit Court for Pinellas County, Civil Devision
W. Douglas Baird, Judge, 21 January 2003

Defendant's supplemental memorandum in support of her motion to disqualify plaintiff's counsel
Dell Liebreich 19 March 2003

Plaintiff's Motion to Change Venue for Trial based on Community Prejudice and Supporting
FLAG May 2003

Scientologists accept Clearwater trial
Attorneys for the Church of Scientology in Clearwater withdrew their request Tuesday 10 June, to transfer a civil case to Palm Beach or Broward county.
PalmBeachPost 11 June 2003

Church drops venue change
Scientologists will allow the upcoming trial to "determine the ability to empanel and unbiased jury."
SP Times 11 June 2003

Church moves to relocate civil trial
Lawyers for the Church of Scientology again say that media reports have turned Tampa Bay against them.
SP Times 27 June 2003

Scientology finds a jury - in Pinellas
The church's lawyers had argued that an impartial jury could not be seated. But Tuesday, a complex civil trial began.
SP Times 13 August 2003

Scientology seeks millions as punishment
A lawyer involved in a wrongful death suit should pay more than $2-million, the church contends.
SP Times 20 August 2003

After just three hours of deliberation, the jury returned with a verdict of $4500 in damages
See the announcement on the message board.

Scientology wanted millions, gets $4,500
Jurors don't buy the church's argument that a lawyer involved in a wrongful
death case owes it more than $2-million.
SP Times - 21 August 2003

Read Luke Lirot's response to all well wishers

My Letter to the Editors

Correcting an error they took over from the Associated Press article. And more information on the latest jury verdict
Another Appeals Court Victory
The Second District Court of Appeals of Florida has had to partly overrule another of Judge Baird's rulings. Essentially, Baird gave too much in sanctions to Scientology, and Ken was right in refusing to let Liebreich answer a number of the questions for which they both were sanctioned. 2DCA -29 Aug 2003



Lost in all the legal documents? Use the Overview legal cases of the civil suit


Bob Minton's, verified motion to disqualify trial judge Schaeffer and suggestion of disqualification
Bob Minton 17 January 2003

On 27 January 2003, Judge Schaeffer denied Minton's motion. Not yet availbe for publication.

Plaintiff's Motion for Sanctions of Default judgment on liability on the fifth amended complaint and final default judgment on the counterclaim
Dandar 03 February 2003

Petition for writ of prohibition or certiorari
Bob Minton 6 February 2003

Minton vs. Lisa McPherson Estate
writ of prohibition as to the wrongful death claims is denied with prejudice. The petition for writ of prohibition as to the counterclaim to the fifth amended complaint (counterclaim for abuse of process) is denied without prejudice
Second District Court - 19 February 2003

Order denying defendants' motion for a stay

Judge Susan F. Schaeffer 27 February 2003

FLAG's Consolidated Memorandum in Opposition to Plaintiff's Motion for Sanctions
Scientology 28 February 2003

Bob Minton's, Supplemental Amendment of Memorandum to Robert Minton's Renewed verified motion to disqualify trial judge Schaeffer and suggestion of disqualification and request permission to file motion
Bob Minton 10 March 2003

Plaintiff's Response to Cross-Motion for Issuance of Order to Show Cause for Contempt, Award of Fees and Costs, and for Order Confirming that the Counterclaim is Unabated for All Purposes and for Order to Unsever the Counterclam from Trial
Dandar 11 March 2003

Order Permitting Repsonse to Minton's Motion to Disqualify
Circuit Judge Schaeffer 23 March 2003

Church of Scientology Flag Service Organisation's Response to March 23, 2003 Order
FLAG 26 March 2003

Estate of Lisa Mcpherson's Response to this Court's Order of March 23, 2003
Dandar 27 March 2003

Robert Minton's Response to Court's Order of March 23, 2003, Permitting Response to disqualify
Bob Minton 28 March 2003

Judge Schaeffer hands wrongful death complaint and counterclaim to Chief Judge and
reconmends that one Judge be on the cases - Order Reviving Counterclam for the Sole Purpose of Granting Robert Minton's Renewed Verified Motion to Disqualify Trial Judge and Sugestion of Disqualification and Request for Permission to File Motion
Judge Schaeffer 08 April 2003

Chief Judge Order's on Reassignment of Case to Judge Robert Beach
David A. Demers, Chief Judge - 16 April 2003


Civil case attorney
Ken Dandar
Tele: (813) 289-3858
Email: dandarlaw <at>



Logs of the "care" given to Lisa

This was not the first watch. On 15 July 95 the first watch began.


Autopsy photo's. (not for the faint of heart)

Circuit Judge Bob Barker ruled on Thursday 27 February 1997 that autopsy photographs of the insect bites on Lisa's body are public record. First set of pictures

Pinellas-Pasco Circuit Judge Crockett Farnell ruled on Thursday 20 July 2000 that additional autopsy photos of Lisa McPherson are public record. These show her face, back, elbow and leg. Second set of autospy pictures

Nurses evaluation of the autopsy photos
Commentry by Ilse Hruby: English or in German

Lisa's Case Supervisors
Article written by Martin Ottmann. These are the people who 'cared" for her.

Chronological listing of media coverage

1996/97 -- 1998 -- 1999 -- 2000 -- 2001/02 -- 2003/04

Lisa McPherson in happier times

Lisa McPherson Photo Gallery

This site has a search page

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Old letter of Lisa McPherson to the editors
St. Petersburg Times, 8 September 1995

Please note that Lisa was at least once told how to write a letter to the press. Other scientologist have been told what to write as well, as the LA Weekly found out by means of a misrouted fax.

Some of the Hubbard writings which could have been applied to Lisa McPherson. First is the Hubbard Communications Office Bulletin of 23 January 1974: The Introspection Rundown which Hubbard regarded as "THE TECHNICAL BREAKTHROUGH OF 1973!". Another relevant HCO Bulletin is of 24 November 1965, called: Search and Discovery . The last HCOB allows for the use of sleeping and quietening drugs which was forced on Lisa. Note the chilling ".. sometimes can't be kept alive ..".

An alleged MD gives his opinion on the death of Lisa Posting to ARS of 24 Feb 2001

Was it murder or slaughter? Roaches or abrasions? The recent Dandar Disqualification Hearings have produced hundreds of pages. Mike O'Connor found an interesting discussion about these particular questions.

Brenda Hubert OSA Report
Brenda was a long time friend of Lisa and asked by Scientology to write a report about events in Lisa's life the last few days before Lisa was incarcerated by the cult.

The Tech Runs its Course
A Commentary on the Lisa McPherson Case

The appalling death of Lisa McPherson
Captured in shockwave and animated gif

Why is Lisa McPherson a forbidden name for Scientologists?

Low life expectancy of scientologists by Alex Jackson

Listen to the Spirit hands song writen by Maggie Council. Kristi Wachter wrote also a song to express her feelings. Charlotte wrote a poem just as Jason Bundy did. Mike O'Connor gave her a star .

Lisa McPherson wasn't the first person to be illegally imprisoned
Scientology Policy on False Imprisonment

Two photo Galleries: Lisa McPherson Photo Gallery and Lisa McPherson Photos by Jeff.

Lisa McPherson, employed by AMC Publishing was pronounced dead by Scientologist Dr. David Minkoff who has since settled his part of the wrongful death suit with the McPherson estate. Why is it one One Big Cluster ? Information retrieved from the Florida corporate database.
Funding the civil suit
Site dedicated to bringing information about the upcoming civil trial as well as documents and transcripts about Lisa's life and her death in the care and custody of Scientology.

Did Lisa McPherson have to die?
The Lisa McPherson Memorial Page
Scientology retaliates against the above page

The Lisa McPherson Clause:
Scientology Moving to Secure Its 'Right' to Kill Again
A new Scientology release form has surfaced that gives the cult the right to hold its members in isolation indefinitely, and absolves it of any responsibility for a member's injury or death as a result -- the "Lisa McPherson clause".

The Profit
The Movie Scientology Won't Let You See
Ever heard of a movie that is worldwide banned from showing because it could influence the jurors in a Pinellas Country, Florida jury pool in the Lisa McPherson wrongful death case? Well, for everthing is a first and so Scientology obtained an injuction by Judge Robert Beach against The Profit .


Lisa McPherson pages in other languages

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" Ken, I want you to let the whole world know what Scientology did to Lisa. "
-- Fannie McPherson's last death-bed instructions to Ken Dandar --

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