Another isolation case: Gitte Mogensen, May 1996

From: "Catarina Pamnell" <>
Subject: Another isolation case: Gitte Mogensen, May 1996
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Date: Fri, 06 Nov 1998 11:08:35 GMT

This is the story of Gitte Mogensen, as it was told to me by one of persons
who were there, "babywatching" her. He is a former staff member of DK
Foundation org in Copenhagen, Denmark, Karsten J. Lorenzen.

A few of you have heard some of this story already, but Karsten did not
want it widely spread before, for a particular reason. Now he says that is
not a stop anymore,  so here it is.

Not long after this happened, Karsten left Scientology. He said he kept
having nightmares of Gitte's bruised face. The worst part, he said, is not
just knowing that he had been obeying orders, but that he sincerely
believed at the time that what they were doing was the right thing. They
were "saving a girl from the evil psychs".

This was put together from notes I took while talking to Karsten in a
restaurant after the picket in Copenhagen two days ago, Nov 4, so it is a
bit sketchy and not to be viewed as the final version - maybe Karsten will
give that himself some day.

Thanks, Karsten, for having the courage to tell about this.


This happened around May 1996.

The "Golden Age of Tech" had just been announced. Every org was to send 3
or 4 people to Flag to get trained as "Golden Age of Tech" Course
Supervisor, Case Supervisor and Word Clearer. The DK Foundation org sent
three people to Flag, Dennis, Per and Gitte Mogensen. Gitte was a handball
player and in very good physical shape.

The following is what Karsten heard about what happened at Flag, from
talking to the other Danish students, and mostly from a Flag OSA staff, a
French woman called Valerie.

The course was said to be the toughest preparation course ever held, with
students given very stiff targets on their Student Points (the statistic of
a student; various points are given for pages read, words cleared, drills
passed, etc.). Gitte was not doing well and fell behind, so she was sent to
Ethics. This was the last time the other Danish students saw her.

At Ethics she broke down  Four people were assigned as "nannies" to watch
her, one of them was Flag OSA staff Valerie.

Gitte was put on a special diet: fruit, bread, water, juice, Cal-Mag and

She was upset and out of control. She grabbed a knife and slashed both her
wrists. Luckily, the people watching her were able to stop the blood flow.
They had to wrestle with her to get her under control, and during this her
face got scratched.

She got checked up by a male medical doctor at Flag (Karsten did not know
his name, "the one they usually go to".)

Then she was sent back to Denmark the day before the other Danes came back.
Valerie went with Gitte on the plane, maybe because she had formerly worked
in Copenhagen.

An old public member, a nice lady called Gulli, had an apartment in
Birkeroed (north of Copenhagen, about 20 minutes drive). She was supposed
to go away for a while, and let the org borrow her place for Gitte to stay
there with her watcher.

Valerie was now very tired and suffered from jet lag. Karsten, who was the
PES (Public Executive Secretary, head of the public divisions) of DK
Foundation org, was called up by Erik, the HES (HCO Executive Secretary,
head of among other things personnel, ethics and sales). Erik said that he
and the ED, Niels, wanted to speak to Karsten. When he got to the org they
asked him whether he knew Gitte, but he didn't. They said she was in this
apartment in Birkeroed and needed help, and she could not go to the
hospital since then she would be put in the hands of the psychs. Could he
go there? He agreed to do this, as long as his girlfriend (also DK org
staff) could come along. They were going through a rough time in their
relationship, and he was worried that she would be upset if he went away
without warning.

When he got to Birkeroed, Valerie said she was going to take a nap. If
Gitte woke up and wanted to go to the bathroom, he had to make sure first
that there was absolutely nothing in there that she could use to harm

Karsten talked with his girlfriend all night, until she left at 5 a.m. to
go to her job at DK org.

Gitte woke up in the morning. She was very thin, just skin and bones, had
scratches in her face and bandages around both wrists. She asked to go to
the bathroom. Karsten went in there to first remove anything he thought
could possibly be dangerous, before letting her in. Then Gitte went back to

Karsten woke Valerie up at about 7 or 8 a.m. He asked her what was going on
with Gitte, and Valerie told about what had happened at Flag.

They made some breakfast. Karsten asked what about Gitte, and was told of
the diet she was on. She was to have 2 slices of white bread, 1 glass of
juice, 1 banana and vitamins. Karsten prepared this on a tray, which
Valerie brought to Gitte.

Now Karsten wanted to catch some sleep, but Valerie told him her seniors at
AOSH (that would have been OSA though, she was Flag OSA staff) had told her
they needed to take Gitte to a doctor in Aarhus (in Jutland, about 350
kilometres from Copenhagen).

Karsten had no money for transportation, so at 9 a.m. when the DK Day org
opened he called there to get the phone number for the ED of the Foundation
org, Niels, who in the daytime was working as an engineer at a well known
company called NKT. Karsten asked Niels to make sure they got money to
bring Gitte to the doctor. Niels said he was going to call the finance
office of the org and arrange it. Half an hour later, Karsten called the
org, but they said they had not heard anything about this from Niels.
Karsten got mad, as they had to take a train from Copenhagen in 30 minutes,
and demanded that they just get the money. He, Valerie and Gitte took a cab
to Copenhagen, got a woman from the finance office to bring the money, and
got on the train at the last minute.

The train to Kalundborg took 2.5 hours, they waited half an hour there and
then got on the ferry to Aarhus. Gitte wanted to go outside to look at the
water. They hesitated to let her out, in case she would jump, but she was
calm and they took her out for a little while.

In Aarhus, they took a cab to the doctor (Karsten estimates from the cab
fare that this was about 5 kilometres from the ferry). The doctor had a
large and very nice house. Expensive furniture, exclusive leather chairs,
etc. They were the last visitors for the day, only the doctor and a nurse
were there. Gitte went in alone to be examined. Afterwards, Valerie asked
the doctor what he had said to Gitte, and Valerie and Karsten were let into
the doctor's office and told everything that had been said. The doctor
wanted to make some tests: he had taken some samples of Gitte's hair, skin
and blood, and gave them containers to take urine/stool samples. She was
going to be put on a vitamin treatment - this doctor did not work with

They took a cab back to town. They had to wait another two hours before
getting the ferry at 9 p.m., so they got something to eat. Gitte had 2
potatoes, a very small piece of meat and a few beans. She was quiet,
waiting for orders from her watchers. Karsten talked to her a bit, asked
how she was, and got in some contact with her. She sounded humiliated, and
didn't want to speak much when Valerie was near. If Valerie told her
something, she looked at Karsten for approval. Since he was Danish and more
at home, he became the one who took charge while they were travelling.

On the train, Gitte fell asleep. In Copenhagen, Erik picked them up at the
central station. Karsten's girlfriend had called. Karsten wanted to stay
with Gitte, he thought it was his job to see that she was OK. But Erik said
he'd better go home to be with his girlfriend, so he went home.

Next morning, Karsten was called into the org and told to go back to
Birkeroed, so Valerie could get some sleep. First he was to wake Gitte up
to have breakfast. He went into her room with a tray and called "Gitte,
here's your breakfast". There was no response. He called her several times,
but there was still no response. He went to Valerie and asked her to wake
Gitte up. Valerie yelled, but Gitte didn't move. Valerie told Karsten to
check if there were any reactions at all, while she called the org. Karsten
found that her heart was beating and that she was still breathing, but when
he shook her there was no reactions. He told Valerie that Gitte was alive,
but he still could not wake her up. Not even when he poured water on her
did she respond. Valerie said she had been told by her senior to put food
in Gitte's mouth, make sure she chewed and swallowed it, and then leave her
and they would send an auditor over to handle her. Karsten held Gitte's
head, while Valerie pushed food into her.

At that point, the woman who owned the apartment walked in. She panicked.
Karsten asked her to leave the room, then went out to talk to her, asked
her to go and clean the dishes to get her to calm down. Karsten went back
to Gitte. She was coughing, spit running from her mouth, but Valerie kept
pushing food in her. Then they stopped the feeding attempt and left her
alone, like they had been told. Karsten asked the owner of the apartment
why she was there, she was supposed to be on holiday? She wanted to know
what was happening. He said this is what is best now, and an auditor is
coming from AOSH, and the woman calmed down.

The auditor, a woman, arrived. She went in to work with Gitte, then came
out and said "she's fine now, her eyes are open". Karsten went to check her
- her eyes were open, but there was no response, nobody there - it was like
looking into the eyes of a dead person. The auditor told them to keep her
on the diet, and for Karsten to come into the org later, she had to teach
him something. 

Karsten went to the DK org later that night, and learned how to do the body
comm assist. This was to be done if that situation ever happend again. Then
he went home to change his shirt, had an argument with his girlfriend, and
went back to Birkeroed. 

Gitte was sleeping. Valerie said she had to be wakened up to take a walk,
then she should eat bread, fruit, vitamins, Cal-Mag, etc. Karsten
questioned the Cal-Mag (that is supposed to calm a person down, but she
seemed rather to need to be made more awake). Gitte was woken up and
Valerie took her for a walk. Karsten called DK org and asked them for
someone more qualified to come and take care of this situation. They said
there were two public members who were qualified nurses. The nurses did
come, and Karsten went home. 

The next day, Karsten went back to Birkeroed. The org called and said there
was a problem - Gitte's parents now knew that she was back in Denmark and
wanted to see her. Karsten said they could not see her in this condition,
they had to invent something to say to the parents. The org told them that
Gitte was on a top secret program preparing for the Dianetics Day event,
and could not talk to them for a few days. The parents were calmed for a
moment, but they must have sensed that something was wrong, and kept
calling for her. The org called to Birkeroed again, and eventually Gitte's
sister was allowed to call her. Karsten asked Gitte if she wanted to speak
to her sister, but she didn't. Karsten spoke to the sister and said things
would soon be fine again, and after a while Gitte did come to talk to her
sister. They were both crying. Gitte didn't say much to her sister, Karsten
and Valerie were standing beside her. Her sister wanted to see her, but
they said it was impossible. Karsten called the org to ask what to do. He
was told to go home. That was the last time he saw Gitte.

The rest he was told by other people in DK org. The parents eventually
convinced the org to let them go to see Gitte. The two nurses were present
to give a better impression. Gitte was crying. The parents wanted to take
her home, and after some discussion they finally were allowed to take her
for one night. She never came back. Karsten went to the apartment to be
there if she would show up, but she never did.

On the saturday that week, there was the  Dianetics Day event. Before the
event, Niels (the ED) asked Karsten how he was. He said it was hell, with
all the things that had been going on with Gitte, and with his personal
life. So he was told to go get some auditing, and then got a commendation
for his outstanding help on the situation with Gitte.

The following week, Gitte's parents came to get her things from the org
(when she left to go for training at Flag, she had given up her apartment,
and stored some things in the org basement). Karsten helped them to carry
the stuff upstairs, and asked them how Gitte was doing. They just said she
was fine now. He has not heard anything more about her since.

Both Catarina Pamnell and Karsten Lorenzen were subpoenaed in the wrongful death lawsuit filed by the McPherson estate, during their stay in Clearwater for the Lisa McPherson Memorial picket on 5 December 1998. But only Karsten gave testimony, because cult lawyers dragged the depostion on for 7 hours.

The cult reacts

DA stands for Dead Agenting, a cult practice to try to ruin the credibility of opponents

From: "karin" <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1998 21:05:55 +0100

Dear News group.

Here is scinoes DA pack regarding me, to danish media:

” To the Medias.
Re: Karsten Lorenzen

1. Karsten Lorenzen says to the medias, that a person was forcefed, while
unconsious. This can not happen, as a person would be strangled.
Look at the docters statements, that describes this.

2.  Karsten Lorenzen has put forth a danish matter regarding a person he
knew, when he was in scientology. This speciffic person has in a letter  to
Karsten rejected any explosition of what has happened in her life, in his
try to bring the $cientology church in bad credit, to his own gains.
Look at a copy of the letter to Karsten Lorenzen from the danish person marts this year Karsten Lorenzen begged to come back to the $cientology
church. In his letter he amongst other things writes that he after leaving a
church, has lived a life without meaning, and he begs for good weather and
to return to the church. Two weeks after he showed at an exhobition as an
ex-$cino and tolled a negative story about the church. is this an honerable
type of character

4. Whom is it that Karsten Lorenzen has united with in his attacks against
the church of $cientology ? Judge yourself about their credibillity and
Look at the Bob Minton and Jessie Prince informations.”

Wow thx Anette Refstrup. That was enteresting information.
Dr. Micheal Bear,MD,FACEP statement is interesting, but why is the curicilum
vitae missing, and why is the signature not on his statement ?
Second of all you goons has given him the wrong scenario. Now if you did
your homework correctly you would have known that I have described she
looked ill after this. Now is this because youre lying to a doctor (not
suprising) or did you just forget ???

The letter Anette describes was given to me after I came back home, it is
dated the 6 th. Now if she has left the org, how come you guys had it before
I had it ?

Yes it is true that I begged to come back. I had no friends, no family to
help me. But I am not ashamed to admit it. Anette pls. find something
better. second, I think that you guys after showing up handing out this
thing just prooves the point that you are the most intolerant group that
just can not take the truth. And I am impressed that you think that one man
from Denamrk is dangerous. Thx. for your concern.

4. Karsten Lorenzen is a man who is fed up with your ignorance and as more
you come with this the more he WILL try to give information about your
group. And by the way if people just examined your attachments regarding mr.
Prince and mr. Minton they would know that scinoes are lying.

The attachment is a love declaration to Stacy, Jessie being arrested
regarding alcohol. And Bobs arrest. further more information about mr.

$cientology get some earthgripp stop flying about in your hubbardian
spacefiction and look at facts. YOU SUCK. Once again your study tech is not
working PLS. youre definentely giving me a lack of mass I still need the cv
from the supposed to be docter, where is this mans signature ?
At least you spelled my name correctly, was it Vince (the litle green
bugger) that told you ? If you slaunder any more false and incorect
information around me, pls let me give you some juicy stuff, this is boring
to read

with all my respect to my dearest newsgroup.


Karsten Lorenzen


Follow up by Karsten

From: "karin" <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Karsten Lorenzen arrives in copenhagen
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 1998 21:07:49 +0100

Dear News Group.

Today the largest newspaper here in dk. had a homecomming article about me
coming back from clearwater. There was a picture of me and Catarina. Sorry
catarina, but the paper (Berlingske Tidende) says that youre my girlfriend
and not just a friend happened to be a girl. I hope you can live with that,
but today I was interviewed for the second largest newspaper (Jyllands
Posten). The interview was for two hours. And they promissed to look further
into it.
Rumors here says that  $cientology will not be recognized as a religion but
lets see. The hubbardian group has sended the church minestary over one and
a half ton paper. Again I can only say this is rumors. When we arrived to
copenhagen airport one nationalwide tv sation broadcasted live.
I guess the OSA people really hates me.
Thx. All for a wonderfull tripp. I feel so happy and I have begun to sleep
without any medicational help. I feel great knowing that youre out there.


Karsten Lorenzen


Berlingske Tidende, Copenhagen, Denmark

[10 December 1998]

From: (Tilman Hausherr)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Eks-medlem af Scientology vil starte netværk
Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1998 22:02:05 GMT

(no idea what this is about)

Eks-medlem af Scientology vil starte netværk

Fra Berlingske Tidende  (is this the name of the paper?)

Et tidligere medlem af Scientology vil nu starte et netværk i
Danmark for folk, der har haft problemer med at komme ud af
den religiøse bevægelse. Det oplyste den pågældende, Karsten
Lorenzen, tirsdag til TV 2-Nyhederne.

Eks-sccientology medlem Karsten Lorenzen er netop vendt hjem
fra USA, hvor han har vidnet mod sin gamle organisationen i en
sag, hvor en medarbejder fra Scientology står anklaget for at
have holdt en psykisk nedbrudt kvinde isoleret fra omverdenen,
indtil hun døde.

Karsten Lorenzen fortalte i søndags til Berlingske Tidende, at
han selv i sin tid i Scientology har været med til at
tvangsfodre en kvinde i Birkerød, selv om kvinden mistede
bevidstheden. Hun var efter et selvmordsforsøg i USA blevet
eskorteret til Danmark af organisationen.

Den danske afdeling af Scientology tager skarpt afstand fra
Karsten Lorenzens plan om et netværk.

Om nogle måneder skal Folketinget tage stilling til, om
Scientology kan godkendes som trossamfund i Danmark. RB

From: (Jens Tingleff)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Eks-medlem af Scientology vil starte netværk
Date: Fri, 18 Dec 1998 06:58:52 +0100

[Duplicated text deleted. Below follows translation by Jens  - Mike]


Berlingske Tidende, Copenhagen, Denmark, Dec 10 1998

   "Ex-member of Scientology plans to start network"

A former member of Scientology wants to start a network in Demark for
people whjo have had problems with leaving the religious movement. Karsten
Lorenzen, the ex-member in question, informed TV-2[1] news Tuesday.

Ex-member of Scientology Karsten Lorenzen has recently returned from the US
where he has testified against his former organisation ina courtcase where
a staff member of Scientology stands accused of having held a
psychiatrically brkoen woman isolated from the the world until she died.

Karsten Lorenzen tolf the Berlingske Tidende last Sunday that he was
himself taking part in the forced feeding of a woman in Birkerød even when
the woman was unconscious. Following a suicide attempt in the US, she had
been escorted to Denmark by the organisation.

The Danish branch of Scientology strongly distances itself from Karsten
Lorenzen's plans about a network.

In a few months, the Folketing[2] will decide whether Scienotlogy can be
considered a community of faith[3] in Denmark. RB

[1] Second TV channel in Denmark (surprise!)

[2] Parliament

[3] Any proper church which is not the state church. Official approval for
tax reasons, some legal reasons.


Best of luck to Karsten (he's going to need it!)


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From: "Catarina Pamnell" <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Eks-medlem af Scientology vil starte netværk
Date: Fri, 18 Dec 1998 10:51:07 +0100

Tilman Hausherr skrev i meddelandet
>(no idea what this is about)

It's an article from a major newspaper, Berlingske Tidende.

It says that in a tv interview (TV 2-News), a former member of
Scientology (Karsten Lorenzen) said he wants to start a network
for people who have experienced difficulties in leaving the

It briefly mentions McPherson and the Danish iso case.

The Danish division of Scientology sharply renounces his plans
for a network.

In a few months, the Parliament should decide if Scientology
can be accepted as a religion in Denmark.

[note: I have not seen this tv interview, but would prefer to
get confirmation about the network plans directly from
Karsten - the tv journalist interviewing me when we got off the
plane from the CW picket was asking me about my plans for a
network for former members, although I have never stated
anything to the effect that I would be part of such a project.
That idea probably originated elsewhere.]


[Duplicated text deleted. - Mike]

Berlingske Tidende, Copenhagen, Denmark

[Letter to the Editor 15 December 1998]

From: (Jens Tingleff)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Eks-medlem af Scientology vil starte netværk
Date: Sat, 19 Dec 1998 09:22:08 +0100
In article <>,
(Tilman Hausherr) wrote:

> Here a letter to the editor. I assume it is a scientologist who found
> out that mentally ill people do also commit suicide occasionally, and
> blames it on the psychiatrists.

Blames it on.. well, just says that society is unstable, there are lots of
suicides, and if anything is wrong in $cientology it is because the
organisation open to everyone. Takes a stab at psych drugs too, as far as I
can tell, but you'll have to bear with me, 'cause I only understabnd
Danish, not clam-Danish ;-)

Wow, why don't they get someone from OSA to write these letters. This one
does *not* make sense ;-)

> Letters
> Fra Berlingske Tidende
> 15.12.1998
> Samfundet er ustabilt
> Det ville være dejligt, hvis den journalist, der skrev om Scientology i
> søndags sammenholdt sine data med de faktiske tilstande: Omkring 2.000
> unge under 25 forsøger selvmord hvert år. Selvmord er hyppigste
> dødsårsag blandt patienter med skizofrenidiagnose i Danmark. I USA er
> selvmord blandt unge tredoblet siden 1960. Vi må erkende, at vi lever i
> et meget ustabilt samfund, også pga. den megen nervemedicin, hvis
> bivirkninger kan være aggressivitet. I sådanne omgivelser kan det være
> svært for en organisation at være helt stabil og i særdeleshed, når
> Scientologykirken er åben for enhver.
> René Steffensen, Ravnsborggade 6,, 2200 København N

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Denmark: "Freedom" magazine features Karsten Lorenzen

From: "Catarina Pamnell" <>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Denmark: "Freedom" mag features Karsten Lorenzen
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 1999 01:42:46 +0100

In a special issue of "Frihed", the Danish edition of
Scientology's "Freedom" magazine, there is a large article on
critic Karsten Lorenzen.

The editorial, by PR officer Anette Refstrup, states that the
reason for making this special issue is the recent negative
media coverage in Denmark.

To be brief, the article on Karsten says he is spreading
sensational rumours about what he experienced in Scientology,
only because he wants to become famous, and justify his own
prejudice against his former religion. It says he claims to
have participated in force-feeding an unconscious woman, but
that [unnamed] medical experts say this is impossible, and that
others who were present have made written statements, that the
woman never was unconscious. It also says that the woman in
question has written a letter to the church, where she says
that for two years she has not really thought much about this
episode, and that she clearly denounces any kind of court cases
against the Church of Scientology.

The article then goes on to say Karsten is trying to follow in
the footsteps of people like Jesse Prince, described as having
a criminal background, left Scientology under a  condition of
mutual understanding, and only started to complain about
Scientology 5 years later, when he had fallen into a desperate
financial situation, and was offered money by a person who is
financing a group of "mercenaries", who attack the church.

Behind them is Bob Minton, described as a very unstable person,
who was in a psychiatric institution as a child, has received
psychiatric treatment, and is going to court for violent
assault of a scientologist. Minton has been financing a handful
of people who commit crimes, so called "critics".

Keith's and Zenon's cases are mentioned, and Gerry, but without
their names.

Johannes Aagaard from "Monologcentret" [sic] is also mentioned,
as someone who has spent a life in disdain of other people's

I'd say the article is reasonably well written, for coming from
the Freedom mag. Noticable is the lack of "juicy details" on
Karsten's background. Maybe they haven't gotten around to make
some up yet?


--- Varför dog Lisa?
--- Scientologi till vardags

Into Dutch translated Danish article

From: "Icee" <>
Subject: Bewaker in $cientology.
Date: 2000/06/28
Message-ID: <8jd274$kg$>
Newsgroups: nl.scientology


Bewaker van een psychisch gestoorde vrouw.

De Scientology organisatie is niet zo gediend van artsen en daarom
kreeg een jonge vrouw geen professionele hulp na een zelfmoords-
poging en een psychisch 'black-out'.

Al is het 2 jaren geleden, dat de 23 jarige Karsten Lorenzen Scientology
verliet, krijgt hij nog steeds nachtmerries over zijn belevenissen in de
organisatie. Zijn onderbewustzijn kan het feit niet verbergen dat hij
zich onmenselijk gedragen heeft toen hij medeverantwoordelijk was
om een psychisch gestoorde vrouw 4 dagen gevangen te houden in
een woning in Birkerød en naliet om voor haar de benodigde
professionele medische hulp in te roepen. Op de derde dag lag de
vrouw blijkbaar zo goed als bewusteloos heen, zodat haar bewakers
geen enkel contact met haar konden krijgen. Toch was het niet 112,
maar de zogenaamde Scientology-kerk die Karsten belde om te weten
te komen wat hij moest doen. Op die manier reageerde hij correct en in
overeenstemming met de gedragslijnen van de kerk, en hij kreeg dan
ook later een prijzenswaardig omschrijving in zijn ethiek-folder voor zijn
inzet. Maar de ervaring met de zieke vrouw sloeg niettemin een bres in
Karstens loyaliteit ten opzichte van Scientology. In ene voelde hij dat hij
iets helemaal fouts had begaan en kort na de episode trad hij na amper
een jaar uit de organisatie.

Zag eruit als een KZ-gevangenen.

Karsten Lorenzen had een relatief lage anciënniteit in Scientology
te Kopenhagen toen hij in mei 1996 geroepen werd bij zijn meerderen
en gevraagd voor een vertrouwelijke opdracht. Hij moest een franse
vrouw helpen om op een 33 jarige vrouw B.[*]te passen, die teruggekomen
was van een cursus-verblijf bij Scientology in USA. Karsten gehoorzaamde
de opdracht terwijl wat hij echt meer nodig had, was om met zijn vriendin
hun relatie te bespreken. Hij nam zijn vriendin mee naar Birkerød waar ze
samen tegelijk konden praten en op de vrouw passen, maar ook om de
franse vrouw, die meegereist was naar Denemarken meteen te ontlasten.
Karsten kreeg een shock toen de zieke vrouw zich later op de avond in de
deur liet zien omdat ze naar het toilet moest. "Zij was altijd een top-
getrainde sportsvrouw geweest. Nu leek ze eerder op een KZ-gevangene
zoals ze daar stond. Haar ogen waren leeg en zij was heel erg dun. Zij
vroeg eerbiedig of ze naar het toilet mocht en de onderdanige houding
verwonderde mij niets. Ik had immer een status als haar meerdere.

Rijden naar Aarhus.

De dag erna moesten de franse vrouw en Karsten Lorenzen de zieke
vrouw naar een arts brengen. Dat was niet, zoals men verwacht zou
hebben, een arts in de buurt van de hoofdstad, maar in plaats daarvan
een alternatieve 'arts' in Beder ten zuiden van Aarhus, waar de vrouw
een aantal haar- en ontlastings-testen afgenomen werd." Wij konden
niet iedere arts zo maar nemen omdat ze dan in een psychiatrisch
kliniek was beland. De arts in Beder zei dat B.[*] een kleine depressie
had en dat ze wat vitaminen in moest nemen," herinnert Karsten zich
nog. De reis heen en weer ging over Kalundborg met Cat-link en
tijdens de gehele reis waren alle drie zich van een onderling status-
verschil bewust. "Ik voelde me als een vader van een kleine meisje
terwijl het meisje in dit geval in feite heel wat ouder was dan ik. Ik
denk dat ik haar gezichtsuitdrukking nooit meer zal vergeten.
Zelfvernietigend! Het leek alsof ze direct angst had, speciaal voor de
franse vrouw."
Karsten was zich van bewust dat hij een grote verantwoordelijkheid
op zijn schouders had en hij wilde zijn meerderen niet teleurstellen.
Hij wist dat het positief toe zou dragen aan zijn karriëre binnen de

Nachtmerries over de dood.

In de woning in Birkerød was het de volgende dag onmogelijk om B
wakker te maken. Ze belden naar het hoofdkantoor van Scientology
om verdere instructies te krijgen. Het antwoord klonk, dat ze moesten
proberen om wat eten in B te krijgen. De franse vrouw voerde de zo
goed als bewusteloze vrouw met banaan, brood en vitaminen terwijl
Karsten de vrouw omhoog hield en op haar keel klemde zodat ze door
zou slikken. Tijdens dat allemaal kwam de bewoonster, een wat oudere
vrouw, de woning onverwachts binnen. Zij raakte zo diep geshockeerd
over de gehele toestand en de onherkenbare B, dat ze begon te huilen.
Maar Karsten stuurde haar de keuken in om af te wassen. "Dat is een
techniek, waar wij veel gebruik van maken binnen Scientology. Het gaat
erom mensen bezig te houden als afleiding."
B. lag nu met open ogen, maar nog steeds totaal slap in haar lichaam.
Ze kwijlde van het eten, die ze haar gevoerd hadden. Ze kregen haar met
moeite aangekleed, zodat ze aangekleed zou zijn wanneer de therapeut
(auditor) van Scientology zou komen. De aanwezigheid van de therapeut
verzorgde dat Karstens paniek wat over ging. Zij herstelde Karstens geloof
in, dat Scientology alles in de hand had. En hij voelde zich behoorlijk
geeërd toen hij later een cursus in therapie, een soort handoplegging,
aangeboden kreeg om een andere keer zelf problemen op te kunnen
lossen. Op de vierde dag lukte het B´s familie eindelijk om contact met
haar te krijgen. Ze kregen toestemming om haar mee naar huis te nemen
voor een kort bezoek. B keerde nooit terug naar Birkerød. Karsten ontmoete
haar vader toen hij haar spullen op kwam halen die opgeslagen lagen in
een ruimte van de kerk. Daar kreeg hij te horen dat het weer goed ging met
haar. "Ikzelf leed er vreselijk mee. Ik was begonnen nachtmerries te krijgen
over haar doodgaan en dat ook ik werd vastgehouden."

Twee uur om in te pakken.

In eerste instantie stapte Karsten op van Scientology en demonteerde zijn
deurbel thuis zodat hij rust kon krijgen. Later maakte hij een afspraak met
zijn vroegere meerderen, zodat zij tijdens een ontmoeting behoorlijk
afscheid konden nemen. "Toen ik op het afgesproken tijdstip verscheen
hadden ze geen tijd. Ik werd aan het werk gezet om de toiletten schoon te
maken. Daarna waren er anderen dingen, die schoon gemaakt moesten
worden, maar daar had ik geen trek in meer. Ik ging naar huis en mijn
vriendin gaf me twee uur om mijn spullen te pakken," zegt Karsten, wiens
vriendin ook in de beweging was.
Kun je verklaren waarom je lid werd van Scientology. Was er iets in je
situatie, die het speciaal aantrekkelijk voor je maakte?
"Scientology kan iedereen aantrekken. Ook jij! Ik kwam in aanraking met
Scientology via een een neef, die een cursus, 'Succes door communicatie',
gedaan had en die zakelijk zowel als persoonlijk baat erbij had.
Ik verkeerde ook binnen de verkoopsbranche en keek op naar mijn neef,
dus dat lag voor de hand," verklaart Karsten. " Ik stopte in mijn 10de klas
en de schoolbanken lagen me niet zo. Ik wil gewoon werken en dat kon in
Scientology. Als heel jong was ik ook nogal een doerak geweest, maar door
de persoonlijkheids-test van Scientology kwam ik in het reine met een deel
ervan en kreeg een paar goede adviezen hoe ik wat dingen beter kon
aanpakken. Het gaf me best veel en al met al werd ik 'hooked'," zegt

[*B. staat voor Gitte Mogensen]

Ook te lezen in mijn posting: 'Gitte Mogensen', die nog leeft vandaag
dankzij haar familie.

Icee Devil.

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