A Death in Las Vegas - 1995

From: smokesig@ix.netcom.com (Neal Hamel) Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology Subject: A Death in Las Vegas - 1995 Date: Fri, 27 Mar 1998 05:29:09 GMT I received the following note in the mail to which were attached to twol documents: "According to friends of the Thorburns, the were Scientologists! Charlene, now in a chiropractic business, was a nurse. "She was _very much_ involved in Scientology. The husband also was, but I don't know how deeply. I wonder who the 2 other individuals were? "There was a memorial service held for Robert at C of S. [ unsigned ] Here are the documents; Document 1 appears to be a field report CLARK COUNTY CORONER MEDICAL EXAMINER 1704 PINTO LANE LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 89106 NAME THORBURN. ROBERT AGE 45 DATE 09/27/95 CASE # 95-03615 On 09-27-95 at approximately 0445 hours, I responded to a call from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) Homicide Unit of an apparent homicide. I responded to the parking lot of "Las Vegas Auto parts" at 720 N. Main Street in Las Vegas, Nevada 89109. Upon arrival at approximately 0455 hours, I spoke with LVMPD Homicide Detective R. Chandler who related the following information. At approximately 0259 hours, LVMPD received a call of an apparent shooting taking place in the area of 720 N. Main Street. The first patrol officer on the scene was LVMPD Officer Rosgen, P#4512. LVMPD Homicide Detectives Chandler, P#7l2 and Ramos, P#799: Homicide Sgt. Keaton, P#505; Homicide Lt. Jolley, P#475 and ID Technicians D. Ford, P#4244: R. McLaughlin, P#4170 and L. Morton, P#4935 responded. Reference LVMPD Event #950927-0176. Detective Chandler related that the decedent had been in a physical confrontation with two other individuals. This confrontation took place near a vehicle which was currently stationary on north Main Street, just south of the cross street of Sycamore Lane. The confrontation moved from that location to the north side of Sycamore Lane into the "Las Vegas Auto Parts" parking lot. The parking lot is located south of the business building. At some point in time, the decedent went to the vehicle, described as a 1992 BMW 320i, 4 door, black in color with California license plate 3CGR8l3 and obtained a .45 caliber automatic handgun. The confrontation continued in the parking lot and one of the other individuals involved obtained, location unknown, a .25 caliber automatic handgun. According to bystanders, shots were fired and both of the other individuals were injured. One of these individuals fired one round at the decedent. A security officer from the Horseshoe Hotel was one of the bystanders, he advised all individuals to remain in the location until LVMPD arrived. Upon the arrival of LVMPD, they found the decedent and the two individuals to be lying on the asphalt ground of the parking lot. The two individuals were located to the west and northwest of the decedent's feet. They were transported by Mercy Medical Services to University Medical Center (UMC) for medical attention. I viewed a Caucasian male lying face down on the ground of the parking lot. His head was to the east and his feet to the west. He was clothed in a blue t-shirt, black jeans, brown belt, tan underwear, black socks and black sandals. There was a knife folded up in his back right pants pocket along with a set of keys. The t-shirt was pulled up exposing his back. On his face, head, right arm and the right side of his abdomen, I observed a red substance which had the same consistency of blood. A clean white sheet was placed to the north of his body and he was rolled over onto it. I observed his left eye to be swollen and discolored. There was a wound located above the left eye, appearing as a cut. The back of his head felt soft. I observed anterior lividity to his upper body and the front of his forearms which was consistent with his position. Theme was trauma to his face. I pronounced death at 0505 hours. The LVMPD ID Technicians had collected several items in the area including the two handguns. The .45 automatic was described as a Colt MK IV Series 80 with serial #FG5l207. The thumb safety was on and there was one live round located in the chamber. The magazine was not in place. The .25 was described as a Beretta Model 95085 with serial #8R23754V. There was no round in the chamber and two live rounds in the magazine which was loose. ID Technician Ford stated that the Clark County Coroner - Medical Examiner's Office (CCCME) would be contacted when a registration was obtained on the handguns. Located near the decedent was an ID badge in the name of Robert Thorburn from the ''Soldiers of Fortune Convention'' I was advised by Lt. Jolley that the vehicle would be towed to the LVMPD Crime Lab by Ewing Brothers Towing. At approximately 0515 hours, I contacted Desert Mortuary per rotation. Upon their arrival at approximately 053û hours, the decedent was placed in a new body bag add sealed with Coroner Seal #870829. We left the scene at approximately 0550 hours. I followed the mortuary van back to CCCME arriving at approximately 0600 hours. At approximately 0705 hours, I was contacted by Detective Chandler who related the following information. A wallet was located inside the vehicle. There was a California driver's license #0512746, in the name of Robert Thorburn, 1747 Kilbrourn Street, Los Angeles, California 90065. The license described the individual as a caucasian male, DOB 08-05-47, blonde hair, blue eyes, 6: and 180 lbs. Property Receipt #46769 indicated that all property was left on the decedent. EXAMINING PHYSICIAN [ signed Karen P. Jensen - Coroner Investigator ] Document Number 2 looks like the official file report. It is formatted with information which just doesn't translate well, so I have omitted some irrelevent parts of the document. Case No. 95-03615 REPORT OF INVESTIGATION OFFICE OF THE CORONER MEDICAL EXAMINER, CLARK COUNTY, NEVADA 1704 Pinto Lane, Las Vegas, Nevada 89106 DECEDENT: THORBURN, ROBERT AKA status M DOB 08/05/1947 Residence Address 1747 KILBOURN ST., LOS ANGELES, CA 90065 Tel No. 213-222-0558 Desc: sex M Race c Age 48 ss # 560-72-1413 Height 75.00 Weight 210.00 Hair BROWN Eyes BLUE Scars/Tattoos & other identifying features NONE Rigor Mortis: DEPENDENT PARTS Liver Mortis: BLANCHING, ANTERIOR Decomposed? No Clothing BLUE T-SHIRT; TAN UNDERWEAR; BROWN BELT; BLACK JEANS,SOCKS AND SANDALS Drugs & Medications Unkown Occupation PLUMBER employed by SELF EMPLOYED Agency Reporting LVMPD Date & Time Reported 09/27/95 04:45 location of body 720 N. MAIN, LAS VEGAS, NEVADA 89101 Type of Death: V At Work: N [ SOME DETAILS ON THE REPORT OMITTED ] DEATH NOTIFICATION N.O.K. CHARLENE THORBURN Address 1747 KILBOURNE ST., LA, CA 90065 other #1 Address other #2 Address Means PERSONAL CONTACT VIA TELEPHONE Notification Made by ED BROWN, CCCME Event # 950927-0176 To CCCME Relationship WIFE Tel No. 213-222-055 Relationship Tel lo. Relationship Tel No. Date 09/27/95 Time 16:00 The only point of posting this is to in some small part counterract the claims that scientologists have some special understanding of how to live their lives. Just one case proves nothing, of course. But one more case amongst others, is part of the antidote to the lies that scientologists tell to themselves and to others about the workability of scientology. -Neal H

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