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Raul Lopez

Scientology Swindles Raul Lopez

«What kind of people take advantage of victims suffering from diminished mental capacity to the point where they swindle their victims out of every last dime they have?»

Los Angeles New Times: Mentally impaired Raul Lopez was $1.7 million richer as the result of an accident settlement - until he joined the Church of Scientology

«The ostrich eggs should have been a tip-off. But Raul Lopez wasn't worried, even though he had paid $30,000 for two of them. The eggs were going to make him rich. After all, his lawyer, Brent Jones, whom he trusted more than his own mother, had convinced him. Jones came highly regarded as a member of the Church of Scientology, the Los Angeles- based church in which Lopez had invested his hope of getting cured of irreversible brain trauma resulting from an auto accident. Never mind that medical experts had concluded that little could be done about his nervous tremor and inability to reason and interact with others the way he did before a big-rig crossed the center line of a Ventura County highway and slammed head-on into his pickup truck in 1985.»

Italian version

St Petersburg Times: Critics public and private keep pressure on Scientology

«Before ending his association with Scientologists, Lopez had spent all of the money he received from his $1.4-million accident judgment in addition to mortgaging two of his homes and running up the maximum debts on his credit cards.»

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