I, Martin Ottmann, am a witness in the case before the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the County Los Angeles, known as "Uwe Geertz and Steven Fishman vs. Church of Scientology International et. al.", Case No. BC 122 467.

I am a German citizen, 30 years of age and I am living in the town of Stuttgart of the German state Baden-Württemberg. From 1990 until 1992 I was a staff member of the Scientology organization "Flag Service Organization, Inc." in Clearwater, Florida.

Mr. Fishman and Mr. Geertz asked me to give an account about my experiences with Scientology and the Sea Org for their case, which I want to do hereby.


List Of Contents:

A) Brief Description Of My Scientology Career

B) The Managing Of The Flag Service Org In Theory And Practice

C) How Scientology Ethics Was Applied

D) Nervous Breakdowns, Collapses, Etc.

E) The Politics Of Control Within The Sea Org

F) The Term "End Of Cycle"

G) The Campaign Against Time Magazine

H) "Fair Game" Or The Designated "Handling" Of "Squirrels"

I) The Fear Of A Raid

J) The Scientology Theory Of A World Conspiracy

K) My Personal Opinion About Scientology

L) List Of Attached Documents

A) Brief Description Of My Scientology Career

The Start

In 1989 I was living in Stuttgart, Germany. I had a job as a Chemical-technical Assistant and worked in a little laboratory. My hobby was playing saxophone, which I practiced a lot.

One day my Saxophon-teacher Albert Lee lent me the Dianetics-book, which I read within a few days. In the back of the book some "Dianetics Centers" located in Germany were listed. I chosed one in Munich and wrote them a letter, saying I was interested in getting "Auditing", the Scientology-Therapy. Few days later I got a call from a man of this organization, who convinced me to come to Munich for auditing as soon as possible. Two weeks later I drove to Munich to get 10 hours "Book-1-Auditing", which cost me 200,-DM (=120 $). After the Book-1-Auditing I was convinced by two registrars of the Scientology-organization (Scientology Kirche Bayern e.V.), which was located directly next to the Dianetics-Center, to buy 37.5 hours "Life Repair-Auditing", worth of 5,000 $. I didn't have that much money on my bankaccount, so they persuaded me to take a loan from a bank. The next day I dorve back to Stuttgart to get a bank-credit of 6,000 $, which I completely used for the Life Repair and the "Purification Rundown", another Scientology-process consisting of taking vitamins, jogging and doing sauna.

At the end of the Life Repair I became accustomed to the idea of "past lives", as I was reading the Scientology-book "Have You Lived Before This Life" at that time, so one day, while I was getting auditing and "going back in time", I thought I was looking at an atomic blitz. The auditor asked me in a repetitve way what it was, I was looking at. Then I told him that I had the idea, that the light I saw was the explosion of the atom bomb over Nagasaki in Japan and that I had been a survivor of that incident "in my last lifetime". The auditor told me that "my needle was floating" (of the E-meter), which was a kind of acknowlegdement, that my "cognition" was relevant. That was the end of my "Life Repair". I got later a certificate about the successful completion of that "rundown".

Being A Scientology Public

Until December 1989 I received the further auditing steps: Interiorisation-Rundown, Objectives Rundown, Scientology-Drug-Rundown and the Clear Certainty Rundown (CCRD). After I had finished the CCRD I was told that I was not clear. Until that time I had spent approximately 20,000 $ for Scientology auditing and books. After the Munich org had recognized that I couldn't make up more money to buy my next auditing steps, they lost their interest in my person. At that time I believed that I had lived thousands of "lifetimes" before and that I actually came from outerspace to earth, 3,876 years ago. In March 1990 I got contacted by a staff member of the Stuttgart org, Alfred Löw, who wanted me to get back "on lines". He persuaded me to do the "Mini-money-Course" (MMC) in order to solve my financial problems. Besides the MMC I bought the "Basic Study Manual" and the "Student Hat". Instead of solving it my financial situation started to get really bad. In May 1990 I took another credit from another bank and spent about money for the "L-Rundowns" (another auditing step) at the "Flag Service Organization" (FSO) and for membership-donations to the "International Association of Scientologists" (IAS). Until July 1990 I had spent approximately 50,000 $ for Scientology and had 40,000 $ worth of debts. At that time a recruitment-mission from the Flag Service Organization came to Stuttgart, who were supposed to hire Scientologists for the "Sea Org", the elite organization of Scientology. Susanne Reich, "Dissemination Establishment Officer" of the FSO, and Daniela Petretto, "Flag Personnel Procurement Officer" of the "Continental Liason Office Europe", pushed me to overcome "all barriers" in order to get to the FSO by the End of August. That meant that I had to quit my job, to give my landlord a notice and last but not least "handle" my financial obligations. Susanne had the clever idea to get my parents pay my debts. She trained me to make my mother pay me the money. After several tries, the coaching of Susanne was finally successful. My mother paid off all my bank-credits and even a bounced cheque for the FSO, worth of 7,000 $. On 30 August I left Germany for the Sea Org in Clearwater, Florida.

In The Sea Org

In Clearwater I started in the "Estates Project Force" (EPF), a Sea Org-unit, where I had to work 8 hours a day and study courses for 5 hours a day, which were a prerequisite for starting in the Sea Org. The courses were "Introduction To Scientology Ethics", "Welcome To The Sea Org", "Basic Sea Org Member Hat" and the "Personal Grooming Course". I was taught in the courses, that my primary duty as a Sea Org member would be to follow "Command Intention", the disciplines and orders of the "Commodore", Lafayette Ronald Hubbard. These were laid out in "Flag Orders", the general instructions for Sea Org personnel. I learned that the purpose of the Sea Org is to get ethics in on this planet.

I graduated in September 1990 from the EPF, after I was security-checked and got a pass from the "Fitness Board" of the "Qualifications-Division" of the "Flag Land Base" (FLB), a kind of control unit over the different Scientology-organizations in Clearwater.

First I was put on the post as a "Communicator" of the "Flag Service Consultant International" (FSC Int.) Bo Wennberg. The FSC was a network, which consisted of different Flag Service Consultants, who were located in every major Scientology-organization around the world. Its purpose was to make a lot of money by "regging publics" (=getting Scientologists pay for courses or auditing) of other orgs. My duty was to supervise the income statistics of the "FSC Int. Office" and to do whatever Bo Wennberg wanted me to do for him. After two weeks I had a breakdown, as I was totally confused and couldn't understand what was going on in that office. Around nine people were working there, mainly calling other FSCs in the world and making them produce more money and controlling their "reg-cycles". Senior executives of the FSO were regularly visiting the office and putting pressure on Bo Wennberg and his juniors. I neither didn't understand what they were doing exactly nor what I was supposed to do, and how.

As I didn't want to work there anymore, I was assigned to "MEST-Work" (any kind of "inferior" like painting, cleaning, etc.). After few days working in the Westcoast Building the "Dissemination Secretary FSO" Mike Carlson took me to his office in the Coachman Building and told me that I was originally recruited for "Division 2" and therefore belonged to the division, where he was head of. The Dissemination Division, or Div. 2, consisted of four different departments, which had the overall "Valuable Final Product" (VFP) of making a lot of money (Gross Income = GI) by regging publics. I was put into the "Department of Procurement", the Department 5.

The department 5 had four sections:

  1. the "Addresso-Section" was a set up of a handful computers which stored all the addresses of the publics and "prospects" of the FSO together with additional informations, f. e. their standing with Scientology. There were five to six people updating the data bank, which had approximately 200,000 names in it.
  2. The "Central Files-Section" consisted of 125,000 folders of FSO-publics and prospects, who had bought courses or auditing or who had had at least filled out a questionnaire one time in the past. The personnel of that section had to administrate the filing of the folders, which were used in other departments of the FSO too.
  3. The "Letter Reg.-Section" had to use the CF-folders and write to the persons, to get them interested in FSO-services, so they would make an advanced payment to the FSO. I had to write to the Scientologists in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. When I started in department 5 there were four of five other letter reges.
  4. The "Advanced Scheduling Registrar-Section" (ASR-Section) had to follow up the "hot prospects", which were turned over by the Letter Registrars to the ASR. The ASR had to make these people pay in full for the services, they were interested in.

The product of department 5, its statistic, was "Procurement GI". From October 1990 I wrote letters, day by day, around 300/400 a week. Additional to that I had to study several courses on my "Product 1". Within the Sea Org-hierarchy I was an "Expediter", someone, who still has to get familiar with the Sea Org by studying Scientology-courses, 5 hours a day, and fulfilling his duty on the assigned post. It took me until December 1990 to finish Product 1 and to start on "Product 2".

The courses I had to study on Product 1 were the "Key To Competence", the "Hubbard Qualified Scientologist", the "339R-Checksheet-How To Expand Your Org", "Staff Status 0, 1, and 2" (they consisted of various Policy Letters for Scientology-organizations), the "How To Make Work Easier"-course and the "Letter Registrar Mini Hat", which listed the general guidelines for my post as letter Registrar. From the time I finished Product 1 my studytime was limited to 2 1/2 hours per day.

On my post I had to work from 8 o'clock in the morning until 11 o'clock in the evening. Every second saturday I could get "libs" (liberty time), which meant, that I could do whatever I wanted in the afternoon of that day, if my statistics (stats) from the previous week were up-trending and if my senior had approved my written application for libs.

On Fridays and Saturdays the staff of the FSO got their pay from the "Department of Disbursement", Department 7. At the time I was in the FSO the staff of the FSO got 30 $ per week.

I had to wear a white uniform during Spring and Summer, and a blue and black one during Fall and Winter. I ate together with the other FLB staff in the Elks-Building near the Fort Harrison. My living room, which I shared usually with three or four other staff was in an appartment building at Hacienda Gardens, on Saturn Street in Clearwater.

I stayed on the post of a letter reg until September 1991. At that time a "Recruitment Mission" from the "Flag Bureaux" (FB), the lower level of the Scientology-management in Los Angeles came to the FSO. The "Mission In-Charge" (I/C) was Brian McCarthy who was holding the post of a "Deputy/Director of Procurement International Flag Bureaux" at FB. His mission was to recruit at least five more letter reges for Department 5. Hubbard had written once, that the outflow of letters would automatically regulate the income of the organization. Therefore the FSO had to produce more letters in order to get more income. That was the purpose of the Scientology-management behind that "Man Up-Mission". Shortly after I had been promoted at "Sea Org Day" in August to "Petty Officer 3rd rank" (PO3), an internal Sea Org-"rank", Brian made me the "Letter Registrar I/C", which meant that I had a higher "post". From now on I was the head of all the letter reges.

The Promotion

In November 1991 Brian busted the Director of Procurement, Flor Hellberg, from her post, after she fell to comply with one single order he gave her. In the "Captain's Office" of the Coachman Building he told me that he would like to promote me to the post of the Director of Procurement and asked me if I would take it. I said I would and from then on I was an executive of the FSO.

I represented now the department, I had to control its production and I also had to demand higher statistics from every staff of the department in every week. I also was part of GI- and executive-meetings.

I got five different seniors: The Dissemination Secretary, Rosalynne Harris (later Matt Pesch), the "Deputy/Flag Case and Course Intensive Product Officer for Gross Income" Kim Hickock, the "Deputy Flag Representative" Phillippe Renevez, the "Flag Promo-Tours Operations Officer" (FPTOO) and the "Deputy/Director of Procurement International FB". All of them could individually give me instructions and orders, verbally or in written form.

Until Spring of '92 I finished further courses, the "Letter Registrar Full Hat" of my prior post, the "Organizational Executive Course Volume 0" and "Volume 2", which covered all the policies regarding the Division 2.

Soon I had to work more than the usual 14 or 16 hours a day on my new post. As I lost personnel in the CF-Section (One staff didn't return to Clearwater after handling his visa-situation in Argentina, another one had to leave the Sea Org, as his wife got pregnant) I had to administrate the Central Files alone. I filed "invoices" and papers from the "CF-backlog" during the night, often leaving me without getting any sleep for 48 hours. There were periods, when I worked for consecutive two months without having one "libs-day". I was getting more and more numb, simultaneously I got more and more doubts about the Scientology-management. We, the staff of the FSO, worked the whole day and the whole week for 30 $ or less, and we got treated for that like we were criminals: We were shouted at by the "senior executives" of the FSO at staff musters. When the GI of the FSO dropped, our food was sometimes limited to rice and beans. Staff, who didn't produce enough, were sent to the "Rehabilitation Project Force" (RPF), the Sea Org penal colony, or assigned to MEST-Work. I couldn't understand, why we were treated like that, so I got suspicious. I began to read the "Suppressive Person-Declare"-folders, which were stored in the "Book Warehouse", where I had to collect old CF-folders from time to time. The reading of the SP-Declare folders was forbidden, but I did it anyway.

In spite of all the circumstances the GI of my department was uptrending, we even made two "Highest Evers" in May of '92 with around 105,000 $ in one week.

I even got auditing, almost two years after I started in the Sea Org. During one repair session of the "Int. rundown" I came to the conclusion that I had blasted a planet several million years ago. In July 1992 I left the FSO secretly to get a new visa, as my old one had run out in September 1991. I organized the money from Germany and took a flight from Saint Petersburg to Frankfurt, Germany, while my senior, the Dissem Sec. Matt Pesch, thought I would follow the steps of the "Leaving Staff Routing form" and wouldn't leave without notifying him.

The Mousiol Company

In Germany I stayed with my parents and planned to leave for Clearwater three weeks later, after I had gotten a new visa. The American embassies in Germany denied a new visa. So I stayed in Germany and started to work in a printing-company of a Scientologist, I had known from Clearwater. The company belonged to Peter Mousiol, who had paid around 1,500,000 $ into Scientology and who had to leave the Sea Org in Clearwater due to his debts. I planned to stay six months and then apply again for a visa.

The situation in the company was very severe. The company itself had 2,500,000 $ debts, per an estimation of Peter. Several Scientologists, Karlheinz Schneider, Roland Wolz, Kay Barre and Peter had taken money for Scientology from the company funds. They had upgraded their statuses in the "International Association of Scientologists" (IAS). Peter Mousiol and Karlheinz Schneider received in 1991 the status of a "Patron Meritorius" for paying individually 250,000 $ into the "war chest" of the IAS. Roland Wolz paid 40,000 $ to become a "Patron". All three of them paid their IAS-donations from money of the company.

In Summer of 1992 Karlheinz Schneider, Peter Mousiol and Roland Wolz received an ethics handling by the Scientology-organization in Hamburg. They were threatened to get "SP declared" if the company should get bancrupt. Kay Barre, the "Field Staff member" of the IAS who regged them and took a 10 % commission of their donations, was omitted by the threat and not placed under an "ethics handling". Peter wrote a long report about the situation and sent it "up lines", to the Scientology management. I wrote several reports to the Scientology-management about that fact too and demanded a repayment of the donations into the company, but received no proper answer. In October I accompanied Roland and Peter on a trip to Hamburg, where they received an ethics handling by the "Executive Establishment Officer" of the Hamburg Org and a financial counselling by another staff, Christian Zugmayer, another "Patron".

Back in Frankfurt I spoke with a staff of the Mousiol company, Nora Medernach, another Scientologist, and asked her about the happenings in the company when Karlheinz Schneider had owned it and Peter was in the Sea Org. She told me that Karlheinz had manipulated the balances, which had to be submitted to the tax office, and that he was helped on this by a tax consultant, who also was a Scientologist.

One evening I listened in on the calls, which were stored on Peter's answering machine. Franz Riedl, today the spokesman of the "Church of Scientology Germany", ordered Peter to a further "ethics handling" in Hamburg. During those days in November and December of 1992 Peter spoke about selling the company to a group, which would fire all the staff and just keep the printing machines.

One evening Roland Wolz, who had left the company, called Peter and told him about a proposal which was made by Hamburg Org. They recommended the bankcruptcy the company, but "in a silent way". He also said that Achim Bendig, the registrar of the IAS, had been "RPF'ed" (sent to the penal colony of the Sea Org) in Saint Hill in England. Achim had regged Peter, Karlheinz and Roland with the assistance of Kay, but was also responsible for the "reg cycle" of Detlev Foullois and Karl-Erich Heilig. Both had paid individually 1,000,000 $ to the IAS and were awarded with the "Gold Meritorious"-status. In 1992 Karl-Erich and Detlev were sent to jail, because they had violated the tax laws: it was a major public flap, as Scientology had to pay back the donations, they had already received.

In those days in December of 1992 I secretly made a notice at the bureau of investigation of tax offences and at the German CID. Soon after I left the company and Frankfurt in December 1992. An unknown source told me last year that the company went actually bancrupt few months after I had left it and that Karlheinz Schneider was sent to jail in 1994.

The FSO nevertheless tried to get in contact with me several times until March 1993, but I stayed disappeared, as I didn't want to return anymore.

In December of 1993 I made a notice for visa fraud committed by the Flag Service Organization at the American Consulate General in Frankfurt, but I never heard anything back on it.

B) The Managing of the Flag Service Org In Theory And Practice

The Organizational Structure Of The Flag Land Base In Clearwater

The Flag Land Base was composed of nine different Scientology-organizations:
  1. The "Commodore's Messengers Organization Clearwater" (CMO CW). The CMO CW had the function of an enforcement and execution arm of the WDC and the RTC. In the hierarchy of all the organizations it was the highest on the "base".
  2. The "Flag Land Base"-Org (FLB) was an organization to administrate and refer the orders from the middle and low management-levels in Los Angeles to the "Flag Service Org" and "Flag Crew" (FC). The "Commanding Officer" (CO) FLB Allen Hubbert, later Janet Herring, was senior to the COs of the FSO and FC.
  3. The "Flag Service Org" is often referred to as the "spiritual headquarters of Scientology". It is the biggest service-organization of Scientology. Of the 1,000 staff at the base approximately 550 were members of the FSO. The average "Gross Income" (GI) between 1990 and 1992 was about 1,500,000 $ per week. 30 -50 % of that money was sent to WDC Reserves. The head of the FSO was Debbie Cook, CO FSO.
  4. The "Flag Crew" was the organization, which managed the hotels and the other Sea Org-buildings.
  5. The "Office of Special Affairs East US" (OSA EUS) was supposed to do all legal work and all the operations against "Scientology-enemies" on the East Coast of the United States. The "Public Relations Secretary" Richard Haworth was the official spokesman for the FLB.
  6. The "International Association Of Scientologists Administrations Membership Tour East US" (IASA EUS) was the organization, which collected membership-funds on the East Coast area of the United States for the "war chest" of the IAS. The IAS provided the money for the fight against the enemies of Scientology.
  7. The "Scientology Missions Expansion Office" (SMI Expansion Office) was an arm of "SMI International" in Los Angeles and was supposed to establish Scientology-missions (beginner organizations) in "pioneer countries".
  8. The "Flag Ship Service Org Relay Office" (FSSO Relay Office) was part of the FSSO, which is located on the ship "Freewinds". This organization was to get publics signed up for services aboard the "Freewinds".
  9. The "Super Power Project", earlier "Religious Trust", was designed in 1990 to create funds of 35,000,000 $ (Quota of 1991) for a new gigantic "delivery-building" in front of the Fort Harrison.
  10. The "Flag Renovations Project" (Flag Renos) was the organization, which did the planning, building and renovating of the Scientology-buildings. It was composed of Sea Org-members, Scientology-publics and non-Scientologists.

Who Was Supposed To Manage The FSO?

The official guidelines to the "authority flows of Scientology", the "Command Channels of Scientology", state the following:
The Flag Bureaux is that part of the Flag Command Bureaux which manages individual orgs via "Flag Operations Liason Offices" (FOLOs), themselves a part of the "Continental Liason Offices". The Flag Bureaux has the function of seeing that International management's strategies, evaluations and programs are tactically and successfully executed in each org, enabling the org to expand up to and beyond the size of old Saint Hill (a certain productionlevel).(page 18, "Command Channels of Scientology", 1988, USA)
The Central Bureaux Order 5 USB, 6 September 1982, "FB-FSO COMMAND CHANNEL" written by L. Ron Hubbard says:
There is no FOLO between the FB and FSO and no need for one.
According to that the FSO gets managed by the FB in Los Angeles through the execution of programs, which are based on evaluations and strategies created by the "International Management". Who creates the programs and strategies? The Command Channels of Scientology, p. 13, say:
The Executive Director International and his International Executives do not manage orgs or sectors. They handle the functions that orgs DO. Their job is to provide management units and service orgs and units with the bright ideas, strategies, evaluations and programs they need to get every org up to and beyond the size of the old Saint Hill.

The Role Of RTC, WDC And The CMO

The Religious Technology Center is not part of International Management. It is a parallel policing body which ensures that the Church of Scientology International, whom it has licensed to use the trademarks and service marks, does put the trademarks to good use and is Keeping Scientology Working.
  The Command Channels Of Scientology, p.6.

The Watchdog Committee (WDC) is the highest ecclestical authority in the Church. WDC does not manage. It is an inspection and police organization which inspects the actual management units of the Church and sees that they are established and functioning. It is responsible for forming up management units where they do not exist or re-forming them where they may be ineffective...If these management units fail to function at any point, WDC has its parallel observation and enforcement arm - the Commodore's Messenger Org - which it activates to investigate and handle the situation and get management corrected and functioning.
  The Command Channels Of Scientology, p. 9-10.

The CMO is the enforcement and execution arm of the Watchdog Committee. When WDC issues an order to a managment unit, while it would expect that unit to comply, the CMO would verify the FACT of compliance...The CMO units form a parallel network, autonomous to the mangement lines, which reports to the Watchdog Committee and enforces its orders, thus achieving its purpose of putting management units there and seeing that they manage.
  The Command Channels Of Scientology, p. 10.

I studied the "Command Channels"-course in 1990 and I read also the stated paragraphes. I learned that the FSO was managed by the Flag Bureaux (through the "Flag Representative" and other relay-posts at the FLB of the "tactical management" of Scientology). The CMO, WDC and RTC would not interfere or manage the FSO. How did the reality look like?

How I Experienced David Miscavige's Role In Scientology

During my time as a Sea Org member it happened two times that I personally met David Miscavige in his function as Chairman of the Board RTC (COB):

1.) In Fall of 1990 all the registrars of the FSO were ordered to the registrar office of Division 2 in the Fort Harrison. We were told that we would receive a briefing by COB.

We gathered together in David Foster's office and waited. Finally David Miscavige came and talked to us for about 10 or 15 minutes. The topic were the services of the FSO and the new pricelist, which we were awaiting and which had been announced by the senior executives of the FSO. In a subordinate clause Miscavige remarked, that he had fixed the prices for the FSO-services in the previous week.

I found that confusing, as I had learned from different issues of the Scientology management that the "Gross Income Executive International" (GIEI) Kathy Klemmer was responsible for fixing the prices of the FSO. I came to the conclusion that Kathy was therefore nothing but a recipient of an order by Miscavige in her function as manager for the FSO-prices.

2.) During Spring of 1992 I was told by my senior, the Dissemination Secretary Rosalynne Harris, that I had to expect an inspection by David Miscavige. Nothing happened though for several weeks.

In May or June the rumors of an inspection of the FSO by the COB took shape. My seniors told me several times that the day of the inspection would came nearer, but nobody knew the exact date.

Finally the "Watchdog Committee FSO" Sue Porter made a pre-inspection and took also a look at my department, the department 5. Then, I think it was June, the day of the inspection was officially announced. Everybody in the FSO was ordered to clean the different rooms and getting the FSO in perfect shape, in order to show COB what an "upstat" org the FSO was. My seniors were so frantic in hiding every possible flaw, so David Miscavige couldn't see it, I had the impression that they would have to face severe punishment, if Miscavige would find too many "out-points" in one particular area.

On the day of the inspection I was filing some folders at about 9 pm, when David Miscavige suddenly came into my department via the backdoor. He was wearing civil clothes and was followed by his wife, by CMO-staff, by Debbie Cook and by other people, who I supposed, were from Scientology management. He greeted me and I wished him a good morning and he went directly into the letter registrar section. He demanded a letter written by an American letter registrar in order to check it. He got furious after he learned that we had just two English speaking letter reges. Finally he got a letter from Judy Gilbertson. He looked through it and criticized that the content of the letter would turn it actually into a HCO-letter and therefore disqualified it as a Div. 2-letter.

After that Miscavige wanted to see a folder from the CF. He asked for the file of a guy whose last name was "Rounds" (I forgot the first name). I looked through the CF and told Miscavige that there were several folders and asked him if he wanted to have the "pt-folder" (present time-folder). He said no and that I should give him an earlier one. While I was looking through the folders Miscavige noted my short-sightedness and asked me if I had trouble with my vision. I answered him that I was short-sighted. When he got the requested folder, Miscavige took a seat at a desk of the Addresso-Section, opened the folder and read the letter on top. After few seconds he turned to Debbie Cook, who stood by in an afraid manner, and told her how "off-policy" and disgusting that letter was, but that it had been written "before her time". He told that the letter registrar of that particular letter had written to a tennis-club to get in contact with Rounds. He asked Debbie what Rounds would do now and if he was still "off-lines" (not doing Scientology-services). Debbie answered that she didn't know. Miscavige closed the folder, stood up and went to the exit. The inspection of my department obviously came to a fast end. Then suddenly he turned around and told me: "And you, you gonna get glasses!" I replied with "Yes, Sir!".

He turned and walked to the exit-door, when he saw the backlog of the CF-papers in the boxes which were stored on tables at the other side of the department. He asked Debbie, if there would be any unanswered letters from the public in that boxes. Debbie answered with "Definitely not!", whereupon Miscavige left the department. His wife made a picture of the backlog and then everybody of the inspection group went out.

Miscavige made a whole tour through the FSO and its several divisions. He also visited the technical divisions, where the auditing and the Scientology-courses were delivered. The day he returned to Los Angeles, the technical divisions 4, 4a and 4b received several telexed orders, "cramming-orders", by the RTC. It led to an immense crash of the weekly statistics in the technical area. There was no doubt that David Miscavige was the source of these orders, which bypassed the whole "official" management of Scientology.

A few days later I checked the folder of "Rounds", Miscavige had requested. I found out that Rounds himself had actually written that letter from the tennis-club to the FSO. I wondered how Miscavige, the highest Scientologist on earth, could confuse sender and addressee of a simple letter.

I also received the following informations by Sea Org members who had to deal directly with David Miscavige:

1.) During an executive meeting in the conference room of the Coachman Building in Spring of 1992 the Commanding Officer of the FSO Debbie Cook told us: "Every time COB comes for a visit to the FSO, the first thing he asks me, is: "How much is your GI?"".

Debbie Cook used that little story to let us know, how much pressure she received from her seniors and even from David Miscavige himself to make the FSO produce at least 2,000,000 $ every week.

2.) In Spring 1992 all the registrars of the FSO received a briefing by delegates of the "Central Marketing Unit" (CMU) of the Scientology management in the Coachman Building. A woman told us that a big graph with the weekly GI-figure of the FSO had been made up at the CMU. The graph showed also each piece of promo that had been sent out by the FSO every week. One could therefore compare the effectiveness of the different promotional campaigns in relation to the Gross Income that followed weeks later.

She meant further that this poster stayed in COB's office for a whole week. With that remark she wanted to stress, how much devotion Miscavige applied in an evaluation of the promotional campaigns of the FSO.

Miscavige and the Scientology-organization in Hamburg, Germany

In 1991 Miscavige made an inspection of the Class-V-organization in Hamburg, which was the biggest non-Sea Org service organization in Scientology at that time. He was accompanied by several senior executives of the Scientology-management. After the inspection he gave the "Executive Director", Wiebke Hansen, of that organization a so-called "RTC pass", which meant that her organization would fully apply "standard tech" and "standard admin". This was published in an interne Scientology magazine with a picture of David Miscavige, his juniors and Wiebke Hansen at the front of the entrance of the "org".

At the beginning of the year 1995 Wiebke Hansen disappeared. She was replaced by Mark Lizer, a Sea Org staff, who had had the post of "D/FCCI PO for Call In" at the FSO. In a TV-interview Ursula Caberta, a known Scientology critic, told that Wiebke Hansen had falsified her "Gross Income"-statistic by adding the income of real estate-dealers to it and was therefore removed from post. Franz Riedl, the spokesman of the "Church of Scientology Germany" denied the allegation of Caberta in that interview.

During the year Wiebke Hansen sent a letter to the "Spiegel" magazine from Los Angeles saying that she had moved for "spiritual enhancement to sunny California". Wiebke was "New OT 8" in 1995.

Few weeks ago I met an Ex-Sea Org member from Flag Crew, Anita Deininger, who worked in the room service of the Fort Harrison and the Sandcastle for seven months in the last year. She told me, that in Spring of 1995 Miscavige made an inspection of the Flag Land Base and its orgs. Few days before the May 9th event she saw David Miscavige together with Norman Starkey, "Executive Director Author's Services International", discussing with a German staff, the "Senior Case Supervisor", from Hamburg Org. Few days after a staff from HCO FSO told her that the man from Hamburg, a "Class VIII Auditor" and a high OT, was at Flag for correction because he had made serious mistakes on his post. He further said that David Miscavige had given him the "choice" of joining the Sea Org by being RPF'ed or getting SP declared. The man choosed the RPF.

Mark Rathburn's Investigation At The FSO

In 1992 a scandal happened on the "Base". An already declared SP (Suppressive Person = a person, expelled from Scientology) came to the FSO and got "on the tech-lines", that meant he started services in the FSO. It came finally out, that he was "a declared one" and he was thrown out.

Few days after the scandal, Mark Rathburn, "Inspector General Ethics" of the "Religious Technology Center" came to the FSO to do an investigation. He resided in the office of the "HCO Area Secretary" (HAS) Beverly Mannasse and used minor-aged "messengers" as executors of his orders. The investigation took him one day. The day after 5 people lost their posts: The Senior C/S' MAA Emil Roest, the Public MAA Wanda Quinones, the Captain's MAA and the Director of Personnel.

Mark Yagers Interest In The ASR-Booklet

In 1992 a new booklet was created by the Scientology-management. It was designed to be sent to interested public in order to get them paid for FSO-services and arrived at Clearwater. This "Advanced Scheduling Registration"-package was sent out to many publics. Two or three months after its official start of usage Marc Yager, at that time "Inspector General Admin" of RTC, demanded a report about the success of that booklet. My senior, the Dissem. Sec. FSO Rosalynne Harris ordered me to compile all the responses of the public to that booklet. She gave the compilation to CO FSO Debbie Cook, which reported directly to IG Admin.

Other Inspections

Mark Yager and Ray Mithoff, at that time IG Admin RTC and IG Tech RTC, were at Clearwater from 1990 until 1992 at least two times, to inspect certain areas of the FSO.

The Role Of WDC FSO Sue Porter and the CMO CW

From what I experienced at the FSO I can say that Sue Porter had ultimate power over the FSO and its personnel. Sue Porter interfered constantly with the dealings of the FSO. She directed and supervised this organization through the CMO on a daily basis.

Here are some examples:

1.) Sue Porter ordered that the whole FSO Crew was placed under the "Rice and beans"-Flag Order of Hubbard. The staff of the FSO had to eat for a certain amount of time nothing else than rice and beans. Liberty time on Saturdays got cancelled and the crew didn't receive any pay. Sue Porter gave later the order to lift it. That happened three times from 1990 until 1992.

2.) Sue Porter personally selected the personnel for the "Sandcastle"-hotel in Spring of 1992. During the selection she ordered Stefanie Kuba to the RPF.

3.) Sue Porter gave me the order to report her every attempt of a "personnel-rip off" in my department by other orgs or departments.

4.) Sue Porter ordered the Dissemination Secretary and the Flag Representative to post Melanie Burness in department 5 of the FSO.

5.) I was part of a "Board Of Investigation", where three staff of the FSO, including me, had to investigate a personnel-transfer from two Australian FSO-staff, who had left the FSO. We had to report directly to Sue Porter.

The CMO CW was inspecting the FSO on a daily basis. My department was subject of at least 5 utilization-investigations by the CMO. When the CMO did their "utilization-surveys", I knew that they were looking for personnel, whom they would shift from one area to another. When I asked them, on what orders they were acting, they answered me most of the time: "On orders by WDC FSO."

The FSO Under Hubbard

When I started on my post as "Director of Procurement" I got from HCO a "Hat Pack", in which all the instructions and policies were contained, which were necessary to know. The first pages of the "Hat Pack" contained so-called "LRH Advices", telexes Hubbard had sent to the FSO from 1976 until 1982. I was surprised, when I read them, as I had been told that Hubbard resigned from managing the FSO in 1975 when the "United States Base" (USB) in Clearwater was founded, which was later renamed into "Flag Land Base".

The LRH Advices were direct orders to the "Commanding Officer" of the FSO or to other senior executives of the base. Hubbard clearly violated his own policies and Flag Orders by doing that.

A Personal Resume

The official representation of the Scientology-management structure and the distribution of powers within the hierarchy is a lie. The "tactical mangement level" of Scientology, the Flag Bureaux, which was supposed to manage the FSO with the programs, created by the "Senior Exec Strata" got constantly bypassed by WDC, and especially by WDC FSO, which officially had the purpose "to create and correct management units". In fact, WDC and RTC could order anyone directly at the FSO, and they did. In a personnel dispute, when one of my staff was ripped off by the CMO due to an order by "Audio Visual Executive International" (AVEI) I used an order by a "Reports Officer" of RTC directly to get the guy back in my department.

I made the experience that the structure of the management of Scientology didn't play a role, if someone from the top of the management wanted to get an order across. RTC and WDC crossed the corporate lines at will and had the power to do so.

The crossing of corporate lines was not even an invention of the "new" management. When Hubbard was alive he did it too.

I experienced Miscavige as the man who was at the highest command point of Scientology and who determined the course of management. There was no question for me that Miscavige had the final say in Scientology.

C) How Scientology Ethics Was Applied

The Pretension Of The Sea Organization

The Scientology-organization claims to be a religion with a high ethical awareness. Hubbard wrote many policy-letters about the subject ethics and within Scientology exists even an own judicial system. The Sea Organization, the fraternal organization on top of Scientology, is composed of the most dedicated Scientologists and should be therefore a treasure of applied humanity and kindness. Here are some quotes from different Flag-Orders (FOs) written by Hubbard, which reflect the claim of the Sea Org best to be a community with the highest ethical standard on earth:
  1. The Sea Organization is composed of the „aristocrazy“ of Scientology. These people alone and on their own are all stars in the sky of their areas. It is like one of the old regiments of gentlemen where any private would be, in another but common regiment, a colonel.
      FO 137, 12 September 1967.
  2. Our purpose is maintaining the exact degree of ethics, Scientology technology and policy on the planet. Our responsibility - the future of mankind. Our business - missions. The Sea Org is an organization of expansion. And our prize is a sane planet.
      FO 1686, 24 December 1968.
  3. That organization which functions at a high level of confront and standard. Its purpose is to get ethics in on the planet and eventually the universe.
      FO 508, 16 March 1968.
  4. The basic purpose of the Sea Org is to get in ethics. It also executes other projects, but all these are to assist getting in ethics or to assist the Sea Org itself.
      FO 228, 9 October 1967.
These Flag Orders were part of the "Basic Sea Org Member Hat" and the "Key To Competence"-course. A fresh Sea Org member was expected to consider them as basic Sea Org guidelines.

If it is true that the real character of an organization is revealed by the treatment of its own members, then Scientology and especially the Sea Org must be classified as highly schizophrenic, if the above instructions mean anything to the Sea Org and Scientology of today.

Here are some examples how I experienced Scientology ethics in application:


On my post as letter registrar I found in several folders of the Central Files the same obituary notice, which had been published to the FSO-staff in 1987 and whose backpage was used as a carbon copy for the letters of the registrar, due to scarcity of paper. The text of the notice read about as follows:

Senior HCO FLB

Name of the FSO-staff

Key To Life-Supervisor FSO

(name) left his body on ... ... in 1987. He suffered for several years from a brain tumor, which affected (name)'s body in a substantial way. Eventually (name) got tired of having the brain tumor, so he decided to leave the body to get a new, healthy one. He got assists, which enabled him to exteriorize and to leave his body completely. (name) was FSO-Staff from 1979 (?) until 1987. He has helped to establish the Key To Life-Course in 1986.
(name) is soon to be expected on post again.

Name of the Senior HAS FLB. I guess it was Vivienne Baxter, but I am not sure.

The Rehabilitation Project Force

The Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) is the penal colony of the Sea Org. Its members have to wear black uniforms, get a reduced pay and it is forbidden to them to address other Sea Org-members. In Clearwater they lived in their own quarters, the worst of the whole base. Most of the time they worked and lived totally secluded from the other Sea Org members, except sometimes you could see one ot two at work on the base.

RPFers have to do hard physical labor the whole day. Any order a RPFer has received by his senior he has to fulfill. In case he would "backflash", the Flag Order 87 "Rocks and Shoals", 2 September 1967, would be applied by his senior: The RPFer has to run around the next building, until he had "boiled off".

In Clearwater the RPFers were supposed to move in jogtrot, the whole day.

Additionally RPFers had to "twin up" and use five hours per day for working on their cases by auditing themselves.

The theory says that "redemption" is the basic purpose of the existence of the RPF (FO 3434, 7 January 1974). People were assigned to the RPF because they had failed on their posts. This failure was caused solely by the "case" of the person.

RPF-assignments were regularly published to all FSO-staff. They were printed on yellow paper like any other publications by the HCO FSO or the Senior HCO FLB.

Per my observation an assignment to the RPF lasted at least several months, that meant that the person assigned to it, had to live for a long time under the above desribed conditions.

Sea Org staff from the "Freewinds", who got RPF'ed, were sent to Clearwater, as the ship, where the highest OT-level, "New OT 8", was delivered, wasn't supposed to be filled with "out-ethics particles" (Scientology-jargon).

How did people get a RPF-assignment? Here are some examples:

  1. Stefanie Kuba, a German registrar, who worked in the bookstore to sell special editions of Hubbard’s books, was found "unutilized" by the CMO CW one day. While an inspection WDC FSO Sue Porter ordered her to Flag Crew to work in the kitchen of the Sandcastle hotel. Stefanie refused whereupon Sue Porter RPFed her. That happened in Spring of 1992.

  2. Jean Nichols was the Director of Income FSO in 1991. She had to book all the money, that the FSO had made and was supposed to make additional "GI" by "phone regging publics". She made an average-GI of 90,000 $ each week, which was not enough for her seniors. At a GI-meeting Kim Hickock, "Deputy Flag Case Course Intensive Product Officer for Gross Income" (D/FCCI PO for GI), screamed at her, she should knock off her counter-intentions, when Jeannie had replied, that a quota of 100,000 $ per week would be unreal for her to achieve. Jeannie finally gave in, after she was threatened with an "ethics handling".

    Several weeks later it came out that Jeannie had falsified her statistics to achieve the 100,000 $ quota. Jeannie blew from the base, but returned later, as her children and husband were still in Clearwater. When she came back to Clearwater, she was immediately transferred to the RPF.

  3. In 1992 a Class-IX-Auditor was found to have an affair with a "squirrel" (an ex-Scientologist, who would do practices similar to Scientology) on her "libs-days". She was sent immediately to the RPF. Debbie Cook, the CO FSO, was furious about that scandal at a staff meeting and screamed that the Auditor would receive a very harsh ethics treatment.

  4. Wanda Quinones, "Public Master At Arms" (Public MAA=Ethics Officer in the Sea Org), was removed from her post after an investigation by Mark Rathburn. In her "Committee of Evidence" (a Scientology court) she mentioned that she would prefer to be sent to the RPF, due to her performance on post and the lack of training she had.

    Debbie Cook told the FSO-staff at a meeting, that they should tell the publics, who would ask for Wanda, that she was doing fulltime-training and was therefore off-post. That happened in 1992.

  5. Mike Kehrli, was the Commanding Officer of the Renovations Project FLB in 1991. His main duty was to build the new "Sandcastle Delivery Building" for "New OT VI and VII", which was to be opened on the May 9th event. The building should be financed solely by funds of the FSO, which wasn't flowing in an amount big enough to get the project done on time. Mike Kehrli was forced to make debts of 2,000,000 $.

    At the event in May the building was finished as planned, but few days after Mike Kehrli was sent to the RPF in Los Angeles. The CMO had looked into the financial situation of "Renos" and found Mike Kehrli guilty.

  6. The "Senior Case Supervisor Crew FLB" (Senior C/S Crew FLB) Dusty Rhodes was sent to the RPF in 1990, after it was found out, that he made a lot of technical errors in his auditing-programs. He stayed for almost a year in the RPF, before he returned on the post of a Class-IX-Auditor of the FSO.

  7. Emma Schammehorn happened to be the "Medical Liason Officer" (MLO) of the FLB until 1992. During an investigation of the whole base the CMO CW found Emma and the head of the "Cadet school" (the Sea Org school in Clearwater) guilty of "not doing their posts". They were sent to the RPF immediately. After few days, the RPF-Assignment got cancelled by a higher CMO-staff.

  8. A Class-XII-Auditor made several mistakes in his auditing in January (?) 1992. As he was classified once by Hubbard himself as "Dangerous Auditor" he was sent directly to the RPF. When I left the FSO in July 1992, he was still in it.

  9. In 1991 the sprinkler-system in one room of the Coachman Building went off. The man from Flag Crew, whose task had been to supervise the system was sent to the RPF.

  10. In 1988 or 1989 the "Qualifications Secretary FSO" (Qual Sec FSO) was sent to the RPF after a Committee of Evidence, mainly because of the following reasons: a) neglectence of her post, b) she had failed to study the different guidelines of her post ("Full hat") although she had been on that post for a while. In 1991 she "graduated" from the RPF and returned to the FSO as Ls-Auditor.

  11. IFrank McCall was a Sea Org member since its beginnings in 1967. During the eighties he established a "Sea Org museum", which was located in the Bank of Clearwater in 1990, before it got transferred to the "book warehouse". Evelyn Wartha told me, that Frank McCall was sent to the RPF, because he had had arguments with the CMO over certain points. Since that time the CMO would try to sabotage his museum. He had to get a written order by Diana Hubbard, which placed the Sea Org museum directly under the "Int. management", to prevent, that his project would get constantly ripped off of personnel by the CMO CW.

    When Frank McCall was RPF’ed, he was nearly 60 years old.

  12. The SMI-Expansionoffice FLB had the purpose to open pioneer-countries for Scientology by establishing missions in those areas. These were financed through the selling of "Mission Starter Packages" (a set of Scientology-books, -films and -tapes. As the sales were bad in 1991 and the "CO SMI Expansionoffice" dared to falsify her statistics, she was sent to the RPF in the "Pac"-area (Los Angeles).

  13. In 1991 a lot of propaganda was made for the new delivery building, which was planned to be built in front of the Fort Harrison-hotel. 35,000,000 $ should be sponsored by the public into the "Religious Trust Project" to finance the construction. Several experienced Sea Org member formed the project. They travelled through the United States and "regged" the most wealthy Scientologists.

    In Fall 1991 the whole project was cancelled. The I/Cs of the enterprise were RPF'ed and sent to Los Angeles. Eva Zacharias, who was part of it, told me that the regges created a lot of "bounced cheques" and falsified their statistics.

    In 1992 a new project with new personnel was created. Its name changed now to "Super Power Project".

Expulsion From The Sea Org

I witnessed it almost every few weeks that a staff member of the FSO or from another org on the base left the Sea Org because either he was thrown out or he "blew", as he or she couldn't stand the living conditions in the Sea Org anymore. The change of personnel was very high. In 1994 I got a copy of the FSO-magazine "Source". On one page was a photo, on which all the FSO-staff were shown. Just 50 % of the persons, who were pictured, I had seen before.

Here are some examples of persons who were thrown out of the Sea Org:

  1. Libero Pietracupa was the CF-Officer in department 5 until 1992. He was married to an Italian FLB-staff, who worked in the Cadet Org. She became pregnant in 1991. Libero and his wife didn't tell that fact to the HCO, because they feared that they would be sent immediately to a Class-V-Org somewhere in the world. In late 1991 it came out and the HCO forced Libero to think about a solution. He was told, that he and his wife had created a serious problem for the FSO. Libero got more and more desperated about the situation.

    At the beginning of the year '92 his wife gave birth to the baby. Soon after Libero, his wife and his child were thrown out of the Sea Org. Although Libero had worked several years day and night in the CF, the FSO didn't bother to help him in some way. Eventually he found a job in a store in Clearwater.

  2. A Class-IX-Auditor, who "graduated" from the RPF, was thrown out of the Sea Org in 1991, because "he had made jokes about the NOTs-material while being in session with a Pre-OT". This was heard through the "listening-in-system" by one "Case Supervisor" (C/S). A lot of auditing rooms in the FSO were bugged to allow the CSes to monitor the auditing sessions.

  3. Crystal C., the daughter of Linda M., was a teenager in 1992. She got "beached" (thrown out of the Sea Org without a Committee of Evidence), because it was found out, that she had done petting with a staff from the CMO.

  4. Lisa B. joined the Sea Org in 1990 and got promoted for the post as "D/FCCI PO for Call In". Few weeks after her appointment she disappeared. Several months later Lisa B. was officially thrown out of the Sea Org. In an "Ethics Order", which was published to all the staff of the FSO (!), it was written, that Lisa had blown from her post and gone "Out 2 D" (she had sex) with several men. She confessed that in an ethics interrogation, when she came back to the FSO.

  5. Victor D'Andrea, a former professor of a university in Venezuela, joined the Sea Org together with his wife in 1990. He worked in the "Department of Promotion and Marketing" (Dept. 4a) of the FSO. When his wife got pregnant, they were thrown out.

  6. Ed Smith was a Scientologist for 20 years. He joined the Sea Org in 1991 and got transferred in my department as an exchange for the "Letter Registrar I/C" Aaron Tweddell, who got promoted to the CMO. Ed was 60 years old and couldn't keep up with the daily demands for a high production. So he got fired from the HCO FSO.

  7. Ken Kramer, an American, joined the Sea Org in 1990. He had been recruited by Dee Ann Prince, later Dee Ann Roest, the "Sea Org Recruiter" of the FSO. He told me, while being on the EPF, that he had taken Angeldust several years ago and that he was worried, if he actually was able to join the Sea Org. He had admitted his drug use right from the beginning to his recruiter and he had written it on his application form for the Sea Org. Dee Ann Prince told him, that he still would be able to join the Sea Org.

    Ken spent two months on the EPF, working eight hours a day. In late September he got thrown out by the "Fitness Board FLB" because of his use of Angeldust.

  8. Arlene Rich and her sister were living in Clearwater and had been publics of the FSO for several years. Arlene was new "New OT V", her sister even "New OT VIII". In 1990 they joined the Sea Org. Arlene found her way in the Sea Org and even climbed on the post of "Technical Secretary for Division 4 a" for a while. Her sister however experienced several difficulties. I saw her one time having a nervous breakdown before a staff meeting. She finally was "routed off" the Sea Org in 1991.

  9. Lorenzo Delzanno, a Swiss FSO-staff, was married to the sister of Desiree Matlock. She worked until 1991 as receptionist of Flag Crew in the Fort Harrison. During that year she got severe physical problems, mainly at the region of her heart, which made it necessary for her to take certain medications and to spend more time off post. Lorenzo had to finance the medications, as Flag Crew didn't pay it. In 1992 she had to leave the Sea Org, as she couldn't work anymore.

  10. Zamira Gebhardt-Seele was a Clear and 60 years old, when she joined the Sea Org in 1990. She hardly was able to make it through the EPF, but finally she graduated and started in department 5 as "Addresso Clerk". When her best friend was transferred to Hamburg Org as "Flag Service Consultant", she had a breakdown, as she felt now very isolated within the Sea Org.

    She got very ill and couldn't work anymore. She was laying the whole day in bed at her room at the Hacienda, as she couldn't move without help. She got visited twice a day by the MLO Emma Schammehorn, who brought her food and the medication she needed and which Zamira had to buy from her own money.

    In Spring of 1992 her son, Stephan Gebhard-Seele, who had taken approximately 800,000 $ from her in order to finance his OT-levels, complained in a letter to the CO FSO Debbie Cook, that the Sea Org would not care about his mother.

    The letter created some disturbance. Soon after a flight to Germany was booked and Zamira was flown to Germany in company with Eileen Haworth, a FSO-staff and wife of Richard Haworth, the "PR-Secretary" of OSA EUS.

    The flight-tickets were both paid by Zamira.

  11. A Mexican woman who had joined the Sea Org in 1990 went pregnant in 1991. Few weeks after it had been known to the HCO, she was thrown out of the Sea Org.

I want to emphasize here that all these people had given up their prior existence completely, when they joined the Sea Org. They had given up their jobs, their houses, etc. A lot of staff, like me, came from foreign countries. As long as they were able to function and produce for a minimal wage, they were welcome in the Sea Org. When they "became a problem", they got fired almost immediately.

Scientology Jurisdiction

L. Ron Hubbard developed its own method of jurisdiction during the sixties. Like the auditing technology he accomplished a detailed work of various ethics-actions, penalties and even Scientology-courts. The ethics actions alone, which are to be applied "in degree of severity", contain 36 steps (HCO Policy Letter of 29 April 1965, Issue III, "Ethics Review").

The idea behind this internal jurisdiction procedures reads it, as if Hubbard had actually looked for a human way to settle disputes:

The jurisprudence employed must be competent, acceptable to the members of the group and effective in accomplishing good order for the group and personal rights and security for its individual members. Justice used for revenge, securing advantages for a clique increases disorder.

Justice should serve as a means of establishing guilt or innocence and awarding damages to the injured. The fact of its use should not pre-establish guilt or award. Justice which by its employment alone establishes an atmosphere of guilt or greed is harmful and creates disorder.


I have been working for some time on a system of justice acceptable to Scientologists and have evolved one in Committees of Evidence. These work excellently by actual test and satisfy the requirements of justice...

  (HCO Policy Letter of 7 September 1963, "Committees of Evidence - Scientology Jurisprudence, Administration of").

As a staffmember of the FSO I participated in two Committees of Evidence (Comm Evs). I also have further knowledge about other Comm Evs, as the appointments and "findings" of most of them got published and distributed to all the staff of the FSO.

  1. Kaspar Hunziker - His post was "Overseas I/C" of the FSC Int. Office. He had to control the production of several FSC-offices in Europe and Australia. As the production of these offices lacked for several weeks (they made not enough GI), Kaspar received a Comm Ev in Fall of 1990.

    I got appointed as a member to that Comm Ev. The Comm Ev itself was composed of four persons: The Chairman Karen Paradiso, the secretary (a staff from the "Staff Training Org" FLB), me and another member. The Comm Ev. convened and exchanged the ethics- and personnelfiles of Kaspar. Every participant had to read them first, before we could interrogate him. We further discussed the charges against Kaspar, which were listed on the appointment-sheet for this Comm Ev by HCO. The charges were relatively common, but also very vague in such a case: "Committing a problem", "Neglectence of post", "Violation of KSW No. 5: Applying the technology", etc.. Karen, the Chairman, was very determining at our first meeting. I had the impression, that the verdict for Kaspar was already clear: Guilty. I was told that he was already removed from the post, so there was no choice that we could find him not guilty.

    I got his ethics- and personnelfile, which I had to read until the next meeting. When I opened the ethics-file at home I got quite a shock. It contained several pages in which Kaspar had described sexual experiences in detail, which were looked at as "Out 2-D" (Overts on the second dynamic). He must have written them up, while being in an assigned "lower condition". The purpose of such self-incriminations was to get rid of the negative consequences these overts had in the long run ("overt-motivator sequence"). Nevertheless once these self-accusations were written up, they stayed in the ethics-folder forever and here I had a result of it in my own hands: Kaspar's "write-up" was about two years old.

    But that wasn't the only thing in his ethics-file. There were several ethics-chits or "Knowledge Reports", written mainly by his senior Bo Wennberg, the FSC Int., in which he listed several "out-points" of Kaspar's performance on post.

    From his personnel-file I could see Kaspar's career in the Sea Org. He had held several posts in the Sea Org and even in the Scientology-management before. He was Commanding Officer of the "International Training Org" and later even "Establishment Officer RTC". But he stayed on these posts regularly just for a year or for a few months. There was quite an inconsistence there. I found it strange at that time, that the ethics-record of his time in Los Angeles, wasn't in the folder.

    When Kaspar came for the first hearing, he made it very easy for us. He pleaded guilty on all points. Nevertheless Karen obviously wanted a higher punishment than just a removal from post which already had been happened. She told that she wanted him to do MEST-Work (inferior labour) so he would change his attitude, which she didn't like. At the next meeting, which was held at 11 pm on another day, Karen attacked Kaspar for his bad performance on post and demanded a more far-reaching self-accusation from him in front of the Comm Ev. But Kaspar began to defend himself the first time. As we saw that the discussion would complicate the whole procedure and we wanted to go to bed, we sent Kaspar out of the room and discussed it. The secretary objected that Kaspar had already pleaded guilty on all points and that the interrogation should be terminated. We agreed finally and made a commendation for the "Convening Authority", the "Continental Justice Chief East US" (CJC EUS). We found Kaspar guilty and commended a removal from his post. We submitted it the next day, but we never heard anything back on it.

  2. Linda M. - Brian McCarthy came in Summer of 1991 to the FSO. He was the head of a mission from Los Angeles, which had the purpose of "manning up" department 5, in which I was working. He had to recruit at least five letter registrars, which wasn't that easy. He had to recruit people, who were willing and able to join the Sea Org. They had to leave their job, sell their appartment or house and sign up for a billion years contract.

    In his search for prospects he found Linda's file in the HCO. Linda had been SP-declared (SP=Suppressive Person) and expelled from Scientology. He looked into the procedures that had led to the declare and found several outpoints, so he spoke with CJC EUS Elyssa Alexander, a fifteen- or sixteen year old girl at that time, and let her convene a Committee of Evidence. The members of the Comm Ev were all staff of department 5.

    We looked into her folders and found that she had went two times on staff at the FSO and every time she had gotten into trouble with men. She had engaged in relationships while being in the Sea Org and had ended up being thrown out of the Sea Org. On her first post as recruiter she had signed up "degenerated beings" (dbs) which also led to her dismissal. It didn't look very good for her. I interviewed some security personnel about Linda and they confirmed our first impression. They said that Linda had created a mess within the FSO and within the Clearwater Scientology-community when she had been a public, after being in the Sea Org. One security-guy told me that he had met her daughter in the middle of the night and that she had looked like a prostitute, although she had been just nine years old at that time.

    At our first interrogation I decided to confront Linda with all these facts the hard way. Linda cried and told us that she would know, that she had been "out-ethics" and that she had changed now. Nevertheless we found her still "suppressive" and submitted it as a commendation to CJC. It got refused. We changed the text, but we still got it back. I spoke with Fransyl Buchanan, the "Director of Inspections and Reports FSO" (Dir. I'n'R FSO) of the HCO about it, because we didn't know what we had done wrong. Fransyl had a much simplier approach for that whole matter: "Just declare this bitch!" But that didn't help us at all. Finally after the fourth or fifth meeting about the findings, we finally recognized that we had to find Linda innocent, because Brian McCarthy needed her as a recruit for department 5.

    At that time things went easy without us. Brian discovered that the "International Justice Chief" (IJC) never signed the SP-Declare of Linda. So it was unvalid. Brian dissolved our Comm. Ev. and lifted the "Non-Enturbulation Order", which was the ethics action prior to the SP-Declare by getting Linda's acceptance of the "General Amnesty" of 1991. Linda became a FSO-staff member.

    She stayed in the Sea Org until the beginning of 1992. As she was still working in a flower shop and living in her appartment, when she joined the Sea Org, she got quite a pressure from HCO to join the Sea Org completely. In January 1992 she finally moved into the Sea Org-dorms at the Hacienda. She also found a replacement for her job at the flower shop.

    In the meantime I had some problems with her, as she didn't keep her schedules and was still fighting a strange battle with one of the security men, Hughes. When I asked her about it, she told me, that Hughes had killed her father in an earlier life. I reported this to my senior, Rosalynne Harris and she told me, that I should write it up and send it to HCO. The D/FCCI PO for GI Kim Hickock told me later, that HCO had found out, that Linda had received a Lithium-preparation years ago and this would be the proof that she was "nuts", as Lithium would destroy the brain.

    Linda got finally off-loaded. At the end I met Arthur Baxter, the Chief of the Security. He told me, that Linda's SP-Declare was signed by "Deputy International Justice Chief" and was therefore valid from the beginning.

Comm Evs, Courts Of Ethics And Other Punishments

  1. At one evening in Fall of 1990 I left my department at the Coachman Building after a working day, when two persons were entering the building. One was a FSO-staff from a technical division, the other was John Travolta. Travolta staggered and looked as he had been beaten up. The tech-guy tried to soothe him: "It's going to be all right, o.k.?"

    Two days later we received a condition-order about Richard Reiss, "Senior Case Supervisor FSO". He was assigned "Treason" and got removed from post, because he had messed up a celebrity. He had neglected his actual post, because "he was too busy auditing". He allowed the celebrity to end the auditing-session, which was a basic Auditing-failure. Reiss was sentenced to MEST-Work and a re-train of the "Class-VIII-Course", "star-rate". Richard Reiss left for Los Angeles, after he had done some hard work on the estates, which had the purpose "of getting him back into present time" (pt).

    Few months later he climbed back on the post as Senior C/S FSO and stayed there until John Eastment, "Senior C/S International", busted him from post again, while doing a thorough inspection of the FSO in Spring of 1992. He found the course-rooms in the FSO empty, and after he fired the "Director of Correction" from her post, he removed Richard Reiss and promoted his wife Carla Reiss for the highest tech-post in the FSO.

    Today the post of Senior C/S FSO is again held by Richard Reiss.

  2. The "LRH Communicator FSO" Andrea Lettieri was dissatisfied with his post in 1992. He got comm. eved and ordered to Flag Crew, where he worked as a waiter at the Sandcastle Restaurant.

  3. Desiree Matlock, a fifteen year old girl was put on the post as "Tours-Adminstrator" of Dept. 17 b. She had to administrate the expenses of the FSO-Tours, an enterprise, that promoted the FSO through events around the world. The costs for the Tours-department were about 100,000 $ a week and Desiree was supposed to "handle" the spending of the money. She failed, was removed and placed in a lower condition. She had to do amends and was put on the post of a receptionist in the Public-MAA-area. Again her seniors weren't satisfied with her performance, she got removed and placed in a lower condition again.

    Finally she ended up as a letter registrar in department 5. When I left in July 1992, she was again in lower conditions, which had been assigned and followed up by the HCO.

  4. At the end of 1991 Christian Winter, the "Bookstore-officer FSO", had one time a bad week regarding his book-sales. On Friday night after his working day he was thrown into the pool of the Hacienda in full uniform by his senior, the "Director of Publications", because of his low statistics.

  5. Christina Martinez was the Tech Sec. 4 b. She was responsible for the delivery of "New OT VI and VII" at the Sandcastle. During 1991 only few OT VIIs graduated, so she falsified the statistics, not to get into more trouble. It came out, Christina got comm eved and demoted. Debbie Cook told the executives in a meeting, that she was happy to have Christina off her post, as she had found her always strange.

  6. In early 1992, when the GI of the FSO repeatedly under the 1,500,000 $-mark, Kim Hickock, the D/FCCI PO for GI was fired from her post. Together with Rosalynne Harris, the Dissem. Sec FSO, Paul Hickock, the Director of Registration and Ginger Aguilar, the 16 year old Director of Publications, she was assigned a lower condition, had to do amends and landed at the end on a lower post in the hierarchy of the FSO.

    Kim's new post was "Deputy FSC Int. West US". She had to run the different FSCs in California and make them produce a lot of money. After few weeks she was assigned to the "EPF Part 2". In the Condition Order that followed it was stated that Kim had told "entheta" about the FSO (she was critical about the FSO) to her juniors in L.A. over the phone, which caused a collapse of the FSC WUS-GI-statistic. She got assigned Treason and had to do the EPF again.

    After she had graduated from the EPF Part 2 she got posted in the technical area as "Director of Processing".

  7. In 1992 the GI of the FSO reached in one week only 1,100,000 $. When it looked in the next week, that the FSO "wouldn't pull it off", all the staff were placed under the "Rice and beans"-order. We didn't get any pay for three weeks and could only eat rice and beans twice a day.

    In the last week I was so hungry I couldn't think about anything else but food. I was tired the whole day and wasn't able to think straight. I still had to work sometimes through the whole night to keep my Central Files in shape, but I used this opportunity to go to the kitchen in the Elks-Building and get a piece of bread.

    The "Rice and beans"-Order got finally lifted, as WDC FSO Sue Porter obviously recognized, that the GI wouldn't rise with a starving FSO-Crew.

  8. A teenager, who was staff of the FSO, made a harmless joke about David Miscavige in 1992. My senior, Dissem. Sec. Matt Pesch, wanted to assign him the condition "Treason" for that. I interfered and could prevent that the boy was punished.

    I told him later that he shouldn't make any jokes about the "Chairman of the Board".

  9. My roommate Timmo Graeber, had the post of "Flag Banking Officer FSO". This was a very difficult post as he had to deal with millions of dollars. His senior, the "Finance Director FLB" Sonny Klinsiek didn't support, supervised or briefed him properly , but screamed and terrorized the hell out of him. Timmo failed on that post, got removed and received a Comm Ev. In the Comm Ev under the supervision of Chairman "Flag Representative FSO" Angela Quirino Timmo defended himself by arguing, that his senior hadn't told him properly what to do. In the recommendation Angie Quirino stated that Timmo had blamed his senior for his own failure on post.

    Timmo was ordered to do "MEST-Work" and was put on a post of the room service of Flag Crew after he made his "conditions".

  10. I witnessed it two times that couples were placed under a "Separation order", which didn't allowed it to them to see or speak each other. Both times the reason for the separation order was the fact, that one of the two wanted to leave the Sea Org. In the order it was always stated, that the separation should help both parts not to get enturbulated by each other.

  11. During the year 1992 I was part of several executive meetings, which were being held at the fifth floor of the Coachman Building. As the GI in those days was not high enough, the CO FSO screamed at us. She roared that we wouldn't deserve it to be in the Sea Org, that we should make "our fucking quotas", etc. She wasn't very shy in using profanities. She also used to pick one of us to make him utterly wrong in front of the whole group. Her favorite was Bo Wennberg, the FSC Int..

    Peter Mousiol, who had to represent several times the "CO SMI Expansion Office" at the Flag Coordination Council at the Westcoast Building, told me that Janet Herring, the CO FLB and Debbie's direct senior would scream at her during these meetings. When I was accidentally one time at the WB Building and this meeting took place, I listened at the door. Actually I could hear Janet screaming at Debbie.

    When senior execs from L.A. came to the FSO, they treated Debbie sometimes like a little child. While the inspection of David Miscavige I could see that Debbie, who was standing right next to him, was full of fear.

    Screaming at juniors was common at the FSO. I got screamed by Debbie Cook, Rosalynne Harris, Matt Pesh, GIEI Kathy Lemmer, a senior executive from CMU, a senior executive from Flag Bureaux, etc. I screamed myself at my juniors, at Franco Carbognin, at Guillermo Colin, at Judy Gilbertson, at Lorenzo Delzanno, etc.

    One day in 1992 a young letter registrar, Crystal C. didn't follow my orders. She was just 15 years old. I tried to break her will by punishing her: She had to sort out files in the filthy book warehouse, who had been dumped there in 1987.

  12. At the book warehouse I found dozens and dozens of SP-Declare folders. I studied them at the beginning of 1992, when I had to do other things at the warehouse. I read them and didn't have the impression that these people, all of them Ex-Sea Org-staff, happened to be bad or vicious people. I could see, that they just tried to do their posts as good as possible. When it didn't they got desperate, then they got resigned and in the end they blew from their posts, which was punished from the Sea Org by declaring them "Suppressive".

  13. Three times a day a muster for all the FSO-staff of took happen at the auditorium in the Fort Harrison. We had to stand in line by divisions, so that the MAAs could check if all the staff were present. They would call our names from a list. We had to answer, whereupon the MAAs marked off the names of the persons who were present.

    In 1992 an announcement was published by the HCO. It said that if a staff was found three times not present at a muster, he would automatically receive a "Court of Ethics" and it would lead to the assignment of the condition "Treason". The staffmember had then to do amends, make up a self-accusation and wouldn't receive any pay for the time he was in a lower condition.

  14. Kitty Georgius was a registrar of the department 6 in Division 2 of the FSO. She made an average GI of about 100,000 -150,000 $ per week. During some weeks in early 1992 the GI of the FSO was around the 1,1 and 1,3 Million dollar-mark. The pressure to make more money was therefore very high. When Kitty made in one week just about 90,000 $ an investigation by HCO found out, that she was reading novels and drinking coffee at night.

    Debbie Cook, CO FSO, was screaming in front of the registrars and later in front of the whole crew about Kitty and diparaging her in front of the group. She said, she could place a bottle on the desk instead of Kitty sitting there and the public would still pay the same amount of money.

    Kitty received a Court of Ethics and a lower condition.

  15. In the beginning of 1992 Debbie Cook told the FSO-staff during a meeting, that the FSO must find its real condition as an org, if it wants to pull the statistics off. It led to a discussion, in which the FSO-staff assigned themself as a group the condition of "Confusion". The first step of this condition was "to find out where you are". At the next weekend noone from the FSO was allowed to have liberty-time.

  16. To "man up" the Sandcastle Hotel the CMO CW found Evelyn Wartha, who was working with Frank McCall in the Sea Org museum, "unutilized". They gave her the order to work in the kitchen of the Sandcastle and threatened her with a RPF-assignment, if she wouldn't follow it. Evelyn could leave finally the Sandcastle and return to the museum, after she had written a complaint to Diana Hubbard, who safeguarded the museum-project.

  17. Martina W. was only 15, when she got promoted for the post of a "Establishment Officer" for the "Public Contact Division" in Fall of 1991. Few weeks after her post-assigment, she was pulled off and put on MEST-Work.

    In the Condition-Order, which was published to all the FLB-staff it was told, that Martina had went "out-2 D" (she had sex with another staff) with several minors and was therefore removed.

  18. In the Fall of 1991 a "General Amnesty" was announced to all Scientologists. Everybody, even the ones with a bad ethics-record could come up clean and revealed from all overts against Scientology. Everybody in the FSO was forced to do a write-up of all overts they had done against Scientology. These declarations of self-accusations were submitted then to the HCO.

  19. James Raisis worked in Division 3, the "Treasury-Division" of Flag Crew. He had to do all the purchasing for the FSO and Flag Crew. As the FSO and FC had an immense budget, James was completely overloaded with work. In the year 1991 he made some mistakes and didn't purchase enough food for the staff, which led to a Comm Ev for James.

    James got a lower condition-assignment and had to do amends.

  20. Fred Siewert was put on the post as "Director of Records, Assets and Materiel FSO" (Dir. RAM FSO) in 1991. He stayed there until it came out, that he had falsified his statistics. He got comm ev'ed and placed on a sales-post in the book store, after he finished the usual condition-assignments.

    He stayed there few weeks until it was found out that he had "false stats" again. He got comm ev'ed and landed finally on the post of a "tech page" in Division 4.

  21. John Danilovich happened to be the "Chief Officer FSO" in 1990. This was a very high post within the FSO, his direct senior was Debbie Cook.

    He also got orders from the management in Los Angeles. Besides his job of supervising his area, John had the task of getting certain programs done from the management in Los Angeles (f. e. 339R-programs). Those programs and also most of the orders contained various points John had to fulfill by a certain time. If he didn't report on time, he would be in trouble.

    John missed it a few times to report back on time, so he got automatically removed from his post. It was a running joke in the FSO, that John D. was the first staff of the FSO, who got removed by a computer, as the removal of John was recommended by a computer-program of the management.

  22. Simon Fuchs, a waiter of the Hibiscus-restaurant in the Fort Harrison told me in 1992, that the Commanding Officer Flag Crew got removed from her post. She was additonally punished by an assignment to the post of a "Deputy Garbage In Charge". She had to care about the garbage, which was the most inferior work at the FLB.

Physical Attacks On Persons

  1. In 1990 I was in the HCO of the FSO at Coachman Building in the second floor. I saw Adam Dunn, MAA, pushing Bernardo Atriano, HCO Receptionist, in a very aggressive way against a wall. Bernardo wasn't following Adam's orders.
  2. Tristan Buchanan, "Supercargo FSO", told the Captain's MAA in 1991, that he had had a physical fight with Victor D'Andrea, staff of the department 4 a.
  3. In 1991 in a dispute Libero Pietracupa and Lorenzo Delzanno, both staff of department 5, screamed at each other and finally clashed, before they could be separated by other staff of the department.
  4. In late 1990 as a "Director of Department 5" I physically attacked Flor Hellberg and one week later Lorenzo Delzanno. They were "backflashing" and weren't following my orders, so I tried to discipline them by physical means.
  5. The "Director of Publications FSO" told me several times in 1991 and 1992 that he had physical fights with Harvey Jacques, the "Planetary Dissemination I/C". His senior, the Dissem. Sec. Matt Pesch agreed to use physical force in the attempt to break Harvey's will. Harvey was seen by the seniors as eccentric and hard to supervise.
  6. When Brian McCarthy was on his mission in department 5 he had difficulties with the "Director of Procurement", Flor Hellberg. Mainly she didn't comply with his orders, he wanted her to follow. One day I saw her sitting at her desk and Brian standing directly in front of her. He was screaming at the top of his lungs directly in her face. I had never heard anyone scream like that. It sounded as if he wanted to blast her against the wall behind her.
    Flor got later removed from Brian and I became her successor.
  7. Paul Miller, a registrar from department 6, had a sleep problem. He often fell asleep during "reg-cycles" and created by doing that "a flap on public lines". Although the "Dir. of Registration" Paul Hickock was often sympathetic with Paul, he beat him from time to time to punish him for such mistakes.
  8. In a "Board of Investigation" (B of I), which I had to do for WDC FSO together with Paul Ferguson, the Shipping Officer FSO, and another staff from the FSO in 1991, we had to investigate the recruitment of two FSO-staff members, who "joined" the FSO in Australia. It came out that these staff, who were earlier Scientology-staff in Sydney, had been physically attacked and dragged out of their offices, after they had refused to join the FSO.


Scientology- or Sea Org-Ethics has nothing to do with the concept "ethics" as it is used in the "normal" world. The Scientology-definition of "ethics" means something totally different and Hubbard even admitted it in one of his HCO Policy letters:
The purpose of ethics is to remove counter intentions from the environment. And having accomplished that the purpose becomes to remove other intentionedness from the environment.
(HCOPL of 18 June 1968).

In a speech Hubbard said in addition:

What we have then, in ethics, is a system of removing the counter-effort to the forward push, and that's all an Ethics Officer is supposed to do.

The purpose of Scientology-ethics is therefore to impose one’s will on others. The purpose of the Sea Org, which is to get ethics in on the planet, is therefore to dominate the world. Scientology has exposed itself as a fascist organization, who reaches for world domination and nothing else.

D) Nervous Breakdowns, Collapses, Etc.

  1. In 1992 Phillippe Renevez, the "Deputy Flag Representative FSO" (D/Flag Rep FSO) investigated the mailing of the ASR-packs (a promotional tool). He was not satisfied with the number of mailings and threatened me with an ethics investigation. I stayed calm and told him I would supervise more closely the mailings which were solely done by Judy Gilbertson. I went to her and asked her about her way of sending the ASR-packs to the publics. I told her that we would need to send more ASR-packs in order get that particular statistic up. She got angry and "backflashed". Phillippe Renevez heard that and told her that he would start an ethics investigation on her.

    Judy flipped totally out. First she just screamed at Phillippe. Then suddenly she took a big pot with a plant in it and threw it at Phillippe. She missed him fortunately. Judy started to cry and left the department.

    Phillippe requested an investigation of Judy at HCO, but it never got done, due to an overload of other things HCO had to do at that time.

    In 1991 I organized a radio for the "letter registration"-section, so that we could hear some music, while writing letters. Often we had to turn the radio off, as Judy flipped out, when a rock song from the sixties was played. She started to scream that the musicians would have used hidden messages to turn the listeners into druggies and that she couldn't stand this kind of music. We regarded Judy's reaction as completely exaggerated, but we stopped the music, as we felt that Judy could go totally mad.

  2. Peter Mousiol was posted in early 1991 as "Resign Product Officer FSO" under Kim Hickock, the "D/FCCI PO for GI", his senior. Kim didn't like Peter too much, so she was giving him a hard time. After a few months Peter got busted from his post and received an "ethics handling" at HCO. He told me later that he had had a nervous breakdown while he had been at HCO because of the pressure Kim had forced on him during the previous weeks.

  3. An Australian minor was transferred in 1991 to department 5 as an exchange for a FSO-staff, who went to AOSH ANZO in Sidney. He was just a few months in the Sea Org and started as a letter registrar in my section (I was letter reg I/C at that time).

    After few weeks he started to become homesick. One time he told me that he would feel very desperate and that he couldn't stand it anymore living in the Sea Org. He started to cry and I had a lot to do to calm him down.

  4. My roommate at the Hacienda, Len Thomas, told me in 1991, that he had to watch a public at the Sandcastle, who had gone "PTS Type III" after auditing (PTS Type III = someone, who has gone crazy). He said that the woman was put into a room, which she couldn't leave and that he had to watch her, without saying anything to her until she would get better.

    Few days later, when I asked him about that woman, he told me, that she was sent home, after she had calmed down.

  5. On my post as a letter registrar I stayed in correspondence with a woman from Switzerland, who was "New OT IV" and had done all the three "Ls" at Flag. After I had sent her a formal letter of interest, she started to write me letters on a regular basis. I found her letters had sometimes a strange tenor. When I looked more closely in her previous C/F-folders, I found a letter written by her daughter, who was staff at "CMO International". She made complaints about the fact, that her mother got very strange and behaved as if she were silly, after she had done the "Ls-auditing" at the FSO. She said her mother would have odd ideas about her sex-life and would send sometimes her under-wear to other people.

    One day in 1991 the Swiss woman called me in my office. She told me, that she wanted to go on staff in "AOSH UK" (Saint Hill). Her voice on the phone startled me, as it sounded as if she were crazy.

  6. One morning in Spring 1992 I went into the closet of my room to get dressed. I felt terrible that day as I hadn't slept enough the previous nights and hadn't reached the quota of my production, I was supposed to make. I thought about the up-coming registration-meeting with the CO FSO, Debbie Cook, which took happen every morning before production. The pressure on the GI-lines was very high in those days, so I expected that Debbie would scream and threaten with "ethics handlings". Suddenly I felt very giddy. I got dizzier from moment to moment until I finally completely passed out.

    Minutes later I found myself lying on the floor. I was shocked and made it to the department only after a few hours. The following days I experienced a strange misty feeling.

    When I saw the "Medical Liason Officer" Weissenburger, she told me, that I should take protein drinks and eat enough.

    Later I had an interview at the "Staff Training Org FLB". I mentioned that I had "passed out". As a result I received a "Pain-Drug-Hypnosis-Security Check" (PDH-Sec. Check), as the "passing out" was a indicator that I had gotten a brainwashing treatment in the past by a psychologist or psychiatrist with the means of drugs, inflicted pain and hypnosis, per LRH.

    I received the PDH-Sec. Check by a trainee of the "Saint Hill Special Briefing"-Course (the training necessary to be a Class VI-Auditor). She was New OT VII. She used the E-meter for the Sec. Check, a simple ohmmeter, which had the function of a lie-detector. I had to answer questions like the following: if I had reasons not to tell if I had been "PDH"ed, if the PDH was hidden under hypnotic orders, etc.. While I was answering the questions my auditor looked at the reading of the e-meter needle to see if I was telling the truth. I felt really bad. I started to think about the possibililty that my parents had brainwashed me and I was therefore really nuts. I spoke with Markus Ginter, the "Executive Establishment Officer Organizing Officer FLB" (Exec Esto's O/O), about it, who calmed me down.

    The PDH was never finished on me, as it was found out that the Auditor had made mistakes. As I went to Germany in July, the PDH-sec check happened to be the last auditing I received in Scientology.

My Psychic And Physical Condition In Spring 1992

After being half a year on the post as "Director of Procurement" I felt very exhausted and burned out. At the end I thought the whole time about my statistics, which controlled the two feelings I had left: Guilt, in case of a low statistic, and relief, if I got a "stat up".

In those days I even didn't relax during sleep. I woke up in the morning with the feeling of being as tired as in the moment when I had gone to bed. During the day I couldn't concentrate on my work like I intended, because I was weared out by the different orders of different seniors.

I worked through several nights to file hundreds of papers in the folders of the Central Files. I found myself sleeping on the floor of my department at 3 a.m., just to wake up in full terror five minutes later, as I realized that I was not reaching my target, which I had set for the night, if I would fall asleep.

Sometimes I felt shivers coming from my head. That felt very strange, I had the feeling that something inside my head was getting re-structured. At that time I thought that I really needed a short break from the Sea Org to get physically in shape. I started to organize a flight-ticket with money I got from my parents. That took a while, which made me additionally completely nervous, as I feared that something could happen, what my planned "leave of absence" could prevent.

With a lie to my senior I finally could escape (I still planned to return after three weeks) and take a flight from Saint Petersburg to Frankfurt. It was the first time in almost two years that I had left Clearwater. During the flight I slept on my seats. It was the first time I had a "real" sleep for several months.

Today I still have a certain kind of nightmare, which pursues me from time to time. It has always the same content and it is about the worst situation one can get into in these days: Being a Sea Org member and having no return ticket.

E) The Politics Of Control Within The Sea Org

During the time I had spent in the Sea Org in Clearwater I experienced a continous control of my physical presence, of the extent of my production and of my loyalty to Scientology, the Sea Org and my seniors. The control was executed through various channels and belonged to the everyday life of any Sea Org member.

The Means Of Control

  1. Daily musters

    Three times a day the staff of the FSO had to attend a muster in the auditorium of the Fort Harrison, where we received briefings about the level of production in the FSO by the senior executives. We were continually urged and ordered to rise our personal production. If the Gross Income of the FSO was low, we were screamed at and threatened with "ethics handlings" by Debbie Cook.

    Before any muster took place the staff of each division was counted and cross-checked by the "MAAs" of HCO. If anyone of the staff was absent without a valid excuse he was liable to punishment by HCO. One key part of those musters was "Chinese School": We had to repeat in chorus various quotations of Hubbard's works that dealt, f. e., with the selling Scientology to the publics. One favorite quote was the following:

    HCO PL from 26 September 1979, Issue III, "Copywriting":

    Hard Sell means insistence people buy. It means caring about the person and not being reasonable about stops and barriers but caring enough to get him through the stops and barriers to get the service that's going to rehabilitate him.

  2. Weekly staff meetings

    On Thursday nights at 11 p.m., we had to attend a staff meeting in the auditorium, which lasted most of the time at least two hours. The meeting was designed to get a reflection of the production of the previous working week (from Thursday, 2 p.m. until the next Thursday, 2 p.m.). Debbie Cook presided over the meeting and briefed us about the course of the FSO for the following week. She further called up individual staff members, who had to show their statistics to the 550 FSO staff, explain what they did wrong on their posts ("Flaps"), how they would handle these flaps in the coming week and what "targets" they had on their "battleplans" (BPs) for the coming week.

  3. Daily registrar meetings

    Every morning, except on Thursday and Saturday, all the registrars and the executives of the money-making departments and divisions had to attend a meeting where the production and the quotas of these areas were discussed with the Commanding Officer FSO, Debbie Cook. Sometimes we received briefings by senior executives of the management of Scientology, who explained us various dissemination- and defense-campaigns and how much money they needed for their execution. The meeting took place in the "reg office" of the Fort Harrison.

  4. Weekly executive meetings

    On Sunday afternoon every executive of the FSO had to attend a meeting in the conference room of the Coachman Building. Debbie Cook headed the meeting. The idea of this meeting was to impinge on the lower executives in the FSO-hierarchy, who had to impinge on their juniors in order to reach a higher production-level and therefore higher statistics. Debbie Cook regularly screamed at us to create a higher impact.

    Sometimes we drilled "Product Officering" (getting juniors to make their quotas). Some executives played juniors of single executives, who had to overcome the excuses and problems of their juniors by simply ordering them, screaming at them or handle them with physical means to get the juniors produce again and reach their quotas. The idea behind the drilling was to get familiar with channeling pressure downwards on the lower levels of the FSO and create an "ethics presence" of the executives.

  5. The daily control of production

    Every day I had to report my senior the level of my production and the quota I had for the day. He would notify it on a board and see immediately if I would be "on" or behind my quota. If my production would be low, he would either impinge on me or bypass me "to handle the situation in my area" and assign me the "danger"-condition.

  6. The weekly control of production

    Every Thursday after 2 p.m. I had to report the weekly statistics of my area to my senior and to HCO, which had to report it to Scientology-management. If my production-level was above the level of the week before I was in the "condition" of "normal" or above and was able to receive "bonuses" and "liberty-time" on Saturdays. In case of a lower production, compared to the previous week, it wasn't allowed for me to get "libs" or receive "bonuses". If the production would drop on a very low level or stay low for a few weeks, it would lead to an ethics investigation by HCO.

  7. Briefings

    Briefings on campaigns and actions of Scientology-management against its enemies were used to show the staff of the FSO the necessity of a high production, especially of a high GI. We were told that only a GI of 3,000,000 $ per week could finance all the actions the Scientology-management planned to do. The briefings were held by senior executives of the Flag Land Base, such as Angela Quirino, Flag Rep FSO, and Sonny Klinsiek, Finance Director FLB or by senior executives of the management, like Bill Dendiu, "Chief Officer" of "Golden Era Productions" or Heber Jentzsch, President of "Church of Scientology International".

    In 1992 Heber Jentzsch gave the registrars of the FSO a special briefing in the "Green Room" of the Fort Harrison, where he spoke about the crimes psychologists and psychiatrists were committing against mankind and where he encouraged us to make a lot of money, so that the fight against the enemies of Scientology could be continued. We also received briefings by the Scientology-management, which were recorded on film.

    In one film we were shown a briefing by "Inspector General for Ethics" Mark Rathburn held on board of the "Freewinds", where he spoke about the fight against the "psychs". In another film David Miscavige, Mark Yager and Ray Mithoff announced inspections throughout the orgs of the world. This film was shown two months before the actual inspection of the FSO by Miscavige took place. Miscavige and the others told the viewers, Scientology staff members, that the management would only tolerate the correct application of Scientology-technology. Miscavige's comments had a character of commands. He talked in generalities, but is was clearly, that he was sending directions and warnings to us via this film.

    All the different briefings had one common message to us: We, the FSO-staff, had to produce a lot more than we produced at present time. The quota for the desired production-level was set in late 1991: 3,000,000 $ per week.

  8. Security Checks

    I received about 20 Security Checks in various forms from August 1990 until July 1992:

    1. Standard Security Check - I was questioned by an auditor or MAA from a prepared list. That happened in a secluded room and I was attached to the E-meter. The questions dealt either with my personal background or with my situation on post.
    2. Meter Check - I had to hold the cans from the E-meter, while at the same time the MAA would watch the reaction of the needle-reading. Nobody was allowed to say anything. If a certain needle-reaction showed up, I would be further investigated.
    3. Ethics interviews - It happened a few times that I was ordered to HCO, because a staff member had written an unfavourable report about me or because I had a problem with my post. I had to explain my point of view of the situation in this interview and the MAA would tell me his opinions. The MAA had always the last word and I had to follow his orders.
      MAAs are senior executives within the Sea Org and have the power to remove executives and other staff from their posts
      (FO 1422, 30 September 1968, "The requirements for senior execs...").
      Normally the order to attend for an ethics interview at HCO ended up in receiving an assignment of a lower condition, which was combined with the order of making a write-up of a self-accusation, which had to be accepted by the staff members who were asked by the sinner to sign up his application for re-entry to the "ethical group" and with additional work as a punishment for the "overts" one had committed.
    4. Rudiment Checks - At the beginning of every auditing session, "Wordclearing" or any other practice, which involved the use of the E-meter, the "ruds" were checked by the auditor. I was asked a few questions, f. e., if I suppressed anything which I didn't want to get known to others, etc.. Although the idea behind that practice was to get rid of overts in order to be able to concentrate upon the auditing, it was just another way to control and investigate the thoughts of the staff.
  9. Missions

    Missions from Flag Bureaux or from higher levels of the management regularly visited the FSO. The Sea Org doctrine says the following about missions: handle downstat orgs and areas the Sea Org simply gets in ethics. This is done in such a way as to enable that org or area to get in tech, which makes it possible then for them to get in admin. In order to do this we send out missions. These have unlimited ethics powers and enough force to accomplish their purpose of getting in ethics.
      (FO 228, 9 October 1967, "Purpose of the Sea Org, Character of Missions").
    The missions I had to deal with were recruitment- and GI-missions, that had to get certain areas of the FSO to produce more money or had to hire Scientologists for the Sea Org. During the time the mission was at the FSO, the staff of the concerning areas were constantly watched and had to report directly to the missionaires. As part of two GI-missions I had to do a "O/W-write up" (O/W=Overts and withholds), in which I had to accuse myself and others of the area about making violations or crimes against the Scientology-technology. I had to get a clearance on these write-ups by getting a sec. check on the E-meter.

    The missionaires had ultimate power to do anything in the area they were assigned to. I saw how several people were removed from one area to be placed somewhere else in the FSO. The missionaires could also send staff to the RPF.

  10. Weekly Inspections

    The workplaces and dorms of the staff were inspected by senior executives of the FSO or by CMO-staff on a weekly basis. The rooms in the FSO and on the Hacienda had to be clean and dust-free. At the Hacienda it occasionally happened that some staff were closed out of their appartments, when they were considered as being dirty. The final penalty for dirty living rooms was the assignment of "pigs berthing". The staff member had then to move into the most decayed room of the whole Hacienda and stay there for several weeks.

  11. Programs

    As an executive I had to follow three different programs which had been designed for my area. These programs consisted of a number of targets, which I had to accomplish within several weeks. The targets were designed to create a higher level of production by accomplishing them. The three programs were:

    1. The 339R-program. I had to report on that one to the Flag Representative FSO, Angie Quirino.
    2. The Captain's Mini-program. I had to report to the CO FSO, Debbie Cook.
    3. A program created the Flag bureaux. My senior on that one was the D/Dir. of Procurement Int. FB.

    It was expected that I got one or two targets done on each program every week. If I had problems with one of these programs or I couldn't manage it to show at least some progress, I would receive an investigation in my area.

  12. Studytime and auditing

    Every staffmember, who had graduated from Product 1, was expected to study the works of L. Ron Hubbard 2 1/2 hours a day. He was programmed by the "Staff Training Org" of the FLB-org to do certain courses, which should provide him with the necessary knowledge about his post. Auditing should make the staff more able to handle their posts. Staff on senior executive- or important sales-posts were more likely to receive auditing than other staff. The FSO couldn't make any money through the auditing of staff, therefore it was only interested that key personnel like registrars or C/S'es would receive auditing sessions by the designed "Sea Org staff auditors".

  13. The Security Personnel of the FLB

    The FLB had its own security guards. They had their own uniforms and were stationed in the Fort Harrison and in the Sandcastle. In all the important places of the base, like the entrances, video cameras documented the happenings, which were surveilled by Security in their offices.

  14. Other means of control

    If a staff member didn't show up on his post, HCO was immediately to be informed about it. A staff from HCO would then go to his appartment and get the missing person to HCO. That was the procedure, which had to be kept in, even when the guy was sick.

    When some of my juniors didn't show up, I used to get a bike, drive to the Hacienda and get them back on post by myself.

    If a staff would leave the base unauthorized, he was at risk to get expelled from Scientology and be "SP declared". If someone wanted to leave the Sea Org he had to go to HCO and receive an thorough "ethics handling" first.

The Result

The result of these control mechanisms is a new kind of fascism. I didn't have any opportunity to criticize the system, as Scientology was viewed as the "only tech on the planet". I couldn't criticize my seniors, as it was against "Command Intention". I was constantly under surveillance by a lot of people and was expected to supervise my own juniors in the same way. I even couldn't think of critisism, as I feared that critical thoughts about Scientology and the Sea Org would be revealed in security checks.

When the FSO-staff were placed under the "Rice and Beans"-Flag Order, noone protested against it or mutinied. All the staff had given up their previous lives or lived in the Sea Org for several years, so they were left totally dependable on the Sea Org.

Retrospectively I must say that the FSO was a big concentration camp where the most intimate thoughts and the privacy of people was entered for the sake of a totalitarian belief-system. By abusing the good intentions of most of the staff, the Sea Org turned its own members into slaves. It held and controlled them against their free will, in the true sense of the word.

F) The Term "End Of Cycle"

I heard the term "end of cycle" the first time when I was a letter registrar in department 5. I think Judy Gilbertson or Franco Carbognin, another letter registrar, mentioned it to me and wanted to refer to the death of a person, by using this term.

In Scientology the death of a person was described either by "dropping the body" or by "end of cycle", whereby the last term wasn't used that much.

G) The Campaign Against Time-Magazine

In May 1991 at a staff meeting on Thursday evening the Commanding Officer of the "Office of Special Affairs East US" briefed us about a negative article on Scientology which had been published by the "Time Magazine". She told us that the management of Scientology planned to take steps against "Time". Debbie Cook said that in that article the blame for the suicide of a Scientologist had been put on Scientology (She told the name, but I can't remember now. From reading the article today I suppose she meant Noah Lottick). Debbie told us that psychiatrists were in fact responsible for the death of that person. We were further told not to buy and read the article, as it contained pure lies and "entheta" (disencouraging news).

At the end of the briefing Richard Reiss, the Senior C/S FSO, proclaimed that the best answer to that article was "to flourish and prosper". Every staff should give his best on post, that would finish eventually all problems with the outside-world.

Weeks later we were introduced to the ad-campaign in "US Today" by during a staff-muster by Richard Haworth, the "PR-Secretary" of OSA East US. Richard visited us almost daily from then on to show us the newest ads. He told us that the continuation of the campaign would depend on the GI the FSO was making, as the ads in the newspaper were partially financed by the FSO. Debbie Cook directed us additionally to use this fact in the sales-talks with the publics as a "go-button", to get them paid for their services.

The campaign turned out to be not only as a attack against "Time Magazine", but also against the pharmaceutical combine "Eli Lilly". We were told that the negative article in "Time" had been created by the pharma industry, the "psychs", to destroy Scientology's credibility in the public opinion.

H) "Fair Game" Or The Designated "Handling" Of "Squirrels"

A "squirrel" is described by Scientology literature as someone, who is doing off-beat technology (HCOPL from 6 February 1965). In general understanding it is someone, who fell off of Scientology, but who is still applying practices of Scientology like auditing for example. "Squirreling" was considered as "suppressive". The "Squirrels" received therefore the same treatment by Scientology as other "SPs". During the year 1991 I was in contact with a German public, who was living in the US and happened to be New OT IV. She was unable to "move further on the bridge", as she had received some auditing by a squirrel living in Scotland. She couldn't come to the FSO, as she was still looked upon as PTS (Potential Trouble Source), because the squirrel was still practicing. Her duty was, in order to be able to receive Scientology-services again, to get this squirrel to stop practicing. Furthermore she had proove that he wasn't doing Scientology-related practices anymore. The woman was quite disencouraged because of all these barriers and didn't want to do anything against this squirrel.

When I discussed that matter with Eileen Haworth, who also was a letter registrar at that time, she told me, that she would give this guy in Scotland hell and do whatever it was necessary, if she would be in a similar situation.

I wrote more letters to the woman forcing her to do something about that squirrel. I even called her, but she still didn't want to do anything.

During those days I read the "Fair Game HCOPL" of Hubbard and its follower the "Cancellation of Fair Game". I interpreted it the way that the term "Fair Game" had been cancelled but not the "handling of suppressive persons", as it was stated in that policy.

I) The Fear Of A Raid

In November 1991 Debbie Cook told the staff of the FSO during a muster that the organizations of the FLB could receive a raid during the following weeks. She said that everyone of us had to be on "night watch" in one of the buildings once a week from 11 p.m. until 3 a.m.. Each staff received during the next days an individual schedule from the Security of the FLB. I had to be on watch every Friday and my first assignment was the West Coast Building, where OSA EUS and the CMO was located.

The "Security Alert" was strictly followed during the first weeks and each staff who failed to show up on his watch got punished with a "Court of Ethics".

Last year I spoke with Steven Fishman about that incident. I found out that at the same time the IRS actually planned to carry out a raid upon the FLB.

J) The Scientology Theory Of A World Conspiracy

To understand the behaviour of Scientology against psychologists like Dr. Geertz one has to get familiar with the conspiracy theory of Hubbard and in which way this theory gets transported into the minds of the staff of Scientology. I was indoctrinated for four years with the idea that the world in which we lived was the product of a conspiracy of psychologists and psychiatrists. During my stay in Clearwater I had no chance to compare the Scientology theory with the facts. In this chapter I want to described how I got obsessed with the idea of a world conspiracy and what it took to get it off.

Quotes Of Hubbard

In 1954 Hubbard held a speech where he spoke about one of its early organizations, the "Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation". He told the following:
The one group, the oldest group headed by the Hubbard Dianetics Research Foundation has two appendant groups. It has been in these two businesses for a long time. It was interested in civil defense and was doing things about civil defense. Those activities have been pooled together in an allied affiliated corporation known as the American Society of Civilian Defense. It knows Dianetics works and says so loudly. That organization stands 100% behind Dianetics as the only process it would even vaguely use on hysterical or distressed people. The other is the Freudian Foundation of America organized to be a free offer to any of the people in Russian-held Vienna who wish to take advantage of it. It is the only authorized agency of any kind in the United States authorized to use the name and works of Sigmund Freud. All other Freudian Foundations have no charter or franchise from the old Master. Nobody has. But we have one from the Freudian Foundation, which makes us the only legal Freudian Foundation. This organization knows that as a sequence to the great work of Sigmund Freud (!), Dianetics is the solution to psychoanalysis and it freely says so.

During the following years Hubbard changed completely his tune about psychology and psychiatry, the "psychs" became Enemy No. 1. Hubbard not only wrote a countless number of policies and bulletins, in which he condemned the psychs as murderers and torturers of human kind, but even used articles about auditing or his self-created admin technology to give the psychs a side-swipe. By being a Scientologist and reading Hubbard's works one inevitably internalizes the hatred against psychiatry and psychology.

Here are some few quotes of Hubbard from articles he wrote against the "psychs":

As a technical action, it is of interest to any auditor to know that pain and ideas is a basic "therapy" used down the years by psychiatrists and such lot. The practice is very general and very old...Any HAS ("Hubbard Apprentice Scientologist") knows more and can do more about the mind than any psychiatrist. There is no real level of comparison since psychiatry as used is a destructive technology...The psychiatrist has masters. His principal organization, World Federation of Mental Health, and its members, the National Associations of Mental Health, the American Psychiatric Association and the American Psychological Association, are directly connected to Russia. Even the British Broadcasting Company has stated that psychiatry and the KGB (Russian secret police) operate in direct collusion.
HCO Bulletin of 16 July 1970, "The Psychiatrist At Work".

Scientology has fought a consistent and winning battle for human rights for two decades. During that entire time, not one crime has been found in Scientology. But during that time psychiatry has seized and killed tens of thousands of people they don't like. It is said Scientology breaks up families. They don't. But psychiatrists call their own rape and death of men's wives "necessary treatment". Any type of crime this psychiatric group accuses the Scientologists of has been traced back to be standard psychiatric practice...To enlarge their sphere the psychiatrist (UN Tech Series 98) plans to knock out all churches in the field of mental healing. Scientology is their first target. If they win there they will take on other churches and so build their empire...The psychiatrist handling almost none of the "trade" yet obtains hundreds of millions from governments annually over the world. For this he gives no service, injures or kills his patients, seeks to seize anyone and everyone at a whim, yet is strangely immune from the correct murder charges. Not even a medical doctor is allowed to kill people. How could the allied nations hang Germans at Nuremburg for these crimes and yet award heavy appropriation at home to run their own death camps.
Freedom Magazine, 27 February 1969, "A Reason Psychiatrists Front Groups Attack Scientology".

It has often been noted (and reported routinely in the papers) that criminals "treated" by psychologists and psychiatrists go out and commit crimes. It could be suspected that these "practicioners" used pain-drug-hypnosis and other means (under the guise of treatment) to induce the criminal to go out and commit more crimes. And possibly they do...So let us look at the psychs again - what they call "treatment" is a suppression (by shocks, drugs, etc.) of the ability to think. They are not honest enough, these psychs, being just dramatizing psychotics themselves for the most part, to publish the fact that all their "treatments" (mayhem, really, when it is not murder) make people more stupid...Their "treatments" make the criminals more stupid. The stupid commit more crimes. It is pretty simple, really, when you look at it. Why does the state support psychiatrists and psychologists? Because the state is stupid? Or does it want to more citizens robbed and killed? It's one or the other. Take your choice.
HCO Bulletin of 26 April 1982, "The Criminal Mind And The Psychs"

...Then Dianetics and Scientology appeared. Here was a real, an actual working technology. They worried about it and considered it was a direct threat to psychiatry. And they made a very ghastly mistake. Secretly they spent time and money all over the world to discredit and suppresss Dianetics and Scientology. Working through heads of press chains they controlled, working through ministers of health they had appointed with lies and false alarms, they continuosly secretly fought Dianetics and Scientology. Enduring these attacks and alert, Dianetics and Scientology people somehow kept going and kept watching...Because Scientologists broke no laws committed no crimes and had a factual, effective mental technology they could not be destroyed. The public was on their side. But this was not the case with psychiatry. The most basic laws of humanity had been broken by them. Mayhem, rape, torture, murder were commonplace crimes amongst them. Decaying bodies, dead by violent torture, were exhumed in the ground of psychiatric asylums. Vicious political connections, misappropriated funds, incarceration of patients for political reasons, these with a parade of social, sexual, drug and unnatural offenses began to fall out of the skeleton-filled closets of psychiatry.
Freedom Magazine, 24 September 1969, "The Fight For Freedom".

How I Came To Believe The Conspiracy Theory

In the Sea Org I was exposed to a continous flow of "informations" and "data" about "man's biggest enemy": psychiatry and psychology. There were different sources and means, which transported the ideas Hubbard's into my mind and helped to settle them there:
  1. Daily study - I had to study Hubbard's policies and bulletins 2 1/2 hours a day. Hubbard used to fill his works with attacks against his believed enemies and as I had no opportunity to compare the allegations with informations from other sources, I got accustomed with his theories.
  2. Events - On events, especially held by the "International Association of Scientologistsi" (IAS), the "war against the enemies" was celebrated by the leaders of the Scientology-management. One key element of the dramaturgy of these galas, which were held every few months, were the actions against the "psychs". The "Citizens Commision for Human Rights" (CCHR) was the declared tool to wipe out psychiatry from earth.
    Len Thomas, one of my room mates and, at that time, ex-staff from CCHR in Australia, told me that one statistic of CCHR was "the number of psychologists/psychiatrists who give up their practice".
    During those events one of the managing agents of Scientology, mostly Heber Jentzsch, told the audience about the wins against psychiatry and some "new facts" about psychiatry which formed a contrast and emphasized the urge of the necessity for further actions, which were announced by Jentzsch or other staff from management.
    All staff had to watch those events, which took place either at "Flag" or in another big org. In the last case the events were televised to Clearwater and we watched it together with the publics in the auditorium.
  3. Briefings - Two people briefed the staff regularly about the fight against psychiatry, Interpol or the IRS: Richard Haworth, the PR Sec. OSA EUS and "Birk", from IAS Administrations. They simply told us the same stories we could read in the "Impact magazines", the voice of the IAS.
    Sometimes we could watch a televised briefing, which was originally held on board of the "Freewinds", f. e., a briefing by Mark Rathburn, the IG Ethics RTC.
    One day Heber Jentzsch gave the registrars a briefing in the "green room" of the Fort Harrison. He talked most of the time about the crimes psychiatry would commit (administering electric shocks to children) and encouraged us to continue with our efforts to make a good GI.
  4. Mouth to mouth propaganda - It was forbidden for us to speak to others about "our case" and to give someone "entheta" (bad news), but it was not forbidden to talk about what Hubbard and the management thought about psychiatry. Like the great majority of the Sea Org members, I believed in Hubbards words and in the informations the management had given us, too. So my personal conspiracy theory got his final touches through its confirmation by other staff members who gave me "additional data":
When I left the Mousiol company in December '92 I knew the Scientology-organization was wrong, but still my head was filled with the ideas about a world conspiracy. I thought, especially after hearing "Ron's Journal '67", that the events and occurrences on earth were the product of the actions by a few people who had the power to control the world, like Hubbard described it in RJ '67. Furthermore I believed that Scientology was basically right, that Hubbard had created a workable system for man, which enabled him to free himself from the bonds of the psychs.

How I Came Off Again

In December '92/January '93 I wasn't willing to talk to anybody about my experiences with Scientology. I lived at my parents' house in a little village in Germany, where I spent the next months mostly with reading books and walking about with our dog.

I felt physically exhausted but at the same time I wanted to gather as many informations about certain things as possible.

I became interested in the history of the "Third Reich" and of Adolf Hitler. In Eugen Kogon's book "The SS-State" and in Hans Buchheim's expert opinion for the Auschwitz-trial "The SS - The Instrument Of Power" I could detect similarities between the disciplines and structures of the Sea Org and the SS.

I've read Solschenizyn's book "The Archipel Gulag". I had the feeling that the author was talking directly to me, when he wrote about his experiences in the Russian concentration camps. The first time after a long period of time I felt understood.

But I still believed in a theory of Scientology, that Hitler was just a product of an experiment by the psychs. As I got more and more familiar with real reading again I got confident that I was able enough to find out who the real conspirators were and are. I became a member of two libraries, one was the largest of the state Baden-Württemberg, and went to work. During the time from Mid-December '92 until May '93 I did the following:

  1. I read approximately 100 books about Nazi-Germany, the SS, the concentration camps and the annihilation of jews. The most comprehensive book about Adolf Hitler by Joachim C. Fest with its over 1,000 pages I read twice.
    I've studied the structure of the SS and made an own organization board, which should help me to find a secret hierarchy, by which I could detect "the men behind Hitler".
    I read the books of Ernst Klee, who was an expert writer of the euthanisa-project of Hitler, the project which led to the death of thousands of disabled children and adults in the gas chambers of psychiatric institutions. The killing of the victims was actually supervised by a psychiatrist Werner Heyde. That actually fit in my world picture, but when I read more about the structures of that project I discovered that Heyde had to report to two SS-men, Viktor Brack and Christian Wirth, who had to report themselves to Philipp Bouhler, the head of the "Führerkanzlei", directly under Hitler himself. I finally found out that there hadn't been any psychiatric conspiracy during the Third Reich and Hitler hadn't been definitely a puppet of somebody else.
  2. As I still believed in a conspiracy I read about 20 books about various secret services: The CIA, the KGB, the NSA, the BND (the German secret service). I couldn't discovered that they were actually directing the course of the world, although they had the tendency and the claim to do so.
  3. I read 20 books about secret societies and tried to make links between them to find the common denominator. Although the wildest speculations were mentioned in those books about world conspiracy of Free Masons or the Illuminati, they couldn't come up with an actual proof that such a conspiracy really existed.
    Frank McCall, a founding Sea Org member wrote me in one letter about the "New World Order", another variant of the Illuminati-theory, which was made popular in the US by Gary Allen's book during the seventies. When I found that book in the library and read some chapters of Allen's stupid allegations I finally realized that the believe in a world conspiracy was rather a sign of a mental shortcoming than of a sound mind. My interest in finding the "conspirator of earth" dropped down to zero.
  4. I began to read the critical books about Scientology I was forbidden to read while I was in Scientology. First I studied the more harmless books, then I dared to read the "dangerous ones", f. e., the books of Friedrich Wilhelm Haack, a cult expert from the Protestant Church in Germany, who had been one of most hated people by Scientology in this area. I learned:

I read several critical books about Scientology, but I still believed that Hubbard was basically good and that his ideology had to have something essential. Then finally the affidavits of Anne Rosenblum and Tonya Burden, both Ex-CMO messengers, "came across" in one book. I read these declarations several times and I got a real conflict in my mind.

Then on one evening in May I asked myself what I would loose if the whole ideology of Hubbard revealed itself as nothing more than crap. I thought I would loose nothing and that was the moment I was finally relieved from Scientology and its ideas.

During the time I spoke with noone about my views, except with one friend of a human rights group, who told me that he didn't believe in a world conspiracy, but that I should check it out by myself. I didn't receive neither any de-programming nor counseling by cult-experts. The subject Scientology wasn't discussed in my parents' house.

Before I started to look independently into the above mentioned matters I had been completely obsessed with the ideas of Scientology. I was determined to spend my whole life in the Sea Org, working 14 hours a day and more. While in the Sea Org I believed every written or spoken word of Hubbard. During that time I disqualified every non-Scientologist as a wog and every Scientology-critic as a "suppressive person". I was the standard example of a dedicated Sea Org member: Physically and mentally exhausted, but 100 % fanatic.

When I was finally forced to proove the ideas of Hubbard against the actual facts I came into trouble, as his ideology wasn't based at all on actual research or on his "urge to help mankind" but was created by the Hubbard's deep fear of himself.

K) My Personal Opinion About Scientology

The Scientology Ideology

I think one reason why Hubbard created Dianetics and Scientology was sub-consciously to find a way of a solution for his severe psychic problems. The letter Hubbard wrote to the Medical Veterans Administrations in October 1947 shows a deeply desperated man unable to deal with life in general and himself. He couldn't find appropriate help then and invented therefore a system which should proove that the world was wrong and he was right.

On the OT-levels the Scientologist has to get rid of "spiritual beings" who are attached to his body, the "body thetans". That can be viewed as a kind of modern exorcism. One advocate of the Social Psychiatry, Gaetano Benedetti, gave two characteristic features of schizophrenia among others in his great book "Death Landscapes Of The Soul": Hallucination and mania. The OT-levels of Scientology are very good examples of both of these characteristics:

On "OT III" one reads in the classified documents that Hubbard claimed to have found out the big secret of this universe, that 75 million years ago, a galactical head with the name "Xenu" had enslaved the population of "this sector" by the means of hydrogen bombs and mass implanting (=mania).

On "New OT VII" the Scientologist has to free himself of millions of body thetans and, as a final drill, communicate with plants and receive communication by them (=hallucination).

These "sacred scriptures" are treated as highly confidential material and are stored behind high security areas, like the ones at the FSO. Hubbard invented Scientology to force his reality about life, his paranoia and schizophrenia, upon mankind. Maybe he really wanted to free himself and others from the "beings", he believed he and other men were surrounded with. Who knows. However that may be, Scientology is a secure, artificial way into schizophrenia. If one gets forced to believe that he is surrounded by millions of ghosts, if he isn't actually, and if he has to believe, that he is a victim of a galactical conspiracy, which hadn't happened, then one has to get schizophrenic.

Hubbard was schizophrenic and paranoid and his ideology is a direct product of the state of his sick mind.

The Scientology Organization And David Miscavige

As the Scientology ideology reflects Hubbard, the organization reflects his personality too. The Scientology organization wants to draw a picture for the "outside world" of a religious group which is beneficial for all mankind. But if one looks behind the curtains one will find a cynic, totalitarian slave system that doesn't accept anything except Hubbard, Scientology and its demagogues of today. If one, like Steven Fishman, leaves a paranoid system like Scientology, he was part of, and holds a mirror to it, then the system must do anything possible to destroy him. The system cannot endure the fact that someone shows the world how it really is. One characteristic of paranoia is the inability of reflecting oneself. The behaviour of Scientology against Steven Fishman and Dr. Uwe Geertz shows to what extent the organization is paranoid and dangerous.

Judge Breckenridge wrote in his memorandum of the Armstrong-case in 1984: "The organization clearly is schizophrenic and paranoid, and the bizarre combination seems to be a reflection of its founder LRH." That judgement is still valid today.

If one is a Scientologist he is both a victim and a perpetrator. The higher one climbs in the hierarchy of Scientology the more he solely gets more and more a perpetrator. Miscavige is truly the successor of Hubbard. He isn't indeed the "great inventor" like Hubbard. It is also not clear if he actually believes in the "technology". But being the leader of a totalitarian, criminal and paranoid system like Scientology, he must be at least a criminal and paranoid perpetrator of the same quality as Hubbard was.

People like Miscavige, who are treating other people dependable on him like slaves and are responsible for severe crimes, are a threat for every society. If one acts like Miscavige but wouldn't bother to cover it as "religious matter", he would immediately be sent to prison or placed behind psychiatric bars through the legislation of every modern state. Miscavige should be treated the same way. Noone has the right to enslave human beings and destroy men of a different opinion just because of "religious reasons".

L) List Of Attached Documents

A) Brief Description Of My Scientology Career

In The Sea Org

Document 1:
Certificate about the successful completion of the course "Staff Status I" on „Product 1.
Document 2:
The "Posting Order", which made my promotion to the "Director of Procurement" official.
Document 3:
The application letter for a new visa at the US consulate in Germany. The most interesting sentence in it: "He will not be involved in the selling of articles or the solicitation or acceptance of donations."
Document 4:
The flight ticket from Saint Petersburg to Frankfurt/Germany

The Mousiol Company

Document 5:
Impact No. 34, May 1991, the magazine of the "International Association of Scientologists".
Page 16 above, from right to left: The "President" of the FSO, Peter Mousiol, Achim Bendig, Kay Barre and two other Scientologists.
Page 18: Karlheinz Schneider receives the "Patron Meritorious"-plaque by Guillaume Lesevre, "Executive Director International".
Page 19: Peter Mousiol receives the "Patron Meritorious"-plaque by Guillaume Lesevre.
Page 20 and 21: Detlev Foullois and Karl-Erich Heilig are awarded with the "Gold Meritorious"-status by Guillaume Lesevre and Janet Light, "President IAS Administrations".
Document 6:
The report of Peter Mousiol, written in October '92.

B) The Managing Of The Flag Service Org In Theory And Practice

How I Experienced David Miscavige's Role In Scientology

Document 7:
Source No. 90, November 1993, German edition, "The Magazine of the Flag Land Base".
Page 18: The announcement of the "Office of the RTC-Representatives". Quote from the text: "Mr. Miscavige said: "I have established an Office of RTC-Representatives here at Flag. I cannot always be here, and it is the wish of RTC, that nothing is in the way of those, who want to go OT as fast as possible." "
With the installation of a RTC-office at the FSO he bypasses the whole management of Scientology.

The FSO Under Hubbard

Document 8:
Some examples of "LRH Advices" which were contained in my "Full Hat Pack".

C) How Scientology Ethics Was Applied

Document 9:
Source No. 95, Spring 1995, German edition, "The Magazine of the Flag Land Base".
Page 16: Picture and interview with Richard Reiss, "Senior Case Supervisor FSO".
Document 10:
Source No. 95, Spring 1995, German edition, "The Magazine of the Flag Land Base".
Page 2: Picture of the "Executive Council of the FSO": Debbie Cook, Commanding Officer FSO is standing in front. Mark Lizer, the replacement of the "Executive Director" Wiebke Hansen of the Scientology-organization in Hamburg, is the fifth from left. Tristan Buchanan, former "Supercargo FSO" is standing far left.

E) The Politics Of Control Within the Sea Org

The Means Of Control

Document 11:
HCO Bulletin of 7 May 1968, "UPPER INDOC TRs". During one of the executive meetings we had to drill "Upper Indoc TRs" to get more able in controlling juniors.
Document 12:
HCO Policy Letter of 15 February 1979, "VERBAL TECH: PENALTIES". It shows that it isn't allowed in Scientology to discuss or interprete the "technology" of Hubbard.

H) "Fair Game" Or The Designated "Handling" Of "Squirrels"

Document 13:
HCO Policy Letter of 29 June 1968, "ENROLLMENT IN SUPPRESSIVE GROUPS". That policy was the guideline for the treatment of the public, mentioned in this chapter.

J) The Scientology Theory Of A World Conspiracy

Quotes Of Hubbard

Document 14:
Impact No. 55, Fall 1994, the magazine of the "International Association of Scientologists".
Page 6 and 7: The article "The criminal mind and the psychs" by L. Ron Hubbard.

How I Came Off

Document 15:
My self-made command-structure of the SS. At the far right one can see that the top-psychiatrist of the euthanasia-project had to report to two men of the SS.
Document 16:
The reply of a letter I wrote to the "Central Board of the Jews in Germany", in which I asked them if they knew anything about a big conspiracy of psychiatrists and psychologists against them during World War II. I was referred in that letter to the Institute of Contemporary History in Munich.
Document 17:
The letter of Frank McCall, in which he stated his theory about the "New World Order".


I declare under penalty of perjury that the aforementioned facts set forth are true and correct.

Respectfully Submitted,
Dated: April 19, 1996

Martin Ottmann
c/o EZW
Hölderlinplatz 2 A
70193 Stuttgart

Letter from Frank McCall to Martin Ostertag

                                                15/ Jan 93
Hallo Martin,

        you certainly have dug your heels into a hornet's nest.

        I see exactly what you are saying.

        It would take a brave person to take on this situation as
there is much bank reaction involved. Mistakes have been made and
there may be ser facs involved.

        Keep in mind the Rhodesian datum "no single OT can stand up to
an organised group".

        one can never crusade alone - it has to be with an organised

        I've been following the "news" in Germany, Bosnia and other
areas. Do you know about the group called "The new world order" ? You
need to, in order to get an overall picture. For 200 years a certain
group, including government heads, bankers, etc have been steadily
corrupting the people of Earth in order to bring about a slave
society. It is planned to culminate in the year 2000. All ???? have
going on in your area comes "down the ????" from that group. They'll
kill without a second thought.

        Scn *is* the group which will ?obviate? this whole plan so any
Scn will be a target.

        yes. Evelyn is here. She's OK.

                                        Keep well,


                                        Frank McCall

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