Lisa McPherson's baby-watch logs

The logs were released in the summer of 1997 on orders from the judge hearing the McPherson estate's lawsuit

FSO 00141


11:20 AM


  1. Bed was broken & room was messy. Was cleaned up & she rested/slept 4 or 5 hours. She's doing better today. Walking around now & doing better.
  2. Asked for a protein shake & was just delivered to her.
  3. Has not eaten.
  4. Around 1 AM punched out a person who was being assigned to do the watch. Valerie Demange is

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FSO 00142

still assigned to do the watch & doing well. Alice Van Grondel replaced her around 2 - 2:30 AM.

[Illegible signature] Security

[he was identified as Alphonso Barcenas]

FSO 00745

22 Nov 95 Ethics FSO cc: HAS FSO

via Qual Sec FSO

via Dir Correction FSO Librarian FSO

Knowledge Report HASFSO

At 1:30 am last nite HASFSO walked me out of bed. She rubbed me to wake up & acted very friendly. I was quite asleep as I have not slept well for days & was very tired as I start my day at 6:50 am as I help weight train the Class 12's each morning without fail. She told me that I needed to go on watch for some public that flapped. She said that Suzanne Shurenberger, MCO Office Mgr, was ordered to do it but refused. She told me Ryan Landry was waiting downstairs for me in the car then she walked away and looked outside said something and came back. I started to awaken & said this is not my hat & she said it wasn't hers & she was very sick & was to be in bed. I knew this is true on being ill as I had given her an assist before & she's my roommate & I've never seen her come home on time except once. It's usually 3-4-5 am. She then told me I had to do this as Emma Schammerborn Public MLO did this & Emma's in her 60's or 70's & was up with her 2 nites. She said I needed to have the SO member VP & they had sent some new EPF graduate over there was left because the Type III was too much for her & I was a vet & could handle it. She said Suzanne Shorenberger would hold the library as this was her hat. I refused again & again. She then proceeded to swear at me -- F this and F that & if an exec asked me to handle would I say "no sir to them I tried to say that our execs would never

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FSO 00746

demand this & she started swearing again at me. This went on 25 minutes. I went on this watch as I had no senior to consult with at 2 am. I went into the room & she was total Type III. Blabbering, incoherent nonstop. Shaking, no warm clothes on -- a old top & shorts & shoes -- no socks. She fell asleep for 4 hours & got up. I finally chased her around the place 50 times & got on slacks, tee shirt, jacket, socks & shoes -- she was like an ice cube. She talked incoherently hour after hour. She refused to eat & spit out everything she took. Her breathe was foul. She looked ill like measles or chicken pox on her face. Had a fever to my touch. After 1 pm she went violent & hit me a few times telling me she was to kill me #s of times. I called in the "guard" outside -- the fellow am HCO staff member -- new one a Mexican gentleman. He stayed with me during the rage -- but she still smacked me around. (I did cover & guard myself but she was out of control). I finally got her to drink a protein shake but she wouldn't eat or sleep any further. This lasted til 4 pm. There was no post coverage for my library & it was very busy per Qual 1H In fact no one was R-factored til later per the Qual 1H. I had no food, drink or sleep the whole time. Now I'm not in uniform -- can't get back to my room; starving -- have no $ to get food, no key to my room & out of sorts from the whole ordeal.


Alice Van Gondelle

Librarian FSO

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