Media coverage concerning Lisa McPherson's death


Ruling lets Scientology death lawsuit proceed
A judge decides that a jury needs to examine the circumstances of Lisa McPherson's death.
SP Times 14 January 2003

Bitterness prolongs case against Scientology
By HOWARD TROXLER, Times Columnist
SP Times 15 January 2003

Lawsuit grinds to another delay
The Church of Scientology is given time to appeal the judge's ruling that the lawyer for the McPherson estate should not be disqualified.
SP Times 18 January 2003

Former Scientology critic wants judge hearing wrongful death suit off case
Associated Press, January 21, 2003

  Today would have been Lisa McPherson's 44th birthday  
Date of Birth 2/10/59 -- Scientology Isolation 11/18/95 -- Dead on Arrival 5/12/95


Church requests that [breach of contract #1] trial be moved
The church says a survey shows that Pinellas jurors have been heavily influenced by media reports. Respondents used words such as "cult" and "evil" frequently.
SP Times 23 May 2003

(Link to Scientology's motion)

Editorial: Scientology's image
SP Times 9 June 2003

Scientologists accept Clearwater trial [for breach of contract #1]
Attorneys for the Church of Scientology in Clearwater withdrew their request Tuesday 10 June, to transfer a civil case to Palm Beach or Broward county.
PalmBeachPost 11 June 2003

Church drops venue change [for breach of contract #1]
Scientologists will allow the upcoming trial to "determine the ability to empanel and unbiased jury."
SP Times 11 June 2003

Church moves to relocate civil trial [for breach of contract #1]
Lawyers for the Church of Scientology again say that media reports have turned Tampa Bay against them.
SP Times 27 June 2003

Scientology finds a jury - in Pinellas [for breach of contract #1]
The church's lawyers had argued that an impartial jury could not be seated. But Tuesday, a complex civil trial began.
SP Times 13 August 2003

Scientology seeks millions as punishment [for breach of contract #1]
A lawyer involved in a wrongful death suit should pay more than $2-million, the church contends.
SP Times 20 August 2003


After just three hours of deliberation, the jury returned with a verdict of $4500 in damages. See the announcement on the message board. Also read my Letter to the Editors, correcting an error they copied from the Associated Press article. And more information on the latest jury verdict.


Scientology wanted millions, gets $4,500
Jurors don't buy the church's argument that a lawyer involved in a wrongful death case owes it more than $2-million.
SP Times - 21 August 2003

The following articles are in response to new Scientology release forms which found their way to the Internet. Scientology has apparently not learned its lesson that locking up psychotic people like Lisa McPherson and depriving them of medical attention was not a good thing to do, but instead wants its members to sign a - what's been termed - "The Lisa McPherson Clause"- if they want to do there Scientology "services" in Clearwater, the same town they held Lisa until she was dead. Members have to sign the contract, promising not to sue if they are harmed.

Will Scientology Celebs Sign 'Spiritual' Contract?
Fox News 3 September 2003

New York Post: Page Six, 4 September 2003

Report: Scientology Stars Sign Away Basic Rights
Church Being Sued By Family Of Scientology Member Who Died
NBC-5 Chicago, 11 September 2003

Scientology onder fire
Globe Magazine, 22 September 2003

Scientologists demand too much from their members
The Oracle, 23 September 2003

A Church's Lethal Contract
By Dr. David S. Touretzky and Peter Alexander
Imagine a church so dangerous, you must sign a release form before you can receive its "spiritual assistance."
Razor Magazine December/January double issue

KDGE-FM (Dallas) morning show, December 4, 2003: interview with Peter Alexander. Transcript courtesy of Sue Mullaney.



Lawyer 'Wins' Slander Suit Against Him By Church Of Scientology
Lawyers Weekly USA, 13 October 2003


  Today would have been Lisa McPherson's 45th birthday  
Date of Birth 2/10/59 -- Scientology Isolation 11/18/95 -- Dead on Arrival 5/12/95

Scientologists settle death suit
Terms of the unexpected settlement are confidential in the wrongful death suit brought by the estate of Lisa McPherson.
SP Times 29 May 2004

Church settlement brings relief
To the disappointment of some outsiders, those mired in the Scientology case were ready for the draining episode to end.
SP Times 6 June 2004

Scientology settlement
The settlement of the Lisa McPherson wrongful-death lawsuit against the Church of Scientology leaves many questions about the case open to speculation.
(discusses the pressure exerted by Judge Robert Beach to settle)
SP Times editorial 15 June 2004

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