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RTC divorce and family break-up list - Scientology breaks up familes starting at the top and then works their way down

30 January 2008

^ Contents


David Miscavige [thereon, "DM"], Chairman of the Board RTC is personally splitting up spouses and breaking up families.

Scientology will tell you that this is not true but here are some examples:

Let's start with the TOP of Scientology: RTC

1. David Miscavige has broken up his own family as described by his own niece Jenna Miscavige.

2. David Miscavige sent his own wife Shelly away to CST – a remote location and she is now under tight security watch.

3. David Miscavige forced his own parents to divorce.

4. David Miscavige ordered all RTC staff to divorce their spouses or be busted out of RTC and posted in a lower org.

5. David Miscavige ordered that there were to be no more marriages at the Int base.

6. David Miscavige ordered Warren McShane to divorce his wife Marcella (Marcy) of 30 years who worked in the Snr C/S Int Office. Their son Sean McShane left the Sea Org and neither Warren nor Marcella can speak to him.

7. Laurisse Stuckenbrock was ordered by DM to divorce her husband Uwe after he blew from the base. Uwe was sent to the RPF in PAC and is currently dying of MS.

8. Greg Wilhere was made to disconnect from his son Darius who was sent off to Africa. Darius' wife Becky was made to divorce Darius once he was offloaded from the Int Base. This whole family was torn apart by DM.

9. Carol Bourke was ordered to divorce her husband Thomas Bourke who was a Gold staff member. They had been married for over 20 years.

10. Darnelle Bloomberg and David Bloomberg were forced by DM to divorce as Dave was not in RTC – another marriage destroyed after 20 plus years.

11. Fleur Thomas was made to divorce her husband John Thomas when he was offloaded from the Gold Base.

12. Luzia Radstrom was ordered to divorce Jesse Radstrom as he was a Gold staff member and not in RTC even though they work 5oo yards from each other on the same property.

13. Ailon Barram (Dave's personal secretary) was married to Rebecca Redmond and he was made to divorce her when she was suspected of "snooping" and being disaffected with Dave. She was promptly sent to the PAC RPF and Ailon was forced to divorce her. More recently he was engaged to be married to Emily Jones from 2002 but were never married as Dave had said he would be the minister which never happened, and Ailon and Emily were instead constantly in ethics trouble off and on, sec checked to see if they were screwing around and finally Emily herself was offloaded from the Sea Org (not before Shelly also had her sec checked for flirting with Dave and to find out if she was screwing him).

14. Brousseau, John ("JB") – Divorced from Deidre who was in Gold

15. McKay (Viau), Tori Lynn – Divorced in the early 90s from her then husband Ghislain Viau.

16. Graves, Chelsea – Divorced husband (Adam Sala) so that she could go to RTC – because Adam didn't "qualify" to go to the Int Base. Adam was also later offloaded from the Sea Org.

17. Matsumura, Nori – was married to Jenny Gaynor. Divorced in the early 90s (apparently Jenny since died of cancer).

18. Rossi, Liz – was married to Jim Moonie but was forced to divorce him when he was busted out of RTC in the late 80s/early 90s.

19. Irons, Georgiana (Dave's personal steward) – was married to Ron Sommerville – now divorced. Every person she has started a relationship with since has promptly ended as it got her in ethics trouble with Dave and/or Shelly. Georgiana was another one Shelly suspected of flirting with Dave.

20. Valerie Light (Dave's personal steward) – was married to Danny Light, son of Janet Light (head of IASA on the Freewinds). Since divorced as Danny got in trouble which made him not qualified to go to the Int Base. They were separated for two plus years with Valerie in Hemet and Danny in Clearwater and were finally made to divorce. Valerie was another one Shelly suspected of flirting with and screwing around with Dave and had her sec checked on this.

21. Sue Piche was made to divorce Gilles Piche in the early 90s when he was busted from RTC and sent to the RPF. She later married Greg Wilhere (1998) for which both her and Greg were then busted from RTC due to Sue's blow history (an out qualification for RTC – she blew the Sea Org in 1995 to go see her SP declared parents in Africa).

22. Anne Rathbun was made to divorce Marty after he blew from the Int Base for the 2nd time in February 2003. Not before they'd been separated and working on opposite coasts of the US for 7 years – Anne was the RTC Rep at Flag from 1996 and Marty was working at the Int Base.

23. Tanja Castle was Dave's personal secretary for [?]

24. Hara O'Hare was busted from RTC after working there for 20 years because she refused to divorce her husband of 30 plus years and father of her two children – Brenden O'Hare and Leah O'Hare.

25. Mette Jensen Pereznieto was forced to divorce her husband Leonardo after he was sent to the RPF (mid 90s).

26. Marion Dendiu was forced to divorce her husband of 10 years – Bill Dendiu – in 1997 after he blew from the Int Base.

27. Elsie Tucker Benhraiem (RTC Rep) was forced to divorce her husband William Tucker when he got in trouble with Dave.

28. Ty Webb was forced to break off his engagement of several years with Ari Brenner when she got in trouble with Dave and was sent to the RPF at Flag.

29. Mariette Lindstein was forced to divorce Billy Lindstein after being separated from him for six plus years (he was sent off the Base as a command team member in 1996 and was later sent to the RPF).

30. Lesley Worstell was forced to divorce her husband of many years, Robert Worstell when he was offloaded from the Sea Org due to a medical condition. This was not before they had been separated for at least four years when Lesley was posted on the Int Base and Robert stayed in LA as he was not qualified to go to the Base.

31. Susanne Widmer Hattenbach was forced to divorce Jonathon Hattenbach so she could be posted at the Base and from there posted in RTC. She was busted from CMO Int in September 2004 because she wouldn't call off her engagement to Tim Larsen who was being posted in CMO Int with the rest of AVC (AVC was moved to CMO Int at that time).

32. Most RTC Reps sent off from the base were separated from their spouses at the base for several years. Some are possibly still separated. The RTC Reps were sent out in 1996. A couple of examples from this evolution are Melanie and John Peeler: Melanie was sent off to Flag as an RTC Rep in 1996 while John remained at the base. They were separated for 4 years. John left the SO in 2000 and Melanie was forced to divorce him. Aldona Challinor Medina There are probably other examples from the same evolution.

Until Next Time...


Musical chairs - INT Base style / It just keeps coming

14 October 2007

^ Contents


[This was posted in two parts, I made the two parts seamless for convenience]

It was just another day in hell.

We had been "restricted" to the CMO Int/WDC conference room for 2 months now. The basic R-factor (Reality Factor) was that until all org boards and postings for the Int Base, FB and Class V orgs were done, we were not allowed to leave. We had to sleep under our desks each night and food was brought in. We were allowed to go down to the Gold Estates Building for showers if we went down real early. We were not allowed to be around while other base staff were around.

We were allowed to go to different areas of the Base, if it was regarding a specific COB order that had been issued. If we were to have been found to cross order COB in any way while we were in any areas, it was an immediate RPF assignment.

For the most part there was nothing we could do. Anyone who had an external facing post was not allowed to send any traffic out. All telex lines and orders from the base were cut by COB. As all of the traffic coming from the base was cross ordering HIS strategies, he ordered no traffic be passed on by AVC to ANY orgs or management units. All of the internal facing posts were involved in the org boards and postings. The org boards and postings had been going on since the year 2000. Actually the New Years 2000 Event sealed the deal on these and was the flap of the century if you want to call that.

Because the event had been ordered worked on since January of 1999, and nobody did anything on it until the end of September, it was a complete fiasco. Dave almost got speared to death by a college kid welding a 12 foot flag, his speech was written by him over night and he had no sleep before the event. All of the visuals that accompanied his speech were not ready and when he was reading his speech, pictures that had nothing to do with what he was saying were being projected on the screens behind him.

The entire Event had to be re-done digitally after it was held live at the Sports Arena. This took 2 months to do over at least. The entire time this was being done, the continued statement of why the entire event had been a disaster was that NO ONE HAD A POST AND NO ONE AT THE INT BASE WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING. That was in 2000

It is now 2005 and we are locked up in the conference room. This is the latest in a series of "too grusesomes" meant to make people crack under the pressure and do something that COB has asked for.

COB RTC (Dave Miscavige) asked for a lot of things in a day. If one someone were to keep track of everything things he asked for and typed them up, it would take them – Oh wait he has a staff of eight people that do this as their sole function!! They are:

COB Secretary
COB Communicator
COB Sec for Correspondence
COB Sec for Compliance
COB Sec for Incoming Traffic
COB Sec for Outgoing Traffic
COB typist
COB typist

The record everything he says throughout the day and then turn those tapes into streams and streams of orders that get sent out in triplicate to anybody and everybody that has anything to do with any of them. These people then have to Method 9 word clear his orders before they can even do anything on them.

There are over 2000 pages of transcripts that deal solely with the subject of getting the Int Base org boards and postings done!

There are lists and lists of every single different possible personnel scenario that could be put into place at the Int Base. Does CMO Gold stay its own org? Does it get put in the Exec structure of Gold? Does it move into CMO Int? Does Annie Tidman stay the CO? If it goes to Gold then she can't still be the head as her and Lisa Schroer don't get along that well. Does it get moved across the property, does it stay in the 400's buildings. All of these are taken into account for each org and all of the postings that are being done.

For at least the last seven years, the org boards and posting have gone like this: All of the postings get worked out by a committee of whoever thinks they are the current exec structure in charge. They order the EstoS to draw up all of the charts and pictures of everybody so it can be seen who is where. Personnel files and experience data is rarely if ever used, this is a "who would I like to do what" drill that gets done by a few people. If the persons doing this drill don't like you, it is likely you will end up on a post that sucks. Okay, so this takes at least a few weeks and the list is almost done. There are however a few WDC and higher exec posts like Gold Div heads that are still vacant. As nobody wants to do those posts as they know that they have a very high turnover rate, the whole thing stalls out and cannot be finished. Dave Miscavige calls a meeting and then all of these people that are doing the org boards and posting get hauled up to Building 50 or the WDC conference room for 9 hours to hear what people Dave thinks should be on what posts and which people he DOES NOT want on certain posts.

After this meeting, they start over on the list and have to somehow put all of the pieces back they way Dave wants them and still be able to come up with a lists that makes sense. Add into this that they had to offload 5 people and 4 people blew since the last list was made. So now they have to someone get rid of some posts or name some people that are not even at the base to take these posts once they get to Int.

Oh yeah, no new people can come to the Int base until the org boards and postings are done so no new personnel arrivals have gone to Int for nearly seven years. There have been over 500 offloads though. You can leave out the backdoor, but no one can come in the front. (Cue all of the LRH references that talk about what it means when personnel lines are shut down.)

Oh yeah, and for the rest of the things that are not allowed until all of the Int Base Org boards and postings are done. These apply ALL INT BASE STAFF unless otherwise noted:

Meal breaks longer than 30 minutes
Canteen privileges
Getting Married
Having rank (all Int Base staff were demoted to a rank of "Swamper" since the year 2000)
Sea Org Day
New Years
Birthdays (except COB's) bring on the gifts!
Going home to berthing (if you are directly related to getting the postings or boards done)

Okay, so now back to the main story here! We are locked up in the conference room and Dave is going to come down and meet with the key execs on the music studio. It has just been redone for the fourth time and Dave wants to go over what he found when walking through the Studio that afternoon.

When one of these meetings happens, you have about 20 people who just go into a room and do not come out for hours on end. You will see COB come and goes as he pleases, but the people in the room do not leave, for nothing, no bathroom breaks, no snacks nothing. When Dave leaves or is going to be gone for a bit, sometimes they can duck into a nearby room, grab a protein bar, take a bathroom break and go right back into the room for fear that he will return while they are gone.

No one is allowed to come into a meeting once Dave has entered the room. Once he is in the room, it is locked down so to speak. No one comes or goes unless he directs it.

Today's meeting will be at 3PM in the CIC conference room in CMO Int. This room holds about 20 people max and that is with about 10 sitting on one side of the table and the rest standing behind them or sitting in chairs in the room behind the ones sitting at the table. The other side of the table is for Dave. He usually sits at the table and has a set variety of things that have been placed there by his stewards before the meeting:

Water (specific brand that only he drinks) No one would dare drink that same brand water!
Protein bars
Pack of Camel non-filter cigarettes
Tape recorder (unless room is hardwired for recording which all Int Base conference rooms are)

The attendants of this meeting are the CST guys, Russ Bellin and his staff that are running projects at the Base, CMO Int execs, and Gold Execs. Annie Tidman is there as she is directly running the Music Studio re-re-re-re-renovation and up-up-grade that is currently being done.

COB comes in and immediately asks who has been into the studio lately. Of course only one or two people have and even they are probably lying, so he tells everybody to go and look at the main control room. The music studio is right next to CMO INT so it is a 30 second trip over there. The musicians are in there and they have a look of horror on their faces, obviously COB has been by there recently. They say he came in, asked some questions and left.

We return to the CIC conference room. After a bunch of back and forth questions and guesses from us on what is wrong, we are told by Dave that the mix board was crooked and we all get sent back to the studio control room to see what he is talking about.

Okay, back in the conference room he give us a lecture on mixing and how it's done blah, blah, blah. He then asks for a copy of the "Queen's Greatest Hits" CD to be brought down to the conference room. After it is brought down he plays the CD for us and tells us to listen. You have got to picture this. You have 20 people who probably don't give a crap about Queen, have not eaten, are tired and exhausted do not care about mixing or at least are certainly not going to take away a whole lot in terms of learning about it today, but yet we listen…

While Dave is playing the CD for us, I think during "Keep Yourself Alive" he suddenly becomes very happy and jumps up from the table. "I just had a great idea!" he says. He is the happiest any of us have seen him in months, almost in glee about this new idea that has popped into his head. He says that we should get something to eat, then get all of CMO Int rounded up and into the WDC conference room for a meeting in about an hour. He says to remove the table from the middle of the room and make sure that there are enough chairs for EVERY SINGLE PERSON to sit down. He is very clear to make sure we understand this part.

The room has been cleared out. Now the WDC Conference room is much bigger than any other conference rooms on the base. It is basically two trailers put together with no walls or post to block Dave's view of anyone on the meeting. That is why he likes meeting in this room, he can be close enough to the large amount of people in the meeting to read their reactions. Well, with the table cleared out, there is a lot of people now in the room. All CMO Int except for two Gold Execs. No one had a clue why we are there. We know that Dave was happy about some idea that he had come up while listening to a Queen album and other than that the meeting purpose is unknown. It is around 5:30PM.

Dave shows up and talks about the org boards and postings, He also talks about how there have been over 500 people that have been musical chaired off post over the last 5 years. (He leaves out the part about most of them being as a result of his orders) He then asks a few people what musical chairs means. About 3 people answer with the Scientology definition of musical chairs, no one seems to know that it means something else. One guy from Programs says that it is a game. Dave has him explain the game to everybody.

"Good. So you guys understand the game?" Dave asks. "Okay, well today we are all going to find out how the entirety of Scientology feels about you guys playing musical chairs with the posts of international Scientology orgs and the Int Base. We are going to play the game musical chairs, but with a twist. You are all going to walk around these chairs here, while the music plays, a chair will be removed, and whoever does not get a chair when the music stops, well, that person will be offloaded from the Int Base."

"Those are the rules and that is the game. Oh and the person who is left standing when all but one chair is pulled out will stay here and help me repost the base and get Scientology expanded. This is not a joke and I am not kidding. You guys have fucked with me for the last time. I am going to find out right now and right here, who is the most determined to stay here."

You can imagine the horror on the faces in the room. There were about 70 people in the room and everybody knew that this was going to be a very cutthroat ordeal.

And what did "offloaded" mean? There were so many definitions for this word at the Int Base that this was not so clear. To most this would mean that they were going to be given $500 put on a bus to the middle of nowhere and told to never come back. Some had the hope that it meant to a lower org maybe. To some it meant going to the RPF in ANZO, CANADA or AFRICA where no external trouble could be caused.

There was a lot of fumbling around to get the chairs into a giant circle. Dave had the Cine Sec Gold (Federico Tisi) bring up a video camera so they whole thing could be videoed. This was going to be a major production!

Dave played a few CDs. The Queen one did not work for what he was trying to do. "We are the Champions" was not the right message for this. "Mozart's Requiem Mass" was what I think he ended up using. How appropriate!

Anyway, the first people to go were the usual suspects, the older, more reserved bunch. As people would leave the game, Dave had them lined up in one area of the room. He would jab comments at them and apologize for it having to end up like this. If the person was married or had a spouse in Gold, he would ask them why they had not thought about this before. "Is it real to you now?" he would ask.

One guy, John Oldfield, was leaving the game. He was married to Megan Oldfield in Gold. She was a video editor and they had been married at least few years. John had tears running down his face. Dave asked him why he was crying. John said that he was going to miss Megan and that he did not want to have to leave like this. Dave said, "Well you never cried for me!"

To prove that he was not kidding, Dave had one of his staff go off and come back with actual airline tickets printed up with the people's names on them. They were handed out to people that had been kicked from the game so far.

As the amount of people was getting thinner, Dave started to let the music play longer. This went on for hours.

When it got down to around 20 people, it started to get VERY physical. Mark Ingber and Mike Sutter actually destroyed a chair by pulling it from each other and fighting and punching each other to let go of it. Mark Ingber actually ripped the seat of the chair from the frame and sat down on it on the floor! That counted and Mike left the game!

As the final people were weeding out, people were being thrown to the ground, pushed against walls and otherwise totally fighting for a chair. If you could imagine what it would be like if pro athletes played a game of musical chairs, that was what it was like for the last 15 or so people.

It was very sad to watch. People, who were best friends for years, were throwing their best friend to the ground for a chance to get a seat in a chair. Most of the people who had lost were just made to stand there and wait. Wait and do nothing except wonder where you would end up, what would you do, who would you ever see again?

Most of these people knew nothing else except for the Int Base. They had very little or no family, or at least they had not seen their family in so long, they did not even know if they could go to them.

No one had credit cards, bank accounts, any more than 50 dollars to their name. Very few staff had driver's licenses and fewer had vehicles. And even if they did have a vehicle, it either did not run or had been years since they had registered or insured it. How would they live, how would they even eat? What would their spouses think of them? Would they be told that they were an SP and never hear from their family or partner again?

There were now around 70 people standing off in this big group. These people were now being referred to as the "Offload Group" by Dave. 50% had either been crying or were crying at this point. The other half might have even been happy to get the hell out of there or did not care enough either way to cry.

The last 4 people were Greg Wilhere, Sue Wilhere, Mark Ingber and Lisa Schroer. Mark was literally thrown aside by Greg Wilhere. Lisa beat out Greg for a seat.

Sue Wilhere and Lisa Schroer walked around a single chair for what seemed to be an eternity while Mozart rang out. Then the music stopped.

The music stops and both of them fight for the single seat.

As fate would have it, Lisa Schroer got the seat and Sue was sent to the side.

"A deal is a deal," Dave Miscavige says to Lisa, "you can stand next to me."

"The rest of you are not done yet. We still have to figure out where you will all end up going."

At this point Dave tells everybody to split up into groups of 7 and that no couples can be in any groups. So if both you and your spouse were in the room, you would have to go to different groups so that even once offloaded, you could not be together!

The groups were split into seven separate groups. 10 people in seven groups of ten.

Dave asked the first group where they thought that they should go. Of course none of them could agree on one place as there were 10 different people from 10 completely different places in the world. "Okay, I know how to solve this" Dave has Marj Habshied brought into the room from her office. Marj was working in ESI as the SO#1 I/C. People would write in to ED INT from orgs all over the planet and she would answer them for him. Most of the time he would not even see the responses or even care to read them. This went on for years. Anyway, Marj was fresh on DM's mind from this flap that had recently come up, so she would decide the fate of ten people today.

DM was also careful to make sure that everyone in the room knew that no one could tip Marj off to what was going on in the room. Everybody needed to put on a happy face and not say ONE SINGLE WORD to Marj when she came in.

Marj walks into the room. Dave asked her if she knows a lot about the different Conts around the world and the state of the Scientology orgs in each. She said that she was very knowledgeable about this as she gets letters from all areas and knows which ones complain about what in each area. Dave asked her to tell him which one that she felt was the worst of all. She hemmed and hawed a bit, but eventually came up with Canada.

Dave had someone sent off to fetch the Org photos binders for Canada that exist in the Landlord office. These photos were weekly updated binders of all orgs and Sea Org units in Canada.

Marj was asked to wait by Dave until the photos arrived. Little did Marj know that she was actually deciding where ten people would end up going after being offloaded tonight.

The photos arrive and sure enough there are pictures of black toilets crusted in filth, 15 beds in a single room at the CLO berthing, Showers with green mold on the tiles, etc. The photos were horrid. In the binder it had said that the CLO had been broken into just a week prior and that the CLO was behind on rent and the crew had not been paid in many weeks. The CLO was not making enough money to purchase food for the crew and some had been working on missions in the orgs so that they could get food and berthing money to support at least themselves.

Dave asked Marj if she was sure that this is the Cont that she considered the worst of all. She agreed and was dismissed. As soon as she left the room and was out of earshot, Dave said that the first group would be going to Canada.

Dave then asked the next group who they thought the most out ethics person on the base was, This person was brought up to the room and then their Cont was picked out.

This went on for at least an hour, Dave reading out things about the Cont, showing the pictures around the room, making sure that everybody could see that any place they went was going to suck and that no matter what, the INT Base was a resort compared to any of these places.

Now all Conts were picked.

  3. ANZO
  4. PAC
  5. EAST US
  6. WUS
  7. CC INT

The CC Int team was given their Cont by Dave. He had asked that he get to decide one Cont. CC Int did not seem like that bad an area compared to the rest. There had to be a catch. The team assigned to CC INT would be a cleaning team specifically and that is all that they could do. They were a cleaning team that was assigned to ONLY PUBLIC areas and Celeb areas. Dave said that if they were going to get to go to CC they should be able to get to see celebrities and that that he would make sure that they did. "Ashtrays, toilets, trash cans and Celebrities will be your life."

Just when everybody thought that the torture was over, Dave says "Well, you have got to have uniforms too"

Dave then asked the CC INT team if they could think of someone who they thought was hip or cool. Becket Wells was brought up as a person that was up on the latest fashions and styles. "Good" Dave says, "get him up here."

Dave makes sure everyone knows that the same rules apply; NO ONE tells Becket what is happening or says anything to him at all. ONLY Dave is allowed to talk to him.

Becket walks in and Dave tell him that we are all doing an exercise and that Dave wants him to pick out some uniform parts for some crew to wear. He asks Becket to describe the most hideous outfit that anyone would ever want to wear.

The outfit would end up being:

  1. Pink running shoes
  2. White socks that went past the knee
  3. A huge Cowboy belt buckle
  4. Bright green short shorts
  5. A pirate shirt with 4 inch black buttons on the chest
  6. Fluorescent yellow waist pack
  7. Red Riding hood - hood

"That is Hideous" Dave said and then thanked Becket for his help.

As Becket left the room, Dave Miscavige turned to the CC Int team and said that that would be their uniform and that they had to wear it whenever they were in ANY public areas. He also specifically added that they could not EVER pick trash up with any sort of tool. It always hand to be handled with the hands, same with ashtrays, they were to dig the butts out with their bare hands and no tools could ever be used except in the case of toilets or urinals - they could use a sponge or greenies, but no gloves or extended brushes.

Just when we thought it all was over and we could at least get off to out Conts. Dave asked that each group pick one person amongst themselves that everybody could agree was the worst of the pack. The most out ethics, most disliked whatever. The least liked person from each group was singled out. By this time, how could it get any worse?

Dave said that each of these most disliked people would be writing the issue assigning one OTHER group to the Cont they were being sent to! And it would be signed COMMANDER.

So Mark Ingber who was going to Canada, was writing the issue for the PAC group and it was going to be coming from COMMANDER MARK INGBER. This was being done for all the groups and everybody had an issue that was being written by someone who was also being offloaded, but just not to the same area!

Each group had their issues written up by hand. Each group was then charged with getting the issues proofread, typed and copied and ready for distribution.

Once all this was done. Dave gave everybody a final pep talk. He asked if anyone had anything to say. NO one did. He said that the buses would be ready to leave at 6AM. It was now 1AM. Each person would need to be ready to go and NO items would be going with them except for the clothes on their backs.

Of course, anyone with spouses had already secured for the night, anyone who had friends, family, co-workers or people that they wanted to talk to before leaving were unable to be contacted. The buses would be long gone BEFORE any of these people would be coming in for post.

All of the phones were ripped out of the room so that no calls could be made to other parts of the base where staff might be working late. All communication lines were cut. About 30 minutes after the meeting had ended, there were a few people saying how this was the "last chance people would have to make things right in their S.O. careers" and that "if they made the Conts expand, they probably would be able to come back to the Int Base one day far, far in the future."

An hour later, all the different groups had found their way back to their little space under a desk or in a chair and most people had gone to sleep for the night. Sobs and faint crying could be heard for hours throughout the room. If you were not crying yourself to sleep that night, someone else was doing the crying for you.


The crew were rounded up and mustered. Change of plans. NO ONE IS GOING ANYWHERE! Turns out it is going to cost a fortune to fly all of these people all over the place and the logistics were not finalized on how everybody would be shipped off to the different Conts. Dave had called down late during the night and said that he was not willing to waste one money single cent of Church money dealing with the Int Base SPs

Some people might end up going later in the day, and some might end up going that night providing everything was properly worked out.

The day went by painfully slow. No one knew who was doing the logistics workouts and no one was leaving the "SP room". It was just more torture, everyone waiting, but nothing they could do.

Days would go by and nothing ever happened. Dave Miscavige actually ended up leaving the base and going off somewhere for a Legal Case and the whole thing sort of faded away. Everybody just assumed that whenever the logistics got worked out, they would get shipped off to their Cont and until then they would make the best of it.

Later we would all find out that NO ONE HAD EVER WORKED OUT ANY FLIGHTS, COSTS, OR ANYTHING. It was all just one big pile of shit. Dave Miscavige never intended for anyone to leave, be offloaded to ANY Conts or wear ridiculous outfits while scrubbing urinals by hand. But he wanted us to all think that we were!

More than TWO YEARS LATER, the SP ROOM, SP HALL or whatever you want to call it is filled with pretty much the same people that played Musical Chairs that one night. Those who could blow, did. Those who played it smart DID actually get offloaded to some Conts then blew from there. But there are still many left:

  1. Arbuckle, Mary – ex Typesetter I/T R Comps
  2. Bellin, Russ – ex CO CST
  3. Biggs (Knapmeyer), Alison – ex R Comps Programs Ops
  4. Blankenship, Angie – ex COB Project Ops, Local Programs Ops
  5. Bloomberg, Dave – ex MEI, ED ASI
  6. Bolstad, Pam – ex CO's Comm CST
  7. Buglewicz, Pat Lawrence – ex Incomm Rep Int
  8. Cruzen, Richard Gilman – All–around man (has been Audio Prod Sec, Manufacturing Sec, R Comps Sec, CMU Sec, AVEI, RAV, etc.) most successful as Audio Mixer
  9. Greilich, Russ Lyle – ex LRH Lecture Mix I/C, Audio Prod Sec
  10. Hughes, Gregory Kenneth Snr. – ex Int Finance Dir, GIEI, WDC WISE
  11. Ingber, Liz – ex Admin Compiler, CO CMO Gold
  12.  Ingber, Mark Allen – ex Admin Comps I/C R Comps, CO CMOI, WDC Pubs
  13. Jaramillo (Yager), Michelle Lynette – ex Book Editor RComps, Proofreading I/C, Port Captain CMOI, Snr Messenger
  14. Jentzsch, Heber – ex President CoS
  15. Koon, Susan Jane – ex Compilations Dir RComps (RTRC Dir)
  16. Lemmer, Kathy – ex CO Incomm, CO Gold
  17. Lemoine, Robert – ex Dir Maintenance & Policing Incomm Int
  18. Lesevre, Guillaume – ex ED Int
  19. Light, Janet – ex President IASA
  20. Linson (DeVocht), Jenny – ex CO CMOI, CO CMO CW
  21. Mason, Aron – ex IMPR Scriptwriter, IMPR, Dir PR OSA I, Freedom Mag Editor OSA I
  22. Mithoff, Raymond H. – ex IG Tech, Snr C/S Int, Tech Compiler RComps
  23. Moresi, Bruno – ex Int Project 4th CST
  24. Reynolds, Wendell A. – ex Berthing Construction I/C, Int Finance Dir, CO Gold
  25. Rinder, Catherine Albertina – ex R Comps Tape Editor, Compiler, D/CO Prod CMOI
  26. Schless, Peter Harrison – ex Music Dir Gold, Freedom Medal Winner
  27. Schwartzgruber, Rita – ex ED Int, CO CMO IXU?
  28. Spurlock, Lyman Doyle jr. – ex Int Finance Dir, Building 36 Sanitation Engineer, RTC Legal man without a post title
  29. Starkey, Norman F – ex MCI Cleaner, AVC Aide, Trustee ASI
  30. Swartz, Fredric Samuel – ex Shrinkwrap Operator Dissem, GIEI
  31. Tisi (Feshback, Charbonneau), Katherine – ex Qual Sec Gold
  32. Trussell, Bert – ex Int Project 3rd CST
  33. Weiland, Kurt – ex CO OSA Int, CO CMOI
  34. Weinberg, Rena – ex ED ABLE Int, Freedom Medal Winner
  35. Wheelis, Michele – ex O/O CST
  36. Wilhere, Sue – ex Compilations Dir R Comps
  37. Willis, Tom – ex Dir R&D CST
  38. Vorm, Tom – ex D/CO Prod CST
  39. Yager, Marc A. – ex IMPR Events Execution Off,CO CMOI, D/CO Prod CMOI, IG Admin, Snr Messenger

In my next post, I will tell exactly how to get a family member or friend out of the Int Base. How could I know? I have done it with three people so far and it works every time.

Until next time… BFG

The Rise of Rinder and Other Notes / OSA - Want to make a trade? I will take payment in the form of one direct relative!

13 September 2007

^ Contents


[This is a post in answer to this one]

Okay. A few notes. This is no dig on your posts Swift, but I have only posted here with the intention of spreading the exact true info on what has happened and what is happening and the reasons behind them. With that in mind, I have made a few notes that back up what you have said or explain them in greater detail with background info where I felt it was needed.

In regards to Mike Rinder - first of all, Rinder did not fall. His rose up and got out. Best thing he ever did for any of us or himself. When someone is at the Int Base, they have been brainwashed and poisoned by Dave Miscavige into thinking a certain way. In Mike's eyes, he was doing what was best for the entire human race and all eternity. It took awhile, but through years of abuse, he was able to see that this was not the case and he got out.

So now that he is out and that is in the past, let's try not to trash talk the hell out of him. He has to start his entire life over now. I would think that all that he has been subjected to over the last 30 years would be enough punishment for whatever wrong was done during that same time.

Now to answering/commenting on some of Swift's items.

The BBC PR Flap was the final straw that brought down Mike Rinder.

BBC Flap most definitely was the straw that broke Mike Rinder's back. He blew from England Dave Miscavige threatened him for the last time.

2. A German Gov't Minister allegedly asked Tom Cruise directly why United Artists should be allowed to shoot Cruise's movie in Germany when CoS was suppressing free speech in America by harassing a BBC reporter. This triggered a round of phone calls between Cruise and DM.

Sure Tom called DM. And DM immediately gave out lashings right afterwards. The call that went to Rinder was the last time Dave would talk to Rinder.

3. Always one to keep Scientology's Jesus Christ happy, DM blamed Rinder for allowing Tommy Davis to use out PR techniques on the BBC. Rinder was likewise blamed for not flying down to Florida immediately and taking over the "BBC Handling" after the scene on the rooftop where Tommy Davis confronted Sweeney and Shaun Lonsdale.

Rinder was PRESENT for a lot of the Tommy interviews you can actually see him in the background in some of them not saying a word.

3A. Rinder was said to have been getting digital footage of everything Tommy was doing in near real time. DM reportedly had left most of the BBC Handling to Rinder as he was busy putting all of his finishing touches on the Basics release. There was said to be many serious last minute problems with the Basics release that drew DM's attention away.

Dave Miscavige is the only one who gets footage. The tapes are shot by Jesse Radstrom (Gold Video Team & former RTC staff member) they then get driven to Gold, turned into digital files and sent to Dave Miscavige no matter he might be. He has a T3 internet line at every single office location around the world so that he can be sent huge video files in minutes.

Sure the Basics release was behind with last minute problems, but so has every other release in the last 15 years! It is normal for all aspects of production to get redone multiple times and still have something screwed up with them when they do get released.

Also Dave is often working on 750,000 items at the same time. This is why nothing can ever get done at the Int base. Dave has set himself up as the final approval on so many things, he cannot even get to them to get them approved. He has multiple stacks of proposals over ten feet high in his offices. Each submission must be in an exact format, full CSW and in most cases, if Dave has ever said anything about the subject, then you must have M9 word cleared these transcripts to be able to even present a submission for review by him. This being said, he is the final approval on the following items:

1. RTC important matters needed urgent attention
2. RTC postings
3. RTC transfers
4. RTC financial proposals
5. RTC building plans
6. RTC org boards
7. RTC Comm-Evs
8. RTC RPF Assignments

9. ASI important matters needed urgent attention
10. ASI postings
11. ASI transfers
12. ASI financial proposals
13. ASI building plans
14. ASI vehicle purchases
15. ASI org boards
16. ASI event plans
17. ASI Comm-Evs
18. ASI RPF Assignments
19. ASI special properties book designs
20. ASI books to tape plans
21. ASI books to tape designs
22. ASI books to tape final products
23. ASI marketing plans

24. Dave Miscavige Personal investments proposals

25. Church investments proposals

26. OSA matters
27. Daily press updates / handlings
28. Legal plans
29. Threat handling plans
30. Attorney meetings
31. Ongoing investigations / sec-check KR's / handlings
32. Court Case plans

33. CST important matters needed urgent attention
34. CST postings
35. CST transfers
36. CST financial proposals
37. CST building plans
38. CST vehicle purchases
39. CST org boards
40. CST Comm-Evs
41. CST RPF Assignments
42. Archival facility location
43. Archival facility design
44. Archival capsule design
45. Archival capsule material proposal
46. Archival capsule layout
47. Archival capsule contents by capsules
48. Overall archival capsule layout at archival facility
49. Archival records
50. Archival books
51. Archival record players

52. Book design/plan
53. Book front matter copy
54. Book back matter copy
55. Book cover art
56. Book cover text
57. Book cover design
58. Book Insert card copy
59. Book glossary
60. Book index
61. Book spine design
62. Book style
63. Book Edit
64. Book course checksheet
65. Book course pack
66. Book course pack cover
67. Book package design
68. Book package final art
69. Book package packaging
70. Book Marketing plans

71. Course checksheet
72. Course pack
73. Course pack cover
74. Course pack package design
75. Course pack package final art
76. Course pack packaging
77. Course Marketing plans
78. Delivery Course - Course checksheet (this is the course that tells you how to teach people to deliver the course)
79. Delivery Course - Course pack
80. Delivery Course - Course pack cover
81. Delivery Course - Course pack package design
82. Delivery Course - Course pack package final art
83. Delivery Course - Course pack packaging

84. C/S Delivery Course - Course checksheet (this is the course that tells you how to teach people to C/S the course)
85. C/S Delivery Course - Course pack
86. C/S Delivery Course - Course pack cover
87. C/S Delivery Course - Course pack package design
88. C/S Delivery Course - Course pack package final art
89. C/S Delivery Course - Course pack packaging

90. Repair Course - Course checksheet (this is the course that tells you how to fix people that have done any of the three above courses)
91. Repair Course - Course pack
92. Repair Course - Course pack cover
93. Repair Course - Course pack package design
94. Repair Course - Course pack package final art
95. Repair Course - Course pack packaging

96. New building proposals
97. New building purchase
98. New building layout
99. New building designs
100. New building carpet
101. New building interior signage
102. New building outdoor sign
103. New building promotion
104. New building opening event invitation
105. New building opening plan
106. New building staff uniform design
107. New building opening speeches
108. New building opening event
109. New building opening staff members
110. New building opening Executive Director postings
111. New building opening Test center location
112. New building opening even video offline edit
113. New building video music plans
114. New building video music treatments
115. New building video music scores
116. New building video music mixes
117. New building video Offline Edits
118. New building video Online Edits
119. New building video visual effects shots
120. New building marketing plans

121. Test center layout
122. Test center designs
123. Test center opening plan
124. Test center opening speeches
125. Test center opening event
126. Test center opening staff members
127. Test center marketing plans

128. Any Int base postings
129. Any Int base org boards
130. Any Int important matters needed urgent attention
131. Any Int postings
132. Any Int transfers
133. Any Int financial proposals
134. Any Int building plans
135. Any Int vehicle purchases
136. Any Int org boards
137. Any Int Comm-Evs
138. Any Int RPF Assignments

139. Any org boards anywhere
140. Middle Management executive postings
141. Any existing buildings renovations plans
142. Any existing buildings renovations plans
143. Any fleet purchases
145. CD artwork
146. CD binder artwork
147. CD transcript artwork
148. CD transcript glossary
149. CD text
150. CD edit
151. CD audio mix
152. CD promo artwork
153. CD single package design
154. CD single package artwork
156. Video idea
157. Video treatments
158. Video scripts
159. Video music plans
160. Video music treatments
161. Video music scores
162. Video music mixes
163. Video Offline Edits
164. Video Online Edits
165. Video visual effects shots

166. Film treatments
167. Film scripts
168. Film Sets & Props design
169. Film Costumes design
170. Film actors
171. Film Director's Interpretation
172. Film stock tests
173. Film Dailies
174. Film music plans
175. Film music treatments
176. Film music scores
177. Film music mixes
178. Film visual effects shots
179. Film Edits
180. Film Color timing
181. Final Film print
182. Final film digital version with final mix
183. Film System

184. Event plan
185. Event location
186. Event hall
187. Event date
188. Event motif
189. Event releases
190. Event after-event sales patter
191. Event after-event sales package
192. Event after-event sales package income spending plan
193. Event set design
194. Event costume design
195. Event hall design
196. Event speeches
197. Event speakers
198. Event make-up person
199. Event camera plan
200. Event hall sound acoustics
201. Event hall balloon drop plan
202. Event podium height
203. Event podium bulletproofing
204. Event podium tele-prompters set-up and positioning
205. Event awards
206. Event awardees
207. Event awards presenters
208. Event awards presenters assistants
209. Event personnel
210. Professional Event Crew (non-SO)

This is about 1/10th the full list of what HE REQUIRES that he approve. I am sure that the list is over 1000 individual items that he requires someone do a full submission to him through about 3-10 other people before it even gets to him.

This is how most people are removed from post. From either submitting something to him that is so destructive to scientology that they must be removed from post, or they were someone on the submission routing who rubber stamped it and passed it on to Dave.

Ray Mithoff approved the last Dianetics How–To video without even reading the CSW or watching the video!!!!!! This was the video that was going to teach millions of people how to audit Dianetics, and Ray did not even watch it. It was submitted through him to Dave for Technical side check. Needless to say, when quizzed on the video by Dave Miscavige, Ray did not fair to well and another staff beating was added to Dave's long list.

The point of all this is, that Dave was not distracted by the BBC thing or the Basics release. Dave is so psychotically dispersed onto the above list and 50,000 other things that he is on full time crazy mode and how he is able to do anything is a miracle.

3B. DM blamed Rinder for allowing the BBC Handling to get out of hand and fucking things up for Tom Cruise. However, DM had approved the Op and Tommy Davis was supposed to bullbait Sweeney according to my source. When DM saw what it really looked like on video, he salvaged what he could by ordering Golden Era to make 100,000 copies of the DVD on an emergency basis -- a Hill 10 -- to out create the BBC. The apparent goal was to flood CoS publics with the DVD more than anything else because the $5,000 Basics release package was getting ready to be released. The 100,000 copies were supposedly never finished. The first run of something like 25,000 copies was all that was done.

DM blamed Rinder for the flap. He always has to put a face on the flaps. But, Tom Cruise considers himself on the same level as Dave and knows about the SP situation at the Int base and about several executives there being declared SPs for the past few years, etc.

Dave once said that if he could, he would make Tom Cruise "IG" of the Church. Tom might have even said WTF? To Dave and how could he let this happen. You can bet that Tom told Dave that this better not fuck over his movie and that the money Tom makes from the movies is what is paying for the new orgs being bought and renovated.

So yeah, Tom called Dave and Dave got his ass handed to him by Tom. Dave hates that when that happens. Dave cannot pissed off the Tomster. No way, no how!

Well Tom Cruise could easily see that Tommy Davis was the one that caused the flap, not Rinder. That is why Tommy had to take a fall regardless of what happened with Rinder.

Tom is so hardcore that he poses a threat to Dave. He could publicly denounce Dave and then Dave would have a real big problem on his hand. Tom could also walk away and Dave would have an equally big problem on his hands. Dave has a very delicate situation with Tom Cruise now.

4. There was supposedly nasty behind-closed-doors meetings in which DM said that he intended to root out all SP's in upper strata of CoS or OSA who were feeding entheta to anyone outside the Church. All OSA personnel with internet access are being sec checked. There are reportedly more leaks than ever and that is one reason Gold Base has been locked down and several key people relocated to AOLA or Flag. DM is said to have imposed a general lockdown with no libs so that the Basics launch would be go perfectly. Reports are that there was a sharp spike in GI following the Basics launch and that it is now tapering off sooner than expected.

This meeting takes place about every three months. The people in the room just get reduced in quantity and more scared each meeting. Soon Dave will be meeting with himself. The leaks are at an all time high. You have people on the inside that are sick and tired of the Dave Miscavige Scientology and they are more than willing to tell as many people as much as possible to get the word out on the things going on.

4A. BFG is seen as a problem to be handled. CoS does not like this data line to the critics community.

That would be my guess as well. I think that the OSA goon parked outside my apartment right now confirms that. I have offered a truce many times. I have said that I would be more than willing to trade one direct family member and stop posting. No family member has shown up and therefore the posts continue. They will continue non-stop until I get the one family member that they are hiding away. I have already gotten multiple people out of their ranks from outside and I will continue to expose each and every security breach with a missing staff member from the Int base until this is over.

They know who I am. They know where I live. They know I have so much insane data that they really would rather not be posted on the Internet. They know I have connection to a huge amount of their well know public. Yet, they have never once approached me in person and told me that they would handle the one thing that I have requested the turn over to me. They have attempted to blackmail my associates. They have attempted to have my associates blackmail me.

I have them recorded on video and audio tape in a public place meeting with other declared SP Scientologists making deals to let them see their families again if they were to get blackmail material on me!

OSA should ask themselves what would be better, for a single person to disappear among their ranks or thousands?

Or better yet, how many more OSA and RTC staff will be sent to RPF's and "the Hall" due to these postings before the family member is ordered turned over by Dave Miscavige in the end anyway?

The choice is yours. If I were you, I would do the action that would result in the greatest good for the greatest number of your sorry asses left.

4B. DM is reportedly disturbed by the stories that he has physically abused his staff. My source recommends that anyone who has been abused by DM to document it in an affidavit as to time, place, form, etc. and then give copies to trusted friends.

Great advice. Yeah, also inform your immediate family and next of kin that you feel threatened and unsafe from Scientology and that if ANYTHING happens to you, that Dave Miscavige himself was responsible for arranging it. That is what Dave hates more than anything in the world. Being named individually in anything. He does not mind when Scientology goes to trial, but when HE HIMSELF has to get involved, wow, that gets his motor running big time.

5. Rinder blew when he got word from inside that he was to be placed in the Hall of Inmates where he would have been a very hated person. My source said that Rinder was responsible for putting many of the people into the Hall of Inmates when he was consolidating his own power during the past five years.

Rinder placed nobody in the hall. Dave is the ONLY ONE who says who goes into the hall. Mike was leaving from "the Hall," "the room" before that and the ditch digging at berthing before that to do these handlings. These excursions were pleasant activities compared to what Rinder was being subjected to when "home." Rinder has been being controlled by Dave for the last five years. The only thing Rinder did when he was not being controlled by Dave was try and get some sleep. I am not trying to give props to Mike Rinder here.

I am just trying to paint the true picture. Mike was doing what Dave told him to do for fear of being subjected to untold amounts of pain and suffering as well as full time public ridicule within the upper ranks of the Church.

Dave once had kept Mike up for days on a case and when Dave left and Mike had a chance, he put his face down on a desk in corner and slept. Dave knew that Mike would try and get some sleep so Dave had Jeff Baker (photographer) shoot about 50 photos of Mike sleeping so that Dave could show everybody what mike was doing while Dave was "working". This is one of thousands of tactics that Dave would use to get people to work for days on end with no sleep. Dave showed these photos on at least 10 occasions afterwards, even YEARS later!

6. My source said that there was a major power struggle between Marty Rathbun and Michael Rinder for several years that DM encouraged/manipulated to his advantage. DM allowed Rinder to win by RPF'ing Marty and then planned to eventually RPF Rinder to get rid of his biggest threat. The BBC PR Flap gave DM the "Why" he needed to escalate action against Rinder, who was already on thin ice. One rumor had Mike being retired back to his native Australia with a golden parachute and a lifetime non-disclosure agreement.

No power struggle. More like no-power struggle. From 2000 on, Marty appeared to be the one who had the internal power and Mike had the external power. This quickly faded starting in 2004. Mike had botched a case and failed to Dave that he (Dave) was going to be personally depositioned in the Lisa McPherson case. This really pissed Dave off and Dave literally found out the night before.

Mike was pretty much taken off a lot of the legal lines and only dealt with the few big cases that needed his attention. Otherwise, he was a guy who would crapped on and have to write event speeches with the rest of the Int Execs that would eventually get rewritten by Dave a few days before the event anyway.

Now, Marty was the gang bang sec check guy. He would use his new found muscle and power from Dave to beat the internal lines and put out fires. Other than that he did not do much and was pretty much powerless in terms of doing anything without Dave's say so. Marty did not get RPF'd. He blew. He actually blew right around the time "The Room" was created. This was the predecessor to "the Hall" The Conference room in the CMO INT trailer was where all of the WDC, CMO INT and RTRC staff were delegated to sleeping every night for months. They literally slept under their desks during the night and were not allowed to leave the room for any reason during the day. Food was brought to them and they were allowed to shower in the Gold Estates garage at specific times each day.

After weeks of this, there was to be a big meeting after another big flap had happened and Marty and some other RTC execs were going to be added to "the room." Marty never showed up and the meeting was cancelled. The new flap was tracking down Marty. He turned up and was recovered to Florida as he REFUSED to return to the Int Base. His cancer flared up again and he died. He had put off handling his cancer for years with all of the legal battles, and could not go off and "handle his body." Well after he left, he died without the daily torture of Dave. Karma.

Mike is not in Australia and he has no such agreement. I don't think Dave knows what the hell he is supposed to do with Mike. Mike is a delicate situation for Dave. Dave does not want to piss off Mike as Dave has lost control over him. Mike does not want to piss off Dave as he wants he wife and kid back. Who knows, maybe Mike and I will co-write some posts until we get our relatives turned over to us.

6A. DM has not formally purged Rinder from CoS or the internet:

This is the one area that Dave REALLY sucks ass on. The Internet. He had always relegated this area to others. Now it has come to kick his ass. Anyone who knows enough about how to do stuff on the internet is not going to go along with any plans from scientology. They have to rely on their own to deal with Internet items and the ONLY people who can do that are staff members in the SO that are OT 3 or higher.

There are not that many staff that fall into this category. Any these staff do not know shit about the internet or how to do anything to stop the floods of posts. We could thin the ranks even more by posting higher than ot 3 materials and then nobody would be able to deal with the internet postings. That would totally shut them down.

7. Tommy Davis is out of favor with DM for now. He is on an amends project of some sort.

The word on the street is that Tommy Davis in on the Flag RPF or a private celebrity version of it where you only get to be seen by a few people as possible.

8. Hot Rumor Lines: The Super Power Building project has been pushed out indefinitely. Capt. Debbie Cook had 200 auditors assigned to her for what was expected to be a 2008 opening, but many of those have been reassigned to the new Freewinds Basics auditing courses. Word is that you are now a nobody in CoS until you have done the Basics onboard ship. There are supposedly "unaltered" Dianetics-era processes in place that almost no contemporary Scientologist has even heard of or been run on.

Super Power Building will not be released/opened until:

1. The rundown itself is completed. It has been being piloted for the last 20 years to no result. Not until now has CST even perfected the 50 perceptics drills to a point where even Dave thinks that any result will be gained by someone who does the drills. The past 20 years of pilot data is useless. The past 20 years of pilot data has proved worthless. 95% of the people who have done the "rundown" have blown, been declared or RPF'd. Some stats this rundown has. The equipment that the rundown requires is unsafe, prototype at best and not ready to be installed, much less installed full time use at a facility where morons that just got recruited off the street will be operating it. The items that need to be installed are amusement park ride type equipment that will require a boatload of permitting, testing and approvals that will require some sort of explanation on why the hell these items are being installed in a Church!

2. After all the above items get sorted out, the rundown has to be codified. This will require it being delivered in its proper form and environment by people who have done the rundown already. I love this part. You have to have done the rundown to deliver it, but no one has done it so who delivers it to you.

3. Now check sheets and course materials have to be drawn up for this course and a delivery course to go along with it. These have to have some sort of built in security mechanism so they do not end up on the internet the day after the place opens. ( I give it a few weeks)

4. Now you have to crank an insane amount of auditors through all of the Basics, the Golden Age of Tech, & Knowledge so that they can do the new Super Power Rundown Course and Delivery Course.

5. But wait there's more… You have to do the same above steps for the Cause Resurgence Rundown that gets delivered in the same building and is actually the rundown that take up a HUGE amount of space. This is known as the "running program" to most as you run around a pole full time until you are literally exhausted to a point where you cannot run another ounce. You rest for a few minutes and then you start this again for weeks on end. You can only do this program for a minimum of 5 hours per day and 8-10 hours is recommended. This regimen would kick Jack LaLanne's ass. How they are going to get people through a doctor's approval to do this is a joke in itself. Most Int base staff who did this program (has been being piloted there for last 20 years) went through several pairs of shoes, entire feet blistered to shreds, ankle problems, feet problems, leg injuries, extreme weight loss, heat exhaustion (hmmmm, might have to do with desert location???) and countless amount of bullshit that your average Joe Q public person would not put up with for one day much less weeks or months. Good news is there are NO pre-requisites for this besides the Purif and besides a insane medical waiver and a signed will and testament, you could be ready to start as soon as they open.

6. When all of the above items are sorted out and only then, will the building be completed. Dave has been stalling construction of the building for years as not one single person is working on getting any of these items done. The course and all of the items were meant to be done over 10 years ago. The building was being fast tracked so that they two would coincide and everything would be released. Now that the courses are hopelessly stalled out, he has ordered that the building be stopped as that can always be attributed to money and therefore more money can be mined from the Scientologists until they sort out the Courses. When the courses get completed, that building will be completed in a few months from wherever it is at that point.

7. Of course by the time all of this has been sorted out, they will have to get all new people for the building as the ones they have recruited 10 times over have blown, routed out, been declared, gone out 2D, been put onto other projects etc.

8A. My source told me that the Basics are intended to follow the early and successful growth pattern LRH used where he had Dianeticists run easy processes on their friends and family. This will supposedly be the new way to field dissem. There will be a move away from discussing LRH at all. Focus will be on "Tools for Living" and "Stress Free Living."

This is just PR spin from Dave. Every time one of these releases happen, he sits in his "listening room" up in Building 50 for a few hours and comes up with some nifty marketing angle and then floats it around to people and adds to it until it sounds like something the average brainwashed Scieno will go for.

8B. The basic E-Meter stress test, unchanged since 1972, is allegedly being reworked because COB has decided that too many people have used psych drugs and that field testers therefore not getting good reads. There is supposedly some T/A adjustment to compensate. COB supposedly blames psych drugs, the internet, and the worst global suppression ever for a slump in new members in the 15-30 year bracket.

The whole entire Bridge has been reworked by Dave Miscavige, why leave out the E-Meter Stress test.

Until next time… BFG

Nicole, Scientology and getting Tom some tail / OSA - I am willing to trade one direct relative for info

11 September 2007

^ Contents


The "Nicole Situation" is killing me. Here is what has led up until now.

This whole thing is about Nicole & Tom, but in order to get the whole picture there is an insane amount of back story. You have no idea how Tom and Nicole have changed the history of many lives without even knowing it. Dave Miscavige has been there, behind the scenes in Tom's life for almost two decades! This is not going to go by quickly. Better grab a drink and a snack before going at this one.

Rewind back to the Int Base in the 1990's:


Dave Miscavige has Greg Wilhere working on the Tom Cruise Project full time. Somehow, some way Tom Cruise needs to be made into a Scientologist no matter what! Mimi Rogers is not REALLY a Scientologist and just hangs with some Scientologists, but does not really attend courses or promote it at all.

Tom is heading off to shoot a race car movie. This was after he shot Born On The Fourth of July. Tom was coming to the Int Base doing his basic training courses. This was super Top Secret! Most base staff did not even know about it. It was so hush hush that you knew something was going on, but the people that were involved were made to sign a document that if they told anybody at the Base that Tom Cruise was there they had to pay a $50,000 fine and if they told somebody off the base, they had to pay $250,000. Bruce Hines can tell you about this, he was involved in the Top Secret course room that was set-up in the LRH Music Studio Conference room where Tom studied. Okay, so up until now, Tom has been coming to the base on his own and virtually unseen by anybody working there and not directly involved with his activities.

Tom goes off to shoot his race car movie.

Summer 1990 and the shit starts hitting the fan. Out of nowhere the G Units (small houses at the far end of the property near the Gold golf course) have to be completely renovated and staffed with services people, new flowers planted yadda yadda blah blah. This area is at the far ass end of the property without proper irrigation, soil etc. This is in the middle of the desert for the most part and to make this area look nice is not a small task.

When the first all hands gets called for staff to muster out by the G's the staff start to know something is up.

The staff are basically told that the G's are going to get done no matter what and all of the grounds around the G's will also be properly upgraded.
All hands would lead into the night and morning would come with staff still planting, cleaning, painting, ditch digging, curb painting, etc. You name it, it was being done.

Weeks and weeks worth of work would get done with all hands being called at any time. Some nights you would be heading for the 11PM bus home for the night, and a muster would get called. All hands for 3 hours before anyone secured for the night. 3 hours turned to all night and everyone back to post in the morning. Good thing no post time was spent on all hands!

Up until this point, no one really knows why the hell we are even making these stupid little houses such a freakin' paradise.

August 10th 1990 -

Anyone who spent anytime at the base now reading this knows this date. This is the day that the Int base started down the tragic path the it still trods down today.

Summers are unusually SUPER HOT at the Int-Base. 115 degrees is not uncommon during the day in the summer. Mid-afternoon with the 115 degree weather and all of the sudden the sky clouded up and within 60 minutes, there was 3 inches of water falling ONLY on the Int Base. It did not rain in Hemet. It did not rain in San Jacinto, but it rained more than it had the entire year in all of LA, all in a few minutes.

So much water had come down so quickly, winds had blown over huge trees, mud had poured down the mountain, and building were damaged across the entire base. The entire base was in "whites" when this went down. White shirts, white PANTS, white shoes and socks. People were running all over the place trying to salvage whatever they could. Muddy uniforms were a sign you had at least tried to do something to stop the widespread destruction.

Within an hour after the "flood" as it would eternally referred to, rumors were flying on what damage had been done. The water tower at the top of the hill was dented. The Cine Gym had a ton of broken tiles from a tree that fell. The Villas (RTC) had been flooded. Qual flooded, Del Sol Flooded, electricity was out all over the place, The Garage (Estates) flooded, and the mountain above the G Units turned to mud, rolled down the hill, across the highway, pushed over the wrought iron fence and flooded the G-Units!

Dave would hold an all base muster in MCI where he would assign GOLD a Condition of Confusion. He yelled so loud and so long at the entire crew that 2 people fainted during his tirade! When I say fainted, I mean fall down out cold, get carried out, fainted.

The flood was the straw that pushed Dave over the edge. He had been working his master plan for months on getting Scientology to the next level and his Tom Cruise plan was being completely killed by the Int Base. He had nowhere to bring Tom Cruise to show him how super duper Scientology was except for the Int Base and now that was destroyed.

Dave had basically put all staff on notice that the whole place was to get back to and beyond where it had been before the flood had occurred and until then it would be unbearable to be there. [This was also reported by former scientologist Andre Tabayoyon in his affidavit of March 1994.]

15 minute meal breaks
Schedule extended to 8AM-12AM work days
If you are late to any muster - you stay up all night doing amends
If you are late a second time, you get assigned to the PAC RPF.
A list was issued of all of the items that had to be completed in order for the base to be upgraded out of lower conditions.

For the first week after the flood, most people did not go home. If you were lucky, you fell asleep somewhere and were smart enough to tell someone to wake you up for a muster.

At least 10 people would blow, 10 more would go to the RPF, 5 more would route out and generally the place was a hell to exist in.

After a few weeks the crew would adjust to the no sleep, short meals and miserable existence. This would groom them for the next 18 years at the Int Base.

Now we come to the stories that have been on the net for years. Tom and Nicole running in the fields with the flowers beneath them. This is all TRUE. Staying up for days planting these fields for what reason, no one knew. Then the Int Base would start to understand why Dave was so pissed.

Tom had dumped Mimi Rogers and had a new younger girl. Dave wanted Tom to come to the Base, but now Tom had another person who was also new to Scientology that he had to convert. This would take a better, bigger Int Base with more luxury items to compare with the lifestyles of Hollywood types.

With Nicole in tow, Tom's visits were no longer so confined and he regularly had the run of the place. He would watch full length feature films in the Rushes Theater (where Cine dailies were shown) Drive his TW motorcycle all over the base, and now he and Nicole were making out all over the place.

He even had a brand new Mercedes delivered to Nicole for her birthday at the Int Base. It arrived on a flatbed truck and he gave it to her (the car) right there is the middle of the base right down by the main booth.

They were like teenagers running around the base having fun. Dave's plan was working. They could do anything they wanted and no one seemed to pay any attention to them or even bother them. Dave would watch movies with them sometimes and they would dine in the officer's lounge in MCI.

Greg Wilhere was their host and no matter what they did, Greg was either with them or watching over them making sure that everything was perfect.

Greg had actually been with Tom and Nicole on the set of Days of Thunder. Greg got to know them very well and hung out with them full time. Tom even changed one of the names of one of the characters in Days of Thunder to Dr. Wilhaire as a joke for Greg.

Greg was now well on his way to being the big dog with Tom on his way to becoming the next major celeb in Scientology. But until Tom was through a lot of courses and REALLY on board, he was not to tell anybody about the involvement in Scientology and Nicole would now ALSO have to get involved as well in order for it all to work properly.

Tom and Nicole would come to the Int Base every now and then and both would study in the Music Studio Conference room that had been converted to a Celebrity Courseroom. Nicole was twinned with Michelle Yager on the PTS/SP course. Tom Cruise was twinned with Al Mace on the Academy Levels. Even Kirstie Alley would sometimes be on course when Tom was there. Kirstie was NEVER on course at the Int base, but when Tom Cruise would show up, she would get dragged up there as a prop to be in there so it was not like other celebs "weren't coming up to Int as well?"

Things were looking good. Tom is warming up to Scientology and Nicole seems to be on board as well.

Hopefully things work out with Nicole. Mimi Rogers did not last long after Dave Miscavige decided she was not REALLY a Scientologist and with her in the mix, Tom would NEVER become a REAL scientologists either. She had to go. Funny how Tom was able to hook up with Nicole and Mimi just disappeared out of his life. Well that's where Greg Wilhere comes into play, behind the scenes weaving the web and setting things up in the background. How is one of the top executives in all of Scientology is playing celebrity match maker? You have no idea!

Nicole and Tom get married in Colorado and who attends the wedding? Dave Miscavige and Greg Wilhere.


Years and several Int Base visits would go by and finally Tom would arrive at OT 3. Nicole would never get past a few basic courses. [David S. Touretzky comments: "He got one fact wrong.  Nicole Kidman did not stop at just a few intro courses. She made it all the way up to OT II. (Bruce Hines confirms this.) She refused to go on to do OT III, though, and that may have reinforced Tom's view that she was PTS." ref] This is when things would get ugly. Tom gets to OT 3 and disappears into his own world again. Tom basically was like "WTF???????" years of this shit and now you are telling me that this whole thing is about fucking space aliens?!?!?!?!

Even though he could not tell Nicole about the space aliens, she was very content to walk away from the Scienos and was basically doing whatever Tom wanted her to.

Tom and Dave had a huge argument when Dave tried to shove some KSW shit down Tom's throat, Tom said that he was going to taking a break. Ever wonder how he ended up doing so many movies that were like "how could he do that movie is he is supposedly a Scientologist?" well, he wasn't, he decided that Scientology was a bunch of crap. He was going to turn his back on Dave and his cronies. Greg was nuked for screwing the Tom project up and would shortly after be sent off to the Freewinds to watch Marty Rathbun that had just blown the Base and was very unstable. They would however, both come into play years later.

For most, the Tom Cruise project had run its course and ended up on the rocks.

Years would go by and nothing on Tom was heard. He just stopped being a Scientologist.

Now most people knew that Tom could not have kids when he was married to Mimi Rogers. They were not married that long, but one of the "reasons" why Tom divorced her was that she could not have children and he wanted to start a family.

Well, when he Nicole had tried for many years, it appeared that it was him who could not have kids as Nicole was not getting pregnant either. Sure enough tests proved this to be the case. Adoption would be the only way.


So now we fast forward to the moment that turned it all around and for the most part is the exact moment when Scientology would do itself in without even knowing it. Years had passed since Tom had even spoken with anyone about Scientology or even been anywhere near the subject.

Several people had been installed within Tom's staff and personal infrastructure so that the Church would be able to keep tabs on what was happening with him and know when they would be able to make their move to get him back. That moment had come.

Nicole had been shooting Moulin Rouge and somehow she managed to get more than a few scenes shot. She was pregnant! But Tom cannot have kids - right? So again here is Tom saying WTF? Bitch!!!

Dave gets the Nicole intel and works fast. Marty Rathbun is sent in to meet up with Tom and feed him a whole story about how Nicole was his SP and that she was ruining his life and basically a total ho bag. Of course Tom agrees with this under the circumstances. Marty offers to take Tom is session and do some repair auditing and get him patched up.

Before you know it, Tom is divorcing Nicole and all out of nowhere he completes OT 4 with Marty auditing him! Now the church and Int Base staff are saying WTF? Where has he been the last 8 years? All of the sudden he is a Scientologist and Nicole is out of there? How? Why? Bizarre, but okay if he's back, he's back.

Turns out that Nicole can't just get declared an SP as that might run a bit odd in the press (KSW has clauses for this of course) Anyway. Nicole gets told, if you want to see the kids that they have now adopted, you cannot say shit about Scientology or Tom period. If you say anything, the kids are with Tom and that is the end of that.

Now Tom is at the Int Base all the time, he is doing events, he is getting auditing, all over the place, He starts dumping insane money (50-100 million) into Scientology, he is just everywhere.

Dave and him are hanging out at soccer games, racing motorbikes, flying all over the place in Tom's private jets etc.

There are a ton of stories that could fill this section, but we will stick to the main subject matter here, Scientology and how getting Tom Cruise laid is on their top priority list!

Now Tom is REALLY a Scientologists and Dave Miscavige and him are best buddies. What does a real buddy do, he acts as your wingman and helps you get some tail every once in awhile.

But now we have been through two women and neither had proved to be a good choice in terms of the Scientology angle so Dave wanted to at least limit Tom to Scientologist tail. He basically went over this with Tom and it was agreed, Tom went along with it.

Tom actually ended up dating a Spanish gal he met in Spain while opening up a new org there with Dave. She was a Spanish actress and a total fox. This was kept so hush hush, nobody had even noticed her on the Tom Cruise map. Good thing because when the church decided to dig up some info on the girl, turns out she had a bit of a shady past, a bit of girl on girl action, some soft core porn stuff and basically she would not live up to the microscopic scrutiny that the world would put her under as a Scientologist and Tom Cruise's new gal pal. She was outta' there!

Well, Tom needed a girl and between Dave Miscavige and him, they were not coming up with anything workable, so -- time to bring in the expert. Greg Wilhere was brought in for this job again. He had done it before, he just needed to qualify the girl a bit better this time.

It was agreed that they needed a foxy Scientologist that was on purpose, in ethics, yadda yadda blah blah. They set-up an audition unit at CC int that called in just about every Scientology actress anywhere under the sun, moon and stars. The "audition" was for a possible part in a Tom Cruise movie and several personal questions were asked about the person and what they thought of Tom, Scientology etc.

Video tapes would get made daily of the auditions and sent up to Dave to review. This went on for weeks. Well, it turns out that no girl in Scientology was good enough for Tom. All auditions were rejected. They would need to fish outside the pond for this one.

Plan B - Who do you want? This was the question Dave asked him. If you could have any girl, which one would you want? We will make her a Scientologist!

Well Tom Cruise wanted one girl more than any other - Jennifer Garner.

"How do we get to Jennifer Garner? Somebody who knows Jennifer? Good idea - who do we know that knows Jennifer? JJ Abrams!!! He does the Alias shows with her. Let's have him do a project! We already have a director for the next Mission Impossible instalment, damn! I've got it, we will fire the current director that is contracted to do the movie and get JJ on board. Once JJ is on board we will get Jennifer on board and that's it -we have her!"

So once JJ Abrams is on board, Tom finds out from JJ that Jennifer Garner has a big thing for tigers. Tom figures this is a sure way to get her. What does he do, he buys here a freakin' tiger. Not a tiger skin, not a tiger stuffed animal toy, a real live freakin' TIGER in a cage and all.

Jennifer is so freaked out that she thinks Tom is nuts! Turns out the tiger was not the best idea.

Who is next on the wish list? Scarlett Johansson!

We all know about that story. One meeting at CC Int and she was history.

Awesome factoid: Scarlett did not star in MI:3 because she was shooting another movie - The Island - which just happened to star the same actor that supposedly boned down on Tom's last wife! Karma baby! Damn that dude is out to get Tom!

Okay, Greg Wilhere is now flying back and forth between LA and New York interviewing actresses and trying to get Tom some tail. Somehow Katie Holmes ends up on the list and the rest is history.

Now hear is the part that baffles all logic and only Tom, Katie and Tom's lawyer know the truth behind this. If Tom cannot have kids with Mimi Rogers who now has two kids from a latter marriage, and Tom cannot have kids with Nicole whose pregnancy was reason for their divorce, then how does he manage to get Katie Holmes pregnant 2 hours into their relationship?????

Maybe the kid that Nicole was carrying was Tom's!!! But she was really sleeping around and could not deny it. Either way, all the stress killed the baby and we will never know.

So that brings us to the current situation. Is Nicole up in arms because the kids are basically turning into Scientologists anyway. What does she have to lose?

And where the hell did Suri come from? That is a damn good question.

I bet you would like to know.

I will save that for another post.

Until next time...

BFG unleashed!!! / OSA - Want to make a trade? I will take payment in the form of one direct relative!

9 September 2007

^ Contents


This is to let you all know that BFG will be posting over 200 individual factual "incidents" that have occurred at the Int Base over the last 20 years. Many or all will involve "secret" and "hush-hush" items that many Int Base staff did not even know took place. Many will explain mysterious events that took place in orgs far from the Int Base. Many will document the insanity you all have heard of on these boards.

All of these stories will eventually be available in book form, but the Clambake boards deserve to read them first.

Included in these will be:

"Marc & Guillaume - Bunkbed Buddies - A Love Story"

"Int Basers - You Can Call Me Sir!"

"Dave Crams for Medical Exam or Court Case"

"What Do You Mean All of the Time Capsules Have to be Re-Done????"

"Black in PAC - an Int Base Dream"

"In Gilman Hot Springs, When it Rains, it Pours - Lower Condition Assignments"

First up is "Musical Chairs - Dave Teaches Int a Lesson"

Until next time... BFG

List is damn accurate!! / Int base shrinks even more!!!!

4 August 2007

^ Contents



People have been telling me about this list and I had to see for myself.

I have got to hand it to you, this is a very accurate list. The one I made was from memory, but it does not compare to yours in the slightest. It looks like you had one of the org board project personnel breakdowns. Funny how nobody seems to think much of those things being dumped on a memory stick and ESTOs running around printing them up on foam core. Damn, I bet you they are now making the lists with pencil or some shit so no copies can be leaked out. You might have put the technology used at the Int Base back another 50 years with your posting! Anyway, your list is awesome and very detailed.

The next list will be where they are at now. Like Tom Devocht - Last seen in New Orleans selling used cars.

If you don't mind, I think I will fill in the blanks and missing names and posts where I can. I also have a few new people who are out and running about.

I think we should list where people are now or people who are on the list should copy it and update their location if they do not mind.

By the end of it we could have a list that is fully updated as to where they are now and soon there will be no "At Int Base" list as everyone will have left. BTW, the hall is in one of the berthing buildings that were just built. They moved all people who were "security threats" onto the base and into these buildings as they are fully self contained and these people have not left the base in months.

I also would love to list out next to peoples names as to why they are in the SP room or hall. That would take me days, but it could be done. I am going to start with these guys though, as then you can see how crazy Dave is and the Scientologists who catch this page will see that they have NO idea what is really going on.

The entire International management structure of Scientology is Dave Miscavige - PERIOD. He does not let anybody stay on any kind of post and the people that are left are the ones that he uses to do his spin events and turn down statistics into neat little factoids like, "If the number of new people in Scientology this last year all held hands they would stretch across the Golden Gate Bridge!" The funny thing is that it is true - width wise!

This is great news and anyone with info should just copy the list off to their computer, update it and repost it.

Until next time... BFG

Int Base Staff list updated / Where are they now?

3 April 2007

^ Contents


This list needed some updates. Here they are!
Until next time...

Alexander, Julia - CMO Int
Al-Jibouri, Scheherazade H - Dir Income Gold
Allcock, Annie Taskev - LEC CMO Int
Allcock, Erica Marie - Estates Mill
Armstrong, Thomas C. - Cine Props
Atwood, Vivien Cecelia - RCOMPS
Azevedo, Cheryl Lynn - CMO Int
Baker, Lynnea Marie - Audio Building
Benndorf, Corinne Fax - CMO Gold / HU
Black, Brenda Eileen - LEC
Blake, Cynthia Ann - ESI
Blecha, Kathleen Terese - Services Gold
Blecha, Peter Montgomery - Sets Gold
Bourke, Thomas Gerard - Designer
Brousseau, Mary Clarisse - A/V Mfg
Brown, Mike R - Blown
Brown, Rosemary - Offloaded
Brumer, Charles Philip - Offloaded
Buglewrez, Pat Lawrence - INCOMM and fully disaffected
Butler, Matt James - Security Guard Gold
Caetano, Kevin - Security Gold
Campleman, Kenneth - Galley –
Cancilla, Lori Carol - Video Shoot Team
Cancilla, Nicholas Mark - Audio Gold
Champagne, Jennifer Lee - RCOMPS
Chaney, Vikki Dene - Offloaded
Cifarelli, Nicholas V. - RPF'd to ANZO for OP's on Film Lab Work
Cifarelli, Nicole A. - Made to divorce Nicky
Cifarelli, Patricia Ann - RCOMPS
Cifarelli, Tony Vincent - CD Line Operator – Made to do lower conditions for not addressing Tom Cruise as "Sir"
Clark, Jo Anne Lynn - Qual Gold
Clark, Kerry R - CD Line
Clifford, Amelia - CO Gold for a stint – what a joke
Clifford, Ronald Fredric - HEM
Conley, Amy Lynn - RCOMPS
Cook, Carrie Ann - Offloaded
Cook, Ronald Paul - A/V Mfg
Cook, Steven Dale - Offloaded
Cruzen, Cynthia Marie - Art Dept Cine
Cruzen, Richard Gilman - COB Bitch boy for Gold
Dowswell, Elizabeth A - Estates Mill
Drake, Robert Sherwood - Music Gold
Dunagin, Daniel Alan - Security Gold
Dunagin, Lia Herdani - Gold Reception
Eastment, John George - RCOMPS
Eastment, Margaret E. - Treasury Gold
Eisenman, Megan - Offloaded for going Type 3
Ellis, Julia Stewart - Costumes Gold
Engen, Kiplan Rolf - Film Lab – Possibly offloaded
Eriksen, Andrea Kay - Qual Gold
Ferris, Beverly Ann - Cine Research
Ferris, Robert Forrest - A/V Mfg Technician
Feschbach-Charbonneau, K.- Now married to Fed Tisi
Fisher, Natalie - Offloaded
Ford, Stefanie Diane - Offloaded to PAC RPF
Ford, Thomas G. - RCOMPS – Made to tell Gold Crew that he masturbated 60 times a day – not even possible!
Foster, Barbara Lynn - Sent to INCOMM LA
Fraser, Catherine Nairn - Port Captain Office
Fullmer, Carol Lynn - CMO Gold / HU
Gahwiler, Shannon Christy - Qual then posted in SFX
Geisler, Erick Jerome - Blown
Gilbert, Jesse - A/V Mfg
Gilbert, Linda Elaine - RCOMPS
Gilbert Richard Sasse - RCOMPS
Gilchrist, Michael Anthony - Landlord Office
Gillion, Deborah Gail - Landlord Office
Goodison, James Arthur - Cine Shoot Crew
Goodwin, Kathleen Diane - CMO Gold
Gouessan, Luanda Maria - MAA then busted into somewhere
Grannis, Edward Turner - offloaded
Grannis, Monica - IMPR
Greilich, Linda Nichols - Galley – was shoveling mud at Sublet Road Houses on TV when base was flooded months ago!
Greilich, Russ Lyle - Lecture Mix I/C
Griffin, Jerome Bostwick - Security Guard
Griffin, Karen Jean - offloaded to PAC RPF
Gross, Naomi H. - Qual
Habscheld, Marjorie Shaw - ESI
Hall, James Anthony - CMO Gold lawn mower
Hall, Stephen Wallace - offloaded
Hall, Sue Anne - MAA
Hanlon, Christine Lee - Treasury Gold
Hartley, Charlyne Ruth - ESI
Hasslberger, Deva Flora - Galley
Hawkins, Jefferson Bolles - offloaded to PAC RPF
Headley, Marc Morgan - Blown
Hemphill, Gladys Anne - Treasury Gold
Herrera, Humberto - Film Lab Chemist
Hill, Sharon Gay - offloaded to PAC RPF
Hollon, Paul Christian - Blown
Home, Rebecca Herndon - Dentist Assistant
Home, Richard Bradley - RComps Computer Technician
Home, Robert Lee - Staff Dentist
Horwich, Stephanie Diane - RCOMPS
Huber, Lisa Dawn - Blown
Hughes, Deborah Dianne - CMO Int
Hughes, Gregory Kenneth - CMO Int
Hughes, Greg Kenneth Jr. - A/V Mfg Printer
Hunter, Gary Lloyd - offloaded
Hunter, Patricia Ann - RCOMPS
Ingber, Mark Allen - Declared SP – then offloaded
Jacobs, Laurence Neil - offloaded to PAC RPF for making an OP Tom Cruise Medal Winner Video & blowing afterwards
Jansen, Belinda Dawn - offloaded to PAC RPF
Johnson, James Allen - RCOMPS
Kannisto, Yvonne Rina - CMO Int
Kaprielian, Anna Elizabeth - RCOMPS
Karbroski, Theresa Jean - Sales Gold?
Kline, Lelanya Arisha - Villas Grounds keeper
Knapmeyer, Jason Matthew - Blown
Knight, Coburn Haile - CMO Int Finance office
Konneus, Diane Irene - CMO Int
Koon, Donald C. - Blown
Koon, Susan Jane - Declared SP for Current KTL & LOC materials being squirrel and out-tech (Still in use though)
Kotric, Zara S. - Sent to CLO EU with Walter Kotric
Kunen, Constance May - RCOMPS
Kunen, Neil Thomas - Music
Laner, Margaret Jane - A/V Mfg
Lantz, Roberta Carol - CMO Gold
Laplaine, Susan M. - ESI
Larsen, Timothy Alan - CMO Int – Busted from RTC
Larsson, Jean Louise - Treasury
Leach, Carl Edgar Jr. - Music Gold
Leach, Kim - Cine
Lemmer, Charles Joseph - Died of Cancer
Lenarcic-Butler, Jennifer - Chf MAA Gold
Lew, Janet Kay - Cine Shoot Team
Lewis, Alan - Sets Gold
Lewis, Sandra Renee - Sets Gold
Lochner, Claire Jeanne - Treasury Gold
Lucas, James Mathew - CMU/PDO
Lucas, Jane - Treasury
Lundeen, Ella Tamara - CMO Int
Lundeen, Michelle Yvonne - HCO Gold
Maifeld, Sadie Ana - Cine Shoot Crew
Maio, Chris - Music Gold
Manasse, Beverly J. - CMO Int
Martinez, Stepheny Spring - A/V Mfg
McElveen, Serena Renee - RTC and bitch slapped full time by Dave M
McKay, Tori Lynn - RTC and bitch slapped full time by Dave M
McMurray, Tom - Music Gold
McShane, Carli Ann - CMO Gold and always in trouble with thoughts of leaving and "2D perversions"
McShane, Marcella A. - CMO Int
McShane, Sean Raymond - Offloaded
McShane, Taryn Kelly - SFX Gold
McShane, Warren Lee - RTC and bitch slapped full time by Dave M
Meadors, James R. - Estates Gold
Medina, Aldona Mary - Qual Gold
Miller, Jason Edward - CMO Int
Miscavige, Becky Bea - CMU
Miscavige, David - Living it up all over the over the world
Miscavige, Michele Diane - Disappeared from Int last year and has not been seen or heard from by anybody – Probably at CST
Miscavige, Ronald Thomas - Music Gold
Mithoff, Raymond H. - Declared SP – But still at Int Base
Moniz, Paula Kanani - Exec Esto Gold
Moritz, Joy Jeanette - PDO/CMU
Morrison, Shawn Walker - Sets Gold
Morton, Becky Ann - RCOMPS
Morton, Clark E II - Sets Chf / Cine Sec
Mousell, Bonnie M. - Galley Services
Muller, Ralphine C. - ESI SO#1 Unit
Mullins, Christine Sylvia - CMO Int
Mullins, Jeffrey Winn - Estates Gold
Musselman, Francine Marie - RComps
Newton, Barbara Lynne - CMO Int
Norton, Alison Foster - A/V Mfg – Now divorced from Mike Norton
Norton, Janet Elaine - Offloaded
O'Hare, Kevin James - Rcomps
O'Hare, Leah Beth - CMO Gold
Olander, Christopher M. - Audio Lecture Mix Team
Oldfield, Megan - Offloaded for going Type 3
Palewsky, Sadie Anna - A/CAM on Cine Shoot team
Paquette, Thomas Edmund - Offloaded to OSA
Paransky, Judith - RCOMPS
Parselle, Corinna - CMO Int
Paulson, Wendy J. - HEM Meter Repair Line
Pearson, Vicki - Offloaded
Ploetz, Bruce Roland - Offloaded
Porter, Lane - Cine Art Dept
Potter, James Simon - CMO GOLD Lawn mower
Pratt, Ronald Williams - Qual Gold C/S
Press, Gary Leland - Video Shoot Team Gaffer
Press, Paula Ruth - Taken out of Treasury for giving lousy service – put in RCOMPS to proofread!
Price, Paula Kanani - Exec Esto Gold
Price, Seth Chester - Cine Shoot Crew – Recently had thoughts of leaving but was handled to stay!
Priester, Urd - CMO Gold – Busted from RTC
Priv, Misha - Offloaded
Profittlich, Marissa Lynn - Audio Gold – Busted from RTC
Radstrom, Jesse Ivor - Video Shoot Team – Busted from RTC
Ramer, Alison Foster - A/V Mfg
Rathbun, Aaron Calvert Jr. - Services Chief
Reid, Martin Edward - Electrical Gold
Reuveni, Adam Elliott - Music – Under Non-Enturb Order (last know new arrival to Int Base in 5 years)
Reuveni, Erin Michelle - CMO Gold Services
Reynolds, Wendell A. - Declared SP – remains at Base for security reasons
Rieser, Ray S. - Film Lab
Rinder McShane, Taryn K. - SFX Admin
Rinder, Catherine Albertina - CMO INT
Rinder, Taryn Kelly - SFX Admin
Roper, Jennifer Megan - CMO Gold/INT gofer
Russo, Kim - Galley Cook
Ryan, Diana Hubbard - IMPR Speechwriter
Ryerson, C. Camille - Canteen I/C
Salinas, Guillermo Refugio - Offloaded
Sargeant, Trevor Reed - Lab Technician
Schermerhorn, Faith E. - ESI BP I/C
Schian, Jack Anthony - Offloaded
Schless, Julie Rose - Mix Team Admin
Schless, Peter Harrison - Music Dir
Schroer, Paul Arthur - Offloaded
Seltzer, Barbara Dawn - Cine Sec
Seybold, Kenny R. - Pys Ed instructor / lawn mower
Shackleton, Megan Brooke - Dying of cancer
Sherlock, Philip W. - Audio Gold
Shishido, Bonb Akira - Treasury Gold
Shishido, Carol Dillon - Galley
Sierra, Mary Magdeline - Galley
Silcock, Stephanie Emma - Galley
Simmons, Krystal Gayle - HCO
Simmons, Tiffany M. - Offloaded
Sommerville, Ronald Dean - Cine
Spector, Darrell Edward - A/V Mfg
Spencer, Nathan Lawrence - CMO Int
Sproule, Caroline Elizabeth - A/V Mfg
Spurlock, Carol Nash - A/V Mfg
Spurlock, Lyman Doyle jr. - CMO Int
Stave, Alan Bradford - A/V Mfg
Stein, Barry - Landlord Office – recently busted for getting a blow job behind date packing plant in 70's
Suarez, Paco - CMO Gold
Sukkestad, Linda Joyce - Treasury Gold
Sukkestad, Roberta V II - RCOMPS
Sutter, Michael Russell - A/V Mfg
Swartz, Fredric Samuel - CMO Int – Was declared at Int for being the Reg that got Larry Wolershiem onto services
Thomas, Nicole - Qual Gold – made to divorce Nicky C went RPF'd and sent to ANZO
Tidman, Ann Marie - CO CMO Gold
Tompkins, Angela Suzette - Blown
Tompkins, Barbara Ann - Offloaded
Tompkins, Sterling William - Offloaded
Turner, Byron Leon - Estates Gold
Une, Terrance Toshio - Security Gold
Wagoner, Robert Bruce - Legal Dept Gold
Waldmann, Robert Beny - Grounds
Walker, Cebron - A/V Mfg
Walker, Sue G. - Cine
Webb, Jocelyn Ann - MLO Gold
Webb, Thomas Arthur - RCOMPS
Weber, Ann Marie - Qual Gold
Webster, Janela Pharr - RTC and bitch slapped full time by Dave M
West, David Carlyle - Offloaded to PAC RPF
West, Karen Margaret - CMO Int
Whitcher, Karl Arthur - Film Lab
Wiese, Gary Stephen - Offloaded
Wiese, Susann J - Had Type 3 Fit and did not remember who anybody was – Stayed in Cine
Wikoff, Tammy Celeste - RTC and bitch slapped full time by Dave M
Wilhere, Darius Stevens - Offloaded
Wilhere, Gregory Thomas - Busted from RTC for screwing up Katie Holmes Project
Wilkens, Jane Janney - Landlord Office
Williams, Diane Marie - RCOMPS
Williams, Herbert D. - Estates
Williams, Mary Ramona - Cine
Williams, Stewart Preston - Audio
Wilson, Christine Ann - Cine
Wold, Christina Hans - CMO Int
Wolfe, Laura - Cine
Wolfe, Milton D. - Galley
Woodard, Jessica Grace - Qual Gold
Wooderson, Sandy-Lee - A/V Mfg
Yager, Marc A. - Declared SP but remains at Base and largely in charge
Yager, Michelle Lynette - RCOMPS – Divorced Marc Yager
Yamaguchi, Todd - Cine
Young, Georgianna Lane - Blown
Young, Steven Lowell - Cine

Darius [Wilhere] and other info

25 February 2007

^ Contents


Chris Stevens/Montgomery is at AOLA in PAC.

Phyll Stevens is also still in and I think is at Flag somewhere. All of the "elderly" staff at Gold were offloaded to either living care facilities or their original org they came from so they would not die at the Gold base. She was offloaded from Gold when anyone over 60 was offloaded from the base back in 2004.

Darius in STILL in the S.O. He works in CLO LATAM.

Sandy, Darius and Casavius / Where are they now? Well sit back and I will tell you

23 February 2007

^ Contents


Darius [Wilhere] was declared and offloaded from Gold. His wife was made to divorce him and he was never to see his mom or dad again. Sandy was in great disagreement with this and protested. A few months later, Sandy got MS and was sent down to PAC. If she is still around, that is where she is, PAC. She is miserable that she has lost all relatives and loved ones and she herself now has a terminal illness. Greg is still in CMO INT and married to Sue Gentry. Darius was sent to some middle of nowhere U.S. town and given $500 to start a new life. He struggled out there for awhile and eventually petitioned to be able to be undeclared and get back into the S.O. Here is where the story gets brutal. Darius is allowed to come back into the S.O., but in LATAM/Mexico. Darius speaks no Spanish and why they picked this location is most bizarre. Darius packs up his stuff and takes a bus to Mexico. Not too long after he arrives in Mexico, the car he is riding in is struck by a another car in a high speed street race and Darius is thrown from the vehicle and killed in the accident!!!!! But, as fate would have it, after 12 minutes in the afterlife, he is revived, lives and gets to spend the next year laying around recovering from a broken back, neck, ribs, limbs and various cuts an bruises. He is still in constant pain to this day and the best part is that he is selling off his belongings to raise money for his hospital bills as the Church is NOT paying for these!!!

Casavius is a completely different story. When his parents blew the base, DM was determined to keep Casavius from them. There is only one real way to make someone disappear well enough that even his parents cannot locate him. The Church is real good at this too. Years of experience have perfected the method. Hasn't anyone ever noticed how some people just never are heard from again? They changed Casavius's name to David Prybilski and he was adopted by Dan Prybilski who worked at the Ranch. After his name was changed to David, and he had a new passport and identification, they sent him to Denmark and he works in the CLO there as a construction/maintenance guy. I bet you that is why his parents never found him. Even his wife's name was changed! He was married to a little red head name Irene that used to work in TU at Gold. Irene Smid was her name. I think they are divorced now anyway.

Dan Prybilski was made the Berthing building I/C at Gold and later blew as well and is now in PAC somewhere.

The lengths people will go to make sure other people suffer.

Until next time...


Criminon wants you to fill out a survey!!!! / Let the Criminon Staff know that Dave Miscavige should be in the Prison!!!!!!

13 January 2007

^ Contents


This survey went out to Criminon Staff.

If we get at least a few hundred people to go to the link below, I think we can get a proper survey result!

Have some fun. You could let the Criminon staff in on the fact the Dave Miscavige should be behind bars for all of his crimes and that you would give your support for that!

Until Next Time...
BFG writes:


Criminon Int. asked that we send this out to you and ask you to send it to > 10 Scientologists that you know. It addresses crime, Criminon and Criminon support. Getting responses from Scientologists generally, instead of just Criminon staff will help Criminon Int. and Criminon promotion. The survey takes 5-10 minutes to do online.

Thanks, Dick and Criminon Int.

Security Surveillance at the Int Base… / Security — I will tell you about Int Base Security

31 July 2006

^ Contents


Talk about security cameras at the Int Base. Well, here you go.

There are cameras at all vehicle gates.

There are cameras that shoot the cars that go by on the highway, these cameras are super hi-def cameras that can read the license plates as they drive by. These cameras also have lights mounted on them so that when a car honks or is suspicious, they can turn the light on and as they car drives through the frame of the camera, they can capture the plate info. Then then have the plates run and find out who the person is.

There are cameras all over the base as well.

There are 2 cameras in every single Auditing room as well as microphone. All sessions are recorded and played back. There is a feed from all auditing rooms that can be tapped into in Dave Miscavige's RTC building so he can watch any session of any Int Base staff member at any time.

There are cameras throughout the entire property.

There are cameras mounted all along the street next to the property where the Executive staff live. There are two housing communities next to the Int Base property and the Security force can watch any one house at any time with these cameras. As most of the most stressed staff live in these houses, each one is liable to blow any minute. On most days there will be at least one Int Base security vehicle that just drives up and down the streets and if any other car that is not supposed to be there, is monitored driving around it will be approached immediately. This could a lucky Int Base staffer get away car! If anyone lives around here, come on out and do a test. Drive onto Sublet Drive and just park, within 2 minutes you will be approached by an Int Base staff member and questioned. As soon as this happens, your vehicle will have at least 2-3 cameras trained on it and they will record your every move.

There are cameras in the manufacturing building known as Building #36.

There are cameras mounted at the water tower on the top of the hill.

There are cameras mounted on the roof of the new Castle Studio that has a camera powerful enough to video cars on Sanderson Street more than a mile away! You could zoom in to a license plate at the Mobil gas station on Sanderson and Ramona Expressway.

Most of all of the cameras listed above are remote controlled from the main booth and the main Security control room. I would say that they are over 100 cameras through the Int Base. The theory behind this is that any location that can be used to video the property should itself be able to be videoed.

All of the surveillance footage is stored and back-up so that any and all footage can be immediately sent to PI's, and private investigation firms.

When the Keith Hensons of the world show up at the Gold Base, the Security force become the busiest ever. When he did one of his last "walk arounds" on the Int Base, Highway 79, he really caused a stir.

A few people actually got burned on that one. Mike Sutter was the Dir Internal Security RTC. He had just arrived back from a few years on the RPF .

(Background Story Explanation) Mark Yager and Bitty Miscavige were both under watch. Mark had admitted to wanting to kill Dave Miscavige and Bitty had just been fucking one of the key execs at FSO (Don Jason). Mike Sutter was in RTC and assigned to watch these two while they were getting their handlings at the Int Base.

Well Bitty used her special mind bending skills and caused Mark Yager to go psychotic. So for good measure, Bitty & her husband Ronnie Miscavige were whisked off into Virginia never to be heard of again. They are now doing great and since leaving the Int Base have done extremely well for themselves.

Mark Yager and Mike Sutter were assigned to the RPF. Mark because Dave hated him anyway and they had been childhood rivals for decades. Dave had Marty Rathbun read all of Mark Yager's Sec Check KR's to the entire Int Base at a Briefing and anyone who had been Mark Yager's friend was also RPF'd for good measure. Mike Sutter was RPF'd, because he allowed Bitty to make Mark Yager even more crazy than he was already.

(Back to Main Story) Four years later - Mike Sutter has just arrived at the Int Base and is now in charge of Security in RTC.

Enter Keith Henson. Somehow Mike and the Gold Security crew knew Keith was coming before he did. I think they had plants in Keith's circle.

So Mike Sutter orders that NO ONE IS TO BE OUTSIDE WHILE KEITH IS ON THE HIGHWAY. This means no one. PERIOD. So, a few outside PI's are hired and they are supposed to deal with Keith when he arrives. (Don't let any Int Base staff be completely bragged up mentally by Keith Spewing Xenu stories, but the PI's will be fine.)

So this goes on for days, Keith shows up and no one can go anywhere because they might see a sign that says Xenu. 99% of the Int Base staff have never even heard the word Xenu much less have any clue what it means or any of the story. So if you were on the other side of the Int Base getting a pen from supplies and Keith showed up – you had to stay there in Supplies for the rest of the day until he left.

If you were eating and he showed up, you had to stay in the dining room for the rest of the day. It was crazy. While Keith was "visiting" not one thing got done. You could not even look out a window, open a door. The security force told people that the SP's on the highway would be taking pictures, and that if any Int Base staff were photographed, they would be RPF'd instantly. This kept pretty much everybody inside with no problem. Sitting around doing nothing is a far better fate than the RPF.

Well, Dave Miscavige showed back up and heard about all of this and could not believe that this had been happening. He ordered Mike Sutter to be kicked out of RTC and posted in CMO INT.

He ordered that Mike Rinder sort this out and if he didn't he would be RPF'd. Mike Rinder just had the crew moved around in buses and otherwise the PI's would be all around Keith to cover any Xenu signs that might be showing. The crew were shuttled around the property in the huge passenger buses and no one could go anywhere unless inside the buses. Staying inside was still in force but Dave was told that no one was stopped from being on post. What Dave is told and what actually happens are rarely the same thing. Dave Miscavige is lied to 95% of the time by anyone below him. He hears what people think he wants to hear. The truth is rarely in that category.

(Mike Sutter story continued) weeks later - Mike Sutter is now in CMO INT. Mike Sutter and Tom DeVoct screw up on some project. Dave Miscavige orders both of them to work in the Gold Manufacturing Division doing menial tasks. After a few days of doing this, Mike Sutter decides to take some "initiative" and go back up to CMO Int and get some real work done. Tom DeVoct says that he is going to stay in Gold Manufacturing and just keep doing nothing and laying low. Dave finds out the Mike Sutter disobeyed his order and went back to CMO Int. Mike Sutter is then posted in Gold Manufacturing on the lowest post in the entire division (CD sleeve stuffer) and Tom is ordered back up to CMO Int to return to post.

So the moral of the story is that Mike Sutter knows how to piss off Dave really good.
Good going Mike!

Until next time…



28 July 2006

^ Contents



Somehow the word needs to get out to the Scientologists about the new e-meter coming out. There is a new meter coming out called the Mark VIII Ultra. This meter is completely new and barely resembles the old meter at all. It is also not being treated like any other meter before it. While all past meters have been made and serviced by "trained, experienced SO members from International Management (GOLD)" the new meters are specifically NOT be even touched by them in the slightest. These new meters have been made for less than half the cost in Japan by an assembly line that also makes walkmans.

The new meter actually came about due to the fact that Golden Era has been ripping people off for years way way way overcharging for the old meters. They use to cost about $400 to make. This was mostly due to wacko manufacturing methods, inefficiency, and waste. Well, after spending too much, they would then jack the price up at least 4 times and then sell them for anywhere from $3,000-$5,000. When Dave found out how much Gold was ripping people off, he made it so Gold did not get any more money from the sale of meters and all of the profit went towards making the new meters. Russ Bellin from CST then proceeded to gallivant off to Japan regularly and a year or so later, the meters were made.

I said made. Yes, these meters have been made and been sitting in a warehouse in Japan for 2 years. There are probably hundreds of reasons that the new meters have not yet come out. One of which being that there are still a ton of Mark Super VII Quantums out there that have not been sold. Oh, just for the record, the Quantum is a piece of total shit compared to the "new" meter. The staff that have been using the "new" meters will not even touch a Quantum Meter , but they still sell them in the bookstore! The new meters have been shelved for a quite a bit. This is because they were supposed to be released with all of the fixed courses from the NEW, NEW, NEW Academy Levels all the way up to Class XII. And all of the LRH books that have been completely redone for "re-release." The Golden Age of Knowledge and what is has been dubbed as the "Golden Age of Knowledge II".

For any of those people who keep track of the differences between LRH books that were released back when he was around and compare them to recent editions, well, prepare yourselves for a MAJOR shock. You will think these new editions were written by a different author much less be deciphering slight differences. There are going to be missing chapters, chapters jumbled around, added chapters, entire sections gone, deleted, added, you name it. These books have been being hacked around for over 5 years by more than 100 people and if they resemble the past books in any way it will be a miracle and they will surely get a lot of attention from the Source Crusaders.

Dave's worry about the new meters was also that the public would somehow find out about the new meters before they had sold out the old meters and they would end up with millions of dollars in dead stocks. Well now is the big chance to create some dead stock! Tell as many Scientologists you can about the new meter so they can save their pennies for the new ones. Knowing about them before the release really lets the air out of Dave's balloon as well.

Well guess what, the new meter does not need to be serviced yearly like all previous E-Meters. It can be updated over the internet. This next part is the most comical part of this whole thing. The connector that Russ Bellin specified to be on the back of the meter is now 2 years out of date and new computers being made do not have this connector on them anymore. By the time the meter is finally released, it will have obsolete items on it!!!!! Does this mean that they will all be unpacked and remade? What to do? Well get ready for a really shitty meeting with Dave Miscavige on that one huh?

This meter is going to be released at Auditor's Day, but maybe a pre-release on Clambake will at least have them fixing the faults in it and then releasing it later. We'll see.

Until next time….


DM's Wing in the new building / Elevator? - he has a whole damn wing!

26 July 2006

^ Contents


There is an entire WING at the new Flag building devoted to the vertically challenged one. It has a super hi-fi listening room, office, lounge, kitchen, dining area, meeting room, theatre, offices for his entourage, executive bathrooms with showers, you name it. The floors, ceilings and walls are super thick and led lined so that sound cannot travel into or out of these offices to the rest of the building. In fact, there have been more redesigns on this one section of the building than any other. Other parts of the building have been redone to accommodate this wing however and more and more space has been devoted to this one area than any other. I would also think that between the psycho expensive audio and video equipment that will be installed in this wing, this will be the most costly portion of the building by far.

Dave better hit up Tom Cruise for a few more million to get all of the exact stuff he likes custom made for him. But Dave does not know the costs for this as he specifically has requested that he NOT see the costs on these things as he knows that the people buying this equipment are Suppressives and do not know how to get prices down. His office at the Int Base cost over 3 million to build and furnish. You can bet that this one at Flag is going to dwarf that by far.

Someone asked about this being the replacement to LRH's office. No way! That would be completely off-source and you should get some FPRD for even thinking of this! LRH will have an office just as he does in every other building, but COB will have a WING! Half a damn floor to operate out of. What's the problem?

And speaking of the Main Building at the Complex in Hollywood. Dave could not stand that place and how DB it was. ASI had bought a huge housing complex up the street from where they worked and were going to live there. Dave heard about this and it was set-up for him and his staff instead. It is a luxurious set-up that makes the complex look like the concentration camp that it is. This is where he actually lives for the most part. He hates the Int Base and the staff there and prefers to live up the street from the bums, hookers and crackheads. Besides, any of these three types of people will do far far more for you for 20 bucks than half of the Int Base staff.

Some new shit has come to light man... / Stay tuned for more upcoming insane news that will make you laugh and cry!

26 July 2006

^ Contents


It has been an interesting few months. Much to tell and oh so much to post. Stay tuned...

Google Search - Keep it this way / Do your part

17 May 2006

^ Contents


Well, I hope that I have contributed to the the Google search results with recent postings. I will post at least once a week with another juicy story that will make you cry and make you laugh at the same time.

But, I wanted to let you know that someone is absolutely eating a major shit sandwich for this internet search thing. Heads will roll when and if Dave Miscavige ever finds out. And I will tell you what OSA will do. They will launch some new lame ass thing for Scientologists to do on the net and will insist that they go to a certain site. This is how they keep their site on top, they have their own people creating a majority of the hits.

So, in order to circumvent this, figure out as many ways to get the site getting hits as possible. If every member of Clambake logged on at least once a day or even twice, once in the am and once at night, it would make a huge difference. Also, telling your friends that you saw a real funny Tom Cruise video and send them a link from Clambake, these things would keep Clambake on top and also with it being on top, more people would click on it anyway and then it would stay there for sure.

Now how about a little story to get the hits up some more!

(I know I should really post this on the Int Base thread but cut me some slack and maybe someone can repost it there for the Int Base guys watching that thread.)

The head of the Internet Unit is the wife of the famed OSA undercover darklord Gavino Idda, Gloria Idda. Now Gloria is the one who runs the Internet Unit in LA at the HGB. She is in OSA INT. Now Gloria is the one who is the mastermind behind the unit and the one who keeps track of all of the anti Scientology sites and getting Scientology's site to rank higher than them when you search on Google etc.

The other thing she does is monitor the Internet traffic/staff use for the Int Base. All Int Base have to sign in to a Symantec filter program that filters everything that the Int base staff read. If they were to click on a a site that has anything anti scientology on it - they get a "access denied" message and this is flagged down in LA on that person's account. Okay, so they have a filter and this way no one sees any anti scientology stuff, well this same program also filters any and all porn sites as well. You cannot logon onto the Internet at the Int base without getting an account from Gloria. There is even a "Getting on the Internet Routing Form" if you can believe it.

Well, Gloria has had very little problems with Int Base staff accessing anti-Scn sites, but you guessed it, a whole different story with the porn sites. This is huge problem at the Int base. Partially because you have so many different nationalities of people at the Int Base, most of them just search for pussy in their own language and of course the filter is not program for the 52 languages they cater to. One guy up there has been caught on the porn sites so many times that it has become a normal thing for him to just be asked if he has been on porn sites lately and of course he has!

Okay, so instead of handling the hits and making sure Scientology is on top, she has to be the porn babysitter for the base. Probably one main reason being that the CO GOLD (Lisa Shroer) reads out people's sec check KR's at Gold's musters and only reads the sex activities and stays away from pretty much anything else. So here you have 200 people lined up for a half an hour hearing about all the juicy sex and masturbation etc, who wouldn't want to get some more when you get back to your work space?

Stay with me, this is going somewhere. Okay so Gloria Idda can see all the anti Scn sites and she goes up to Int each week to get sec checked to make sure she has not bought into it. But Gloria is not Int Base staff and she is not privy to what goes on there. Now seeing that Gloria is reading this right now, I thought she would like to hear a story about Dave Miscavige and Gloria's lovely daughter Marta.

Marta is in CMO INT and is married to Bob and Becky Horne's son - Brad Horne. Brad and Marta are very much in love and very much like to see one another as much as possible.

Well Dave M was going crazy on RCOMPS, and Brad who was the computer guy for RCOMPS was not getting home much and having to work all kinds of crazy hours. He was not studying, sleeping or seeing Marta much at all. Marta did not take kindly to this and wrote a KR on Brad, his senior, Brad's senior's senior, and the CO GOLD for keeping them all off-policy. Okay so that happens.

Now fast forward to SO DAY. Well the time of year when SO day would happen if there still was an SO DAY at the Int Base. There isn't going to be one, Marta is not too pleased about this and decides that she is going to write another one of her KR's and she cc's COB ASST - Dave's wife Shelly. Well as DM does everybody's job including Shelly's - he reads the KR in Shelly's basket and see that Marta says within the KR that "COB would never condone the base not having SO DAY." Little does Marta know that Dave is the one who has cancelled SO DAY every year for some reason or another! Anyway Marta is almost thrown out of CMO INT for her KR and dropping names etc. And of course, when pulling up her file, one see the other KR on the whole RCOMPS scene and Dave says "while he is slaving away in RCOMPS trying to get all of the books redone, CMO INT are trying to get the RCOMPS staff to go home!"

Marta was the shithead of the base. She was basically blacklisted for every base staff member to see what a worker oriented person she was and she was on a very tight leash from then on. She was very quiet and not really a threat to anyone.

Not done yet Gloria - Have you ever wondered how Marta was demoted? Well one morning when the staff actually went home every once and awhile Marta was getting on the bus and there were some Gold staff sitting on the bus already and Marta and some of her fellow CMO Int staff did not want to stand, so they told the Gold guys to get up. I guess Marta thought that if she was not the only one bitching she would not get singled out for being such a wuss. Sorry.

The Gold guys knowing what total fuck-ups the CMO INT guys were told them to fuck off and did not get up. So the CMO INT staff wrote KR's on the Gold guys for not giving up their seats on the bus.

Somehow, Dave M finds out about this - I mean a friggin bus ride is what he deals with now! Anyway Dave gets a list made of all the CMO INT guys who wrote KR's and has them all demoted in rank. Just like that. So now the INT base is up to write a KR=demotion. Anyway Gloria, that is what you are working for and that is just a taste of what Marta deals with on a daily basis. And if you think that your sweet little daughter was exempt from the shit sucking installment out at the ponds for weeks on end - nope. She was there too. Oh yeah, she was also part of the same guys who were being offloaded to CLO ANZO to be toilet cleaners. And she was part of the same guys that had to sleep in their offices for 3 months and who could not go home for any reason whatsoever as how can QM catch 30 CMO INT staff trying to blow all at once!

She was also part of the team that was assigned by COB to make Jenny DeVoct (now Linson) sleep as she was the CO CMO INT and went Type 3 after not sleeping for a few weeks. They literally had a bed installed on top of the WDC Conference room and Jenny slept in it for 36 hours while all of CMO INT sat around in the dark and "watched her sleep!"

So, Gloria, keep up the crappy work you are doing in the Internet Unit and keep those damn Int Base staff off the porn sites!

Shit ponds from hell / Those are they

12 May 2006

^ Contents


Are these ponds the ones BFG mentioned?

Yes! Those are them. Damn they are bigger than I thought! That is a lot of shit! Would that have been great if the [satellite] shot took place during the big shitfest — that would have been classic. All of these people in the shit. Damn if I would have thought of it, we could have arranged a fly by! NO how do you explain that you have 100 people digging in the shit like pigs?

Crazy shit never ceases to amaze me.

Updates on all things unimportant / Tom's camp getting tight and edgy - Mike Rinder Breathes then Talks SHIT

11 May 2006

^ Contents


Well, finally the security leaks at both Gold and Tom Cruise camp are being followed up on. There have been a few magazines that have been so insanely spot on the entire time as to what would happen with Tom and Katie that Church staff are trying to find out who the leaks are. Between the Int Base and Tom's place there are so many moles it is insane. Here is the best part, some of the people that are checking out the leaks, are involved in the leaks!

Hillary Lucas at Gold ate a major shit sandwich for her Wal-Mart screw up and I doubt she will be doing anymore shopping anytime soon. She is the 3rd Port Captain in 2 years!

What ever Sea Org unit bought those 500 tickets for MI3 in LA effectively cancelled any remote chances that the Int Base would get to go into Hemet to see it. That story was covered far and wide! The Gold guys have not gone to the movies since Battlefield Earth came out anyway. Every single person at the Int Base HAD to watch BE 3 times!! Most people caught the first showing and ended up seeing two other movies with BE stubs.

Talking about Mike Rinder, Mr Scientology PR — He seems to be the only talking for Scientology these days since Tom so majorly fucked things up. I would love for the media to know what Mike Rinder is doing while not on TV — Here is a guy that was knee deep in shit. I am not speaking figuratively — At the Int Base the entire property is managed by their own sewage system. All of the shit is pumped out to two huge ponds (as big as two football fields) where it is aired out and evaporates into the air. Well, since the shit is so thick at the Int Base — it does not evaporate that well and must be manually taken out of the pond every few years and sent to the dump. Here comes the good part — because the all of the CMO INT staff were such assholes — Dave had them spend at least 2 weeks FULL TIME day and night (Sunrise to Midnight) cleaning all of the shit out of these ponds. We are talking about trucks and trucks loaded with shit that had to be shoveled up and bucket brigaded out of these huge ponds. When shit is several months old it is basically like chucky dirt and very dusty. Imagine having to breathe shit dust all day and all night. Talk about the Anti-Purif! Well that is exactly what Rinder does while not on TV saying how Bruce Hines is full of shit — No Mike — YOU are full of shit — literally from breathing it full time for weeks on end. So yeah Mark Yager, Mark Ingber, G Lesevre, Rinder and all of the other Top scientology "execs" shoveling shit full time because Dave wanted to punish them. I would love for someone to pop that question to Mike while on the air, "Is it true that you yourself are a shit expert, having worked with it for quite some time?"

Anyway, Mike Rinder himself has been calling some of the media outlets with leaky Tom intel trying to get to the leaks. He even went so far as to tell one media outlet that they could run the story on Tom in exchange for the source of the leak! While in LA or NY Mike rinder lives it up. Of course he does, When he is at the base — he is total scum and Dave loves to let him know that.

If the OSA guys in LA even knew what a total fuckup Mike Rinder is when he steps onto the Int Base. No rank — no respect — just another Int Base SP waiting for the axe to drop any minute.

Well, okay, enough about Mike Rinder — someone was saying how maybe he will leave! Are you kidding me? If that guy loses it — he will more fucked than a 25 cent whore on the Fourth of July! Dave will bury him far below the surface never to be heard from again. He isn't going to run to the press with all of the horror stories. No way. Other Int Base staff — hell yeah. If anymore Int Base staff leave and somehow make it to this board — those are the guys we need to get to talk. The more the better. How could Mike say that 5 or 10 people from the same place are ALL bullshit? That is going to be a tough one.

Anyone else with media contacts — send them my way. You would never imagine how many magazines will talk trash about Tom Cruise or Scientology now — They are practically lining up. Keep up the good work!


Don't contact me - Contact them / Base cell phone list for Clambake users

9 May 2006

^ Contents


Have you ever tried to call and talk directly to someone at the Int Base or Gold? It is not that easy. They are one of the few companies left that still has a live switchboard and operator that routes all calls into the place. Some of the people there you may have wanted to talk to for years, but just have not been able to get a call back from them or maybe your message was not delivered.

Now you can! Here are their direct cell phone numbers! Get the list posted on other sites and make sure that people actually call the numbers. Give Dave Miscavige a call and let know your views on the current happenings – yes, even his number is on this list!

With the advent of cell phones, several people were issued these over the last few years. They mainly use them to call each other. Nextel is the main company that they use.

There are also some direct landlines on the list as well. This list is not limited to Gold, it includes RTC, CST, ESI, CMO INT and GOLD. Now the list appears to be a bit out of date. There are names on there of people that are known to have left in the past year. But, they usually just give the phone to someone else and very rarely change numbers. So, you can still call and talk to someone. This will probably be the most outside calls these guys ever got.

The cell phones can also be text messaged from the below link. In case they are just not picking up the phone. The entire schedule of the Int base runs offs of messages to the phones. Since the place is so spread out and people are all over the place. When the schedule changes or there is some important muster everyone must attend, a message is sent over the phones. Hold your own muster or change the base schedule yourself by sending some messages!

or bulk send 20 people a message at the same time at this link:

Some good text messages are:
1. Go to MCI right now – spread the word!
2. All base muster in MCI – spread the word
3. Meeting at the clock at 2:00 – Spread the word!
4. Securing will be 3AM tonight
5. Buses leaving 30 minutes later for rest of week
6. No one secures tonight unless white glove pass.
7. The Int base is a prison camp and getting out now would be a great idea!
8. All event crew muster right away!

I am sure the numbers will change now that this has been posted but at least you can have some fun for a few days or maybe even a week!

You just copy the numbers off the list and paste them into your browser and you can fire off 20 messages at once. Do this a few times and they will be showing up on the base wherever you want.

Have fun!!

Russ Bellin Nextel 909 376 ????
Russ Bellin Vista Apartment 909 929 ????
Russ Bellin Car 909 821 ????
Gaby C 909 376 ????
TW/BT/GC car 241 ????
Bert Trussel 909 376 ????
Tom Willis 909 376 ????

Barbara Ruiz 323 816 ????
Javier Ruiz 323 816 ????
Sam P 323 816 ????
Ryland Hawkins 323 816 ????
Lucy Hawkins 323 855 ????
Neville 323 627 ????

Dave Miscavige 323 769 ????
Ailon Barram 213 798 ????
CH? 323 855 ????
Antonella Tisi 323 707 ????
Annke Sutter 213 798 ????
Nori Matumuiri 213 798 ????
Carol Bourke 213 792 ????
Marion Pouw 323 974 ????
Sue Wilhere 323 855 ????
Marcia 213 792 ????
Maqqie 323 855 ????
Urd 213 792 ????
BOH 323 864 ????
Michelle T 323 353 ????
John Broussou 323 855 ????
Pagers: JB *????
Maqqie *????
Urd *???? AT *????

Mike Rinder 323 855 ????
Jenny Linson 727 639 ????
Marc Yager 213 216 ????
James Potter 323 864 ????
Andy Lenarcic 323 893 ????
Kristen Jensen J 323 893 ????
Karin Stark 323 595 ????
Tom DeVoct 213 494 ????
Jon Stumbke 323 864 ????
Laurence Stumbke 323 864 ????
Claudia Olander 323 864 ????
Alex C 323 864 ????
Jason K 323 707 ????
Carol Cisco 323 823 ????
TK 323 228 ????
Steve Hodkins 213 216 ????
Paul Berkhart 323 868 ????
Steve Rule 213 216 ????
William Delderfeld 323 833 ????
Becky Wilhere 323 833 ????
Angela Bucelli 323 833 ????
Tony Decredenzo 323 833 ????
Brenda Black 323 833 O1S7
Josie Spitell 323 228 ????
Marta Horne 323 893 ????
Bev Menasse 323 893 ????

CMO GOLD: Annie T 213 276 ????
Lucky 323 595 ????
Julie M 213 216 ????
Jeff Baker 213 216 ????
Roberta 323 595 ????
Luigi (Gary) Lew 323 707 ????
Stevie Duncan 323 353 ????
Rq 323 228 ????
Erin Ruevini 323 353 ????
Carol Fulmer 323 595 ????
Jenny Roper 323 707 ????

Lisa Schrorer 323 974 ???? Lisa Home 909 654 ????
Heather Lindstein 323 228 ????
Caroline Sproule 213 276 ????
Nathan S 213 276 ????
EG 323 864 ????/*????
Henning Bendorf 323 864 ????/*????
Stefanie Martinez 323 974 ????
Marc H 323 974 ????
Stefanie Horwich 213 276 ????
Alison Ramer 323 974 ????
Mel Feshback 323 216 ????
Ken Hoden 213 280 ???? or *????
Muriel D 213 709 ????
MP 323 595 ????
Charlotte Geisler 323 353 ????
Ben Sproule 323 855 ????
Gerald Duncan 323 974 ????
Kevin Caetano 323 707 ????
Matt Butler 323 228 ????
Terrence 323 707 ????
Steph Head 323 833 ????
Ranch Sec 213 280 ????
Bill Bruqqer 323 353 ????
GC 323 353 ????
Kenny Seybold 213 272 ????
Yvonne Gonzalves 323 974 ????
Brigitte Willowby 213 798 ????
Lana Mitchell 909 969 ????
John Willowby 213 471 ????
Jean 323 974 ????
Gibran Munoscano 323 353 ????
Bob Shishido 323 595 ????
Chris Ferris 323 353 ????
Jody Carlson 323 353 ????
Matt Morrison 323 353 ????

Fed Tisi 323 974 ????
Darius Wilhere 213 305 ????
Kevin McHenry 323 353 ????
Brooke Shackelton 323 707 ????
Gary Weise 213 276 ????
Frank Fehn 323 595 ????
Larry Jacobs 727 423 ????
Jesse Radstrom 727 423 ????
Matt Price 323 855 ????
Cindv Cruzen 323 974 ????
Anna Decosta323 353 ????
Nigel Oaks323 631 ????
Power Coleman323 855 ????
QC Strom 323 833 ????

Dan Koon 323 353 ????
Rikard Rodin323 974 ????
Leanne Potter 323 997 ????
QC 323 864 ????
Pauline Flood 323 228 ????
KE 213 272 ????
Jason 323 855 ????
Paul 213 280 ????
Denise Sommerville 323 974 ????
Rick Cruzen 323 974 ????
Ron Miscavige 323 707 ????
Katie Tisi 323 216 ????
Martine Collin323 228 ????/*????
Jocelyn Webb323 228 ????/*????
Glenn Briggs 323 496 ????
Fred Harris 213 305 ????
Donatella Hodkins 323 823 ????
Jean Michelle Warniez 323 377 ????
Raymund Wurthner 323 823 ????
Diana Hubbard 323 243 ????
Lynn Sener 323 855 ????

Gulueimme Lesevre 213 305 ????
MEI 323 353 ????
Fran Harris 323 497 ????
Robert Lemoine 213 220 ????

Mad Hatter 323 665 ????
Chandra Benjamin 323 974 ????
Wick 323 816 ????
Marj Habshid 323 397 ????

James Perry 323 816 ????

Wal-Mart shopping makes the press! / GOLD BASE ETHICS ED - COMING SOON FOR HILLARY

8 May 2006

^ Contents


Next time keep your damn mouth shut Hillary!


Hot crap off the shithole they call the INT BASE / Katie, DM, and shopping at Wal-Mart

2 May 2006

^ Contents


It is funny that Wal-Mart was mentioned here. You will never guess where the INT Base guys did their baby junk shopping for Suri at? Yes- it is true! Looks like Suri might be heading up to the INT BASE if she ain't there now. Hillary was the one who had to go pick up all of the baby crap and she actually went to Wal-Mart to get it! Little does Tom know, he is giving them millions in cash and is set to give them a cool 50 million from MI:3, and they go to Wal-Mart to get his baby stuff. Well Hillary really would know how to find baby stuff right. Super Wal-Mart is as good as any other place right?

On Dave and Shelly having kids — No they do not have kids. Whatever person hired a PI and this person said they had kids was wrong. If they do have kids, they sure have kept it very low key and Shelly did not get pregnant in order to have them. Shelly slaves for Dave full time. Although it looks like she has gone off the lines a bit and is more low key lately — probably dealing with Tom and Katie more than anything.

In terms of the Int Base going off for rewards. You are kidding right? The Int Base has not gone off for rewards in years! Even the last few Christmas years not one day was given for a day off. They got the required 4 hours to go shopping at that was it. With Super Wal-Mart now open — All base staff can do their Christmas shopping there!

I think the buses or trucks with signs on them is the best idea. But they would need to park or drive very slowly byu the base during meal times. That is when the staff are going to see them. Lunch is the best as people are coming over from the other side of the base and would see it or when they leave from muster to go back over.

Nite time flyover? What purpose does that serve?

If there was a protest at the base now that would make DM just freak. If ton and Katie are there with Suri and you have got protesters there. That would make him freak.

Also if the press catch on to the fact that this is where Suri is at? Oh boy, then the press show up and then there are protesters there. This would be a total freak-out for DM. The people under him would be shitting bricks full time. Rinder would probably be up all night for days solving this one!

In terms of blows. The more these people can be exposed to what is happening there — the more will blow. If we had a press thing happening and protesters with signs that meant something to the staff — you could get some more to leave.

If anyone has any issues or Scientology data on weddings or babies, PM me.

Hopefully if all goes well, I will have much more info in the next few weeks.


BFG resurfaces!!! / Hot off the press!!!

21 April 2006

^ Contents


Okay guys, what a crazy past few weeks this has been.

I will tell you how crap the Security of the Base and Tom Cruise's camp is. They are fully infiltrated! I cannot go into details, but Dave Miscavige has had Shelly (his wife and assistant) handling whatever Tom complains to him about. Well Shelly has sent people into to Tom's camp to have them sec checked to find out who the leaks are. Well that has obviously not been working. Chelsea needs a retread on her metering or sec checking or both. Anyway, this is the best part, there are people everywhere that are feeding data to the press, enemies, critics etc. I have one huge project that when it comes off, I will be posting it all over Clambake. It will be the best coup ever! You wait, when it happens, you will wonder how it ever was pulled off. Well I will tell you right now – MONTHS of planning and pure genius execution of detailed plans and plan B's and then two more backup plans.

The big mystery is how Katie got the hospital without anyone knowing. Well that's easy!

Yvonne Gonzalvez tricked out a Chevy Suburban without a partition that makes it so nothing behind the driver could be seen. How do you think Dave Miscavige was at Tom's house and no one knew? Well there you go. Same vehicle – different passengers – solved. Dave Miscavige seems to be taking a very keen interest in Tom and the baby. I mean how many other scientologists do you know that had Dave Miscavige come over to their house to welcome their kid into this world. He probably implanted the kid right then and there about being a Scientologist.

Oh yeah, tip to Dave Miscavige and all OSA guys on keeping Dave's security in. Don't have Yvonne (driver slave) go to Tom's house, don't have Emily Jones/Barram (steward slave) go to Tom's house and certainly don't have Dave (slave driver) go to Tom's house and that would keep it safe that people would not know he was there.

Also, you need to keep in better security in at Dave's house right up the street from ASI and at ASI. The OSA guys should know better about the technology of directional mics and audio bugs these days. Oh – yeah better do another sweep for bugs at Dave's place just to be sure.

The Int Base guys are really freaking out right now on who is leaking what to whom. One of my contacts at one place said that someone gave them a very sensitive video of Tom with Dave. Anyway, Karen Pouw was on that one for about one minute when it was immediately whisked over to Mike Rinder to handle. I guess there was no more ditches for him to dig or he was doing it in between.

Next up is the "Katie escape!" You have heard the jokes and the press is going nuts over the baby. Well there about 20 people that are working on her escape. I kid you not. This is a very delicately balanced manoeuvre that has people working around the clock. Anyway, keep watching and you will see the whole thing unfold. How the Church and Tom will spin this one, I have no idea. They are going to take a huge hit on this one as no matter what they do, they're are going to look bad when this is all over.

In terms of the Int base. Berthing is moving ahead at light speed now. They have no choice with the amount of blows and security risks at this point. You can only take the personal staff cars away for so long and make it matter. People can still walk down the street and get past the QM at Kirby. Better yet, they still have staff that live down the road and they could leave whenever they want. Yes, okay so they have camera all over the roads down on Sublet Road, but the guards are not so smart that the see everything. They have been restricting people to the base SO MUCH, that it was like " Can we get the Berthing building finished" so soon they will all be restricted and not even know it – Well until they try to go into town to get something. You are going to need a friggin approved issue to be able to leave the base on your own soon.

They are also filtering the mail that is coming in! I am not talking about the personal mail which has been being done for years – I am talking about any bad articles in the tabloid magazines are being trashed in Dept 2 (Mail Dept) before they even get sorted. I am sure that there were about 50 Rolling Stone mags that nobody ever saw due to that article last month. You have got to dig this, no one on that base below OT 3 has EVER HEARD the Xenu story. No one! And they want to make sure it stays that way. There are NO TV's in any of the dorms anymore for the odd chance that one of them might watch normal TV on it. It is a total lockdown. And still the leaks are there and the data is still getting in and out through their own people!!!!!! You have got to love the years of torture and miserable life that make these staff start to defect!

Oh and Chuck, yes the place is getting worse. Whoever tells you differently lives in la la land. You were there for years and you think that over that time it got better — no it never gets better there — only worse. It will be that way until they have 50 people left. They did not go down from 1000 staff to 300 staff because it was thriving metropolis! The place sucks and people want to get the hell out and they are! More so than you know. Last count there was about 6 people in PDO. They used to have 50! And those guys are offloading everything they used to do to other units so that can keep up with the designs and stuff that is needed by the A/V dept and Bridge only. They don't do mags anymore, no promo, nothing just designs and CD art.

So next time someone tells you that my posts are exaggerating the scene there at the Int Base, ask yourself how many posts that person has done on the place and if they match up with what you have experienced firsthand or have had confirmed by others.

Anyway, I just wanted you all to know that BFG is still among the living but just very tied up with current activities. As soon as I can I will post some more juicy stories that will make your hair curl. Bye for now.


Kenny was Gold Security guard that policed internet usage

8 March 2006

^ Contents


Kenny Campleman — Security guard that policed internet usage to make sure people were not on sites they shouldn't be on. He was busted by Warren [...]

Files in order - are you kidding? / biggest screw ups in history!

7 March 2006

^ Contents


The Craziness never ends! All files that had been being kept since the early 70's were were all going to the Complex (Big Blue) in LA. This mission was sent from Int to get all of these files archived. They would archive them and then shred them to make space. This is the good part — they archived them all to microfiche years after microfiche was long gone! So no of the stuff was acceptable because there was not even a way for anyone to view the stuff. They were just archiving it — who knew someone would want to look at the stuff or even search through it.

Now in terms of if they would have YOUR files. No chance if it was that long ago. They have not even finished scanning LRH originals from 30 years ago. By the time they get to anything that is management or org traffic — someone will decide to shred it anyway if the mission or higher org has not shredded it already.

Base restrictions

7 March 2006

^ Contents


It comes in fits and spurts. The Gold guys have a bit more freedom than the Int (CMOI) guys. For awhile, the Cmo Int crew were not allowed to go home for months at a time. They were literally LIVING in the the trailers where they worked. Even if they lived down the street — they still had to sleep in the trailers at night under their desks! This went on for months. This happens every few months, where they cannot go home until such and such is done. Usually meant as an incentive from Dave to get something done in a few days, they drag it out for weeks or months. The time when you can get away with going out somewhere is coming or going to the base. If you are driving in from town and leave early, you could get to the store or go somewhere. You could also do the same on the way home. A lot of staff still sneak off here and there. Sunday AM is a real clamp down on getting off places. They will have musters for awhile at berthing to make sure people are cleaning — and then that will drop out for a bit and then kick in again.

If you want to find people from the base in town — hit Wal-Mart on Saturday night. They will be there, unless told not to because of this post.

This is for Warren McShane — Hey Warren — You know — sooner or later Dave is going to find out what you do with the "no filter" access besides check out the SP sites. Did you ever think about that? What are you going to do? The OSA guys are reading this, what do you tell them? They are not that stupid, they are going to figure it out. Think about every time you see them from now on and they look at you with the picture in their heads of you sitting there in front of a computer! Ouch! Hey — they are human too — but Warren McShane!!! How could it be?

Kenny was onto you and you were onto him — only thing was he took the fall and never spilled the beans. Funny how you were the one to take him out huh?

Or what if Dave checks out this site and reads it, and then asks you about it? How many times can you justify this kind of deviant aberrated behavior at your level on the Bridge? A few leftover BTs in the lower regions huh? You don't "think" he will, but he has before, and you know how you hate it when he catches you off-guard.

I mean how embarrassing is hearing about you own aberrations from a damn SP site? Is anything sacred anymore? Well, not when your T3 lines are going through a privately owned company with hundreds of access points if you know the right people.

There are not that many people who can access these "other" sites and when they are being accessed and you are the only one around — well do the math.

Anyway — wash up and get back to work. And next time — come to this site first — no pun intended.

Arnie - You have no idea what went down after this! / Photoshop gone wrong

6 March 2006

^ Contents


After this Photoshop thing was exposed — Karen Hollender went to the Int RPF! She was LRH PPRO INT. Jeff Baker, who did the actual Photoshop work was demoted to CPO from an Officer. He was rushed and Karen had him do it on the fly. The flames were shooting all over the Int Base. DM made a bunch of people feel the pain on this one.


No — it was a problem that there was not enough people there as it was "packed house". Karen had the photos retouched before being sent out and the rest is history. just about every photo out of that place has been retouched — nobody had really checked them out that fully.

Gold Base post cards

6 March 2006

^ Contents


That's great. Yeah, I already have intel the that local guys are watching the site and have been reading the posts. No real plan on what they are going to do — more pression of the general staff and more restrictions to no result.

Blownforgood / Where is he/she/they?

6 March 2006

^ Contents


BFG is a composite personality that represents itself as people in/out and otherwise connected to everything that goes on at the Int Base. There is so much to tell — where to start — where to end. The final chapters are soon to come and the posts that come then will be crazy and stir up so much. In time, in time.

Gold Security is working overtime to sort this out and not even close to plugging up the leaks. The higher ups are attempting to sort out the problems, but have no idea where to start. There are too many people that are suspect and shutting the whole place down has been an idea for so long that it might just become a reality within a few short months.

Keep your eyes on the media both print and multimedia. There will even be a dig on Scn at the Oscars tonight! It is coming out everywhere.

In terms of the XSO site — I would post more there but prefer the format and interface on here much better. That's just me.

Stay tuned!


Crazy stuff to check out / If you have lines to Media - Have them check these out!

5 March 2006

^ Contents


Int Base juicy facts that can be checked out and VERIFIED. Gibe em' to your media contacts.

1. I see Dead People! People have been dying at the Int Base a LOT. Not the accidents. From Cancer and other illnesses. No proper heath care and very little to no care about the staff there has resulted in this. At least 10 people have died from this recently. The get moved to a local home in Hemet when it is known they are going to die.

2. Divorce Rates. Scn is always stating about how more Scientologist end up staying married. Total B.S. Check out the divorce rate from the Int Base alone. At least 100 divorces from a single Scn facility! 50 in the last 2 years. Divorce factory.

3. Abortions. This one is a whopper. More and more girls are getting abortions there. So much so, they had to start going to different abortion clinics as it there were some girls coming back 3 and 4 times and girls coming in on a weekly basis. With the MO office running all of the abortions and setting it up — it was a bit odd. Finally the girls had to deal with it themselves and no one from the Church could go with. I would say that the Int Base has about 50 abortions a year. The ones that keep the babies get shipped off to nowheresville. That has not happened in awhile. 100% have had abortions for the last 10 years at least.

4. Disconnects are Highest Ever! Here is a good one. Set up someone who can collect up all of the info on people who have to disconnect with their families. Get this person to compile this and provide to media. Let's see what Rinder has to say about that! You are gonna have at least 50 people that cannot talk to somebody and those people will be family.

5. The Hemet police are starting to wise up to what is happening at Gold. Hemet itself is starting to talk. Any local attention or any local media contacted would blow the place sky high as they have to do business there. The staff are not able to handle vendors that ask questions.

Anyone that has media contacts — get on this!


Security Leaks at OSA and Int Base / Who Knew?

5 March 2006

^ Contents


Well, isn't that nice. I had to lay low for a bit but with the event now happening — things are shifting.

Between Gold Security and INCOMM, you would think someone there would figure out the leaks at the Base. Dunces. Not having any REAL training in Security or Computers would contribute though. Ever heard of Wi-Fi? Cell phones? Texting? Amazing what things are masked by all of the stupid messages back and forth on the Nextels. Did you know that Nextel network is the single most largest source of Corporate America leaks? Hey — let's give those to all of our slave driven staff.

Anyway, the March 13th event is going to be done in HD! Wait until DM finds out that Gary has no clue as to what he is doing and they end up having to spend huge amounts of money to finish the event to do anything with it. Of course no one is going to show this to DM as it is too late to turn back now. I guess between the Int Guys and the OSA guys — they will all just know that they knew about the flap before it was going to happen but did not know what to do. Ever heard of "sabotage" Gary is a pro at that without any outside help.

My bet is this is the last event that is done in HD. Gary will take a beating and then everyone will go back to doing what they know — which is very little.

Anyway, maybe if security would set up Wi-Fi "jammers" they could at least stop the flow of info off the property. Or maybe if they just drove around with a laptop and found them one by one. Bldg 36 has an intense Wi-Fi network which has holes as big as the Brooklyn Tunnel. Thanks to INCOMM! Can't kill that though or you will shut down all that super dooper production — what a dilemma!

OSA is reading these posts too! Stumped while their own people help feed the posts within here. There are so many people inside that they do not know about it — is crazy. I mean all you need is a laptop or a phone! What — next, no SO members can have laptops? Some guys are above the law and those are the guys that feed the network.

Half the shit that gets out is though your own mail anyway. Hey — ever heard of platens? Secret platens? Who would know? With the amount of attention that the night guard or lazy guard down in 36 pays to looking through the mail — they never find shit. Okay maybe the letter about not buying a MKVII meter? That was just stupid. And Kenny found it between jerking off to porn. That was classic — the one guy who was sort of net savvy — busting thorugh the filter to check out porn. That was classic. Anything else slips through like butter.

Also Danny knows about shit that he has not said. Oops. Deal with it Danny.

Kevin also knows stuff and has said stuff to people who then told people and before you know it, damn! How do you think shit that no one knows slips out. In fact, between him and Kirsten — it is like a data drip from hell. Loose lips sink ships and the Int Base lips are like KY on a 40 years old whore — that is some looseness!

Matt has seen stuff and knows stuff, but pretends not too. Too worried about the wife and him if he were to get into trouble.

When they get questioned — boy are some withholds going to get missed. Which ones — I wonder?

Gold Security as a whole are about the most ineffective group of nobody's that could be assembled.

I mean Murphy is a joke.

Danny — well Danny is Danny — What other guard in all of the world has done the stupid shit that Danny has done? None! But he is still there!

Terrence — Has anyone ever stopped and thought — Isn't it a bit odd that Terrence has not aged a day in the last 10 years? His wife is not that bright — so what does that make him?

This is the best part INT is HUGE. How could you find a computer with a broadband connection if it was not obvious. It is pretty much impossible. No way to track it find it — nothing. It is like a needle in hay stack. No amount of meter checks or interviews will unearth this.

Sorry to all of the Clambakers — I am just going crazy over the stupidity of the Church Security in general. I mean they are into the "person leaving clues" and "wanting to be caught" and yet the leaks just spill through the cracks.

Enough for now. It is time to secure and I have laundry and all sorts of stuff to do.

Stay tuned though — this is going to get exciting!


Steve and Laura Marlowe & big Pat G.

17 February 2006

^ Contents


This is actually a reply to Chuck's first post which I never saw! Steve and Laura Marlowe live and work in Arizona. Laura has a jewelry business and Steve works at a nearby resort doing A/V work.

Marty was not only IG ETHICS RTC but he was in fact IG RTC before DM took this post as well.

On Pat G. That dude is 1000% American. He is from the east coast! His name may be Italian — he speaks none of it.

I have known him since 1984 and he never seemed to be worried about staying in the country. After 20 years I am sure he was not worried about being deported after he left.


Linda Stanton

16 February 2006

^ Contents


Linda Stanton — Oh yeah — Pat did go to LA but could not cut it now. I remember now.

Pat and Ron / Answers

16 February 2006

^ Contents


First — Ron Miscavige — Father of DM. Was speeding down the highway — so high speed it was considered reckless. He spent a night in town in jail.

Pat G. was the Music Manager! Anyway, The musicians were sucking it as they always are and Pat could not take the heat — He blew and never came back. His wife (Sarah) remarried and later blew herself. Her new husband blew too — Glenn Briggs. He blew before her but it did not take long for her to pop as well. I think she is in PAC now.

In terms of the dude with the front loader on the Hwy. I was there and the dude on the front loader was stoned on coke. He was an employer of an contractor and these guys were working triple overtime under Bitty to get a whole new road done that lead up to BV. Anyway the girl was driving down the road and her Mom was right behind her. That was horrible. I could her her screaming for 1 hour.

Stacy Moxon, IRD, 2000 pickets etc.

16 February 2006

^ Contents


Okay, Freezone's info is years out of date. the list of the RPF is at least 2 years old.

IRD = Int Reserves Dir / IFD — Int Finance Dir they have pretty melded into one post and Lyman was doing this. Every thing I write is later 2004-2005. Very little action worth mentioning in 2006 so far. Lyman is in his late 50's if not 60's. He is very old.

Transcripts for the lectures get holes punched in them so they can have a spiral wire put through them and are bound this way. His wife was doing this for awhile.

Mike screwed up on watching some guys (Bitty Miscavige & MY) he went to the RPF with them at the Ranch. Was there for a good few years.

Gold is the lowest org on the base. You got it right.

Russ Bellin and a few of his top staff have been camped out at the Base since 2000. They have produced just about anything new that has come out. New Mark VIII meter, new CDs, the whole new CD production plant that has been put in etc. Anyway Russ gets this new Hummer as a reward for being so badass and wouldn't you know it — he friggin' totalled it! Wht do they need a Hummer? Why does anyone need a Hummer?

Why does DM need a Mazda Miata, Mazda RX8, Acura RL, a $100,000 pimped out bullet proof GMC van, a Range Rover, a brand spanking new BMW M-Series, a big ol' motorcycle that cost around $20,000 and took Gold crew 3 months to custom make for him? Why do you ask such silly questions?

I do think that the Stacy thing was an accident. [Marc Headley learned later that Stacy left a note, suggesting she actually committed suicide. See Marc Headley interview on Glosslip — R. Hill] She was a nobody with that posed no threat whatsoever. There were about 3-4 that went to the PAC RPF over that flap. The cover was left open, she never opened it. How would the squirrel have gotten in if it was not already left open. The friggin' squirrel was stuck down there as it was all oily in there. She went it to get the squirrel, slipped and poof. Becket Wells eventually went to the RPF for leaving the cover open. Some MAA kid in CMO Gold was RPF'd because she had wanted to go to LA and visit here family and was not handled. If she had gone to see her family, she would not have been there that Sunday morning. It was a bad scene.

Hoden got busted because he never got the Hwy closed down. The noise from the Hwy was really bugging DM and has been for years. Hoden was supposed to get it closed down and failed. That is Why Hoden was nuked, that is why Steve Willet was nuked. Muriel also bit it on that but I think she got Nuken for trying to bribe a police officer to let Ron Miscavige go instead of arresting him on the Hwy. Bad move on her part.

Hoden and about 7 others were sent to the PAC ranch to get it ready for a Narconon Center. They failed miserably and the whole operation was closed down. They were all either offloaded or RPF'd.

As far as 2000 pickets. The crew were basically told to lay low when you first started coming around. Then As they realized that that is what you supposedly wanted, it was like, don't pay any attention to him and he will go away. I must say though there were times when people did not eat for hours because you guys were wither going to come or are scheduled to come.

It was know at least 30 minutes before you would arrive any time you did and they had PI's and scanners going so they were all over your whereabouts throughout all of LA and at INT. Anyway, The other thing is that after the 2000 pickets, DM would not stay at the Base, as it was unsafe and unsecure. If the pickets happened when he was there, there was major shit to pay. There was one period when you were there during an event and DM had to be there and it was just really screwed up as there was nothing he could do and instead of drive down on his bike, they would take the car and schedule when to go across. It was a major deal.

If you guys went to go eat lunch it was like whisk everybody to MCI (dining hall) and then whisk everybody back to their work areas before you came back. I remember one time that the crew all went down to MCI and then you showed back up so there were people waiting around in MCI for hours before they could leave. Literally you had like 300 people helping clean down there and doing dishes so they would nto be unproductive while waiting for the picketers to bail. In the end the crew
were told that you had been arrested and were never coming back.

There you go.

Lyman and Mike Sutter / Where are they now?

15 February 2006

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Lyman actually was on the decks a few years ago but then ended up going back to RTC after there was some "misunderstanding" about him being on the decks. Okay so all of the sudden he volunteers to be IRD. Wendell had been in the shits and over in Estates for awhile and was not cutting again. So Lyman actually becomes IRD and this last for about a year until he screws up and can never finish the finance systems for all orgs. He then goes off and Greg Hughes, Marc Yeager and anyone who thinks they can do it becomes IRD but not really. They just control all of the money, but do not actually call themselves IRD. Anyway Lyman was last seen "helping" on Finance systems without an actual post. His wife Carol works in the CD dept punching holes in transcripts.

Mike Sutter got out of the RPF a few years back — went there for a good 2-3 years at the Ranch. He was in CMO Gold for a few months, RTC again in the trainee pool and then in Int. Then he and TDV are told to go work in the CD Mfg Dept and they do. After a few days Mike goes back to post and TDV stays there until told otherwise. DM finds out Mike left and went back up to Int and TDV is still working down there waiting to hear otherwise. TDV is then brought back up to Int and Mike Sutter is posted there in the A/V finishing Dept! Yep — Mr. WDC/RTC for 15 years was stuffing CDs into binders and moving boxes. This went on for about a year. At some point the gene pool up at Int became thin again and they sucked him back up to Int. There he has floated around to many posts.

CST — I saw a post about that below as well. DM aint hanging out at CST at all. That place is also not doing so hot either. Russ Bellin has been at the Int base for a few years now doing anythging that DM can get him to. He is the one who basically ran the whole MKVIII meter deal and has the thing being mass produced in Japan. But basically Bellin was just doing his own thing and was not really on the main line flap lines until he crashed and totaled the CST Hummer. Suddenly he basically was at the base a lot getting fixed up and then he ends up sucking up all of the major crap the DM is dealing with. Anyway — CST is not like some hideout or corporate blanket that DM hides under.

Beatings - The real deal / Why would anyone stand for this?

15 February 2006

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The reason that these guys take the beating is that their whole life has been invested in in what they do. DM controls every little aspect of that and they all know it. They also know what DM could have done with them.

There are some people from the Int Base that have been shipped off to far away places never to be heard from again. Trying to fly back from some middle of nowhere country with not a dime to your name is not the easiest things to accomplish.

Anyway most of the times these beating occur is when these guys are supposed to tell DM what has been done to handle some thing or handle some flap. The problems start to surface and then people start getting whacked. Most of the time MY, GL and co have nothing to say which by itself, earns them a good beating most of the time! Now here is a good one. The is an actual quote from DM. He is talking to MY & GL about their "expansion speeches" for an event. The speeches suck as they always do and he tells them that "the only expansion either of them has caused — was with their dicks in each other's asshole!" This is an actual direct quote from DM!!! Since GL's wife left years ago and MY split up with his wife, MY & GL have been living with each other and the running joke has been that they are gay. They have been routinely questioned by DM if they are fucking each other.

The Real Story / Why the building [Super Power] has been parked and why it will not open on time!

14 February 2006

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Okay here goes nothin'.

The money for this building was raised eons ago. At least 5 years ago without a doubt. Super Power and the CRRD (Cause Resurgence Run Down) have not been released and have been a pilot for OVER 20 YEARS! The pilot has been one big crap fest from the beginning. Both programs were being piloted at the Int Base since the early 80's.

The CCRD — this is the one where you run around a friggin pole for hours at a time until you cannot run anymore. You rest, then run some more. This goes on for weeks! Well some of the Base Execs would assign people to the rundown if they were out ethics or just not getting shit done. Before you knew it there were tons of people running around a pole in the middle of the desert in 100 degree weather. Some pilot. Anyway now they have a huge palm tree as the "pole" and people still do the program when the bug on the Bridge or are a flat ball-bearing. Okay well this entire time the pilot has been going, there have been times (most of the 20 years) where no one was running the pilot and nothing was being done to codify what the hell the program was. Still not done to this day. This brings us to the new building. How can you train a building full of people on something that has not been worked out. There are no C/S issues, no Supervisor Courses, there are no Course packs, there are a bunch of photocopied issues that have been being copied for years over and over on what the program is and how to do it. This program also borderlines on a real world physical limitation as well. Can you imagine some overweight person running around a pole for 3 weeks 5 hours per day. You are going to see some serious legal issues come into play at this point. There are going to be injuries and someone will have to explain why you kept the person running day after day. Well with no materials in sight and no one working on them, DM had to pull the plug on the building being built. THIS IS WHY THEY STOPPED — NO OTHER REASON. They have nothing to "release" when it gets done — solution — DO NOT finish it.

Same things goes for Super Power — No courses, out tech — no C/S, Supe, Auditor or PC packs to speak of. Also just about every person who has done Super Power at the Int Base, Declared, Off-post, blown, deckie etc. HMMMM... Is this ready for all of Scn Public — maybe not. This is the best part. The Super Power pilot has been running for years — and I mean years. It was just last year that any of the perceptics drills were actually even really worked out. Last year!! What the hell were people doing for the first 19 years??? Who friggin' knows. Anyway so all of the sudden they have everything worked out now. After 19 years of pilot data and in one year they start over and complete all of the piloting.

DM keeps telling all of the Int Base staff that this is why the building does not open but who the hell can do the work. It is so damn confusing to the Base staff. DM continues to hold the marathon meetings while no one can figure out what the hell he is talking about and He usually ends up saying that he will have to do it himself. Which really makes it easy as he will just reject anything that anyone else on these items anyway.

That is why the building has not opened, and I seriously doubt that they will start delivery on these rundowns on time. Dave M. is racing against the clock to get it all done himself. Can he do it? I guess we will have to wait to find out.

Oh btw, DM has already threatened on a multitude of occasions Declaring the entire Int base. This is how it has gone from over 1000 staff to around 300. Threats on "getting rid of deadwood or DM leaves." But DM never ends up leaving so more and more people just keep getting offloaded.

Right now I am sure that the whole place will be being meter checked once a day until they smoke out the mole feeding me data. Good luck my guy has been there for the long haul and showing up with a clean needle on the new Mark VIII Ultra is a walk in the park.

Marty and Warren - Where are they now?

14 February 2006

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Question: What happened with Warren McShane and Marty Rathbun?

Marty did in fact blow mid-2004. He was "recovered" and ended up at the FLB Mill. He has since either gone very underground or blew again. The word on the street is that he blew again. Just so you know Marty has been the goto guy for DM for years. Marty was very involved in the 1993 IRS decision based on some "field work" he oversaw regarding digging up some very juicy smack on the IRS commissioner. Illegal wiretaps, B&E, you name went into getting this stuff. Marty knew about it all and after the 1993 ruling went off the deep end. He was sent on a "Sabatical" with Greg Wilhere to the Freewinds for about a year or so. When he hatched from that, he was back in the game again with a whole bunch of new tricks up his sleeves. I think it was about this time that the "pressure cooker" "3 guys behind the meter tech" came into play for interrogations, I mean interviews. Anyway he was pretty much in there with DM up until 2004 when Marty starting loosing he edge — you know starting to not be able to just beat a confession out of someone and make situations disappear. Greg Wilhere became this guy and then bombed months later. Okay so that is Marty's story.

Warren has been screwing up for the past few years but still managing to hang in there. Okay, after Marty takes off Warren is stuck with all of the OSA Gestapo action and the internal Int Base Gestapo. Warren also is made to divorce his wife of 30 years if he wants to stay in RTC. He does and stays. There are only about 10 people left in RTC and he is pretty much the only one that has to deal with all of the Int-Base bullshit. Anyway with all of the other head honchos in the crap and Marty blown, Everyone is taken off the RTC website and only Dave remains. Warren is probably reading this right now and trying to figure out what the hell he is going to do. By the way, that is the most screwed up things the people below DM deal with. The shit hits the fan at the Int Base and Dave is galavanting around with TC [Tom Cruise] shooting movies and "being on the front lines" and when he comes back, he knows all he will hear about is bad news. So Warren is the guy who has to tell him about it and what the handling is. Anyway, it has gotten to the point where there is only bad news and flaps and I think Warren is just deep deep in the shit if not shoveling it right now. He is still at the Int-Base but not some big hot shot like he used to be. No more raiding houses and being Mr. Tough Guy. Hope this answers your questions.
Who's next?

How all bad media that airs getting re-edited for the base and spun into great stories that are shown to the whole crew and they clap at the end of.

Update to Questions / Int Base Horror Stories

14 February 2006

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Thanks everybody for the welcome.

Here is some more stuff that I will tell you that will confirm and or solidify your speculations.

I saw another post about DM beating up on Rinder. Well I have personally seen DM beat the living shit out of Rinder at least 10 times over the course of a year. That was only the times I saw it. I can tell you that there were probably another 10X that behind closed doors. Other people that I have seen him punch/slap and or throw to the ground: Marc Yager, Mark Ingber, Ray Mitoff, Rick Cruzen, Jeff Hawkins, Jason Bennick, G. Lesevre. One time a girl from the Film Area was told to run Yager down in her car — and she complied — she drove after him and to get out of the way he jumped over a wall and broke his friggin ankle!!! I kid you not. This actually happened.

Any other questions? I would be glad to answer.


All the answers you ever wanted / I have someone on the inside who can get whatever data you want

13 February 2006

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All the current CofS books are B.S. The current meter is being replaced by a new one. All lectures are being redone. All books are being redone. KTL & LOC are screwed up. Basically anything besides the Purif is B.S. and being redone — all by Dave M. himself because nobody else can get a product.

Marc Yager, Mike Rinder, Ray Mitoff and Mark Ingber have been declared SPs for years — YES — you heard it here folks, but they still put on events like they are big shots!!!!! The next day they are at the forever undone berthing buildings, digging ditches!!!! Some crazy shit is happening and if the [Scientologists] only knew half of the wackiness going on there now.