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U-MAN in Sweden does not pay a dime in taxes

Swedish Tv4 News Wednesday 11 december 1996

The Swedish channel Tv4 has shown a series of episodes about the Church of Scientology. This is a transcription of the most recent episode. Comments are within brackets [ ]. Sorry for any errors in spelling or grammar.

Tv4 News Wednesday 11 december 22.00:


News anchor:
"The news continues tonight with its examination of the Swedish Scientology movement. Our reporters can now reveal that hundreds of Swedish companies and authorities, without knowing it, purchases services from the Scientologists. They do this by hiring the company U-MAN, which is both owned and run by Scientologists. Profits are then transferred to the Scientologist organisations in the US. And unsuspecting [they forgot the object in the sentence here...] are recruited to the movement.

[Start of film clip]
[We see a man with his face almost, but not completely hidden in the shadows. In one corner we see his name: Ake and his profession, "businessman".]

Ake: "A few years ago they recruited their customers off the street, but now they are doing it in a business form. And in a very sophisticated and professional way.

[Ake is replaced by a black and white framed photo of a man in his 30's. Handwriting appear on the picture accompaning the voiceover. "Marten Runow owner U-MAN Test and business service A"]

"Businessing is the new unknown front of Scientology. Marten Runow, with an honorary post in the international Scientology movement, owns and controls the U-MAN consortium in Sweden, with companies in another 20 contries."

[Handwritten text on picture: U MAN INTERNATIONAL Norway, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Russia, USA, Canada, Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, England, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Greece, Israel, South Africa, Mexico]

"U-MAN offers other companies assistance when hireing new personell, through a personal test,"

[Top of a sheet of paper appears for a second on the screen with text in Swedish. Content: "U-Select part 2: U-test personality analyses. Please enter your answer at part two of the answer sheet. 101. Do you make thoughtless comments or accusations that you later regret?

102. Do you take failure hard?

103. When others are confused, do you remain relatively collected?

104. Do you consider yourself being extra active during periods lasting several days?

105. Do you leaf through train shedules, phone books or dictionaries just for the fun of it?

106. Do you feel annoyed when others try to tell you what to do?

107. When you are asked to make a decision, are you affected by the like or dislike of the personality of the person involved?

108. Do you usually find it hard to "openly admit, and take the blame"?

109. Do you intend to have two or fewer children in your family, even if your health and income would allow more?

110. Would you rather have a small circle of close friends or a large number of aquintances?]

[voiceover continued]
"identical to the one used by the Church of Scientology when recruiting new members."

[over the paper is put a catalog. Cover is only visible for a split second:

Scientology                 nr 8
The goal
by L. Ron Hubbard

Detail of picture visible. Seems to be chains exploding. Cover is opened for a second, the text is very small and I am unable to read it when pausing the video, but there are numbered questions.]

[Interview by a woman in her 30's. "Carina Persson ex employee at U-man"]

Carina: "Then the question might arise, 'But, doesnt this have to do with scientology?', and then you can answer, 'No, this has nothing to do with scientology. We use the technology of L. Ron Hubbard.' That is how it can sound. Then they say 'Oh, I see.', and then thats taken care of." Reporter: "What do you think about this?" Carina: "Well, it's a big _lie_.

"Carina Persson was hired as a salesperson at U-man. She was quickly drawn into the movement, but, a year and a half ago her friends helped her defect. Now she wants to warn people about U-man."

"They are like a little Scientology church of their own, but for the businesses, so to speak. They work in exactly the same way with recruiting of people, recruiting of money, selling tests, everything works exactly the same way."

[Framed picture of Marten Runow appears again. Text: "U-MAN" at the centre with lines going to the names "U-MAN International", " Studema", "Executive Field", "KREUGER business development" and a line from the last name to "Resurskompaniet (The resource company)"]

"Several other companies are tied to U-MAN. One is run by Ara Hanja [spelling?], a central figure in the scientological movement. Another one is the Resource Company. It was through a personal test in the Resource Company and then consulting at U-MAN that the businessman Ake's partner step by step, unnoticeably at first, was sucked into the scientology movement."

[Silhouette of Aka again.]
"Brainwashing is a very "loaded" word.... But I would like to claim that _some_ form of..... personality change has clearly affected my businesspartner."

"A few weeks ago the bubble burst. Ake discovered that large sums had secretly been taken from the company to finance the partners increasingly expensive scientology courses. Friends and family has been drawn into the chaos."

"Well, its a tragedy. And, this is done in such an ingenious way, that still today, even though I have so much information, I _still_ _do_ _not_ _understand_."

[Framed image with American flag in one corner. Written on the flag is: ASI&WISE - world institute of scientology enterprises. Written next to the flag are the words Control, power, management. Arrows with the word MONEY point to the flag.]

"U-MAN in Sweden does not pay a krona in taxes, but 3-6% of the profits goes directly to the scientology organisations in the US, which own the rights to the material of the founder, Hubbard"

[Camera sweeps over a very long list of company names, some are highlighted with a magic marker. There are hundreds of companies shown, some very big ones and some state owned including AMU-gruppen, Eksjohus, Eskilstuna kommun, Gotlands kommun, Svenska penninglotteriet, Sveriges fastighetsskotare, Telia centralforrad, Saab-Scania]

"U-MAN claims to have 3500 customers in Sweden, in the customer register we find both famous companies and authorities."

[Telephone interviews while list scrolls by]

Staffan Forsberg, chief of staff Vimmerby kommun:
"Well I wont run to U-MAN and by a new test, I can tell you that."

Journalist: "Do you think that they played "with open cards", with you?

Staffan: "No."

Sven Lofors, boss AMU-group Bergslagen:
"We had never hired them..if we had known."

Rudolf Knopf, Rejmes Bil:
"Their evaluation of persons is fairly accurate"

"They have a vision of recruiting all, everyone, so they want to beat their way forward everywhere, wherever they can.

[end credits: Research: Ola Hedin & Susanne Edmark
editing: Johan Adolfsson
grafik: Mette Camp
end of film clip]

News anchor:
"The managment of the company U-MAN does not want to answer _any_ questions from the news."

(Translation by Lars Westergren)

U-man and Scientology

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