Media coverage concerning Lisa McPherson's death


Letter to the Editors of Mike Rinder
Re: When buses become billboards
SP Times 1 January 1999

National Enquirer 19 January 1999

Picket fencing
Phoenix New Times 21 January 1999

Letter to the Editors
PSTA is under no obligation to accept [bus] ads
SP Times 27 January 1999

When Scientology goes to court, it likes to play rough -- very rough.
SP Times 28 Jan 1999

PSTA aims to avoid ad flap
SP Times 28 January 1999

Judge denies Scientologists' request in [civil] suit
Tampa Tribune of 29 January 1999

  Today would have been Lisa McPherson's fortieth birthday  
Date of Birth 2/10/59 -- Scientology Isolation 11/18/95 -- Dead on Arrival 5/12/95

Public service ads banned from buses
SP Times 25 February 1999

Scientology told to release notes [in wrongful-death suit] on late member
A judge gives the church a delay so it can fight for the privacy of a practice it compares to confession.
SP Times 16 March 1999

Meanwhile it is September 1999, and Attorney Ken Dandar who represents
the McPherson estate, has still not Lisa's auditing files. Posting of Stacy Brooks

Scientology files motions to drop charges
Church staffers were "negligent" in Lisa McPherson's death, but that's no reason to charge the church, motions say.
SP Times 12 May 1999

Scientologists seek dismissal of death case
Tampa Tribune 13 May 1999

Judge: Scientology case not about beliefs
Tampa Tribune 14 May 1999

Prosecutor defends Scientology charges
Circumstances in the death of church member Lisa McPherson are described in court as disturbing and bizarre.
SP Times 14 May 1999 (auf Deutsch )

Battles continue in Scientology [wrongful-death] suit
SP Times 14 September 1999

Punitive damages allowed in Scientology [wrongful-death] case
A judge says a jury may decide on damages in the case of Lisa McPherson, who died after being cared for by church members.
SP Times 23 Oct 1999

lisa_aut.jpg (12631 bytes)

Church members, critic spar over name
Local Scientologists and a critic of the church both want to start foundations using the name of Lisa McPherson.
SP Times 26 Oct 1999

Why had theLisa McPherson Trust so many problems ofgetting established and
why hasBenetta Slaughter incorporated the Lisa Foundation andLisa McPherson Foundation ?

Scientology opponent accused of hitting
A critic of the church is arrested in the assault of a church member as a video camera films the incident.
SP Times 2 Nov 1999

Robert Minton postedAn apology concerning Clearwater
Later Minton was foundnot guilty by six jurors.

Police no longer monitoring Scientology
Clearwater police haven't actively investigated the controversial church for several months.
SP Times 6 Nov 1999

Scientology accuses foe in lawsuit of fraud
The church alleges the aunt of a woman who died while in church staffers' care forged a key document used in setting up an estate.
SP Times 10 Nov 1999

Foe of Scientology plans move to area
Robert Minton intends to buy property in downtown Clearwater. Meanwhile, a restraining order against him is extended to Nov. 29.
SP Times 16 Nov 1999
Bob's allegedTRO . ( auf Deutsch )

Scientology prompts review of death case
SP Times 24 Nov 1999

Scientology work limits protesters
Church officials say the timing of thesidewalk project has nothing to do with the annual demonstrations planned in Clearwater.
SP Times 1 Dec 1999

Church staffer, foe told to stay apart
A judge orders a Scientology critic to avoid church property; a staffer must avoid the critic.
SP Times 3 Dec 1999   (auf Deutsch )

Scientologists facing protest
Protesters from all over the nation and some foreign countries are gathering to picket the Church of Scientology's World Headquarters at the Ft.Harrison Hotel. It's all in memory of Lisa McPherson . . .
WFLA 4 Dec 1999

Scientology foes gather for 5th annual meeting
Tampa Tribune 4 Dec 1999

Church draws line for critics
The church spray-paints boundaries near its buildings to show protesters where they cannot go.
SP Times 4 Dec 1999

Pictures of theorange lines and 4 Dec `99candle light vigil for Lisa. Link toreports of the Clearwater protests.

Scientology foe moves in, digs in for a long fight
A trust, organized to fight Scientology, will set up offices near the church in downtown Clearwater.
SP Times 5 Dec 1999   (auf Deutsch )

Belief called irrelevant in death
Scientology cannot rely on an argument of spiritual assistance in Lisa McPherson's death, prosecutors argue.
SP Times 7 Dec 1999

Prosecutors argue to keep charges against Scientology
Tampa Tribune 8 Dec 1999   ( auf Deutsch )

When can a church be accused of a crime?
SP Times 8 Dec 1999

Scientology leader named defendant in suit
SP Times 15 Dec 1999   (auf Deutsch )

He added: "At the time I don't think it was really thought to be that significant an issue. She died. People die."

Scientology lawsuit forges on
It could be a year before a Pinellas judge makes a decision whether a critical document in an $80 million lawsuit against the Church of Scientology was forged.
MSNBC Times 18 Dec 1999

Scientologists say lawsuit is a crusade
Tampa Tribune 17 Dec 1999

Scientologist's estate still unresolved
After a second day of testimony Friday, a Probate Court hearing to decide the fate of the Lisa McPherson estate adjourned with no resolution.
SP Times 18 Dec 1999

Scientologists, critics sharing woman's name
SP Times 20 Dec 1999

Scientology [criminal] trial moved to October
Attorneys on both sides agree that the complex case will not be ready for trial in March. The trial is set to last five weeks.
SP Times 22 Dec 1999   (auf Deutsch )

Scientology medical abuse trial delayed 7 months
The legal drama that began with the 1995 death of Scientologist Lisa McPherson just got a little longer.
Associated Press 23 Dec 1999

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