Toronto Org Dead Agenting Letter

696 Yonge Street,
2nd Floor,
696 Yonge Street,
M4Y 2A7

19th August 91

Dear Sir,
         I learned recently that a man known as Michael Argue, whom I was previously associated with some years ago, is offering counselling services for a fee in the Toronto area. Please see the attached advertisement in the Cabbagetown Riverdale News where Mr Argue advertizes.

Mr. Argue lives at (Mike Argue's address). His phone # is: (Mike Argue's phone number).

I know that one of the individuals that he was counselling as of several months ago was a lady by the name of (lady). (lady) told me this personally.

(lady) lives at (lady's address). (lady's phone number).

I am not aware of Mr Argue having any actual employment in present time and have been informed by reliable sources that:

a)  He has been receiving money from Unemployment Insurance Commission in lieu of employment for many months.

b) He is receiving money for counselling at the rate of approximately $25.00 per hour of counselling delivered.

c) Is suspected of not disclosing this on his UIC forms.

I feel that this is dishonest and criminal and should be investigated.

I am sure (lady) could give more specifics on this.



Gary Rush

(phone number inside the Toronto Org)