Toronto Org Ethics Order #145 (commented)

[Note: The authenticity of this document has been disputed by several Toronto Scientologists. Click here to read the alt.religion.scientology post where Gregg Hagglund quotes several Toronto Scientologists on the subject of this document. I'm not sure whether this is genuine or not, myself. As such, take this document with a grain of salt.]

S E A  O R G A N I Z A T I O N

According to ex-Scientologists, the Sea Org is the controlling entity of Scientology. Sea Orgers pervade the entire Scientology corporate structure, while the organization appears on no Scientology org chart.


Continental Liason Office Canada Ethics Order #145
Incidentally, like most other Canadian Scientology front groups, the CLO is run out of the Scientology building at 696 Yonge Street in Toronto.

Scientology Orgs are divided into two: The day (normal office hours, roughly) and Foundation (evenings). Staff positions are separate for each Org, though one person may hold the same position in the other Org if staff is short. They share the same building, though.
This means that the Order is supposed to be distributed to staff only, I think. It's not that limited now, is it?



The following interrogatory is to be answered within 4 hours of receipt. This information has been requested by D/IJC on behalf of RTC & OSA US Legal department. This interrogatory is NOT to be discussed with public. Replies are to be handrouted to CONT JUSTICE CHIEF CLO CANADA upon answering.

D/IJC = Deputy International Justice Chief - Deputy of the big cheese around Scientology when it comes to the cult's twisted version of ethics. The Continental Justice Chief CLO Canada is the Canadian version of the position.

Public in this sense probably means non-staff, non-Sea Org Scientologists. Although, I suppose that's moot now... ;-)

  1. Has Michael Argue approached you recently?
  2. What did he say?
  3. Have you received any correspondence from Michael Argue recently?
  4. What did this say?
  5. Has Michael Argue telephoned you recently?
  6. What did he say?
  7. Do you know of anyone associated with Michael Argue in PT?
    PT = Present Time (cult jargon)
  8. Do you know of any former contacts Michael Argue has in in Los Angeles or California?
  9.   Are you aware of any other squirrel activity occurring in the Toronto area?
    Squirrel in a Scientology context means someone who uses Scientology without permission from the cult.
  10. Are you aware of any tech materials having been stolen or gone missing from Toronto org?

NOTE: Failure to answer completely will result in severe justice action.

Continental Justice Chief Canada
for D/IJC
Deputy International Justice Chief
Authorized by
ie, this order has "issue authority"
Church of Scientology
of Toronto

Copyright c 1991 CST
All Rights Reserved
SCIENTOLOGY and DIANETICS are trademarks owned by the Religious Technology Center and the Church of Scientology of Toronto is a registered user of this trademark. Scientology is an applied religius philosophy.
Printed in Canada.

In this context, CST means Church of Scientology of Toronto, not Church of Spiritual Technology, another Scientology corporation. Also, that is not a transcription error - it's spelled "religius" in the original document. (So does that means that Scientology is a religiun? ;-)