Nan McLean in The Road To Total Freedom

Nan McLean is mentioned in Roy Wallis' The Road To Total Freedom.

In the second paragraph of the Acknowledgements:

"Mrs Nan Mclean and Dr Russell Barton provided useful information and documentation."

When Roy Wallis is discussing odd things that happen to Scientology critics, on Page 220 (section 3 of the webbed book, I've changed the footnote format slightly to cope with the ascii text only nature of usenet):

A further case concerns a Canadian family, the Mcleans, who became disaffected with the movement. (2) The mysterious and unpleasant events from which they suffered began to occur after the Mcleans publicized some of the reasons for their dissatisfaction with Scientology in the local news media.

Mr Mclean claims that he shortly afterwards suffered from telephone calls to the school where he worked, of a kind which seemed designed to cause embarassment. The family also assert that compromising Christmas cards and telephone calls were received at their home, and neighbours received telephone calls inquiring into the Mcleans' credit-worthiness and suggesting domestic problems in the family. The local Board of Education, Mr Mclean's employers, are said to have received anonymous telephone calls implying that he was misusing Board property and student labour for his own profit. They believe that their house was kept under surveillance by men in cars using binoculars The Scientology Org's Assistant Guardian was instrumental in securing the prosecution of Mr Mclean for allegedly harassing him by repeated telephone calls. (The case was dismissed.) When Canadian Television (CTV) planned to make a film on Scientology, including the Mcleans, the television company was threatened with an 'inevitable suit which just follow should the show be aired'. (3) In the ensuing action the Mcleans were named among the co-defendants. Members of the Scientology organisation in Toronto held a 'mock funeral' for 'lost souls' in the Mcleans' home town, carrying a coffin and handing out leaflets chargmg 'that the Mclean family had "betrayed all God-fearing Canadians" and was "succumbing to the mysteries of evil".' (4) When Mr Mclean became an official of the Ontario high school teachers' federation, Scientologists are said to have picketed a federation meeting at which he was to speak on professional matters.

(The Scientologists assert that the Mclean's major source of disaffection concerned the refund of fees or donations paid to the organization. These were repaid to the family. The Scientologists also argue that undertakings in respect of the terms on which these payments were made, were broken by the Mcleans. Various legal actions are still in process.)

The footnotes on that page which relate to this account:

  1. I am grateful to the Mclean family for making available to me ample documentation on which the following account is based.
  2. Letter from S- S- of the Church of Scientology to the President of CTV, 22 April 1973.
  3. Mcleans Magazine (June 1974), p. 27.

Note that the magazine name is actually spelled Maclean's, and it's a prominent Canadian newsmagazine not actually affiliated with Nan.