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Letter by Hollander Consultants
Hollander Response to Credit Card Company RE: Disputed Charges

If you dispute credit card charges, you might expect Hollander to respond with a letter similar to this one which was sent by a Hollander attorney to a disgruntled client's credit card company : (Note the implied threat to the credit card company in the last statement).

Re: Credit Card dispute  #  XXXXXXXXXXX
Dear Sirs:
It is our understanding that Dr. John Doe has made a dispute claim on
the credit card transactions he made with our companies.  Below is the
factual information concerning this matter.
On  (contract date) Dr. Doe authorized charges to his XX card.   He
charged $XX,000 to Hollander Consultants.  These charges were accompanied
by signing a credit card authorization form and a contract.  Copies of
these documents are included.  
No credit is due to Dr. Doe for the following reasons:
Please see the attached Service Agreements that were signed by Dr. Doe.
In Paragraph K of the Hollander contract the refund policy is clearly
"In no event, however, shall any payment made by the Doctor under the
terms of this Agreement be refunded, as all such payments are non
refundable.  doctor hereby acknowledges that Doctor has read and
understood the implications of this provision in the event that Doctor
elects not to accept Hollander's services."
Dr. Doe signed this contract in two places - on Page two where he
authorized the charge and on Page four.
Dr. Doe also signed a separate credit card authorization form, and a copy
of this is also included.   As you can see, Dr. Doe signed in two places
on each separate page.   Dr. Doe's signature also appears directly above
the statement, "No refund.  Per the terms of the above referenced
Agreement, cardholder will be charged immediately for preliminary work
necessary for consulting and/or other services to begin."
Based upon Dr. Doe's two signatures on the contract, a signature on the
credit card form, and the fact that the contract and the credit card form
clearly state that no refunds are given, Dr. Doe was fully aware of the
no refund policy concerning his purchase, and is not eligible for a
refund on this purchase.
We hope that you can clearly see the situation here and not attempt to
interfere with a legally binding contract as that could possibly endanger
your company by potentially involving it in contract interferance.
(Hollander's Lawyer's Name)
Hollander Legal Dept.

Hollander Consultants / Hollander Management Services

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