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Referrals for people who are being duped - or know friends/family members who are - by World Institute of Scientology Enterprises (WISE) itself or affiliated WISE companies and need to talk to people who know the ropes.

Hi, my name is Mike Gormez ( and made a page about the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises corporation and how Scientology recruits and harasses in the work place. Every now and then I get questions from people who want to know what it is, why their chiropractor sister is spending so much money, maxing out her credit cards, or I would get a request if I could put them in contact with people who know more about it because they see a huge negative change in their boss since he is doing Hubbard management courses offered by WISE companies.

The answer to that is yes. People who know what they talk about were willing to be put on this referral list and are willing to talk to you. There are no fees involved. But keep in mind, these are normal folks who have jobs and families as well, so don't call in the middle of the night.

arrow Valerie Emanuel (
Val and her husband were never scientologists but were lured by Hollander Consultants before they knew it was connected to Scientology. She has written about her Hollander experiences and she has made an impact. I bet at Hollander they'd rather wish they had refunded the money. Her husband is well versed on WISE, especially if it's a Hollander's question. Please note to NEVER call after 9 pm Eastern time. Phone 407-788-8784

arrow Tory Christman (
Tory was in Scientology for 30 years and happily out for 3 years and some months. As a consequences of changing her mind and leaving Scientology she paid dearly, and has written how she lost her scientologist husband of 27 years. That's because Tory was declared by Scientology to be an "enemy". On a few videos she tells how it was in and out of he cult.

She used to work with some WISE companies and is familiar with their operations. She'd be happy to speak with people, time permitting. Tory lives in Burbank, CA and her phone is 818-841-3632

arrow Lawyers
When you need to talk with an attorney then have a look on this page which lists a few who have dealt in prior cases with WISE related cases. lawyer.html

World Institute of Scientology Enterprises = Recruitment Vehicle for Scientology

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