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Critical information on Hollander Consultants, a licensed World Institute of Scientology Enterprises company. And a look at Hollander Consultants' funneling of people and money into the Church of Scientology.

WISE is an integral part of Scientology and WISE licensed consultants like Hollander Consultants get money for every new Scientology recruit they are urged to make. To maximize the number of recruits does WISE distributes a 300 page "Consultant's Guide to Bridge Dissemination" manual. Bridge = Scientology speak for "Scientology path". The manual contains an entire section of sample waivers and legal forms so you will have a hard time sueing them in the case you get defrauded by Scientology.

Hollander Consultants

Company information

Hollander Consultants CEO Fred King President Larry Silver

Hollander Consultants and 80 trillion years old galactic management system

The above pictures are taken from WISE Int magazine Prosperity, Issue 60, pages14 and 15. They depict respectively CEO Fred King & President Larry Silver of Hollander Consultants. In their hands they hold a copy of the Organization Executive Course : An Encyclopedia of Scientology Policy. Books which are regared as Sacred Scriptures in Scientology. In the background of the images one can see the Organizational Board. Which according to petty thief L. Ron Hubbard has its roots in "an old galactic civilization". More on that here: Scn_Org_Board.html

Later devoted Valerie a good part of her website to her Hollander experiences. This is a must read if you are dealing with Hollander.

Matt Bratschi
Matthew Bratschi in his Scientology OSA days
© Rod Keller

This is not the end of the story to Valerie and her husband's story with Hollander Consultants. Early 2005 contacted Matthew Bratschi her in his capacity of Director of Public Affairs Hollander Consultants and wants to meet face-to-face. Valerie's answer was short and to the point. First - second - third part of the exchange.

Larry Silver of Hollander Consultants:
"One of my greatest joys is to see our clients get on The Bridge"

Below are two excerpts from Prosperity magazine, issue #60, Sept 2003. The magazine is published by World Institute of Scientology Enterprises International and it contains a multi page interview with the owners of Hollander Consultants, Fred King and Larry Silver. It is quite damning and should prove helpful for those that have been hurt by Hollander Consultants.

Hollander Consultants - to see our clients get on The Bridge

Prosperity #60 - page 15

The text version reads:

"I love to help people," says Larry. "I like to see them improve across all their dynamics and move toward their ideal scene.

"One of my greatest joys is to see our clients get on The Bridge and run their lives around. Just recently two of our clients completed OT VIII and I saw another client had joined staff at Flag -- now that makes me proud!"

Hollander Consultants - more than 100 reaching for Scientology services

Prosperity #60 - page 17

The text version reads:

In the last 12 months, Hollander Consultants have delivered 1,800 Hubbard management courses and nearly 8,000 hours of consulting to their clients with more than 100 reaching for Scientology services.

It would be too much work to translate all the Scientology-speak, especially so because there's an excellent critical glossary already, but suffice to say that "The Bridge" is Scientology's word for the track of Scientology auditing processes needed to achieve the highest level of Scientology (currently OT VIII). And "Flag" is Scientology's HQ in Clearwater, Florida. A place where more than a few scientologists have found their untimely deaths.

On December 6, 1998, John Miranda placed a job offer on a Scientologist mailing list for an opening at Hollanders. The prerequisite was "Hollander Consultants needs very capable, theta consultants" and went on how the company "get many, many clients onto and up the Bridge." Which is of course Scientology's supposed bridge to freedom. The job offer was place because of expansion and one of the Hollander "consultants will be leaving for Flag within a few months to do OT 6 and onto 7. The Tech Sec who also does some consulting is planning to the same within the next year. Four of the other 6 consultants have OT levels paid for and are going to be doing them in sequence, the first one leaving for AOLA in February."

OT 6 & 7 are two of the highest secret Scientology exorcism levels. Levels on which scientologists have to exorcise the spirits of murdered aliens attached to bodies. From the description by John it seems the large majority of consultants at Hollander Consultants suffers from these delusions of being demonically possessed by murdered space aliens. Not the kind of people I would let tinker with my company nor mind no matter how normal they may look at first sight.

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